Most Popular App Categories In 2024

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 21, 2023

Most Popular App Categories In 2024

There are 10+ million active apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Each one of them has their own importance in supporting different sectors. From ordering food online to flight booking, nowadays, everything is possible with a mobile app.

So, what apps are popular in this ocean full of magical mobile apps? Luckily, this blog consists of the most popular app categories in 2024, which is expected to be used widely. It is possible to say that the following app’s categories, which have been proven useful in sustaining a big business in the market, may be one of your businesses that negates the need for apps in the past. Along with this, it is also important to understand that currently, having an app is very important for your business. So let’s dive into the world of most popular app categories:

Best 15 Most Popular App Categories In 2024

Check out these 15 most prominent mobile apps in 2024:

Rental Apps

Since last decade, rental apps have been one of the most demanding apps that have gained popularity with time. While people used to hustle here & there to find what they needed, rental apps have made their search very easy.

A rental app offers various things to take on a leash, like cars, clothes, motorcycles, bicycles, homes, equipment & appliances, apartments, and many more. Unlike traditional ways of renting something, people can decide what they want to rent by undertaking the price, duration of the rental, and quality of the stuff.

The rental applications have been very popular, increasing their demands among users. It has been predicted that user penetration among such applications will rise significantly, making it one of the best business ideas and listed in the most popular app category. For instance, there are various rental applications running in the market, namely Turo, Airbnb, Zillow and more.


The ride-hailing services help users connect with a driver with their own vehicles to drive. An online ride-hailing application eliminates the traditional way of hailing a ride from a roadside. Users can trust online mobile applications to hail a ride and book for a certain period.

It also helps to get the fleet's live location, accurate arrival and departure time, exact fare, and more. It provides convenience in travel by letting users choose their desired fleet and size. A smart ride-hailing app lets users make multiple stops, pay in various payment modes, talk to drivers, etc.

Also, starting a ride-hailing business is a lucrative idea to start in 2024. As it falls in the most popular app categories, any enthusiastic entrepreneur or someone who owns multiple cars can consider starting a profitable ride-hailing business.

Medical App

A medical health app provides users with various medical services like scheduling an appointment, prescription suggestions, video calls with doctors and more. By integrating AI power, medical apps like Practo, and Medisafe can help patients take care of their health virtually as it eliminates the need to visit a clinic, saving time.

A patient can claim several benefits from a medical app, like tracking healthcare data, learning about health conditions, diet suggestions, medicine reminders, yoga, exercise suggestions, consulting with a doctor, and so forth.

Any medical app can be called a patient's personal caretaker. Thus, the use of a medical app in 2024 will be higher in demand.

Grocery Apps

Grocery delivery apps are taking place significantly in the world of most popular app categories. Now, customers can shop for their favorite grocery products and order them online from sitting in their comfort zone. It allows users to choose groceries, add them collectively in a cart, and choose a delivery option or schedule a time for pick-up groceries.

A few players in grocery apps, like Instacart, FreshDirect, and Walmart, have established their brand value in grocery delivery app segments. In today’s time, starting a grocery delivery app has been easier. Any interested business person can collaborate with different grocery vendors and study business models to launch an online grocery business to get started.

Grocery apps bring the market to the fingertip of users, which helps them find their best grocery products easily and buy them online.


The education service sector is revolutionized by technology. In this era, students can approach the next generation of learning with an e-learning platform. There are various coaching apps that help teachers to conduct online classes.

Other apps like Coursera, which offers a broad range of online courses with certifications, are great examples of e-learning. Studying online is a way of luxurious and effective studying or teaching for both the students and teachers.

With online support, nowadays, teachers are independent in reaching the maximum number of students to share their knowledge with an LMS solution. E-learning lets teachers create and upload notes that get shared with multiple students at once. It eliminates the old hectic process of writing and making copies of the entire note to share with others.

Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps are seen rapidly growing from the Covid-19 pandemic. It provides an online menu of dishes for ordering online and delivery with some exclusive features like multiple payment gateways, order scheduling, orders for another person and more.

Online food delivery marketplaces like Talabat, JustEat, and GrubHub are not just beneficial for users but for businesses as well. It lets local food storefronts upscale their business with an online presence and reach mass customers.

Hence, a food delivery app helps increase sales, improve customer loyalty, attract customers, and streamline business operations. The popularity of online food delivery apps is on the rise with the increasing number of online applications in the food industry, making it listed among the most popular app categories in 2024.

Dating Apps

According to the Pew Research Center, 30% of USA people are after dating apps to find their partner. Not just in America, but these applications are gaining popularity in other countries, too. The percentage has increased to 49% for American people between the ages of 18 and 29; that’s why dating apps are the most popular in 2024.

Dating apps let users create their profiles and find them by engaging with other profiles. It gives its users the liberty to choose their partner according to their preferences. There are popular dating apps known as Azar, Tinder, Badoo, Raya, FWB, etc.

A dating app is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are planning for a sustainable business. By offering exclusive UI/UX look-ups and making people engaged with online dating systems, businesses can generate a high amount of revenue.

