Glimpse Of Numbers That Predict Our Seamless HyperLocal Delivery Software Services

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Let Your Business Meet Its True Potential

Leverage our food delivery app solution and build a market-leading app.

HyperLocal Cloud Helps Businesses With A Smarter Computing Power

With a decade of experience in serving quality apps, we help create market-leading products that are focused on increasing the revenue streams of customers with skyscraping heights.

hyperlocal delivery platform

Single Store HyperLocal Store

Sell products from particular retailers and take your offline business to the online mode.

hyperlocal delivery platform

Multi-Store HyperLocal Marketplace

This module works via multiple stores; the seller can set up price details based on location.

hyperlocal delivery platform

Multivendor HyperLocal Store

You can leverage services by multiple vendors and take your business to exceptional heights.

Innovation In Motion With Our Top-Notch Food & Grocery Deliveries

Our hyperlocal delivery software solutions are cautiously crafted to aid businesses with reward systems for customers on every purchase, seamless transactions, and much more.

Notable Features:

  • Customer App

    Level up your engagement numbers through an ideal customer point system that assures repeated sales and attracts your customers toward your brand.

  • Driver App

    Ensure that the drivers reach the customer locations on time and can utilize the exceptional navigation system that we provide in our hyperlocal delivery software.

  • Admin App

    Monitor your business straight from an admin app with a dashboard that records your revenues and helps you maintain a successful client-consumer network.

hyperlocal delivery platform
hyperlocal delivery platform

Leverage An Exceptional HyperLocal Cloud Cab Booking Solution

HyperLocal Cloud provides the ideal set of services that cater to business needs to the extremes, with loyalty programs encouraging cab businesses to shine.

Notable Features:

  • Rider App

    Let your customers feel safe with HyperLocal Cloud cab booking solutions that have an excellent navigation system, including a safety feature for security.

  • Driver App

    Let the cab drivers reach their pickup and drop locations on time with a user-friendly interface. Leverage a special feature that lets drivers rate their customer experience.

  • Admin Panel

    With the admin panel, you can manage every business aspect to generate higher ROI and client retention rates.

Reach A Competitive Edge Through Our Service-Based Apps

HyperLocal Cloud helps you outnumber your competitors with the right engagement models through multiple referrals inclined toward increasing your business numbers.

Notable Features:

  • Service Provider App

    Let your customers choose from a variety of domestic services through our excellent hyperlocal marketplace softwares.

  • Customer App

    Give a chance to your customers to rate services and open pathways for business improvement.

  • Admin Panel

    Manage your business with an admin panel that tracks revenue numbers and helps you cultivate new business ideas.

hyperlocal delivery platform

Changing The Game With Our Insights From Multiple Businesses

HyperLocal Cloud has been inclined to move forward with creativity and sustainability as our main motives in pushing businesses towards the success they deserve!

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    Monthly site visits

  • 30%

    Checkout Share

  • 150M+

    Rewards Distributed

  • 70%

    First Visits

Notable Features Of Our HyperLocal Delivery Software Solutions

We embed features that can assist businesses in catering services to their clients in the exact way a customer would demand for. Let has a glimpse at some of them:

hyperlocal marketplace

Live Trackers

Enable businesses to track their orders right from the moment they take an order to the time when the order is finally delivered through our top-level hyperlocal delivery platform.

hyperlocal marketplace


The hyperlocal delivery platform will have an option for registering clients to help them leverage the reward system and also keep a check on client retention rates.

hyperlocal marketplace

Payment Management

Enable customers to pay for their choice of service easily through multiple online payment modes which also helps businesses keep track of their sales and revenue.

hyperlocal marketplace

Ratings & Reviews

HyperLocal Cloud allows businesses to have a rating and review feature that can record the client experience and keep the business open for improvements.

hyperlocal marketplace


Our hyperlocal marketplace software has the best navigation feature that includes traffic and estimated arrival time on all orders that the customer would make.

hyperlocal marketplace

Chat Support

Chat support helps businesses connect with clients in real-time with adequate delivery instructions. It can initiate a healthy owner-client relationship.

