BiTaksi Clone | Start Your Taxi Booking Business

By Hyperlocal Cloud

January 04, 2024

BiTaksi Clone | Start Your Taxi Booking Business

Build and launch an app like BiTaksi and take your taxi business to the heights of success. Our end-to-end app solutions are absolutely cost-effective, scalable, and time-saving. Our developers are well-versed in ultra-modern tools and technologies that will help build an intuitive BiTaksi clone. At hyperlocal Cloud, we will help you with personalization based on your business requirements.

How Does Our BiTaksi Clone App Work?

Bitaksi app works on an easy-to-understand platform where registered users enter their current location and the desired destination. The application then shows the nearby drivers and the approximate arrival times. Following that, the users can pick the vehicle of their choice, whether standard or premium. After confirming the ride request, the fare estimate is displayed.

Simultaneously, the ride is confirmed when the drivers accept the request. It includes the name of the driver, their vehicle no., photograph, etc. The users can track the driver's location in real-time. There is even an in-chat messenger that allows swift communication between the driver and the passenger. On the ride completion, the money is paid through multiple payment modes. Moreover, the passengers can give suitable rankings and reviews depending on their experience.

Hyperlocal Cloud is a prominent name in clone app development. We are a team of skilled professionals who have a knack for ultra-modern technologies. We have assisted various entrepreneurs in launching their businesses to the optimum level. Connect with our experts and attain massive growth.

Launch Your Taxi Booking Business Using Top-Notch Strategies

Must-Have Features In Our BiTaski Clone App

Our advanced taxi app comes with fantastic features that support seamless transportation facilities. Our taxi app has all the functionalities of the original app. It provides users with an amazing, reliable, efficient, and user-friendly taxi experience.

Effortless Booking

Helps in easily requesting a taxi with just a few taps by specifying the pickup location and destination.

Real-time Tracking

Helps track the taxi's location in real-time and keeps the passenger informed about the driver's arrival time.

Reviews & Ratings

With this feature, the users will be able to submit their ratings and reviews for the drivers helping others make informed decisions.

Multi-payment modes

The passengers can enjoy secure and convenient in-app payments through different payment modes, i.e., cards, cash, or wallets.

Fare Estimates

The passengers will get the fare estimates in advance before confirming their ride, thereby ensuring transparency.

Multilingual Support

Our BiTaksi clone app supports diverse languages to include a diverse user base thereby enhancing accessibility.

In-app Chat

Swift communication between drivers and passengers is possible through this feature as it develops coordination between involved parties.

Ride History

The user can access a detailed history of their past rides, including trip details, routes taken, and payment receipts.


Notifications related to upcoming promotions, rewards, and discounts are sent through this attribute.

Multiple Vehicle Options

Gives wide alternatives related to various vehicle types and sizes, ranging from standard taxis to premium ones.

Map Routing

Offers optimized routes to drivers to reach their destination quickly, saving travel time.

Business Benefits Of Bitaksi Clone

Our BiTaksi clone app provides extensive business benefits, right from brand value /recognition, operational efficiency, uplifted sales, customer engagement, etc. Have a glance at the few major ones as under;

Increased User Base

Our BiTaksi clone app & website attract users big time that potentially leads to a much larger customer base.

Brand Recognition

The vibrant BiTaksi model and top-notch features offer quick recognition and credibility in the market, enticing users and resulting in massive brand recognition.

Customer Loyalty

The user-friendly attributes, security, and reliability boost customer loyalty. The pleased users continue availing of the services corresponding to customer loyalty.

Efficient Operations

Adopting the proven features and functionalities of Bitaksi can streamline operational processes, leading to more efficient and cost-effective business operations.

Quick Market Entry

Developing a Bitaksi clone allows for a quicker market entry compared to building a new, unfamiliar brand from scratch. This can be especially advantageous in competitive markets.

Data-driven Decision Making

The data analytics attribute in the BiTaksi app helps make informed business decisions based on relevant metrics like user behavior, market trends, etc.


BiTaksi clone is absolutely scalable which allows the integration of new features with the growing user base.


Replicating the design and functionalities of the original app inadvertently offers the taxi business mind-blowing partnerships with relevant stakeholders

Improved User Experience

The fantastic features, scalability, and robustness enhance user experience. This results in positive word-of-mouth and organic growth.

Technology Integration

Integrating cutting-edge technologies such as real-time tracking, secure payments, and efficient routing forms a tech-savvy image. This attracts users who are admirers of modern solutions.

Unlock Success with Your Own Taxi Booking Business

Top Revenue Models Of Our BiTaksi Clone

Opting for an app for your ride-hailing business is the need of the hour. It's the contemporary way of popularizing your business and extending its reach to a much larger user base. BiTaksi clone app & website are responsible for stupendous money-making.

Below, we have mentioned some superb revenue-generation models that keep businesses financially sustainable and profitable.

Ride Fees

BiTaksi generates revenue by charging fees via each ride from the passengers. It is essentially a percentage of the total fare.

Commission from Drivers

BiTaksi takes a percentage of the earnings made by drivers for each completed ride. This contributes to the platform's overall revenue.

Surge Pricing

During peak times or in high-traffic areas, the prices tend to surge. This transient increase in fares helps the platform balance supply and demand while additional revenue generation.

Promotional Partnerships

BiTaksi clone app generates a revenue stream through promotional partnerships. These include special offers like advertising within the app and sponsored promotions.

Subscription Services

The availability of exclusive services to users like discounted fares, priority services charges, a recurring fee.

Data Monetization

Our BiTaksi clone app provides insights and sells data to third parties related to transportation trends and charges fees.

In-App Advertisements

Such apps include in-app ads, allowing businesses to reach their targeted audience. The advertisers pay app owners a substantial fee for ad placement.

Partnerships and Integrations

The app owners can enter into partnerships with other service providers, like hotels, airlines, etc, and provide integrated transportation solutions and, in return, earn revenue.

Hyperlocal Cloud is a prominent name in the mobile app industry. We have launched over 50+ apps fully loaded with clone solutions with the latest features. We have more than 150 seasoned app developers in our workforce who aim to develop apps either from scratch or customize it to the client's requirements.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a BiTaksi Clone?

Our BiTaksi clone app and website development cost ranges from $20k-$50k. Based on the level of customization, the prices are subject to vary. Check out some of the factors that influence the overall budget.

  • Location Of The Developers
  • Latest Tech Stacks
  • Integrated Features
  • UI/UX Design
  • Size Of The Development Firm
  • Development Process
  • Project Complexity

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud As Your App Development Partner?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a leading on-demand app development company that has helped several entrepreneurs exponentially grow their businesses across different niches. With 3+ years of experience in the IT domain, we have developed marvelous applications, software, and websites as per client’s requirements.

Here, we have enlisted some of the reasons that make us unique from the rest of our competitors.

  • Quick Launch
  • 100% Customization
  • Result-Oriented Approach
  • Expert Professionals
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • No Language Barrier
  • Pocket-Friendly Prices
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Agile Methodologies

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