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Create A Profitable Uber Like Roadside Assistance Application

Start a profitable roadside assistance business with guaranteed ROIs through world-class app development.

Road Assistance App

Important Statistics On Road Assistance App

  • The market for road assistance is said to sum $29B by 2026, with 3.8% increased profits said to occur every consecutive year.
  • The largest market for tow-truck services is said to be in North America, Japan, China, and the European region because of the high per capita income.
  • The growth rates for on-demand roadside assistance solutions like a jumpstart, fuel delivery, key replacement, navigational assistance, and tire change will be close to 4%.
  • The market for roadside assistance in Asia-Pacific will be growing rapidly at a rate of 4.02%.
  • Passenger vehicles will be in more need of customization than commercialized ones.

Prime Deliverables Of Our On Demand Roadside Assistance App

We ensure to make an on demand roadside assistance app and will include the high-end features for your application. These are the fundamental components that we would incorporate into your application.

Roadside Assistance/Service Provider App Features

Launch the best online Uber like roadside assistance app with Hyperlocal Cloud for your target market.

Features Include:
  • Real-Time Requests

    The service providers get the requests from users to provide the services in real-time to dispatch mechanics as soon as possible.

  • Built-In Navigation

    The tow truck driver can reach the assistance spot through the Google Maps powered navigating feature in-built into the app.

  • Driver/Service Provider Dashboard

    Get a separate driver/service provider dashboard and monitor tasks, feedback, reports, earnings, and much more in the app.

Roadside Assistance/Service Provider App
Roadside Customer App

Roadside Assistance App Features for Customer

Here are the high-end features of the roadside assistance app for your users.

Features include:
  • Easy Login Authentication

    Customers can quickly access their accounts by logging in using their registration data via an app's simple login and authentication feature.

  • Choice of Delivery Mechanism

    Customers have their pick of a number of different service options, such as flat-tire fixes, towing, and hoisting.

  • In Case of Emergency

    Customers can notify a predetermined contact or 911 directly of their current location and the car identification number in the event of an emergency.

Delivering Innovative On Demand Roadside App Development Services

Our expert app developers are ready to deliver the best apps with high-end technological solutions, which will make you reach a competitive edge.

Advanced Features of Our Uber Like Roadside Assistance App

Some of the advanced features we provide to make your platform more reliable and user-friendly.

  • Additional Services icon
    Additional Services

    Customers are provided with a list of available services, including towing, battery repair, and tire replacement.

  • Location Sharing icon
    Location Sharing

    The customer can share his vehicle's pickup location in the same manner as when summoning a taxi from the application.

  • Seamless Payments icon
    Seamless Payments

    The app allows customers to pay for the services easily. Multiple payment options like cash, cards, wallets, etc.

Uber Like Roadside Assistance App
  • SOS Emergency icon
    SOS Emergency Icon

    A conspicuously displayed panic button within the tow truck app. Pressing the switch will send an SOS signal to the concerned parties.

  • Cost Information icon
    Cost Information

    Customers can obtain additional information about service fees based on the nature of the service by tapping the info icon.

  • Onboarding icon
    Easy Onboarding Process

    Roadside assistance application has easy onboarding. An email address, a phone number, or a social login can be used to login.

Listing Some Best Roadside Assistance Apps 2023

Here are some of the leading roadside assistance apps that are serving globally, and you can also get an app like these.

Honk Technologies icon
Honk Technologies

Honk Technologies a uber like roadside assistance app has more than 75,000 towing trucks and is also heavily investing in AI technology to enhance driver safety levels.

Urgent.Ly icon

This app works across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Their on demand roadside assistance services include offering emergency towing services in real-time.

OnStar icon

This is the leading roadside assistance app for vehicle recovery. This app operates all its business tasks in Latin America, Europe, Asia, North America and countries.

Proven Business Model Of Uber Like Roadside Assistance App

Start your on-demand roadside assistance app services to generate additional revenue streams.

Fee icon
Recommendation Fee

Get paid by service providers for referrals. You can charge more if you let them recommend your services to their clients.

Booking Amount icon
Booking Amount

Set a minimum booking amount and receive a commission on all bookings made by your customers.

Cancellation icon
Cancellation Charges

You can make some extra money by deducting a fee from the customer's refund if they decide to cancel the auto towing service.

Memberships icon

The third-party service provider will have to buy the premium membership to be on the top of the list; this will help to generate revenue.

Banner icon
Add Banners

Make some cash by letting companies that offer towing trucks promote their services in the places and at the times that are most convenient for them.

Time Fee icon
Wait Time Fee

If the vehicle gets too damaged to tow immediately, the service provider may have to wait. There should be a cost associated with this delay.

We Put The Wow Factor With Our Uber Like Roadside Assistance App

We catered to meet the business requirements of both small and large-scale businesses, putting them ahead of their competitors.

Workflow Of Uber Like Roadside Assistance App

Here is the complete flow of Hyperlocal Cloud to develop a high-end uber like roadside assistance app with high-end reliability.

  • 1


    Before starting the development process, our team goes for in-depth research of the projects.

  • 2

    App Designing

    The designing process includes the use of wireframes, workflows, prototypes, and mockups.

  • 3


    All of the planning, code, API, and DB layouts for an app come together during development.

  • 4


    The testing process involves extensive testing, bug reporting, and fixing to avoid errors.

  • 5


    After the release strategy has been developed, the application is made available to the public.

  • 6

    Support & Upkeep

    We also provide post-project support and maintenance, including regular updates.

Meet Your Business True Potential With On Demand Roadside Assistance App

Leverage our roadside assistance app and generate a handsome revenue.

Why Choose HyperLocal Cloud For Creating Roadside Assistance App?

We have been working as the leading clone app development company since 2013 and helping our clients to generate revenue.

Creating Roadside Assistance App
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    High-End Developers

    We have a team of 50+ excellent designers who hold experience in developing high-end applications.

  • Transparency icon
    Complete Transparency

    We provide complete transparency before the deal, during the development procedure, and after the delivery.

  • high Rate icon
    High Retention Rate

    We have had a client retention rate of more than 80% since 2013 in Android and iOS app development.

  • Assistance icon
    24*7 Assistance

    We are available 24*7 to solve your queries. Our executive and project manager will give you all the updates about the project from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much it cost to develop uber like roadside assistance app?

    The final development cost depends on the customization extent, tech stack, functionality and feature-set, and other remaining development details.

    What is the major benefit of roadside assistance app?

    The main perks of using our roadside assistance app are that it saves users time and provides instant assistance.

  • Will you support me after the project deployment?

    Yes, ofcourse! We offer post-development services for any issues regarding the development process. We offer various support packages on legal service agreements.

    Can I use a personal Logo or Brand name in roadside assistance app?

    Yes! We can customize the roadside assistance app and can add your logo and brand name.

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