White Label Solution | Forex Trading App

By Hyperlocal Cloud

September 18, 2023

White Label Solution | Forex Trading App

White Label Forex App Development

Build and launch a fully customized white label forex app with uber cool features and designs. Beat the competition and grow your business with an easy-to-use forex trading app that helps traders accurately analyze complex market trends and patterns.

White Label Forex App Development Solutions

With millions of people actively participating in the global market, it rightly pushes the way for forex trading apps. Hyperlocal cloud has helped businesses across the globe to ease their business operations. Our white label forex trading app is a one-stop solution for traders where they execute their trading activities with just a few taps.

Key Statistics Associated With The White Label Forex App

  • The daily turnover forex market size has increased from $6.6tn in 2019 to $7.6 in 2023.
  • It is estimated that the forex market size will be worth $1.93 quadrillion, i.e., insane.
  • Forex trading apps have a wide asset pool comprising 170 currencies.
  • Around 43% of the forex traders are supported by the millennials (25-34 yrs).
  • Around 15% of the traders are 45+ years old.
  • There is a huge surge to be seen in mobile trading from 18% to 37%, which is nearly double.
  • About 49% of traders believe AI will optimize trading decisions.

Business Benefits Of Our White Label Forex Trading App

Developing an app or platform in today’s era is the best thing that has a long-lasting impact on the customers. And when it comes to the widely popular forex apps, then the business benefits exceed 10x times. That’s why many entrepreneurs are keen on developing a robust, intuitive, engaging, customized, and secure application.

Increased Sales

The biggest benefit of the developing white label forex app is improved sales. The better the functionality and performance of an app, the more sales will be. Increased sales are the prime focus of the businesses that will help them expand their business.

Improved Customer Relationships

To make long-term profits, customer relationships hold a pivotal place in achieving business perks. Our white label forex app is personalized according to the client's preference, inadvertently strengthening the bonds between the businesses and the clients. Retaining the old customers is a significant move towards inculcating brand loyalty.

Enhanced Brand Value

The best way to enhance your brand value at a large scale is only possible with a mobile app. Businesses can reach a wide section of people irrespective of geographical boundaries. The positive word of mouth creates immense opportunities and attracts a large customer base that reinforces emotional connections with the audience.

Amplified Customer Engagement

Business work and sustain on customer engagement. This characteristic is perfectly maintained by developing a customer-friendly app that entices users to the next level. The goal is to make them fully addicted to your app so they don’t find any other alternative to make a switch. The increased number of customers results in a boosted return on investment.

Build A White Label Forex App With First Class Features

We help businesses across the globe develop a marvelous white label forex app that exhibits exceptional features that are relevant in today's time.

Types Of Forex Trading Apps

There are several categories of forex trading apps, and it would be wise to know about them before going into the development phase. Below we have illustrated a few of them;

Depending On Platform

Prior to any app development, it is advisable to determine your target audience and, based on that, make the preference. Go through all the relevant technicalities, user-friendliness, and the visual appearance that will attract your focused audience.

Depending On The Traders

Not all the traders taking part in forex trading are well-versed in trading. So, depending on whether your focused investors are novices or experienced, our developers build apps with either basic or advanced features and functionalities.

Depending On Purpose

It's always beneficial to know the basic purpose behind developing a white label forex app. For instance, if you want a fully automated forex trading app with intuitive attributes that could perform high-frequency trading in no time.

Also, there are certain people who don't have enough time to perform trading of their own, so for that, they require an AI-supported forex trading app not to let go of any opportunity.

White Label Forex App: Must-Have Features

Entice your target audience with phenomenal functionalities. Our white label forex app is instilled with ultimate features that provide a world-class experience to your customers and, in return, fetch massive profits.

Intuitive Dashboard

With this feature, the app owner will see their growth status sales along with the areas where improvement is required.

Advanced Analytics

Our white label forex app helps traders analyze the market trends via interactive graphical charts and tech indicators.

Contemporary Charting Tools

Comprises chart types and timeframes that aid in detecting the patterns, examining price movements, and building dynamic strategies.

Connecting Bank Accounts

Connects the trader's bank account with the app to avail a seamless flow of transactions through API tool integration.

CFD Trading

Contracts for differences(CFD) enable traders to have direct access to the assets at affordable prices.

Demo Account Tool

Allows experienced and novice traders to get easygoing with the app's working and attain high confidence before performing trading.

Margin Trading

Helps investors make a solid purchase of stocks helps investors and earn huge profits at low prices.

Real-Time Market Data

Top news updates and quotes are provided to the traders related to the market happenings in real time.

