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Let Your Food Delivery Business Meet Its True Prospect With Talabat Clone App

Leverage a complete Talabat clone to launch, grow, and manage your food delivery business efficiently.

White Label Talabat App

Choosing White Label Talabat App To Elevate Your Delivery Business

Customers may easily buy food online and track the delivery with the app's user-friendly interface, which uses the most recent technologies. Utilize the complex capabilities of our Talabat clone app to manage delivery more effectively. Enhance operational effectiveness, gain insightful data for company decision-making, and create a user-friendly platform.

Nowadays, many people would rather order meals online and deliver them to their homes than go to a crowded restaurant or eatery. As Hyperlocal Cloud is aware of the shifting market dynamics, we have redesigned our applications to meet the demands of the moment. Our premium Talabat clone app solution excels on all fronts by integrating cutting-edge features like contactless delivery, employee temperature readings, restaurant hygiene tracker, etc.

Our Talabat Clone App Revenue Model

Talabat makes money from commissions, delivery fees, and advertising, like most food delivery applications.

Talabat Like App Revenue Model
  • Commissions icon

    Talabat offers a flexible commission structure. A portion of the food bill, often between 15% and 25%, is added to the total. Talabat, on the other hand, puts a lot of importance on individuality and privacy.

  • Deliveries Fees icon
    Delivery Fees

    For each order, a fixed delivery fee applies. The cost varies according to the location's climate and distance from the restaurant. The costs will rise in the event of a storm, late night delivery, or high demand.

  • Advertising icon
    Cost Of Advertising

    Talabat offers two choices for advertising to restaurants: highlighted listings and banner ads. With priority listing, a restaurant can purchase a space near the top of the list of available dining selections.

Talabat Like App Panels Under One Roof

With a system with all the capabilities you need to run and build your Talabat clone, you may get a competitive advantage in the Middle East market.

Customer Panel For Talabat Like App

Make it simple for your consumers to locate their preferred restaurants, menus, and prices, book or place orders, and track them in real-time.

Features Include:
  • Search & Filter

    Use refined filtering and sorting options to help clients find the restaurant, dish, cuisine, food, etc.

  • Book/Schedule Order

    Allow consumers to place immediate or scheduled food orders through your Talabat Clone app.

  • Takeaway

    Give customers a simple way to pick up their meal orders from local restaurants as a takeaway option.

Customer Panel For Talabat Like App
Delivery Agent Panel For Talabat Like App

Delivery Agent Panel For Talabat Like App

Make it simple for delivery personnel to sign up, create profiles, and get immediate alerts about delivery requests.

Features include:
  • Instant Notifications

    Send out complete notifications in real-time for each delivery assignment the agents are liable for.

  • Availability Management

    Food delivery application experts may accept or decline order assignments depending on availability.

  • Route Optimization

    By offering highly optimized routes for quicker deliveries, you may raise the efficacy of delivery staff.

Vendor Panel For Talabat Clone App

Restaurant owners or vendors may quickly create profiles on your platform, generate sales records, and register using the app.

Features Include:
  • Instant Updates

    Food delivery application vendors can accept or reject order requests based on stock.

  • Business Reports

    Vendors may track their earnings and gain insightful info about their business success.

  • Order Dashboard

    Restaurant suppliers can see and follow the dispatched, scheduled, and pickup orders.

Vendor Panel For Talabat Clone App
Admin Dashboard For Talabat Clone

Admin Dashboard For Talabat Clone

We have added strong features within the admin dashboard to make managing your business operations simple.

Features include:
  • Manage At Single Place

    Get a comprehensive and distinctive dashboard to view, track, and manage your orders, restaurants, and delivery.

  • Payments & Commissions

    The admin can easily configure surge pricing, food delivery fees, restaurant commission percentages, etc.

  • Monitor Deliveries

    Give food app delivery workers duties to complete and keep track of every move your fleet makes in real-time.

Exclusive Features With The Talabat Clone Solution

With the user-friendly Talabat clone app packed with features to fit the demands of your company's needs, you can streamline your food delivery service. Provide a top-notch user and business experience on your platform.

