Deliveroo Clone | White-Label Deliveroo Clone App Solution

By Hyperlocal Cloud

February 13, 2024

Deliveroo Clone | White-Label Deliveroo Clone App Solution

Get a cutting-edge Deliveroo clone from Hyperlocal Cloud and revolutionize your food delivery business. The demand for food delivery apps is rising. Nowadays, there are tons of food delivery applications and websites running in the market. Still, with a successful app like Deliveroo, entrepreneurs can maximize their business reach, earn high revenue, and even make passive income.

The Deliveroo app is a popular application connecting buyers with grocery stores, restaurants, and other food delivery shops. It provides a variety of items for customers to make a purchase. It comes with special features and exclusive UI to attract many users to the business. So now, let’s explore offerings in our Deliveroo clone:

Future Of Food Delivery Businesses

It is important to verify the latest facts before investing in a Deliveroo clone. Here are some stats to consider:

  • By the end of 2024, the food delivery business is anticipated to reach a revenue growth of $32 billion.
  • 60% of Americans order food once a week using a food delivery app like Deliveroo.
  • The business of online food delivery has increased at a speed of 300% compared to in-house dining.
  • More than 112 million Americans use food delivery apps to take food.

Workflow Of Our Deliveroo Clone

Our Deliveroo clone connects customers, vendors, and delivery partners. Here is the complete workflow of an app like Deliveroo. Here's a brief overview of the workflow for each:


  • Customers download the Deliveroo clone app or access the website.
  • They browse through a list of restaurants available for delivery in their area.
  • Customers select the items they want to order and add them to their cart.
  • They proceed to checkout, where they can pay for the order and provide delivery instructions.
  • Once the order is confirmed, customers can track their delivery status and receive real-time updates on the app.

Vendors (Restaurants)

  • Vendors partner with Deliveroo to make their menu available for delivery.
  • Vendors receive the details in the restaurant kitchen when an order is placed through the Deliveroo online platform.
  • Vendors prepare the food and provide it to the delivery partner for delivery to the customer.

Delivery Partners

  • Delivery partners receive delivery requests through the Deliveroo app.
  • They can choose to accept or decline the delivery based on their availability.
  • Once they accept a delivery, they go to the vendor's location, collect the order, and deliver it to the customer's specified address.

Deliveroo facilitates the entire process, from order placement to delivery, ensuring a seamless experience for customers, vendors, and delivery partners.

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Services In Our Deliveroo Clone

We have researched and provided services catering to the needs of your target audience. Check the list below:

Food Delivery

Our application is compatible with delivering food. It connects restaurants, bakeries, cafes, etc., to provide a variety of foods.

Grocery Delivery

This segment allows users to directly order groceries using a Deliveroo clone. Customers can easily browse and purchase fresh groceries from their nearest store or market.

Alcohol Delivery

Our Deliveroo clone allows businesses to offer a variety of liquors and alcohols. Customers must show ID to receive age-restricted items, such as liquor.

Benefits Of A Deliveroo Clone

Our app, like Deliveroo, can help businesses grow by offering exclusive business benefits. Check the list below:

Immense Customer Base

By launching a Deliveroo clone, businesses can attract a wider customer base and cater to the growing demand for convenient and efficient food delivery services.

High-Income Growth

The app allows businesses to generate additional revenue streams by charging fees to vendors for using the platform, as well as through delivery fees and other service charges.

Refine Business Operation

The app can streamline the ordering and delivery processes, improving operational efficiency and reducing operational costs for businesses.

Increase Branding

A Deliveroo clone can strengthen a business's brand visibility and market presence by providing a platform that customers recognize and trust for their food delivery needs.

Beat Competition

By offering a food delivery app similar to Deliveroo, businesses can stay competitive in the market and meet their customer base's evolving needs and preferences.

Overall, our Deliveroo clone can contribute to business growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction while leveraging the popularity of online food delivery services.

Top-Tier Features Of Deliveroo Clone

We have researched the competitors and the original Deliveroo app to provide every necessary feature for users, store owners, and the admin panel. Get a brief look:

User App

Social Sharing

Users can share their app details, order ID & info, and complete order details over their social media handles. They can also avail of a one-click signup/login with this feature.


Customers can give tipping to delivery personnel based on their behavior, timely delivery, and their hard work. It is an appreciation for a delivery partner for their work.

Repeat Order

Users can repeat a consumed order with this feature. They can now customize their meal add-ons and select associated items.


The cart allows users to add multiple food items and order them once. Users can also save and share their carts on social media accounts.

Multiple Payment Options

With these features, users can pay in different payment modes like credit/debit card, UPI, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, net banking, pay-on-delivery, etc.

Live Tracking

The live tracking feature is powered by an in-built map that lets users track their order along with information like ETA, remaining distance, type of vehicle, delivery person name, etc.

Language Selection

Our Deliveroo clone can be accessible beyond the boundaries because it allows users to select their preferred language and eliminate the language barrier.

Browse & Search

Users can easily browse the menu or use the search bar to find the availability and pricing and order their favorite food item online.

