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Looking For a Customized On-Demand Service Marketplace Software?

Hyperlocal Cloud relies on a robust technology stack, high customizations, and third-party integrations to power your next-generation service marketplace Software.

On-Demand Service Marketplace Software

Create An Online Marketplace For Your Business Growth

On-demand service marketplace Software have received a lot of positive feedback from the public. Receiving desired services close to home is incredibly convenient and satisfying. The on-demand service app has become extremely popular in recent years while keeping an eye on the most recent trends. Businesses can easily manage their service requests, cancellations, time, and work efficiency with the on-demand service marketplace without forgetting anything.

You can create a service marketplace website brand using our feature-rich and fully customizable on-demand service marketplace Software. You can enable delightful experiences for customers looking for a service and suppliers looking for new jobs with the help of our on-demand service marketplace Software. What are you still holding out for? Be the next well-known name in the on-demand home service industry by connecting with us.

How Does Our On-Demand Service Marketplace Work?

We take great pride in developing an application that will satisfy all of your business needs and enable you to offer the best services to your clients.

  • Sign Up icon
    Sign Up for New Users

    Each new user must register through the portal, providing information such as their phone number, email address, home address, name, etc.

  • Home Service icon
    Selection Of Services

    The users will see a range of options for home services. Additionally, regardless of location, one can book multiple services with a single request.

  • Payment icon
    Payment Processing

    Further, completing the payment in a way that is convenient for the user while awaiting notification that the service payment has been received.

We Build Interactive On-Demand Service Marketplace

Hyperlocal Cloud has been supporting an on-demand service marketplace Software business for the past 3+ years by offering a perfect app to its users.

on-demand service

Customer Panel For On-Demand Service Marketplace

Users receive seamless service from our on-demand apps.

Features Include:
  • Easy Sign-Up & Login

    By entering their name, contact, email address, and other details, users can easily sign up and log in to the portal.

  • Advanced Search Filters

    Customers can use this information when looking for home services online, including location, cost, etc.

  • In-App Messaging

    The in-app chat feature lets customers communicate their questions with the designated service provider.

Customer Panel For On-Demand Service Marketplace
Service Provider Panel For On-Demand Service Marketplace

Service Provider Panel For On-Demand Service Marketplace

Our company creates robust apps that offer fantastic services.

Features include:
  • User Request Management

    Customers should submit requests to service providers so they can respond in accordance with their available time.

  • Real-Time Messaging

    The platform provides service providers with a built-in chat system that allows them to communicate with their clients.

  • Payment Management

    Service providers, such as those who use e-wallets, can specify the payment methods for the money to be credited.

Admin Dashboard For On-Demand Service Marketplace

Utilize a web-based admin panel to control on-demand service.

Features Include:
  • Robust Dashboard

    The administrator can assign specific permissions and manage tasks through the admin dashboard panel.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    The admin can check the status of each booking and assess feedback with reporting and analytics functionality.

  • Manage Notifications

    Both parties can receive notifications from the admin regarding bookings and other information via SMS or emails.

Admin Dashboard For On-Demand Service Marketplace

Start Your Amazing On-Demand Service Marketplace Development Journey With Us!

We are renowned industry masters catering to everything to create an on-demand service marketplace website.

Advanced Features To Boost Your On-Demand Service Marketplace Business

View the list of extra/premium on-demand service marketplace features to see which would be useful for your business.

  • Web Booking icon
    Web Bookings

    Make it simple for customers to make reservations via the web when necessary.

  • Partner Panel icon
    Partner Panel

    Provide your service partners with a web panel so they can manage their services.

  • In-App Chat icon
    In-App Chat

    This feature adds a direct line of communication for clients and service providers.

  • Multiple Flows icon
    Multiple Flows

    To maximize the use of your service offerings, add category-specific booking flows.

  • Support Integration icon
    Customer Support Integration

    Incorporate with popular third-party support systems that can manage all queries.

  • Rate Service icon
    Rate Service

    Through ratings and reviews, users can share their experiences with booking services.

Bespoke On-Demand Service Marketplace Software For All Business Models

A seamless end-to-end online service marketplace Software with all the features you need to assist your customers.

On-Demand Salon Booking Service Marketplace

Salon Booking Platform

Simplify your salon's appointment scheduling process and allow your clients to book easily.

On-Demand Home Booking Service Marketplace

Home Services Booking

Offer your customers a service platform to find Software for their home service requirements.

On-Demand Plumbing Booking Service Marketplace

Plumbing Booking Services

Keep track of nearby plumbing services and finish your service on time with Google mapping.

On-Demand Electrical Booking Service Marketplace

Electrical Booking

Bring your service providers into harmony with a fantastic on-demand electrical booking service.

On-Demand Professional Booking Service Marketplace

Professional Booking

Utilize our marketplace to streamline professional services and boost your company’s legitimacy.

On-Demand Laundry Service Marketplace

Laundry Services

Utilize our service marketplace platform to streamline your laundry operations and increase profits.

Development Process of Our On-Demand Service Marketplace Software

For startups and business owners building their own version of a home service app, a personalized engagement model.

  • 1

    Requirement Analysis

    Recognize the client's needs and develop an execution plan based on those needs.

  • 2

    Payments Integration

    New integration supports built-in support for well-known payment gateways.

  • 3

    Deployment Choice

    Depending on the needs of the business, either on-premises or in the cloud.

  • 4

    Security Compliance Check

    Complete data security audit to satisfy rules and compliance requirements.

  • 5

    App Store Submissions

    Successfully publishing the apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • 6

    Support & Maintenance

    Technical assistance and dedicated app launch for efficient operations.

Talk To Our Experts About Your On-Demand Service Marketplace Project

Make services accessible and convenient for everyone with our on-demand marketplace Software backed by the modern tech stack.

Choosing Hyperlocal Cloud For A Reliable On-Demand Service Marketplace Software

We hold the mastery over reshaping your business with modern end-to-end Software and digital transformation.

On-Demand Service Marketplace Software
  • Branded Software icon
    Branded Software

    Our Software is 100% white label, branded, and bespoke. The end product will belong to you or your organization.

  • Cost Effective icon
    Cost Effective

    Our readymade service marketplace Software helps you save up to 60% so your business is as efficient as possible.

  • Launch icon
    Launch Within Hours

    We have faith in our group. As a result, we guarantee and deliver the product within 24 hours of receiving your approval.

  • Support icon
    24*7 Support

    Concerned about app problems in the future? In your time of need, you can count on us to be right there by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can a Buyer and a Service Provider Chat?

    With this specific on-demand service marketplace, there are numerous communication channels available. This will enable customers to speak openly and at any time with service providers.

    Do You Offer Different Language Options on Your Website?

    Hyperlocal Cloud helps you create an online marketplace that supports multiple languages and currencies. Users can expand their salon businesses without geographic limitations and connect with a global audience.

  • What happens if I want to modify my website?

    Your on-demand service marketplace website can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular industry.

    How to track the booked services?

    Hyperlocal Cloud provides the best mapping option, allowing customers to keep track of their scheduled services, past transactions, and much more.

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