Banking Apps

Eliminating traditional banking procedures, online banking is a boon for users that helps them manage their bank accounts, initiate transactions, receive payments and do almost every possible banking task. That’s why the demand for banking applications is skyrocketing.

A banking application requires careful development, and the use of a dynamic tech stack is necessary. A financial or banking application needs to be feature-rich, incorporated with every bank, pay bills and acquire service’s third-party integrations.

The banking application and finance category has been very popular for multinational businesses. Companies having businesses in different countries require cutting-edge banking to secure, manage and monitor payments.To keep your transactions safe from cyber attacks go for IAM Resilience platform.

Video Calling Apps

Video calling apps are also seen rising after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. A video call app can be used for multiple purposes like education, conferencing, and virtual social gatherings. As it connects people from different corners of the world, it falls under the most popular app categories in 2024.

A video calling app is a new way of communication. It has revolutionized face-to-face meetings anytime. Nowadays, we can find some trending video calling apps in the market, like Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype, FaceTime, etc.

There are a few top features to include in video conferencing apps like recording, screen sharing, group calls, data encryption, live chat, screen share and many more. A multi-functioning video chat app is quite beneficial for businesses, too, for conducting a call with clients and organizing employee meetings from anywhere.

Multi-Service Apps

A multi-service app like Super App is beneficial for users and also for businesses. While keeping several on-demand apps on the mobile phone is hard to manage and affects the phone’s RAM, a multi-service app offers nearly every on-demand service like food ordering, ride-booking, car rental and more services at a single platform.

Multi-service apps like Gojek, Rappi and Careem are top examples of multi-service applications. A multi-service app must be compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms so that it can reach every single user.

It is an application that follows the concept of a multi-vendor marketplace and gives businesses the opportunity to partner with every sector’s vendors to provide a wide range of services. Offering various services on a single platform has been found interesting by people; thus, demand for multi-service applications is at its peak, and people are opting for it rapidly.

Ecommerce Apps

It is obvious to list e-commerce applications in the list. We can say that the online shopping era started with ordering things online using ecommerce apps. This application category is growing rapidly without any sign of slowing down.

Compared to ecommerce shopping from a desktop or a website, a mobile application has been found to be very convenient while pursuing e-shopping. Certain ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and InstaCart are popular examples of online shopping platforms.

Transport Booking App

A white label transport booking app is very beneficial for passengers who are willing to travel and book their convenient transport medium. It offers a variety of transport booking services like bus booking, flight booking, train booking, cruise booking and car rental.

It helps generate online tickets as QR codes that get scanned to a transport station, preventing waiting a long time standing in a queue. Individuals who own a number of cars and buses can also register in the application and provide a travel plan for passengers to generate profits.

A few top features of a transport booking app include real-time tracking, multiple transport options, an advanced booking system, multi-language support, multi-currency support and more. With these elite features and convenience in online booking, the transport booking app falls under one of the most popular app categories in 2024.

Alcohol Delivery Apps

According to Statista, the revenue growth in the alcohol delivery business is expected to grow to $204 billion before the end of 2024. As it is growing at a CAGR of 3.23%, it is predicted that it can reach $230.5 billion by the end of the session of 2028.

Online Alcohol delivery apps eliminate the need to visit the liquor store and let people order their favorite drink online. Business owners can create loyalty programs and eventual discounts & vouchers to admire their regular customers. It helps in gaining more customer insight and increases earnings.

Roadside Assistance App

A roadside assistance app is beneficial for drivers facing car wrecks or requiring maintenance. It offers a variety of services like refueling, tire change, engine repair, truck towing, etc. During any car wreck or breakdown, users can use the applications or request help, and then the app fetches the location of the traveler and sends help immediately.

A roadside assistance app is a unique startup idea to aid individuals with their cars and earn mass profit simultaneously. If you live surrounded by highways and various mechanic stores, look no further than starting this lucrative business.

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EV Charging App

EVs are growing rapidly, and people are opting for EVs like cars, motorcycles and trucks. An EV is environmentally friendly because it produces no carbon emissions. The EVs don’t have any internal combustion engine, that’s why the sounds in EVs are quite low and decrease noise pollution.

Because of these factors mentioned above, people are adopting EVs quickly. Thus, the demand for an EV charging app is increasing. Due to the increase in demand, it has been listed among the most popular app categories in 2024. With top features like real-time data monitoring, billing, reporting and dashboard, an EV charging app can be beneficial for both the EV driver and EV charging station owner.

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Wrapping Things Up

So, these were all the 15 most popular app categories in 2024. These applications are in high demand and can be found in every individual’s mobile app. Any enthusiastic entrepreneur reading the blog can consider any of the application’s niches above to start a business.

Hyperlocal Cloud, a cutting-edge on-demand app development company, can provide every application mentioned above. We have demo-ready clones for every app that a client can easily avail and check before discussing the business idea. We hold 13+ years of experience and have 150+ developers on the floor. We have catered to the business needs of 1250+ clients globally, making us the best among all mobile app development companies.

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