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Amplify Your Market Reach With Our Food Delivery App Development Services

Upscale your business to the heights of success with our top-class on-demand food delivery app, which has fantastic attributes and design. Collaborate with us and revolutionize your business with our fully tailored food delivery app solutions!

Best Food Delivery App Development Company

Hyperlocal Cloud is a top-notch food delivery app development company with over 3 years of experience in the IT industry. We also offer 100% customized solutions that help entrepreneurs launch food delivery apps for their businesses at affordable prices. Connect with our professionals and transform your dream into reality.

Just Eat Clone App

Business Benefits of Food Delivery App: Increase Revenue & Reach More Customers

Developing a food delivery app requires the right expertise, which only we can offer. Gear up to witness the phenomenal business perks that will help you reach a wider customer base.

  • Optimized User Engagement icon
    Optimized User Engagement

    High-quality features, tailored recommendations, interactive UI/UX design, and top scalability attract customer attention and increase customer engagement.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency icon
    Increased Operational Efficiency

    Every business operation, such as order management, task management, etc., is streamlined, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

  • Saves Massive Time icon
    Saves Massive Time

    Our food delivery app is 100% automated and has different panels to perform functions instantly, without human intervention, saving ample time.

Just Eat Clone Food Ordering Solution
  • Amplified Brand Visibility icon
    Amplified Brand Visibility

    High-class visuals, amazing discounts, and intuitive features work well for brand promotion and amplify brand exposure, reinforcing customer loyalty.

  • Quick Tracking icon
    Quick Tracking

    Our food delivery app is integrated with personalized CRM solutions that track business performance and share areas of improvement.

  • Data-Driven Insights icon
    Data-Driven Insights

    App development helps gain valuable insights to understand customer behaviour that helps customize the menus to boost sales.

Build Your Custom Food Delivery App With Hyperlocal Cloud

We provide a first-free consultation to our clients to discuss their ideas. We understand clients' requirements and are committed to delivering quality applications.

Food Delivery Models We Serve

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we provide best-in-class food delivery app development services that are applicable to several industries and offer meals to customers through diverse delivery models.

  • Aggregator Model icon
    Aggregator Model

    The aggregator model acts as an intermediary between customers and restaurants, allowing customers to order food at their doorsteps.

  • Cloud Kitchen Model icon
    Cloud Kitchen Model

    Cloud kitchen model allows meal preparation in a seperate kitchen space that is completely dedicated to takeouts and deliveries.

  • Dine-In Reservation Model icon
    Dine-In Reservation Model

    Dine-in food model provides features such as booking tables at restaurants, allowing customers to make dine-in reservations.

  • Meal Kit Delivery Model
    Meal Kit Delivery Model

    Meal Kit delivery models facilitate customers with pre-portioned recipes to cook meals at their own pace, eliminating the hassle of grocery shopping.

How Does the Food Delivery App Work

The food delivery app developed by our vetted pool of developers works in a seamless manner, simplifying the complicated food delivery process. Here is a complete workflow of how the app functions:

Sign up icon
Sign up

Users need to enter their personal details on the app, and the profile is created after proper authentication.

Browse menu icon
Browse menu

The customers are able to browse different restaurants and their favorite food items on their smart devices.

Place Order icon
Place Order

After adding the desired meals to the cart, the user can place the order and make the payment using various methods.

Order preparation icon
Order preparation

The restaurant app owners receive the order, start with the meal preparation, and hand it over to the driver for delivery.

Delivery icon

Upon reaching the location, the driver authenticates the customer and delivers the order instantly.

Ratings & Feedback icon
Ratings & Feedback

After receiving the meal, the customers can give their genuine feedback about the place from where they have ordered.

Food Delivery App: Stand-Out Features Driving Business Growth

As a leading food delivery app development company, we will provide you with an online delivery app fully equipped with marvelous features that benefit the app owners, customers, and drivers.

  • 1

    Easy Onboarding

    helps users get seamlessly connected with the app and makes the onboarding process a breeze.

  • 2

    Real-Time Tracking

    The users can track the orders' current status, from order acceptance to preparation and dispatch.

  • 3

    Multi-payment options

    Allows users to make safe payments via different modes, i.e., cash, cards, wallets, etc.

  • 4


    Enables users to share reviews related to the services to help other customers before placing an order.

  • 5

    Order management

    Helps add, delete, and manage the food items present in the menu on the backend of the app.

  • 6

    Order placing

    The interactive UI/UX design makes the entire order-placing and check-out process seamless and secure.

  • 7

    Push notifications

    Send instant alerts and reminders related to the users, like discounts, offers, new items, rewards, etc.

  • 8

    GPS tracking

    With this feature, the drivers are able to find the shortest and least traffic-prone routes, saving time.

  • 9

    Table reservation

    helps customers book tables beforehand to avoid the last-minute hassle and make their experience wholesome.

  • 10

    Restaurant filtering

    Enables users to look out for restaurants with their favorite cuisines, prices, great reviews, and distance traveled.

  • 11

    Customer Reviews

    Enables customers to rate and leave reviews about the restaurant, which helps in ranking them in search results.

