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Leading White Label Uber Solution For Your Ride-Hailing Business

Whether you are a startup or an established cab business, its time to domintate the cab booking market by bringing the best Uber Clone app solution into action.

White Label Uber Like App

Drive Business Growth With White Label Uber Like App

An on-demand ride-hailing app called Uber Clone helps businesses reach more customers by offering cab services around-the-clock. The platform manages all services, including ride booking, carpooling, car renting, and sharing. Suppose you want to launch your ride-hailing business online as an entrepreneur or business owner. In that case, we offer various businesses a white label Uber-like app solution. A business can launch its online cab booking service using a ride-hailing app solution.

We provide distinctive and sophisticated features that are totally free, such as multi-language and multi-currency support; this is very helpful when launching the ride-sharing app solution in your area. With our complete white labeling Uber clone, you get the app with your brand name, logo, currency, and language. Purchase our Uber clone solution with source code for less money than your competitors.

What Do We Offer On Our Uber Clone App Business?

Our Uber clone solution enables you to easily manage any size transportation company and propel it to exponential growth.

Uber Clone Customer App

Allow customers to experience a smooth ride booking process.

Features Include:
  • Emergency Contact

    The emergency contact feature will allow the riders to add their favorite contacts and alert them during emergencies.

  • In-App Chat

    The customer in the Uber Clone app can communicate with the driver through in-app chat to locate the vehicle.

  • Payment Alternatives

    To pay for their rides, riders can choose from various convenient payment options, including cash, cards, and e-wallets.

  • Use Promos

    The admin oversees the details of the promo codes that users can use to receive an additional discount on their total trip cost.

Uber Clone Customer App
Uber Clone Driver App

Uber Clone Driver App

A scalable solution for the driver to easily manage ride requests.

Features include:
  • Multiple Language Support

    With this feature, the driver can choose a preferred language to have the best Uber Clone app experience.

  • Route Finding

    Our ride-hailing app offers route navigation to pick-up and drop-off locations to save time.

  • Driver Chat Assistance

    If a problem arises, drivers can use the app to chat with customer service or support personnel.

  • Send a referral link

    Drivers can give their friends and family the referral code to earn rewards as they register with the platform.

Uber Clone Admin Panel

Manage your entire system from one location.

Features Include:
  • Manage User

    Gives the admin ability to manage users according to their preferences. Additionally, the administrator can view the trip history.

  • Multiple Nations

    Admin can easily increase the business reach. They add more than one nation and decide to operate their business at all times.

  • Fleet Management

    The admin of the Uber clone app will have the option of managing and verifying the entire fleet of vehicles.

  • Promo Codes

    The admin of the Uber clone app can set up prices for the promo codes, discounts, and other festive offers.

Uber Clone Admin Panel

Visible Benefits of Our Uber Clone Solution For Your Business

Your search for Uber Clone App development ends here. We help you develop a futuristic clone solution with advanced features that offers numerous business benefits.

  • Mobile and Web App icon
    Mobile and Web App

    Utilize the customer and agent apps that are completely an Uber Clone to expand your on-demand business.

  • Smart Dispatch icon
    Smart Dispatch

    Utilize our Automate & Real-Time Tracking services to manage an entire business from a single interface.

  • In-App Chat icon
    In-App Chat

    By enabling live in-app chat between customers and agents, you can respond quickly to customer inquiries.

White Label Uber Clone App
  • Quick Process icon
    Quick Process

    Providing dependable services guarantees a strong, scalable, and tried-and-true basic module to save time.

  • Source Code icon
    Source Code

    You will receive the entire source code for your customer and driver apps on both iOS and Android platform.

  • Customizable icon

    Create and release an advanced, white label uber clone that offers a user experience with personalization.

Launch Your Ride-Hailing Business With Our White Label Uber App

With our completely functional solutions built with the newest tech stack to properly fit your solution, you can automate your ride-hailing business.

Brilliant Feature-Set In Our Uber Clone Solution

Our white-label cab booking app solution offers a premium set of features, 100% customization, support for multiple currencies, and languages that make it possible to provide everything from on-demand rides to bike, car rentals, moto rentals, and cab pooling around the world.

