Zocdoc Clone | White Label Doctor Appointment Booking Solution

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 02, 2023

Zocdoc Clone | White Label Doctor Appointment Booking Solution

Develop a fully customized healthcare consultation app to streamline your business process. Our Zocdoc clone app helps connect patients with healthcare facilities with utmost ease. With our Zocdoc app solution, enjoy all the features and functionalities present in the original app, and that too at cost-effective prices.

Benefits Of Our Zocdoc Clone App

Zocdoc clone provides numerous benefits to businesses, healthcare providers, and patients. From expanding the business horizon, amplifying bookings, and gaining potential clients are some of the perks associated with this app; check it out below;

Optimized Efficiency

The app streamlines the scheduling process, reduces administrative burdens by simply automating appointments, reminders, and cancellations, ultimately optimizing office operations.

Data Insights

Our Zocdoc clone offers data analytics tools that provide insights into patient behavior, preferences, and business patterns to enhance the services and strategies.

Competitive Advantage

With the Zocdoc clone app, healthcare practitioners will receive a competitive edge in the market due to the ultra-modern and friendly approach towards healthcare access.

Optimized Practice Management

The app’s integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems helps streamline patient information and management, lowering the chance of errors and uplifting overall efficiency.

Enhanced Exposure

The Zocdoc clone app acts as a perfect platform, boosting visibility and credibility to the highest level by attracting new prospects, including both healthcare professionals and patients.

High ROI

This on-demand app provides top-tier features and functionalities while implying the right monetization strategies that capture an increased number of users, resulting in high revenue on generation.

Launch Your Personalized Zocdoc Clone App With Our Top-Tier Services.

Our expert developers will help you build and launch a scalable Zocdoc clone app with fantastic features and design. Collaborate with us and take your business to the heights of success.

Spectacular Features Of Zocdoc Clone

Our Zocdoc clone acts as the smart healthcare appointment booking platform that helps patients in the smooth scheduling of appointments with their favorite doctors. Understand some of the fantastic features that make our Zocdoc app unique from the others.

Intuitive Dashboard

The user-friendly dashboard shows relevant details about the sales and revenue growth with engaging graphical charts.


The app is built with high-level security standards that safely store telemedicine consultation recordings.

Track Appointments

All the healthcare appointments made by the patients are tracked properly in real time to remove any hassle.

Voice Messaging

Allows instant communication between the patients and the doctors to make the conversations more engaging and effective.

Appointment Scheduling

Shows the availability of doctors for consultation with the patients through a robust scheduling system.

App Customization

Our Zocdoc clone app is customized in a way that it can run in a particular region to entice a massive user base.

Reviews and Ratings

Integrating this feature allows patients to provide reviews and helps others make informed decisions based on their experiences.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our Zocdoc clone is integrated with multi-payment gateways to mitigate obstruction of any type while making payments.

Profile Administration

All the information like names, contact details, and doctors' qualifications is maintained with this profile admin feature.

Add-On Features

In addition to the above mentioned features, our Zocdoc clone offers certain additional features that make our app unique and distinct.

Book/Cancel Appointments

The booking and canceling of appointments become effortless and quick with this attribute.

Advance Search Filter

With this feature, the user will find out the specific practitioners, diseases, pharmacies, etc.

Event Scheduling

The medical shipments and regular healthcare checkups are organized for the patients, and similarly, the doctors will tell the patients about the service availability.

Content Management System

CMS allows the admin to publish every necessary information to make users aware of the prominent healthcare trends.

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Key Steps Involved In The Developing An App Like Zocdoc

The development process adopted by our team of professionals is impeccable. There are a series of steps which we follow to get the desired result. Have a glimpse of them below;

Market Research And Planning

We perform extensive market research that will lead to the success of the app development. After that, we create a roadmap that includes the project plan, requirements, platforms, and programming languages to be used to make an innovative app.

Design And Development

The app is then designed according to the client's requirements to make the user interface intuitive so that it is easily navigable. Our developers are well-versed in top programming languages that elevate the overall performance of the Zocdoc clone app.

Testing, Launch, And Post-Maintenance

The developed app is then tested via different testing techniques to remove bugs and errors that obstruct the app's functioning. After that, the app is deployed in the dedicated server, following which it is then launched for the general public.

If there are any technical issues like app crashes or any feature not working properly, then our tech experts will also provide you with post-maintenance services.

Get in touch with our experts and kickstart your development journey Today!

Technical Specifications Involved In Our Zocdoc Clone App

Developing an app is a challenging task. The robust tech stacks improve the performance, upscale the intuitiveness, and instill robustness in the app. Below, we have mentioned the major technical requirements that are a must for any app development.

Database Management

We pick a reliable database structure that helps manage user profiles, appointments/booking schedules, and medical professional information.

Frontend and Backend Development

We use modern technologies such as React, Flutter, and Angular for the front end and programming languages like Python, Node.js, and Java for the backend development.

API Integration

Our developers integrate APIs for telemedicine functionalities, location services, payment gateways, etc.

Security Aspects

We make sure that our developed application is compliant with healthcare regulations like HIPAA to maintain utmost privacy and security.

Revenue Model-Zocdoc Clone App

The basic reason behind app development is increased sales, massive profits, and earning huge money. Here, we have illustrated some of the major revenue models below;

Subscription-Based Plan

Providing access to exclusive features to the users will charge a substantial amount on a monthly or yearly basis.


The third-party ads posted on the application help generate high income and boost profits.

Commission Fees

To list the healthcare services on the app, the platform owner will charge a specified commission fee.

In-app Purchase

To avail of certain services/features within the app, the users are allowed to buy them, resulting in money generation.

Want Boosted Sales And Generate High ROI?

Create an exceptional global presence for your business with our Zocdoc clone app and generate a continuous revenue stream. For more details, contact our team.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Zocdoc Clone App?

A Zocdoc clone app development cost usually costs between $30k-$150k. This is an estimated cost; the actual value will depend upon the following factors;

  • Integrated features
  • App complexity
  • Geolocation of developers
  • Development process
  • API integration
  • The development size of the firm
  • Customization

Have a consultation with our tech specialties, discuss your project, and get an estimated Zocdoc clone app development cost.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud As An App Development Partner?

Hyperlocal cloud has been in the IT industry for more than a decade now. Our professionals have relevant skills that make us the top choice of businesses existing anywhere globally.

Affordable Prices

We develop applications with advanced features and customer-friendly interfaces at cost-effective prices.

Quality Assurance

Our quality analysts test the application several times to remove bugs and enhance the app’s performance.

Timely Project Delivery

With a superb project management strategy, our team completes the projects before or within the decided timeline.

No Communication Barrier

Our on-board team is versatile in speaking different languages, thereby eliminating any language barrier.

Skilled Developers

Our app development team has experienced developers who are well-versed in developing highly scalable and robust apps.

Round-The-Clock Services

Our customer support assistants are always available to assist and resolve client’s queries.

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