What Makes Us a Leading Alcohol Delivery App Development Company?

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Gain The Competitive Edge With Our Alcohol Delivery App

Hyperlocal Cloud stands first amongst all online alcohol delivery app development companies on a global scale.

Liquor Delivery App

Get Your Own Alcohol Delivery App Like Drizly And Minibar

An alcohol delivery app development like Drizly and Minibar will help you to create a powerful business. On-demand app development has the potential to lift businesses to the highest level of success. Most millennials prefer to order their drinks at home, which has further resulted in the high growth of apps like Drizly. Setting an exceptional example, these apps have risen to a sudden fame.

Famous startup Drizly led to a disruption with a 700% increase in sales year-over-year from the year 2018-2019. Buckle up and get ready to dive into a digitalized world of booze. Take your alcohol delivery business to new heights by developing your very own alcohol delivery app.

Alcohol Delivery App Business Models

Hyperlocal Cloud has been an on demand alcohol delivery app development company for the last 3+ years and is known to have launched several successful apps in the market with its brilliant team of app developers.

  • Liquor Shop Model icon

    Alcohol Shop Model

    The alcohol store owners can pre-book an on demand alcohol delivery app development through Hyperlocal Cloud and start selling through your shop.

  • Liquor Delivery Startup icon

    Alcohol Delivery Startup

    The alcohol delivery app development best suits startups who are looking for a way to enter the market through their alcohol delivery app.

  • Liquor Aggregators icon

    Alcohol Aggregators

    Let other alcohol stores sell their alcohol through your alcohol delivery app developed by a leading alcohol delivery app development company.

  • Liquor Chain icon

    Alcohol Chain

    Sell directly through the chain of alcohol stores and earn massive revenues through reputable alcohol app development services by Hyperlocal Cloud.

What Will Our Alcohol Delivery App Offer?

The alcohol delivery app developed by us is said to offer multiple dashboards for the admin, customer as well as the delivery personnel.

Customer Panel For Alcohol Delivery App

We provide a separate customer app with multiple features for your customers to easily order their preferred alcohol at home.

Features Include:
  • Easy Login

    Log in via a phone number or social media through our on demand alcohol delivery app development.

  • Multiple Payment Modes

    Leverage the multiple payment modes through the alcohol delivery app development by us.

  • Push Notifications

    Get notified in real-time through notifications by your alcohol delivery app developed by us.

Customer Panel For Alcohol Delivery App
Alcohol Delivery Store Panel

Alcohol Delivery Store Panel

The alcohol delivery app made by us will have a separate dashboard for the alcohol store owner.

Features include:
  • Manage Complimentary Snacks

    Your on demand alcohol delivery app development will have the option of adding complimentary snacks.

  • Generate Reports

    Generate timely reports on your sales through the top-grade alcohol delivery app made by us.

  • View Product Ratings

    Product ratings will help you get the reviews of your products through our alcohol delivery app.

Delivery Personnel Panel For Alcohol Delivery

With a separate dashboard for delivery personnel, the alcohol delivery app made by us will have features for the delivery personnel as well.

Features Include:
  • In-Built Maps

    The alcohol delivery app will have the option of in-built maps to help attain a faster delivery.

  • Manage Pending Orders

    Manage orders and provide your customers with an exceptional delivery experience.

  • In-App Chat

    Chat with customers and reach your destination through their instructions via texts.

Delivery Personnel Panel For Alcohol Delivery
Admin Panel For Alcohol Delivery

Admin Panel For Alcohol Delivery

The admin panel of the alcohol delivery will have the latest features to help you double ROIs almost instantly.

Features include:
  • Real Time Notifications

    On demand alcohol delivery app will send the notifications to the admin in the real time.

  • Feedback Management

    The admin panel in the alcohol delivery app will record feedbacks for better management.

  • Reports And Analytics

    Get business reports and analytics in the alcohol delivery app through graph representations.

Get Ready For The Future Of Online Alcohol Delivery

We ensure to add the latest tech stack to build your futuristic alcohol delivery app development in time.

Major Features Of An Alcohol Delivery App Made By Us

Hyperlocal Cloud’s on demand alcohol delivery app development will have all the latest features embedded to ensure a top-notch app development.

