Cabify Clone | Build App Like Cabify

By Hyperlocal Cloud

January 19, 2024

Cabify Clone | Build App Like Cabify

Cabify clone is a sophisticated ride-hailing application designed to replicate the success of the renowned Cabify services. This app offers seamless and efficient solutions for booking rides, providing a user-friendly interface and a secure payment system. Just like Cabify, the clone emphasizes reliability, convenience, and affordability.

Users can easily navigate across the app, choose their preferred options, and enjoy a safe and comfortable journey. With real-time tracking, upfront pricing, and a driver rating system, the Cabify clone provides users with a reliable transportation experience, making it a compelling choice for those seeking an alternative to traditional taxi services.

Our clone development wizards are the perfect epitome of building a Cabify clone that mimics the original’s features. If you are one of those who needs a reliable and affordable Cabify clone, Hyperlocal Cloud has got your back! Depending on what you need in the app, you can get features, benefits, and results similar to Cabify's.

Features of Cabify Clone for Business:

In developing a Cabify clone tailored for businesses, several key features contribute to its efficiency and success:

Admin Dashboard

  • A centralized hub for administrators to monitor and manage various platform aspects.
  • Access to real-time data, enabling quick decision-making and strategic planning.

Fleet Management

  • Robust tools to oversee and optimize the entire fleet of vehicles.
  • Tracking capabilities for monitoring each vehicle's location, status, and performance.

Payment Integration

  • Seamless integration with secure payment gateways, supporting various methods such as credit cards, digital wallets, and more.
  • Transparent and automated billing processes for both users and drivers.

Analytics and Reports

  • Comprehensive analytics provide insights into user behavior, popular routes, peak hours, and other vital metrics.
  • Customizable reports for in-depth analysis, aiding in business strategy formulation.

Promotions and Discounts

  • Promotion management tools for businesses to create and deploy marketing campaigns easily.
  • Discount features to attract and retain customers, fostering loyalty and user engagement.

Customization Options

  • Flexible customization options allow businesses to tailor the app's appearance and functionality to their brand identity.

Security Measures

  • Robust security protocols to safeguard user data, transactions, and overall system integrity.
  • Identity verification features to enhance the safety and trustworthiness of the platform.

Features of Cabify Clone for Customers:

User-friendly Interface

  • An intuitive and user-friendly application interface for easy navigation and booking.
  • Quick registration and profile setup for a seamless onboarding experience.

Efficient Booking System

  • Advanced algorithms for optimizing route selection, minimizing wait times, and ensuring prompt pickups.
  • Real-time tracking of assigned vehicles and estimated arrival times.

Transparent Pricing

  • Upfront pricing information to eliminate uncertainties for users.
  • Fare estimation features allow customers to anticipate costs before confirming bookings.

Multiple Ride Options:

  • Diverse vehicle options catering to various user preferences and needs.
  • Choices such as standard, premium, and shared rides for flexibility.

Review and Rating System:

  • A two-way rating system enables users to provide feedback on drivers and vice versa.
  • Reviews and ratings enhance overall service quality and accountability.

In-app Support and Communication

  • Integrated support features for users to communicate with customer service seamlessly.
  • In-app notifications and alerts to keep users informed about their rides and important updates.

History and Favorites:

  • Trip history for users to review past rides and receipts.
  • Favorite locations feature for quick and easy repeat bookings.

Incorporating these features into a Cabify clone ensures a comprehensive and user-centric experience for businesses and customers, fostering a reliable and efficient transportation service.

How Do Our Cabify Clone Developers Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a globally renowned ride-sharing app development company. Their experts have delivered various innovative applications for businesses of different sizes in almost every industry, including ride-hailing. With the high-quality Cabify clone app, we help businesses to take themselves to a new level.

Developing a clone app on your own can be time-consuming and expensive. Thus, our developers have expertise in building the Cabify clone that features customization so you can acclimate it to your location and business requirements. Our clone app provides excellent solutions, including quick deployment and a decreased cost, while ensuring exceptional service on any device.

Below are the key facets possessed by our Cabify clone app that ensure high customer engagement:

Unified Operating Mode

Our Cabify clone allows the drivers to begin their trip without getting the initiation request. It is a fruitful option for elders trips, street rides, etc.

