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Want To Develop An Uber Clone App For Your Business?

Whether you are a startup or an established cab business, it's time to dominate the cab booking market by bringing the best Uber clone app solution into action. Reach out to us and start your ride-hailing business Today!

White Label Uber Like App

Uber Clone App Solutions

Uber clone app is an economical solution that possesses all the qualities of the original application. Utilize our Uber clone script and start your taxi booking business that can be customized according to your needs. App development from scratch is a hectic process and requires a huge budget. Our Uber clone app solution helps build applications that serve the purpose at cost-effective prices. Time to discuss your project with our experts!

Must-Have Features Of Our Uber Clone App

Our Uber clone application is embedded with mind-blowing features for passengers, drivers, and admin. Build an app from Hyperlocal and get all the versatile features to elevate your business growth to the next level.

Uber Clone Customer App
  • Trip History
    Trip History

    Allows passengers to view and download the e-receipts of their previous rides.

  • Schedule Bookings
    Schedule Bookings

    Passengers can schedule rides for a specific time and date of the day.

  • Driver Tracker
    Driver Tracker

    Our Uber clone helps passengers track their vehicle till the ride completion.

  • Multiple Payment Option
    Multiple Payment Option

    Passengers can pay for the ride through multiple payment options in the app.

  • Favorite Driver
    Favorite Driver

    Allows users to choose their favorite driver half an hour beforehand for specific areas.

  • Multiple Stops
    Multiple Stops

    With this feature, the passenger can add multiple destinations during the entire ride.

  • Driver Rating
    Driver Rating

    The admin will review the drivers on the Uber clone through passengers’ ratings.

  • SOS Alerts
    SOS Alerts

    The SOS alerts option helps passengers to escape during emergencies.

  • Fare Calculator
    Fare Calculator

    A highly advanced fare calculator calculates the total ride fare in seconds.

Uber Clone Driver App
  • Easy Registration
    Easy Registration

    Drivers can register via phone numbers, email, or social media accounts on the Uber clone app.

  • Panic Buttons
    Panic Buttons For Female Drivers

    Female drivers can use the panic button on the app to dodge emergency situations during the ride.

  • Reward Points
    Reward Points

    After every successful ride and positive customer rating, the driver will be rewarded with multiple points.

  • Automatic Sign-Out
    Automatic Sign-Out

    Drivers will be logged out automatically after completing their required shift on the Uber clone app.

  • Daily Revenue Reports
    Daily Revenue Reports

    Our Uber clone app solution is inclined toward offering daily revenue reports to the drivers.

  • Traffic Alerts
    Traffic Alerts

    Drivers will get regular traffic alerts on the Clone app to help them locate the shortest ride routes.

  • Day Planners
    Day Planners

    Drivers can plan their entire work day through the day planner feature available on our Uber clone.

  • Enhanced GPS
    Enhanced GPS

    An enhanced GPS is embedded through our leading Uber clone app solution to track locations.

  • Accurate ETA
    Accurate ETA

    We ensure to provide the exact ETA to our drivers to help them reach their customers in time.

Uber Clone Admin Panel
  • Revenue Calculator
    Revenue Calculator

    The admin will be equipped with a revenue calculator feature to help calculate the entire app’s revenue.

  • Promo Codes
    Promo Codes

    The promo code features discounts and yearly offers pre-decided by the admin of the Uber clone.

  • Driver Management
    Driver Management

    Our top-level Uber clone app solution enables the admin to monitor drivers spread across the city.

  • Insights And Analytics
    Insights And Analytics

    The insights and analytics option enables the admins to trace all the small details of the app’s revenue.

  • Third-Party Commissions
    Third-Party Commissions

    The admin will decide on the third-party payment shares, and the driver cuts on the Uber clone app.

  • Block A Driver/Passenger
    Block A Driver/Passenger

    In case of the violation of the app’s privacy terms by the passenger/rider, the admin can block them.

  • Special Zones
    Special Zones

    The admin can monitor the entire business and spot the special zones with the maximum revenues.

