DoorDash Clone: Ready To Use App Solution

By Hyperlocal Cloud

December 21, 2023

DoorDash Clone: Ready To Use App Solution

In this world full of food delivery apps, our DoorDash clone has the right potential to reach a broad audience. Any business with a restaurant storefront or willing to start a multi-vendor food delivery marketplace can use our DoorDash clone to reach their business goals.

We create a UI/UX-rich, feature-rich, easily accessible DoorDash clone app capable of receiving food orders, assigning delivery personnel, locating the customer’s location, and many more.

Let’s get started and know the in-depth offering of our Doordash clone:

What Is Special About Our DoorDash Clone?

Are you wondering what makes our DoorDash clone distinguishable from others?

Our White Label DoorDash app is well-designed to meet every one of your business needs. It is easily accessible for startups and high-scale businesses. We have used dynamic technologies and immersive graphics to provide new experiences to customers, resulting in high sales.

Our food delivery app, like DoorDash, is a cross-platform online solution that has made it available on both the web and as a mobile application. It can run on Android, iOS, and Firefox OS easily.

While businesses can monitor their operations using a dashboard, customers can order their favorite cuisine in hustle-free matters of click. Our DoorDash clone incorporates various easy payment options, allowing users to make payments in exchange for their favorite food.

Top Benefits Of Our DoorDash Clone

Our readymade DoorDash clone offers various business benefits to every striving entrepreneur. Checkout the list below:

Broad Customer Base

By applying revenue-making models and effective marketing strategies, businesses can reach a vast audience and receive a mass number of orders.

High-Income Growth

Undoubtedly, having a huge audience sustains the income flow of the business. With a DoorDash-like app from us, users can pay in various payment modes, and business owners can generate high income.

Easy Partnership

Our DoorDash clone lets businesses make partners easily. Business owners can collaborate with other food delivery services and restaurants to supply an immense range of food items.

Guaranteed ROI

We let businesses get a fixed rate of return on their investment with our app. Finding an application that offers this segment is rare, but you can feel fortunate to have our platform.

So these were all those 4 benefits of having our DoorDash clone app. There are other advantages, too, but these 4 benefits play a vast role in running a business successfully.

Unique Features We Offer In Our DoorDash Clone

Our white label DoorDash App is equipped with the latest features that are exceptional compared to other apps. Check them out:

Customer App

Easy Login/Sign-Up

Customers can easily sign up/log into the application with information like name, location, types of food they love, and more.

Splash Screen

The splash screen is the very first screen that a user witnesses. Here, your brand logo and slogan will show for 2-3 seconds.

Walkthrough Banner

For newly registered users, the app will give them a walkthrough of some important menus and buttons on the app. It is like a beginner’s guide containing animations.

Forget Password

In case of resetting a forgotten password, users can use this feature effectively. An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number to recover/reset the password.

Search Restaurant Screen

Every restaurant has its own specialty in serving food so that users can choose their preferred restaurant from the listing, description, and browsing categories.

Cart Management

Customers craving to eat multiple items or willing to order multiple foods can add them to the cart and order simultaneously.

Place Order

Customers can place orders by determining their food, payments, tipping, delivery address, and so forth.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay in various payment modes like credit/debit card, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, net banking, and cash on delivery.

Rating & Review

Users can drop their feedback and suggestions after consuming a food. It helps the restaurant to improve their service and build transparency.

Driver App


Drivers or delivery personnel can sign up with their name, location, service range, and many more.

Remember Me

While signing up, drivers can mark remember me so that next time, they can enter the app by skipping the login interface.

Accept/Decline Orders

Drivers can accept/decline an incoming food delivery request. They can also use buttons like “Arrived at the restaurant” and “Picked up the order” that update users on their order status.

Route Optimization

Delivery agents can optimize the shortest route to travel to the indicated delivery location in the shortest interval possible.

Manage Vehicles

Delivery partners can easily add/remove a vehicle by modifying its registration number, vehicle number, type of vehicle, and many more.

In-App Notification

When a delivery personnel member gets active, he or she starts receiving real-time notifications of assigned orders, messages, or calls from a customer, tips, and money received.

Live Tracking

After confirmation of an order’s takeaway, delivery personnel can live to track the location of the customer using an inbuilt map of the app.

Manage Earnings

Delivery personnel are able to see the accumulated earned amount on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Contact & Support

In case of any query and assistance, delivery partners can connect with the admin panel at any time.

