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Build UberEats Clone App With Advanced Features

Get the best WhiteLabel clone app solution for your business.

Get User-Friendly WhiteLabel UberEats Panels

HyperLocal Cloud is the leading clone app development company that provides high-end business solutions with easy-to-access panels for everyone.

Customer App

This app lets customers easily view menus and nearby restros and place or schedule orders anytime. Using the panel, customers can check out the orders.

Features Include:
  • Login

    The login feature helps the customer to register and customize the app according to their preferences. The company also receives the data & suggests products as per user choices.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    The real-time tracking feature will allow the user to track the makings of the orders & also the movement of delivery executives, and the ETA of the orders.

  • Filter

    We provide the filter feature for customers so that customers can choose restaurants as per their food habits, amounts they want to invest in the food, restros that are delivering faster, etc.

ubereat clone app
ubereat clone app

Delivery Agent App

HyperLocal Cloud helps to create a high-end delivery agent panel to locate the customer’s and restaurant location more accurately and with hassle-free calling protocols.

Features include:
  • Commission Breakup

    This feature allows the delivery agents to see their commission for the delivery of the food and the complete earning in a month, year, etc.

  • Navigation

    We integrate Google Maps into the panel so that the delivery agent can deliver the food/courier order hassle-free without investing much time in hunting streets.

  • Registration

    The delivery agent has to register with the UberEats clone app to get the orders to deliver and earn the commission. For registration, they will get panels to fill in their bank account details.

Restaurant Panel

With increased hospitality and the ideal outlet location, our UberEats app enables you to streamline procedures easily and build brand loyalty.

Features Include:
  • Analyzing Orders

    With this feature, the restaurant owner can easily locate the orders done from their restaurant and the individual instruction of the customer.

  • Managing Prices/Discounts

    The restaurant panel will also have the feature to control the pricing/discount during peak hours and at normal times.

  • Ratings/Reviews

    This feature will allow the restaurant to see their food ratings and reviews & can enhance their services to create goodwill.

ubereat clone app
ubereat clone app

Admin panel

With a single dashboard, managing every part of your organization is simple. Handle everything easily, including dealing with customers, restaurants, delivery people, earnings, and producing analytical reports.

Features include:
  • Manage/Create Profile

    Commonly, the administrator completes the registration process. Restaurants can join up for your service; they can provide details like their name and address, menu choices, etc.

  • Manage Location

    The manage location feature allows admins to input which states and cities to list under each country’s name, allowing clients to choose their appropriate options.

  • Dashboard

    The dashboard is a critical tool for managing restaurants. With a dashboard, administrators may keep track of orders, income, transitions, and sales information all in one spot.

Customize Your UberEats App

Get the food delivery application with customization features according to the state or country. This helps the business goodwill in local areas.

uber eats clone app development
Country-Specific Payment Gateways

Get the country-specific payment gateways with multiple options, including credit & debit cards, digital walllet, cryptos, etc.

uber eats clone
Multilanguage and Multicurrency

Integrate the local language and local currency in your white-label UberEats app without any extra cost to make the maximum reach.

uber eats clone app

Get Wallet integration in your UberEats app for users, delivery boys, and restaurant owners to add money from various sources.

Bring Your UberEats Clone App Idea into Reality

Get the best solution for the UberEats business to make global reach.

Benefits Of Our Market-Leading UberEats clone app development

Hyperlocal Cloud has been in the clone app development industry for years now and our app developers will craft a whitelabel UberEats with multiple advantages.

app like uber eat

Contactless Delivery

Our UberEats clone app is a rapidly growing platform which can enable a contactless delivery feature that is hassle-free and effortless.

  • Order your food just a few taps via our UberEats clone app development.
  • Leverage a hygienic food processing through our UberEats clone app.
  • Get Real-time tracking feature and ensure customers are updated in real-time.
  • Our UberEats clone app supports embraces contactless delivery amid the pandemic.

One-Click Pickup Confirmation

Hyperlocal Cloud's WhiteLabel UberEats Clone App will facilitate a one-click pickup confirmation to the customers and track the parcel till it is delivered to the customer.

  • Our whitelabel UberEats clone will be loaded with a one-click pickup confirmation feature.
  • After the confirmation, store assigns the delivery to the providers in our UberEats clone app.
  • The provider can also check and accept/reject the service request in our UberEats clone app development.
  • After the order is ready, provider can post a picture in the app for tracking the parcel for customers.
app like uber eat
app like uber eat

Edit And Confirm Orders

The stores in our UberEats clone app can always edit as well as confirm order details before the parcel is finally delivered.

  • Stores can edit customer orders depending upon the available resources in our UberEats clone app development.
  • If the resources are not available the customers will be informed and notified when it is back in stock.
  • After the customer has confirmed the order changes in our robust UberEats clone app, the order is then confirmed.
  • Stores cab also accept orders and then start preparing while notifying the customer and the delivery man as well.

Categories And Subcategories

The stores in our Whitelabel UberEats clone app can divide items into multiple categories and subcategories.

  • Customers can directly click on the search bar and search for their items in our UberEats clone app.
  • The subcategories are later grouped into multiple categories for a detailed menu.
  • This option of categories and subcategories can help in an efficient sorting of items.
  • This categorizing of items can help the users to get a high end user experience.
uber eats clone
uber eats clone

Converse In Multiple Languages

Our UberEats clone app is loading with the feature to ensure countless conversations in multiple languages.

