Badoo Clone App| White Label Dating App Solution

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 03, 2023

Badoo Clone App| White Label Dating App Solution

Build and launch a feature-rich Badoo clone app that can be customized per your business needs. Our Badoo clone app possesses all the functionalities and plugins, which are super fast, secure, and scalable. Contact our experts and launch a sturdy app like Badoo, taking your business to the heights of success.

What Is a Badoo App?

Badoo is an online dating app that allows users to develop a connection with each other through real-time chat and facetime. The option for choosing potential dating partners takes place through the easy left or right swipe. Till now, the app is available across 190 countries and has over 250M users.

With the immense popularity surrounding this dating app, various businesses are looking forward to developing apps like Badoo. If you are one of those who want to build a reliable and secure Badoo clone app, then contact our team at Hyperlocal Cloud. We will help you through all the queries related to app development.

Top-Tier Features Offered By Our Badoo Clone App

Dating apps in today's time need to be extra special, especially in terms of features. Taking cognizance of the unlimited dating apps available, we have developed apps that are embedded with superior attributes. Take a look below;

For Users

User Profiles

Users can create their profiles by providing details like name, age, gender, photos, preferences, etc.

Push Notifications

Provides users with the latest updates and alerts related to matches, offers, rewards, new features, etc

Matching Algorithm:

Uses a robust system that offers suggestions to the users related to their potential matches based on their behaviour.

Chat and Messaging:

Allows real-time messaging or chat mechanism between the matched users to exchange love notes.

Social Media Integration:

Allows users to use their social media accounts for easy login on the Badoo clone app.


Helps find matches for the users based on their geographical locations, whether near or far away.

Swiping Mechanism

Helps in the swift implementation of the swiping feature for users to show interest in the potential matches.


Include measures for profile verification and safety features to ensure user security.

For Admin

Intuitive Dashboard

Get all the valuable insights about your platform, like sales, growth, revenue, etc, from the dashboard with interactive graphical charts.

All the app settings, payment details, subscription plans, user profile management, etc, are handled very well through this attribute.

Subscription and Monetization

Provides platform owners with top-notch features to earn money through various subscription models.

Interactive UI/UX Design

With this feature, the application becomes truly navigable, thereby engaging a massive audience.

Performance Checker

Helps check the number of matches/likes due to advanced algorithms and behavior analysis

Multiple Languages

With this feature, the access to the app is wide open to a variety of people beyond geographical boundaries, thereby gaining more users.

Looking To Develop An App Like Badoo?

We have skilled developers with relevant skills in the app development process. Drop an email and schedule your meeting with our specialists.

Badoo Clone App Development: Key Steps

Our experienced app development team shows utmost responsibility during the entire app development process. Look at the following key steps as under;

Planning and Research

Proper research is conducted by our team of researchers related to the app’s popularity and the features that can be added. After that, our tech specialists define the design architecture, app's functionalities, user flow, etc.

UI/UX Design

Our experienced designers create wireframes and prototypes for an intuitive user interface. The seamless interface adds to user satisfaction and improves customer engagement and loyalty.


The vetted developers are experts at using advanced programming languages and frameworks to build the solid front-end and back-end of the Badoo clone app.


After development, our software developers perform accurate testing methods to make sure that the app is 100% bug-free and works effectively.


Undergoing all the necessary steps, the app is launched on the app stores and is made available for public usage.

Marketing and Support

We facilitate the effective marketing of the app and also provide constant support and updates.

Benefits Served By Badoo Clone App For Both Users And Businesses

Badoo clone offers immense perks to the app owners and the end-users. Explore them as under;


Users are able to build connections with new people living in the same city/country or in part of the world, thereby extending the social circle.

Diverse Features

The fabulous features, like swiping, matching, chatting, and audio/video calls, uplift the user experience.


The business monetizes money via premium subscriptions, in-app purchases, advertisements, etc.

User Engagement

Attributes such as gamification, profile verification, and user ratings help boost customer engagement.


Personalizing the app to fit the client’s requirements as per the design and functionalities helps build strong relationships.

Boosted Sales And High ROI

The fantastic customer-business relationship and the access to the desired features help amplify sales and generate high revenue on investment.

App Like Badoo- Revenue Model

There are numerous ways in which the platform owners can earn massive amounts of money. Some of them are mentioned below;

Subscription Model

The access to the exclusive features of the Badoo clone app is provided through a subscription-based plan, i.e., on a monthly or yearly basis.

In-app Purchases

Provides users with premium services/content that is not available for free users. Only the paid users can enjoy their benefits.


For additional revenue generation, the app owners can put ads for third-party products on their platform and gain money.

Hire The Tech Leaders For Your Badoo Clone App Development!

Our professional expertise speaks volumes about our work. We offer incredible digital solutions to our clients, making their app development journey seamless.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Badoo Clone App?

Badoo clone app development costs between $15,000 to $50,000. This is an estimated cost, as there are various factors that influence the prices. Here we have mentioned some of them below;

  • App complexity
  • Integrated features
  • Geolocation of the developers
  • Development size of the company
  • Development process
  • UI/UX design etc.

If you are still in doubt, you can discuss your idea with our experts and get an accurate cost breakdown.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud As A Badoo Clone App Development Partner?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a prominent name in the IT industry that has facilitated budding entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. Look out for the reasons that make us unique from our adversaries.

Trained Developers

With over 150 seasoned developers in our workforce, we have helped businesses develop their dream apps in a few weeks through relentless efforts.

On-Time Project Delivery

We are well known in the market for being time-obedient. We ensure that our clients get their projects delivered on time with all the customizations

NDA Agreement

We have no problem signing an NDA agreement with our clients, thereby maintaining the project details intact.

Cost-Effective Prices

We develop highly scalable and secure applications for our clients, and that too at cost-effective prices.

24*7 Availability

Our tech assistants are available 24*7 for our clients. They are responsible for solving the minutest client queries and keeping them informed about every detail.

Launched 50+ On-Demand Apps

We have launched more than 50+ on-demand apps fully loaded with the latest features and according to current market trends.

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