Easy-to-Understand Registration

Our in-built registration interface is simple as it only requires email addresses and phone numbers. Also, drivers and customers can access the app by signing in through their social media accounts.

Chat Module Integration

This feature allows drivers and customers to share confidential details after booking.

Flawless Vehicle Selection

This feature is effective for customers when choosing the vehicles for their ride. Be it minis, sedans, SUVs, or more.

Car Rental

You can integrate the car rental feature into your clone app, allowing customers to book the cabs hourly or daily. It is helpful for corporate trips or those who often require multiple trips.

Outstation Trip Booking

Intercity cab booking and our Cabify clone app allow customers to book taxis for outstation trips.

Automated Fare Details

Customers can use automated fare information regardless of destination and vehicle type. It makes the process seamless so customers don't need to wait more and book suitable rides.

Referral-based Earnings

Through the Cabify clone app, you can provide the option to customers and drivers to earn the benefits of referring your app to their contacts and increasing engagement.

Recursive Rides

This option lets daily travelers set their trip preferences through ride pass information.

Block Danger Zone Ride

This feature alerts admins or customers about the red zones to avoid danger during the ride.

Enhanced Navigation

Our Cabify clone app distinguishes itself from others with the intuitive interface that makes navigation easy to access, delivering a better user experience.

Linguistic Support

It allows your app to support multiple languages to provide accessibility to regions with different mother tongues.

Smart Tracking

Customers get informed of the cab's arrival time at a particular location through an automatic reminder sent by the app.

Top Benefits of Investing in the Cabify Clone App

Investing in a Cabify clone app brings several compelling advantages. Below are five of them:

Proven Business Model

Adopting a proven business model helps you alleviate the risks related to untested concepts, building a solid foundation for the success of your cab services.

Instant Market Entry

Investing in the Cabify clone app enables your business to enter the market rapidly. It capitalizes on demand for ride-hailing services, especially in regions where Cabify has already marked its footprints. It lets you quickly capture market share and develop a user base.

Enhanced Customer Retention

Using a Cabify clone allows you to avail yourself of loyalty programs, discounts, and personalized features to encourage repeat business. It enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty with a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Cost-efficient Development

A Cabify clone script lowers development time and costs. It is particularly beneficial for businesses and startups with budget constraints. It allows you to allocate resources effectively and emphasize other business aspects, such as user acquisition and marketing.

Data-driven Decision-making

Leverage the data analytics with the Cabify clone app to gather insights into customer behavior, preferences, and peak usage times. It helps you to make informed decisions to optimize services, improve efficiency, and stay ahead of market trends.

As Cabify is a popular and credible brand in many regions, investing in a Cabify clone app allows your business to leverage this brand recognition, making it simpler to gain more footfall.

Development Cost of Cabify Clone

Developing a Cabify clone is easy as Hyplerlocal Cloud maestros understand the business requirements first and deliver the product within the given deadline. The average development cost starts at $8k, and the rest depends on the customization, the development ally, and the latest tech stack you select to build the platform.

Why Choose Hyerlocal Cloud For Cabify Clone App Development?

Hyperlocal Cloud has been leading the IT industry for more than a decade. Our clone app development maestros implement the standard features in the Cabify clone script that allow you to begin the cab-hailing business quickly with high quality. They offer solutions that help businesses enhance their customer base, growth, and revenue.

We've covered it for you; below are the top reasons to avail of our services.

Have a look-

Timely Delivery

When you opt for a Cabify clone, our app developers start with app clone scripts to reduce the development time. It helps you enter the market as fast as possible.


Our app development specialists use clone scripts to build apps quickly and cost you less, saving money and resources. It suits your budget.

Quality Assurance

Before reaching the final phase, our quality analysts perform testing to ensure you get a reliable solution.

Quick Launch

You will get the app quickly as clone scripts obviate all the market planning, research, design, and more. Our developers build the product and help you launch it quickly.

Smooth Communication

We speak our clients' tongues, making them comfortable sharing their app requirements.

24/7 Customer Assistance

We can take your project anytime and help you resolve your queries according to your time availability.

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