  • Hyperlocal Cloud's UberEats clone app development will have a multi-language support for the stores to converse with their customers.
  • Our UberEats clone app will give the stores an effective option to change the language and start coversations with the customer.
  • Languages in our UberEats clone app can be selected as per the region or country to enable a flawless delivery experience.
  • Hyperlocal Cloud's whitelabel UberEats clone app solutions ensures a path for meaningful conversations and enhance the overal user-experience.

Manual Assignment Of Deliveries

Our Whitelabel UberEats clone app can help with the manual assignment of delivery personnel by the admin for a top-grade customer experience.

  • Admin in our UberEats clone app can auto-assign the delivery person for a hassle-free delivery.
  • The admin can also assign the delivery personnel for a delivery manually as per their choice.
  • An upgraded delivery experience is provided by our whitelabel UberEats app development.
  • Stores can easily find their preferred delivery personnel for a relaible and on-time delivery during rush hours.
uber eats clone

Enter The Highly Competitive Food Delivery Market With Our UberEats Clone

Leverage our food delivery app solution and build a market-leading app.

Necessary Features That Will Empower Your UberEats Clone App

Here are the list of necessary features that will help you to deliver the best service for your customers and the restaurant who are using your platform for the business.

app like uber eat
  • uber eats clone app development
    Payment Gateways

    Creating multiple payment gateways will always in your favour as this will allow every type of user to make order on the application.

  • uber eats clone app
    Search Filters

    With the help of the search filters on the UberEats clone app the customers, admin & driver agent will get the things easily and on fingertips within no time.

  • uber eats clone
    Social Sign Ups

    The social sign ups will help the business person to get the details about the user and use the marketing strategy to attract them & make engagement on platform.

  • uber eats clone app development
    Navigation from the App

    The navigation & GPS feature will allow the drivers and user to get the exact location of the each other to make delivery more accurate and less time consuming.

Advanced Features HyperLocal Cloud Offers In UberEats Clone App Development

For launching something new in the market you should provide something out of the box features for the users. These advanced features will allow you to maintain the engagement on the application.

ubereat clone app
  • ubereat clone app
    Create Promo Codes

    Applying discount/promo code on the application helps the business to make more sales as the user purchase things more frequently in discount.

  • ubereat clone app
    Set Delivery Zones

    The admin can set the prices, delivery vehicles, and estimated delivery time as according to the zone the restaurants and standard of living.

  • ubereat clone app
    Ad Creation

    The advertisement panel will be added on admin panel with whom they can customize & advertise for restaurants who will pay more to platform.

  • ubereat clone app
    Various Currency Integration

    Proving options for the users to pay with various currencies helps to get more business, you can also integrate crypto payment options on your application.

Why Choose HyperLocal Cloud For UberEats Clone App Development?

We make sure that each of our clients gets the best possible solution from us and for that we are with the excellent team of developers.. Here are some of the reason why you should hire us for the UberEats clone app development.

uber eats clone app development
Branded Solution

Our offering is entirely white label, branded, and customised. The finished product will be yours or your business's.

app like uber eat

Our UberEats clone app has brand-new, cutting-edge features and is completely customisable.

uber eats clone
Cost Effective

Our premade delivery marketplace helps you save up to 60% so that your organisation is as efficient as possible.

ubereat clone app
Launch Within Hours

We have faith in our team. As a result, we guarantee and deliver the finished work within days after receiving your approval.

uber eats clone app development
24*7 Support

Concerned about potential future technological difficulties? Dont worry! In your time of need, you can count on us.

uber eats clone

The admin & user panel of UberEats clone app are user-friendly ans we ensure that none of your app users face difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why choose our UberEats clone delivery app ?

    The UberEats clone app does not need a huge investment to make like and it takes less efforts to lauch in the market.

    What makes UberEats clone app different from others ?

    UberEats clone app is high in demand by the users, and people are more aware with the application. Apart from that it is easy to use.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Develop Ubereats Clone App?

    The development cost for the WhiteLabel UberEats may lie between $15,000 to $17,000. May be more or less as according to the features development.

    How Much Time Does WhiteLabel UberEats Will Take To Develop?

    The approximate time to develop an UberEats Clone App take 3-4 days maximum, it could be more or less as according to the features you want in the application.

Get The Custom UberEats Clone App Models

We are the perfect one where you can get the customized application & that too with 100% accuracy.

  • Platform To Consumer Apps

    Several restaurants can sign up on a platform provided by app owners and provide their clients food delivery services.

  • Delivery Service Aggregators

    The best part about this concept is that since the restaurant doesn't have to operate its own fleet, it is a very viable business model.

  • Full-Stack Food Delivery

    This business concept requires a huge capital outlay. Popular restros that develop takeaway and delivery applications pick this business strategy.

  • Order Only Model

    This on-demand food delivery services will be the ideal for the order-only. Customers can rapidly connect to nearby restaurants to place the order.

Building The Future With Tech, Gear, And Software In Our UberEats Clone App

The future of technology starts with Hyperlocal Cloud, which can help you conduct hassle-free deliveries through its UberEats clone app development.

Food delivery application development
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