Real-Time Tracking Feature of Talabat Clone

Real-Time Tracking

Give your customers GPS location, order history, real-time updates, and estimated delivery times.

Integrated In-App Wallet Feature of Talabat Clone

Integrated In-App Wallet

You may conduct secure transactions using various payment options and enable quick settlement.

 Push Notification Feature of Talabat Clone

Push Notification

To maximize conversions, give visitors instant updates about your site, such as order data and offers.

Customer Support Feature of Talabat Clone

Customer Support

Round-the-clock phone and live chat assistance for consumers to offer comments and suggestions.

Discounts And Promotions Feature of Talabat Clone

Discounts And Promotions

Build a loyal customer base by providing offers, adding promotions, and running loyalty programs.

Reports And Analytics Feature of Talabat Clone

Reports And Analytics

Formulate gauged strategies with in-depth insights into sales, customer behavior, and delivery performance.

How An App Like Talabat Works

Understanding How Our Talabat Clone App Works

On the surface, placing a food order is a relatively easy procedure. However, it entails several interconnected processes that work together to provide a smooth experience to all ecosystem members.

  • A hungry customer uses a food delivery app like Talabat and selects their preferred eatery to receive their favorite dish.
  • The restaurant receives the order notification. The kitchen begins to prepare the food after receiving confirmation.
  • The consumer is informed that the restaurant is processing their food order in the interim, displaying a delivery ETA.
  • The system will designate the closest delivery agent to deliver the order and will provide them with the information.
  • The restaurant will prepare the order for delivery by packing it. The executive can pick up the order as they show up.
  • The delivery agent will gather payments, if any, and confirm delivery when the order gets to the customer's address.

Have Your Own Talabat Clone App With Entire Source Code

Invest in an online food delivery service or app like Talabat to jumpstart or advance your delivery business.

Custom Solutions Provided By Our Talabat Clone App

Our high-end food delivery app like Talabat ensures a positive client experience with a set of impeccable services at low costs.

  • Food Delivery Startup icon
    Food Delivery Startups

    Get a unique and effective on-demand food delivery software solution like Talabat from Hyperlocal Cloud for all food delivery startups.

  • Restaurant Chain icon
    Restaurant Chains

    We provide your consumers with a hassle-free food ordering app experience and increase your company's revenue twofold.

  • Single Restaurant icon
    Single Restaurants

    Allow users of your food delivery mobile app to contact you. Single restaurants may contactless deliver food and manage menus.

  • Aggregator App icon
    Aggregator Apps

    While our aggregator apps are a tribute to technical brilliance, our on-demand food delivery application offers high-quality services.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Talabat Clone App Solution?

Hyperlocal Cloud provides the best solutions for on-demand food delivery app like Talabat, with unique functionalities to boost your business growth.

Leave Your Competitors icon
Leave Your Competitors Behind!

With a fluid communication flow, our powerful, easy-to-use Talabat Clone app will help you stand out from rivals.

Customer icon
Attract More Customers

The reason for corporate success is profit. Every business develops applications to generate more and more leads.

Customers Engaged icon
Keep Customers Engaged

Our app includes a chatbox, HD photos of cuisines, and the convenience of ordering meals to engage customers.

Engagement icon
Increased Engagement

Smartphone users regularly use mobile apps. It's time to use your app to appeal to the mobile-first generation.

Brand Awareness icon
Increased Brand Awareness

Improve brand recognition with our Talabat clone. The users will explore your app and recommend it to others.

Reach & Accessibility icon
Increased Reach & Accessibility

Customers that utilize our Talabat clone have easy access to all your information to broaden their brand reach.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does it cost to make an app like Talabat?

    Depending on the features you want to include, the price for an on-demand food delivery app may change.

    Is it wise to create an app similar to Talabat?

    A platform like Talabat is a wonderful alternative for any delivery firm because it is affordable, a crucial aspect many companies prioritize.

  • Will the app support many currencies and languages?

    Yes, these characteristics are included in the Talabat clone. You can effortlessly switch between languages and accept payments in other currencies.

    Can it be modified to meet our needs?

    The Talabat clone can be fully customized to support the on-demand service business model. We offer design and backend customization in accordance with corporate needs.

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