Uber Clone Block Phony Riders & Drivers

Block Phony Riders & Drivers

Learn in-depth info about your riders and drivers, and stop the disruption caused by the fraud members.

Uber Clone Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

Our solution's integration of multiple payment gateways enables you to secure payments quickly and easily.

Uber Clone Calculating Tolls

Calculating Tolls

You can add a toll calculation feature in the app to visualize overall pricing to offer customers trouble-free rides.

Uber Clone Adaptive Design

SOS Assistance

In an emergency, the SOS call feature will activate and alert the favorite contacts of the passenger.

Uber Clone Call Masking

Call Masking

Because no one can see each other's crucial information, privacy-related controversies are avoided.

Uber Clone In-App Chat

In-App Chat

Give in-app chat support so that your application's key stakeholders can communicate with one another.

Uber Clone Fixed Pricing

Fixed Pricing

No matter how long or far the trip is, customers must pay a fixed fee for the ride, irrespective of location.

Uber Clone Favorite Driver

Favorite Driver

Customers can choose to be picked up by their preferred driver to enhance their riding experience.

Uber Book Rides For Others

Book Rides For Others

With this feature, you can expand your customer base by enabling reserve rides for customers’ loved ones.

Are You Seeking More Luxurious Features For Your Uber Clone App?

Our team of Uber like app developers can offer you a specially designed Uber Clone app solution.

Launching An App Like Uber Is As Simple As Possible!

Use an Uber clone app to transform your traditional fleet business into a digital platform and a well-designed cab booking app to enter the online market.

  • Free Demo icon
    Ask for a Free Demo

    Before spending money on our Uber-like app development, ask for a free demo. Through the incorporation of the app's API, you can directly manage operations.

  • Feature icon
    Choosing Features

    Develop strong apps similar to Uber to improve your company. All features that make it simple for customers to book services must be in an Uber clone app.

  • App Launch icon
    Simple App Launch

    You won't miss a single ride with our Uber-like app development. By entering the ride details in the Uber Clone app, you can allow users to book rides instantly.

Workflow Of Uber Clone App

We believe in delivering the best Uber clone solution with a smooth workflow process.

  • 1

    Knowing The Requirements

    Employ our experts to learn about your project and comprehend your requirements.

  • 2

    Blueprint & Design

    Creating a structured blueprint for each screen in a wireframe for an Uber-like app.

  • 3

    Development Process

    Planning the source code for a Uber Clone is a crucial step that requires approval.

  • 4

    UI/UX Design

    Our experts integrate the best user interface for a memorable user experience.

  • 5

    App Evaluation

    Testing and evaluation makes sure there are no bugs that prevent an app from working as intended.

  • 6

    Final Launch

    App store integration integrates your servers, enabling users to access the application.

Why Choose HyperLocal Cloud For Uber Like App Development?

We focus intently on your company's requirements and propose a solution that works well for you. Utilize our Uber-like app creation services to make a modification.

Uber Like App Development
  • Installation icon
    Free Installation Of Servers

    We deploy our solution on your server without charging you more when the transaction ends. We can help you right now to make your idea come to life.

  • App Submission icon
    Free App Submission

    The apps you've purchased from us are submitted. To submit iOS apps to the App Store and Android apps to the Play Store, we offer complete help.

  • Support icon
    On-Time Support

    We are always ready to help you through the different avenues of communication. Our on-time support includes both technical and non-technical support.

  • Native Application icon
    Native Application

    Our specialists developed every app feature in the appropriate native languages for iOS and Android to provide a compatible service and establish a presence.

FAQ's Related To Uber Clone App

  • Is your Uber Clone fit for Entrepreneurs?

    Our solution can be applied to both small and large ride-sharing companies. It is an app ready to use and appropriate for all types of cab services. One of our main goals was to keep the app affordable and user-friendly.

    Do you have app notifications on your Uber Clone?

    Yes, you will receive notifications when a ride is booked, the driver arrives, the ride is completed, and the payment is completed.

  • How can I check the status of my project?

    We assign a client coordinator to work with you on coordination during development and to provide weekly updates.

    What is the Administrator Panel's power?

    Through the Administrator Panel, you can manage all the vehicles, their prices, your earnings, accounts, reports, app settings, etc. The Administrator Panel is very robust, user-friendly, and dynamic.

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