Restaurant App

Restaurant Registration

Restaurants can register in the app with their food’s specialty, sales profile, menu, merchant bank details, and many more.

Sales Dashboard

We provide a sales dashboard for restaurants where they can monitor sold foods daily, weekly, and monthly.

Product Listing

Restaurant owners can list any new food item, change its description, maintain changes in pricing, etc.


Our DoorDash clone allows restaurants to check the sales and revenue reports using charts and animations.

Order Management

Restaurants can accept an incoming order and advise on how long it will take for complete delivery.

Manage Menu

Restaurant owners can manage their online food menu as well as inventory. They can easily customize products, categories, addons, and prices.


Restaurant owners can log out anytime they wish not to take any orders for food delivery.

Promo Codes

Restaurants can edit/manage a promo code for their loyal customers, which increases the likelihood of constant purchasing.

Admin Panel


Admins can log in with a unique code and access every feature in the admin panel.

Password Reset

If an admin forgets the password, they can reset it by entering an OTP.

Professional Dashboard

We create an in-built dashboard for admins where they can keep an eye on their business operations by infographics, charts, animations, and so forth.

Manage Users

Admins can easily manage registered vendors, delivery personnel, and customers from our DoorDash clone’s dashboard.

Bird Eye View

Admin can see every delivery agent, vendor, and customer by entering a specific location or area.


Our white label DoorDash app has every necessary accounting and finance feature, which helps calculate currency conversion, sales tax, accumulating delivery charges, etc.

Create Sub Admin

With the help of our DoorDash like app, an admin is able to create a sub-admin and define their roles. It is helpful when you wish to plan a vacation without stopping your business.

Look & Feel

Admin can change the entire look of the panel as per their preference. It includes changing color, theme, dark/night mode, fonts, and more.

Order Setting

Admins are independent in making changes in any received order in the panel, like delivery area vendor, assigned vehicle type, waiting time, commission, cancellation, order schedule, etc.

Money Making Strategy Of Our DoorDash Clone

Our white-label DoorDash app comes with multiple opportunities for making money. Check them out:

In-App Advertisement

With our DoorDash clone's help, business owners can collaborate and post ads for other organizations or companies. With this model, admins earn on the basis of PPC(pay-per-click), PPV(pay-per-view), and cost-per-click.


In this revenue model, businesses pay fees to other brands or social media influencers to promote their brand. It is a good practice to reach a new audience base and generate revenue.


Business owners charge a cut over an accumulated sold price. Admins can decide the percentage they want to claim over the sale. There are generally 3 types of commission models: tiered commission, multiplier commission, and draw against commission.

Premium Features

Admins can have exclusive features for delivery personnel, customers, and restaurant owners. Every app owner has to pay an amount to avail of those premium features. It secures recurring payments on the basis of the premium feature plan.

Tech Stacks We Use For White Label DoorDash App

We use a modern technology stack to build DoorDash clones. Here is the list:

Mobile App DevelopmentWeb App Development
SwiftReact Native
React NativeMongoDB

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For DoorDash Clone?

In this cut-throat competition, we provide top-tier solutions to our clients to thrive among their competitors. Here are some reasons to choose:

Experience Staff

Our experts flawlessly meet the ample business requirements that come with white-label app development.

Budget Friendly

Our developers create cost-effective apps with transparent pricing.

Quality Check

Our quality analysts test the app to ensure reliability before the final phase..

Timely Output

Our team assists with the creation and timely launch of your strategic app development plans.


We speak the language of our clients, which helps them feel at ease when sharing their app requirements.

24/7 Assistance Ready

We can assist you with your project and address your concerns based on your availability.


Are there any limitations to your DoorDash Clone?

No, there are no challenges or limitations of our DoorDash clone. It can be easily opted by any size of business.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get Your DoorDash Clone?

It can take around 4 - 5 working days to get the complete DoorDash solution. The time is uncertain due to numerous factors affecting it.

What Is The Complete Cost Of Building An App Like DoorDash?

Building a DoorDash-like app ranges between $10,000 - $30,000. Remember, this can be increased and decreased due to the availability of sources, demand for custom features, 3rd party API, paid UI/UX framework, and more.

Why Do I Need To Trust Hyperlocal Cloud For DoorDash Clone?

We have years of experience in developing on-demand applications. Our 150+ skilled team of developers has already crafted top applications for 250+ clients worldwide, making us the best to get a DoorDash-like app.

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