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Smart And Reliable Bigo Live Clone App Development Services By Hyperlocal Cloud

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we cater our services to help businesses reach a competitive edge. Our Bigo clone app will help you get a constant revenue stream.

Bigo Clone App

Redefining The Bigo Clone App

Live streaming plays a key role in the modern age of digital solutions inclined towards different business solutions like media, retail, healthcare, and more.

Originally, the Bigo Live app was a streaming platform founded in 2014 by David Li and Jason Hu in Singapore. Viewers can interact with their broadcasters via in-app gifts, live video chat, and video calls. The Bigo Live Clone app will have a superset of features to help your users earn money via broadcasting engaging content.

What Will The Bigo Clone App Offer?

The Bigo Clone app will have a user app, a broadcaster app, and an admin panel. Let's have a look at some of their features below:

User App Of Bigo Clone

User app of the Bigo live clone will give an advanced set of features to your users to drive high customer engagement. Let us have a look at some of the important features below:

Features Include:
  • Easy Registration

    Users of the Bigo clone app can easily register on the app through their social media accounts or phone numbers.

  • In-App Groups

    Through in-app groups, users can easily form their community and have private conversations with a secret chat feature.

  • User Complaints And Grievances

    Users can report any post by the broadcasters to uphold the high-quality Bigo Live app's content quality.

User Application Of Bigo Clone
Broadcaster App Of Bigo Clone

Broadcaster App Of Bigo Clone

Through the broadcaster app, broadcasters can leverage a ton of interesting features like friendly editing tools, animations, and much more. Let us have a look at some of them below:

Features include:
  • Go Live

    The broadcasters on the Bigo Clone app can go live through their accounts, and their friends can get notified about it in real time.

  • Built-In Video Editor

    The broadcasters can utilize modern tools and video editors built in the Bigo live clone to create trendy content.

  • Self-Video Dubbing

    Record performances through video dubbing options and help your users become mini-internet stars through the Bigo clone.

Admin Panel Of Bigo Clone

The admin panel will provide a wide range of features to monitor the entire app's proceedings from a single dashboard.

Features Include:
  • Insights And Stats

    The admin of the Bigo live clone app will get additional insights into the app's performance and engagement.

  • Manage Commissions

    The admin will manage the commission share of the third-party integration via in-app advertisements and sponsorship.

  • Remove User/Broadcaster

    The admin of the Bigo clone app can suspend accounts if they are violating the Bigo live clone app's terms.

Admin Panel Of Bigo Clone

Must-Have Features Of The Bigo Clone App

The developers at Hyperlocal Cloud will install the latest feature set in your Bigo Clone to help you reach the next level of success. Let us have a look at some of them below:

Bigo Clone Multiple App Themes icon
Multiple App Themes

The Bigo Live clone app will have a dark/bright theme, which users and broadcasters can choose as per their wishes.

Bigo Clone Virtual Live Streaming icon
Virtual Live Streaming

Your users can stream live content on the Bigo Live clone app and create their own avatars that can mimic human movements.

Bigo Clone Advanced Search icon
Advanced Search Options

Your users of the Bigo clone app can easily search for their preferred content straight from the search bar.

Bigo Clone In-App Messaging icon
In-App Messaging

The Bigo clone app will have the option of in-app messaging, and users can build their own communities through it.

Bigo Clone In-App Wallet icon
Unique In-App Wallet

A unique in-app wallet will aid seamless payments for your modes via multiple modes like Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and more.

Bigo Clone Live Stream icon
Join Live Stream

Users can join the live stream of the broadcasters and engage with them, as well as gift them gems if they like their stream.

Bigo Clone Gem Gift icon
Gem Gifts

Your users of Bigo Clone can gift each other gems brought by real money, and serve as in-app gifts that raise popularity.

Bigo Clone Player Knockout Battle icon
Player Knockout Battles

Bigo Live Clone is a superb platform for hosting gaming sessions. Your users can challenge their friends to gather local currency.

Bigo Clone Share Broadcast icon
Share Broadcasts

Users can share broadcasts with their loved ones on the Bigo clone app and help create high engagement for them.

Future Ready Bigo Clone App Solutions By Hyperlocal Cloud

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we are inclined toward a better future for businesses. We help them attain a constant revenue flow.

Monetization Models Of The Bigo Live Clone App

There are numerous monetization models in the Bigo clone app that can help businesses reach the next level of success. Let us have a look at some of them:

In-App Currency icon

In-App Currency

Your users can invest in the in-app currency to purchase presents and differentiate themselves in a huge pool of audiences.

Become A Host icon

Become A Host

Your users can become hosts on the Bigo Live clone app and stream to earn virtual treats, which can be converted to real money.

Premium Subscriptions icon

Premium Subscriptions

Your users can access rare content for paid users only through premium subscriptions on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

In-App Advertisements icon

In-App Advertisements

Income can be generated on the Bigo clone through in-app advertisements for sponsors in the form of in-app advertisements.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Bigo Live Clone App Development?

Hyperlocal Cloud has the best app developers in the business who will carve out a top-notch app development solution for businesses. Reach out to us at:

Separate Team Assignment icon
Separate Team Assignment

We allot separate teams for each project with team managers, team leads, app developers, testers, and more.

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150+ Trained App Developers

The app developers we have are from all around the world with the right technical expertise and knowledge.

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1200+ Global Clients

The clients who have worked with us have rated us as the best on-demand app development company.

Support And Maintenance icon
Support And Maintenance

Even after your app is launched in the market, Hyperlocal Cloud ensures that it works bug-free through its support services.

Affordable Service icon
Affordable Services

We offer cost-effective post-deployment services to ensure the smooth running of your on-demand mobile application.

High-End Experience icon
High-End Experience

We design and develop customized on-demand mobile applications to offer a personalized experience to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can users comment on live broadcasts on the Bigo clone app?

    Yeah, you can write your comments if both users are in the live video.

    Is the script available on iOS?

    Yes, the Bigo clone will work best on iOS and Android platforms.

  • How much time will it take to develop the Bigo Clone App?

    It will take 15–30 days, depending upon the customizations.

    What will be the cost of developing the Bigo Live Clone?

    The cost will be somewhere between $15,000 to $30,000.

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