Profit Calculator

Our white label forex app comes with a profit calculator that flawlessly keeps track of prices and calculates the profit.

Transform Trading Experience With Our White Label Forex App

We will help you launch a personalized white label forex app that will revolutionize the trading experience and maximize the success growth to its desired potential.

White Label Forex App: Add-on Features

To provide an extraordinary user experience, our developed app has some additional functionalities that can’t be overlooked. Check out a few of them below;

Top Security

Ultra-modern security elements like two-factor authentication and encryption techniques help safeguard financial details.

In-App Chat

Allows the smooth sending and retrieval of messages within the app and solves queries without any issues.

Push Notifications

To keep the traders and users updated with the latest information related to top offers, rewards, market news, etc.


Encompasses multiple languages that incorporate a huge audience, making a solid customer base and earning profits.

Interactive Interface

Helps in elevating productivity as the users and traders can navigate easily in every section of the app.

White Label Forex App Development Process

Building an app is a challenging task and, therefore, requires a foolproof plan. Our development team is highly knowledgeable and has the relevant skills to develop a highly scalable and secure app.

Platform Development

Building a robust platform is a must for a white label forex app development. A platform is generally software that runs in the backend, collects the entire forex market data, and performs other activities. Moreover, there is a requirement to code every logic for different platforms.

User-friendly App Design

When designing the UI/UX of a white label forex app, it is quite significant to consider the requirements of the mobile user. It's always great to create a model architecture that encompasses user activity, currency information, and various application functions for synchronization.

App Development

Technical proficiency in coding and programming are the prime requirements for the white label forex trade app. During this stage, all the essential features are embedded into the system, keeping in mind that there are no technical glitches.

Testing And Deployment

When the app is developed, it is then tested through multiple testing procedures. Our QA analysts have the expertise to carry out different testing techniques with utmost precision. After all the bugs and errors are removed from the app, it is then deployed to the dedicated server.

Launch And Post-Maintenance

When our developed white label forex app gets completely free from all abnormalities, it is then finally launched for public usage. There are times when the app crashes without any valid reason, then during those times, we can provide you with post-maintenance services.

Popular Tools and Technologies We Use To Develop White Label Forex App

Our white label forex app is supported with modern tools and technologies that will increase your app's performance and elevate the user experience to a top-notch level. Our professionals are certified developers with relevant experience who will help you develop an outstanding application. Check out some of them below;

Programming Languages: C++, Python, Kotlin, Java, Rust, Swift, etc.

Databases: PostgreSQL, IBM Db2, Oracle, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.

Operating System: Linux, Android, Windows, iOS, etc.

Frameworks: Appcelerator, WidgetPad, RhoMobile Suite, Apache Cordova, Solar2D, etc.

Amplify Your Business Growth With Our White Label Forex App Solutions

Expand your business horizons and attain massive sales and profit with our white label forex app solutions. Reach out to our experts!

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A White Label Forex App?

A fully personalized white label forex trading app usually costs around $30k and $250k. The development cost depends upon several factors; here, we have mentioned the important ones;

  • App Complexity
  • Geo Location Of The Developers
  • Size Of The Development Firm(Startup, Midscale, Large)
  • Integrated Features (Basic Or Advanced)
  • Tech-Stacks
  • Inclusion Of Cutting Edge Technologies
  • API Integration
  • Security And Privacy
  • Customization
  • Development process, including consultation, etc.

White label forex app development cost increases or decreases depending upon the parameters. To get an exact amount, it's important to contact our team of experts. Just provide them with your project requirements, and they will quote you a genuine price. Hyperlocal Cloud is a leading on-demand app development company that has empowered businesses with our custom-fit solutions. Our developed apps are normally built at nominal prices that will not impact your budget.

Why Hire Hyperlocal Cloud As Your White Label Forex App Development Partner?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a top-rated development firm that is known for developing top-tier white label apps. We have become a No.1 brand when it comes to launching market-leading applications without any hassle. Let's take a look at some of the reasons that make us the favorite choice among the businesses all over the world.

On-Time Project Delivery

Our project management team is always focused on delivering the app within the decided timeline, and that too, without compromising on the quality.

Rich Features

Our white label forex apps are integrated with fantastic features that entice the customers, leading your business to the ultimate level of success.

Seasoned Developers

Our developers are experienced in their work and have the right expertise to develop a high-end application.

24*7 Customer Support

The technical assistants at Hyperlocal Cloud are available 24*7 to resolve the queries related to the applications.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We sign NDA agreements with our clients to ensure that the project specifics are kept private and not leaked at any point.

Agile Methodologies

We adopt agile methodologies where the entire project is divided into multiple stages so that the development process becomes convenient.

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