  • Rush Hour Price
    Rush Hour Price

    After viewing the special zones, the admin can charge the passengers in the special zones a rush hour price.

  • Complete Trip History
    Complete Trip History

    The trip history feature equips the admin with the ability to monitor all the rides on the Uber clone app.

Business Benefits Of Our Uber Clone App

Witness the potential benefits of our developed Uber clone app while offering great value to the users.

  • High ROI
    High ROI

    With mesmerizing features, captivate the attention of new users that helps generate high ROI.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
    Enhanced Customer Engagement

    The interactive UI/UX design engages users big time, elevating customer engagement.

  • Improved Sales
    Improved Sales

    The amazing personalized experience and unlimited audience reach boost sales effectively.

White Label Uber Clone App
  • Unique Brand Identity
    Unique Brand Identity

    Providing fantastic services to customers helps build a stronger brand identity in the market.

  • Customer Loyalty
    Customer Loyalty

    Offering rewards, loyalty programs, and discounts to the users amplifies customer loyalty.

  • Genuine Customer Base
    Genuine Customer Base

    Our Uber clone app has everything a user requires, resulting in a loyal customer base.

Skyrocket Your Taxi Business With Our Uber Clone App

Entice new users and expand your brand visibility with our feature-rich Uber clone app integrated with modern tech stacks. Collaborate with us and convert your dreams of building an app into reality.

Uber Clone App: Add-On Features

Our flawless Uber clone app solution has certain features focused on providing a safe ride experience to drivers and passengers. Let us have a quick look at some of them below:

Cab Details icon

Cab Details

Passengers can verify the cab details on the Uber clone app and get the vehicle number, ETA, and more.

Limit Passengers icon

Limit Passengers

You can limit passengers in the Uber clone’s vehicles to ensure passenger safety and avoid road accidents.

Driver Verification icon

Driver Verification

The drivers verify themselves through their IDs and driving experience proofs before registering on the app.

Passenger Verification icon

Passenger Verification

The passengers also have to verify themselves with their phone no's, emails, face ID, fingerprints, etc.

Child Seat Accessibility icon

Child Seat Accessibility

Child seats are also available for safety on the Uber clone app solution to passengers as a safety measure.

Service Animal Support icon

Service Animal Support

Passengers with service animals can travel with them in our fleet only on the Uber clone app.

Multiple Language Support icon

Multiple Language Support

A multiple-language support feature will help users from different countries easily navigate the Uber clone app.

In-App Chat icon

In-App Chat

By enabling live in-app chat between customers and agents, you can respond quickly to customer inquiries.

Share Trip Status icon

Share Trip Status

Allows customers to share their trip details like driver's name, vehicle no., and location with their loved ones.

Some Premium Features In Our Uber Clone App

Hyperlocal Cloud has been developing apps for the last three years. We add certain premium features for our clients and help them reach a competitive edge. Given below are some of the premium features:

Technology Stack Used In Our Uber Clone App

We use a set of dynamic technology stacks to build an Uber clone app. Some of them are.

Web App


  • React icon


  • Angular icon


  • Vue.js icon



  • Node.js icon


  • MongoDB icon


  • C# icon


Mobile App Development


  • Swift icon


  • Objective C icon


  • Kotlin icon



  • Flutter icon


  • React icon

    React Native

  • Xamarin icon


Payment Gateways Used In Our Uber Clone App Solution

We develop an Uber clone equipped with secured payment gateways that help in faster and smoother transactions. Some of them are:

  • Stripe icon

    Supports all payment cards and wallets with buy now, pay later services and 2-factor authentication.

  • Braintree icon

    Braintree payment gateway provides fraud elimination tools, payment plugins, and recurring bill assistance.

  • PayPal icon

    Global acceptance, fraud protection, and easy integration can be done by PayPal payment.

  • Dwolla icon

    Dwolla payment platform allows multi-account payments and helps them download transaction data anytime.