  • 12

    Intuitive Experience

    Our food delivery app has advanced analytics that make the overall user experience spectacular.

Start Your Food Delivery App Development With Us

Hyperlocal Cloud is your one-stop-go IT company to get custom features, modern UI/UX, and secured food delivery apps.

Crucial Components Of Our Food Delivery App

Witness the fabulous components of our built app, i.e., customer, restaurant, and delivery partner app. Our developers build highly intuitive apps offering seamless and satisfying experiences.

Customer App

Helps customers to find their favorite eatery points in the blink of an eye by applying advanced search filters.

Profile Management

Helps users add and edit their personal information within the app anytime.

Advanced Search

Helps find famous and desired restaurants and eating points without delaying time.

Scheduling Orders

Enables users to easily place orders by picking the future date and time.

Payment Convenience

The payment is made through several payment methods with secure gateways.

Order Tracking

The order status of the app is checked in real-time with interactive maps.

Live Chat

The customers can chat directly with the restaurants and the delivery personnel.

Guest Login

Enables users to explore the app while gaining access to the limited features.

Reviews & Rating

Permits users to give genuine feedback about the food and delivery process.

Customer App
Restaurant app

Restaurant app

Explore the fabulous restaurant app features that help them streamline their tasks with proper management, thereby eliminating disorder and confusion.

Menu Management

Allows restaurant owners to make necessary changes to the menu.

Order Management

Helps restaurants to easily manage loads of orders and flawlessly perform backend kitchen operations.

Real-time tracking of delivery partners

Helps constantly check the status of the delivery personnel and where they have reached.

Rewards Management

With effective rewards, customer loyalty is increased tremendously, resulting in repeat business.

Payment History

It aids in browsing past transactions with accurate payment details related to the orders.

Push Notifications

Gets automated alerts regarding any changes made by the admin.

Restaurant Profile

Allows restaurant owners to add relevant information about their place, like food and prices.

Promotion Management

Helps create promotional campaigns to lure customers and boost sales.

Delivery Partner App

Quickly look at the superb features embedded in your delivery app to ensure a phenomenal experience.

Profile Management

Allows drivers to enter their personal details and update them frequently.

Delivery Management

Helps in effective coordination from order placement to final delivery.

Order Archives

Helps gain access to past orders with a single tap for record-keeping purposes.


With advanced GPS tracking, drivers are able to reach their desired location on time.

Cancellation Control

Helps drivers to effectively handle canceled orders whenever there is a cancellation request.

Revenue History

Allows drivers to view their revenue through interactive graphical charts.

Order Management

Eases drivers' job by helping them handle their large sets of order deliveries.

Real-time Order Requests

Enables users to receive order requests in real-time.

Restaurant app
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

We create robust admin panels that seamlessly manage the customer, delivery, and restaurant app.

User Management

With this feature, the customer profiles are handled carefully.

Restaurant Management

Helps manage all the restaurants listed on the app.

Delivery Service Management

Manages the delivery services provided by the restaurants.

Delivery Agent Management

Manages the delivery agents that are a part of the delivery process.

Location Management

helps businesses to strike perfect coordination while allocating resources.

Advanced Analytics

Tell businesses about their app traffic, customer behavior and generate accurate reports.

Revenue & Commissions

Helps app owners track overall revenue generation and handle commissions.

Promotion Management

Meticulously tracks the promotional campaigns to entice customers.

Customer Support

Offers various channels like call, email, and chat to users to resolve queries.

On Demand Food Delivery App Development Cost Estimation

The food delivery app development cost ranges from 8-12k, depending on the level of customization. Check out the factors influencing the overall budget:

App Platform icon
App Platform

The selection and complexity of the platform play a vital role in the app cost.

Project Delivery icon
UI/UX Design

The high level of interactiveness decides the app budget.

App Features
App Features

Integrating robust features within the app plays a key role in framing the budget.

Third-Party Integration
Third-Party Integration

The incorporation of additional attributes to streamline operations inflates the app charges.

App Testing icon
App Testing

Making the app error-free requires testing techniques that increase the cost.

App Security icon
App Security

Massive charges are taken to protect the app from potential threats.

Food Delivery App Development Process- Our Workflow

Leverage the potential of our food delivery services and build a scalable and secure app without any bugs and abnormalities. As the best food delivery app development company, our developers have the expertise to build user-friendly and responsive apps.

  • 1

    Project Ideation

    Our team identifies the issues and creates a perfect roadmap for a successful project.

  • 2


    We develop an interactive UI/UX design that focuses on the overall visual and navigation elements.

  • 3


    Our developers utilize advanced technolgies and execute coding techniques to optimize performance.

  • 4

    Quality Assurance

    Helps execute testing techniques to make the app error-free.

  • 5

    Deployment And Launch

    The built app is deployed to the dedicated server and submitted to the Play Store for public usage.

  • 6


    We offer ongoing support to keep the apps updated with the latest industry norms.

Develop Your Food Delivery App Today!

Attract number of hungry people and captivate them with a modern food delivery app developed by Hypelocal Cloud.

We Connect People And Technology With Our On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

Fix delivery prices as per the time of the day and earn extra in the rush hour with our ideal food delivery app development solutions.

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