Add Favorite

Users can add or create a group of their favorite items and order them later. It helps them create their own meal category to consume at their convenient time.

Order History

With the help of the order history feature, users can check their past orders with details like payment, quantity, types of orders, delivery personnel, etc.

Rating & Review

Ultimately, users can drop their feedback, write reviews, and give star ratings. This helps businesses to improve operations and increase efficiency.

Store App

Food Categorization

With this feature, store owners can categorize the type of foods like breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack, etc. It helps them organize their menu, too.

Promo Code Creation

Store owners can create promo codes and coupons for loyal customers. It lets store owners set coupon prices, expiry dates, and terms of usage of the coupon.

Set Charges

Restaurant owners can set prices for their special items, like add-ons on specific dishes, special beverages, items for special occasions, etc.

Order Management

Restaurants can manage incoming orders from the customer. They can view order details like name, location, ordered item, price, etc.

Add/Delete Items

We integrate a CMS panel that lets store owners add, modify, and delete a food item from the menu. It helps store owners manage their product catalog and menu cards.

Receive Payment

This feature lets store owners claim the amount by associating their merchant account and claiming money in the integrated eWallet.

Set Availability

Restaurants can toggle their active status on/off whenever they feel ready to serve. It helps them manage their working time and provides flexibility.

Push Notification

It is an alert system that notifies store owners of incoming orders through a built-in bell, prompting them to take action.


This feature allows restaurant owners to connect with the customer via call and chat to clear all of their order’s doubts.

Admin Panel

Manage Users

Our Deliveroo clone lets businesses manage users. It aids them in adding, removing, and modifying a user, restaurant name, and many more.

Add/Remove Restaurant

Admins can add/remove a restaurant after a few verifications like tax number, name, food type, services, distance, and so forth.

Track Delivery

Business owners or admins can track a delivery status by entering the order ID. It helps solve customers' queries and manifests the information about the delivery.

Validate Documentation

It helps admins to associate delivery personnel after verifying their driver's license, vehicle type and number, and tax & registration number for the restaurants.


Admins can use this feature to sketch their service area. They can easily draw lines and boundaries and decide the service range of a restaurant.

Access To Order Details

By entering the order ID, admins can access every user’s details like their past orders, present orders, number of payments made, refunds, etc. to solve their queries.

Delivery Management

In our Deliveroo clone, admins can authorize an assigned request of delivery personnel from a restaurant. It helps manage business operations.

CMS Panel

A CMS panel is integrated to help business owners maintain or edit changes in the application without any technical knowledge.

Professional Dashboard

We provide a professional dashboard for our admins, which can be called a control panel of the entire food delivery business, on one screen.

Invoice Generation

The invoice generation feature helps admins generate a digital receipt over sales and generated revenue in a single click.

Call & Chat Support

This feature allows admins to call and chat with any restaurant owner or customers regarding their purchases.

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Revenue Model For A Deliveroo Clone

Here are some potential revenue models for a food delivery app similar to Deliveroo clone:

Commission Fees

The app platform can charge restaurants and food vendors a commission fee for every order placed through the app. This fee can be a percentage of the order value and can vary based on factors such as order volume, location, and promotional arrangements.

Delivery Fees

Charging customers a delivery fee for each order can be a source of revenue. This fee can be waived for customers who subscribe to a premium membership or meet certain order value thresholds.

Subscription Services

One way to maintain a steady income is by offering premium subscription services to customers. This can provide a reliable source of revenue. Subscribers may receive benefits such as free delivery, exclusive discounts, and personalized recommendations.

Sponsored Listings

Restaurants and customers can pay for sponsored listings and featured placements on the app, increasing user visibility and driving more orders.

Advertising and Partnerships

Collaborating with beverage companies or dessert providers to feature targeted advertisements or cross-promotions within the app can generate extra income.

These revenue models mentioned above can be lucrative for making money through an app like Deliveroo.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud To Get An App Like Deliveroo?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a well-known company in the app development industry that has helped many entrepreneurs achieve their business goals across different domains. With over three years of experience in the IT industry, we have developed outstanding websites, software, and applications tailored to meet our clients' unique requirements.

Numerous factors set us apart from our competitors, which we have outlined below. You can expect exceptional services to help you take your business to new heights by choosing us as your app development partner.

  • Quick Launch
  • 100% Customization
  • Result-Oriented Approach
  • Expert Professionals
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • No Language Barrier
  • Pocket-Friendly Prices
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Agile Methodologies


How Much Time Does It Take To Get An App Like Deliveroo?

The complete time to get the app is 8 - 10 days. The exact time frame for completing this project can increase due to several factors, like development location, the complexity of the app, and the need for custom features.

What Is The Cost To Build A Deliveroo Clone?

The complete cost for a Deliveroo clone can be around $10,000. This amount can hike due to high-end designs, custom features, number of screens, etc.

Why Is Deliveroo Popular?

Deliveroo is popular due to its accessibility and affordability and offers a variety of services across the country.

What Language Does Your Deliveroo Clone Support?

Our Deliveroo clone is a multilingual application that can be easily customized with a desired language.

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