Tech Stack Used By Hyperlocal Cloud For Its HyperLocal Delivery Software Services

Our software developers are well aware of the latest hyperlocal delivery/marketplace tech stack and use the best of them to make world-class products. Some of them are:

  • Braintree icon


  • Stripe icon


  • Paypal icon


  • Google Places API Icon


  • MapKit icon


  • Google Maps icon

    Google Maps

  • Facebook SDK icon

    Facebook SDK

  • Gmail SDK icon

    Gmail SDK

  • AWS icon


  • Azure icon


  • Digital Ocean icon

    Digital Ocean

  • FireBase icon


Allow Us To Streamline Your Business Needs With Hyperlocal Delivery Software

At HyperLocal Cloud, businesses are guided to explore multiple pathways to success by a set of top-tier services:

  • Dashboard For Stats

    Monitor your business stats through dashboards, and let your business be monitored right from the start through top-class hyperlocal marketplace software solutions.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Enable real-time business monitoring and get updates through efficient push notifications that help you know the right state of customer orders with exact time records.

  • Quick Settings

    HyperLocal Cloud helps to deliver apps that have a tremendous user interface and are user-friendly. Customers can choose their services and preferences from our quick settings.

  • Finance Management

    Our apps have a separate feature that lets businesses manage their finances and track services in real time. Customers can leverage several opportunities to double ROIs like never before.

Staying A Step Ahead With Our Hyperlocal Application Development Framework

Hyperlocal Cloud is keen on implementing an upgraded framework as well as simulating real-life scenarios with advanced user experiences.

  • 1

    Market Analysis/Strategy

    Analyzing the business requirement of the client is the first development step.

  • 2

    App Design

    It consists of integrating wireframes, user flows, prototypes, and mockups.

  • 3


    The development phase has the app architecture, coding, API & designs.

  • 4


    We remove bugs along with a rigorous testing procedure and reporting.

  • 5


    The final release plan is drafted, and the app is released in the market.

  • 6

    App Support And Maintenance

    We provide support and maintenance services along with constant updates.

We Put The Wow In Technology With Our Hyperlocal Marketplace Software Solution

Hyperlocal Software Solutions are catered to meet the business requirements of both small and large-scale businesses, putting them ahead of their competitors.

How Will Hyperlocal Cloud Design Your Success Chart?

Hyperlocal Cloud has more than 250+ app developers who are well aware of the industry standards. Our team will trace your true success chart through a heavy market analysis before starting the project.

hyperlocal delivery platform
Quality Analysis + Launch

Hyperlocal Cloud has a team of 150+ developers with the experience of 13+ years in application development.

hyperlocal delivery platform
79+ Gojek Like App Delivered

We remove bugs and make sure that the final application is ready to perform and lead the markets.

hyperlocal delivery platform
Front-End/ Back-end Coding

Our coders are skilled and dedicated to keeping running your project going smoothly.

hyperlocal delivery platform
Upgraded Usability

Hyperlocal Cloud ensures that the user experience comes first with an easy-to-use interface.

hyperlocal delivery platform
Timely Maintenance

We offer a regular maintenance service even after your product is launched in the market.

hyperlocal delivery platform
Regular Updates

Hyperlocal application development services will assist with your app’s timely updates.

hyperlocal delivery platform
Enhanced Security

Our hyperlocal marketplace is crafted with strong security measures for our clients.

hyperlocal delivery platform
Global Access

Access your Hyperlocal application from anywhere around the globe, anytime.

hyperlocal delivery platform
Guaranteed ROI

We guarantee you success with a constant revenue flow and guaranteed ROI.

Your Hyperlocal Delivery Platform Comes Equipped With Quick Integrations As Per Client Wish

We ensure that all the right features are embedded in your delivery software that runs parallel with your business needs. Our 250+ trained app developers can help you with an exceptional product.

hyperlocal delivery platform
Meet Our Partners We Have Proudly Served

Hyperlocal Cloud has been in the industry for a decade and has made several valuable connections throughout its journey.

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