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Hyperlocal Cloud: A Renowned Food Delivery App Development Company

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Let Your Business Meet Its True Potential

Leverage our food delivery app solution and build a market-leading app.

Driver App Panel

The driver panel is designed to ensure an apt delivery procedure where the delivery location is processed with navigation within the map.

Features Include:
  • Profile Management

    Manage profiles and process real-time requests with the complete details of the delivery location through the help of the best food delivery app development company in the business, HyperLocal Cloud.

  • In-Build Navigation

    Leverage in-built navigation systems and allow your delivery agents to reach their destinations on time with traffic suggestions and estimated time arrivals through our custom food delivery app development solutions.

  • Customer Information

    Our clients will get the exact customer information to deliver the food on time to avoid any quality issues.

On demand food delivery app development
On demand food delivery app development

Restaurant App

Our food delivery app allows you to streamline processes easily and attain brand loyalty with elevated hospitality and a perfect outlet location.

Features include:
  • Profile Creation

    Leverage our food delivery app solutions to create attractive food outlet profiles that will attract a ton of customers and increase the scalability of the business.

  • Managing Orders

    Manage multiple orders and enable the option of push notifications to keep the customers and the food outlet updated on the order status.

  • Real-time Driver Tracking

    Ensure that your food is delivered on time and track the delivery person till the food is delivered to the correct address. We also ensure that our app’s performance is always updating the exact delivery status to both the outlet owner and the customer.

Admin Panel

This panel handles the entire business and ensures its smooth functioning with driver and outlet management facilities and revenue trackers.

Features Include:
  • Delivery Zone Management

    Get valuable insights about delivery zones of your area and anywhere around the areas your business works. Leverage our top-class delivery app solutions and provide promo codes to your clients with the perfect timing and menu.

  • Promo Codes

    Being the best food delivery app development company, we ensure that promo codes are provided to increase the sales of the food businesses. HyperLocal Cloud ensures efficient restaurant management through the advice of its skilled professionals.

  • Payment Management

    Tracking payments will be easier and digitalized by our company’s top-rated food delivery app development services. Payment management will ensure the revenue stream’s steady flow.

On demand food delivery app development

Glimpse Of Our Food Delivery App Success Numbers

HyperLocal Cloud has been a pioneer in the food delivery app business solutions for a decade with hundreds of successfully launched projects to date.

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Unique Features Of Our On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

At HyperLocal Cloud, we create unmatchable mobile applications that can compete well in the market and reflect the developers' skills. Let's have a look at some of the features embedded in our food delivery app solutions.

Food delivery app solution

Quick Search

Utilize the high-scaled services of our top food delivery app development company and search directly from the search bar.

Food delivery app solution

One-Stop Shop

Leverage an in-built shop service via a single window click and enjoy our food delivery app solution's seamless services.

Food delivery app solution

Food Pick Up

Get notified straight from the food outlet and let a pick-up service deliver to your destination place.

Food delivery app solution

Enhanced UX

Our top-tier food delivery app solutions can attract customers through the enhanced user interfaces and experiences.

Food delivery app solution

Chat Support

Our food delivery application development will ensure that the food outlets and customers are provided with a 24*7 chat support.

Food delivery app solution

Efficient Home Delivery

Ensure that your customers get their food fresh and on time with the best food delivery app solutions in the market by HyperLocal Cloud.

Custom Food Delivery App Development Solutions

Our high-end food delivery app solutions cater to a set of impeccable services that will ensure a positive client experience at all costs.

  • Single/Multi Restaurant Delivery App

    Conduct countless deliveries with an ideal food delivery app development solution as well as manage menus and deliver food contactless.

  • Aggregator Apps For Cloud Kitchens

    Our food delivery app provides quality services, while our aggregator apps are an ode to technical excellence.

  • SaaS-based Delivery App

    Create a successful brand identity and build your loyal customer base through our impeccable food delivery app development company.

  • Custom and White Label Apps

    A high-tech white-label food delivery app will customize the brand experience and create your own name in the markets.

Take Your Revenue Charts To Skyscraping Heights

We will help you increase your revenue charts considerably with the best food delivery app development solutions, which will help you deal with changing customer demands.

Food delivery application development

We Connect People And Technology With Our On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

Fix delivery prices as per the time of the day and earn extra in the rush hour with our ideal food delivery app development solutions.

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