  • Apple Pay icon
    Apple Pay

    Serviced by Apple Inc., it promotes private, reliable, and secure transactions with near field communication support.

  • Google Pay icon
    Google Pay

    Possess biometric authentication,white-glove support, third-party integrations, payout, and reporting attributes.

Smart And Reliable Uber Clone App Solutions At Your Fingertips

Hyperlocal Cloud has been a leading clone app development company for almost a decade and has developed multiple market-leading apps. Have a look at our website to read about them.

Revenue Model Of Our Uber Clone App

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we focus on creating a futuristic pathway for the success of businesses. Check out the major revenue models associated with our Uber clone app.

  • Subscription-based Model icon
    Subscription-based Model

    The subscription business model provides exclusive features to the users on a monthly and yearly basis.

  • Ad-based Model icon
    Ad-based Model

    The ad-based model displays advertisements of third-party products and services on their own app.

  • Commission Model icon
    Commission Model

    The commission model charges a specific fee from the user whenever a transaction takes place.

Most Popular Ride Services Offered By Our Uber Clone App

Our Uber clone app provides spectacular ride services like the actual Uber app. Let us have a look at some of the ride-hailing options below:



These are daily ride options available for passengers to enjoy a cost-effective taxi ride experience.



This ride option is extra affordable for passengers who can share their trip with fellow co-passengers.

Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort

This luxurious Uber ride option has extra legroom and will be the best option for the capitalist crowd.

Workflow Of Uber Clone App

Hyperlocal Cloud develops apps that have an easy-to-use interface and an enhanced UI/UX interface. We believe in delivering the best Uber clone solution with a smooth workflow process.

  • 1

    Knowing The Requirements

    Consult our experts for a better analysis and understanding of project requirements.

  • 2

    Blueprint & Design

    Creating a structured blueprint for each screen in a wireframe for an Uber-like app.

  • 3

    Development Process

    We use the latest tech stacks and advanced coding techniques to develop a robust application.

  • 4

    UI/UX Design

    Our experts integrate the best user interface for a memorable user experience.

  • 5

    App Evaluation

    Testing and evaluation ensure no bugs prevent an app from working as intended.

  • 6

    Final Launch

    App store integration integrates your servers, enabling users to access the application.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Uber Clone App Development?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a top-rated on-demand app development company that has developed multiple market-leading apps launched to date. We have mentioned some important pointers that differentiate us from our competitors .

Cost-effective Prices
Cost-effective Prices

We develop highly scalable and secure applications for our clients, and that too at affordable prices.

Free App Submission icon
Free App Submission

To submit iOS apps to the App Store and Android apps to the Play Store, we offer complete help. We ensure that your app will be on the store free of charge.

On-Time Support icon
On-Time Support

We are always ready to help you through the different avenues of communication. Our on-time support includes both technical and non-technical support.

NDA Agreement
NDA Agreement

We have no problem signing an NDA agreement with our clients to keep the project details intact.

Super-Skilled Professionals icon
Super-Skilled Professionals

Our Human resources team has gathered the best app developers from all around the world. They are 150+ in number and give the best possible clone app solutions.

On-Time Project Delivery icon
On-Time Project Delivery

Hyperlocal Cloud has a good reputation for always delivering projects on time with zero room for errors and bugs. It ensures users get a smooth app workflow.

FAQ's Related To Uber Clone App

  • How Much Does It Cost to Build An Uber Clone App?

    An Uber Clone app development cost starts from $6000. it is not a certain amount as some factors, like the complexity of the app, manpower on the floor, and additional features, can affect an increase or decrease in the number.

    How Long Does It Take To Build An Uber Clone App?

    An absolute solution to getting an app like Uber can take 5-7 days. The duration of the development can also arise depending on several factors, like complex UI, client customization, minimizing cost, and testing.

  • What Are The Advantages Of Uber Clone App Solution?

    Our Uber clone app helps businesses to launch an Uber-like solution within a smaller budget. We develop an app like Uber that offers every essential feature and functionality that exists in the original app.

    What Does An Uber Clone App Development Mean For Businesses?

    It is a process that lets a business owner launch their own taxi app. The development and work process of a clone app like Uber works exactly as the real Uber ride-hailing app. As it is a customizable solution, venturing into the new taxi service takes less time.

    How To Build An App Like Uber?

    To develop an Uber clone app solution, it is required to conduct proper market research, choose a development team and unique selling points, and decide on smart features to finalize in the application. Collecting these factors can help build an Uber clone app.

  • What Types Of Vehicles Can A User Book In Your Uber Clone App Solution?

    Through our Uber clone app, any user can book a car, autorickshaw, motorbike etc. We give liberty to business owners to decide what type of vehicle service they want to offer in the app.

    What Are Some Payment Methods For A User In Your Uber Clone App?

    Our complete Uber-like application comes with every payment option, like credit/debit card, UPI, net banking, and cash. A user can choose their type of payment method in the app while booking the cab.

  • Can A User Schedule Trips In Your Uber Clone App Solution?

    Yes, we offer a scheduled trip option for users where they can schedule their date of travel and time in advance. It can provide convenience to users to travel to their destination without any hustle.

    Does Your Uber Clone App Solution Offer A Feature To Track History?

    Our Uber clone app comes with a complete history and shows a list of visited places for a user. A rider can also mark their favorite destination and book it in a single click next time.

    Can A User Give Ratings Or Reviews To A Driver?

    Yes, a user can write their experience of the ride and praise drivers by giving them star ratings. A user can also write specifically based on the driving, comfort, and behavior of the driver.

  • What Are Some Advanced Features Your Uber Clone App Offers For Admins?

    Our Uber Clone app development comes with the latest admin features, ensuring seamless business operations. Feathers like driver transactions, advance fare management, admin reports, and the user activity dashboard are embedded.

    How Can I Generate Money From Your Uber Clone App?

    Our Uber Clone app comes with multiple money-generating models. However, the most successful model for our app is the commission model, where you can get a minus of driver share over every user's payment.

  • How Do You Assure Good Quality In Your Uber Clone?

    At Hyperlocal Cloud, we have a team of quality assurance testers who run proper checks on your Uber clone app. They test the app from different phases of technology and marketing and ensure every corner is working properly.

    How Secure Is Your Uber Clone App?

    We are always ready to create a dream app for your business. We provide SSL certification from Google, secure HTTPS requests, and a proper technology stack to make your Uber clone invulnerable to all-time malware and hacking.

    How Can An Uber Clone Be Purchased From You?

    Our representative will help you, right from developing the application to purchasing the app. Once the payment procedure from your side is confirmed, you will receive an invoice. You can either use PayPal or a bank account to complete the payment.

  • How Can Your Uber Clone App Help Me As A Driver?

    We embed unique features for our drivers so that they can locate their passengers and pick them up and drop easily. We also let our drivers select routes, refer drivers, and SOS contact give rider reviews.

    What Customization Options Are Available For A Driver In Uber Clone?

    Hyperlocal Cloud offers various customization options for drivers, like language customization, theme, accessibility to features, notification preferences, profile information, and payment methods.

  • How Friendly Is Your Uber Clone App With Drivers Who Don’t Have Technical Expertise?

    Hyperlocal Cloud develops a Uber Clone with attractive UI and easily accessible pages. With a simple step of transitioning between pages and instructions, any novice driver can use the app. It doesn’t require any technical expertise to operate such an app.

    Can A Driver Accept/Cancel a Ride In Your Uber Clone App?

    Yes, they can skip an upcoming ride request while driving. It will let a driver focus on their current ride totally.

    Is There Any Cash Out Limit In Your Uber Clone App?

    Like the Uber app, yes, there is a cash-out limit in our Uber clone app. We have divided it into 3 categories: instant pay, next-day payment, and weekly pay. Hence, a driver can decide from which model they want to obtain payment.

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