  • Sign Up icon
    Sign Up

    Login smoothly through a faster signup process linked with social media accounts or phone numbers.

  • Delivery Scheduling icon
    Alcohol Delivery Scheduling

    Schedule alcohol deliveries to help deliver alcohol at the exact time and date your customer wishes for.

  • Promo Codes And Discount icon
    Promo Codes And Discounts

    Get promo codes and discounts on your alcohol delivery app, which will attract a wider pool of customers.

  • Advanced Filter icon
    Advanced Filters

    Our advanced search engine will help you filter searches and select the exact category of alcohol you wish to buy.

  • Ratings And Reviews icon
    Ratings And Reviews

    Ratings and reviews are other important features of your on demand alcohol delivery app development.

  • ETA Of Order icon
    ETA Of Orders

    Your alcohol delivery app made by us will have the option of showing the exact time of order arrival.

  • Search Bar icon
    Enhanced Search Bar

    There is also an enhanced search bar in our alcohol delivery app which will show you your preferences.

  • Order History icon
    Order History

    Track orders in your alcohol delivery app development through the order history feature in the app.

Benefits Of Our On Demand Alcohol Delivery App

Hyperlocal Cloud leads the list of the best online alcohol delivery companies and guarantees to inform you of all the benefits of the alcohol delivery app it develops.

  • Contactless Delivery icon
    Contactless Deliveries

    Get contactless deliveries through our alcohol delivery app and dodge pandemic losses.

  • Global Access icon
    Global Access

    Reach a global audience without territorial boundaries through our alcohol app development.

  • Multiple Payment icon
    Multiple Payment Modes

    Allow your customers to pay via multiple payment modes and carry out an effective delivery.

Liquor Delivery App
  • Time/Cost Efficient icon
    Time/Cost Efficient

    Our alcohol delivery app will be the best choice for business owners for its time/cost efficiency.

  • Inventory Management icon
    Inventory Management

    Manage your inventories through an app developed by the leading alcohol delivery app.

  • Support Service icon
    Enhanced Support Services

    Get support services with experts available 24*7 to guide you throughout development.

Factors Influencing The Alcohol Delivery App Development Cost

Hyperlocal Cloud will carry out an unmatchable alcohol delivery app development process to ensure your customers get their booze whenever and wherever they want. Here are some factors affecting the cost of the alcohol delivery app development:

Features Included icon
Features Included

The cost of your alcohol delivery app will depend on the number of features you wish to add.

UI/UX Design Used

Unlike other online alcohol delivery companies, we focus on adding the latest UI/UX designs.

App Maintenance
App Maintenance

The app maintenance is another factor that influences the cost of the alcohol delivery app.

App Security icon
App Security

We also ensure certain security procedures in your alcohol delivery app for guaranteed growth.

Third-Party Integrations icon
Third-Party Integrations

We enhance your alcohol delivery app development through third-party integrations.

Tech Stack icon
Tech Stack Used

As a leading online alcohol delivery app development company, we use the best tech stack.

Alcohol Delivery App Development Process We Follow

Alcohol delivery companies lack their focus on the app development process they follow, but we concentrate on each and every aspect of it with great interest.

  • 1

    Research Analysis

    We carry out heavy research about the product and business ideas our clients wish to implement.

  • 2

    Wireframes And Mockups

    After the research phase, we prepare a detailed mockup to create a blueprint for further development.

  • 3

    Product Development

    The final product development is carried out, and the product is ready to get launched.

  • 4

    Bug Testings

    After the product is finally developed, it is tested for errors and bugs multiple times by our experts.

  • 5


    The launch phase is when the product is ready for launch on all platforms after multiple testings.

  • 6

    Support And Maintenance

    We ensure further maintenance services even after successfully launching the product in the market.

Smart And Affordable On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App Development Services

Leverage a top-notch alcohol delivery app development by our top app developers at Hyperlocal Cloud.

Tech Stack Used By Our Alcohol Delivery App Development Company

Our alcohol delivery app development will be carried out by using the latest technology stack available in the markets.

  • html 5 icon


  • CSS3 icon


  • JavaScript icon


  • TypeScript icon


  • AngularJS icon


  • ReactJS icon


  • Next.js icon


  • Gatsby icon


  • PHP icon


  • MySQL icon


  • Python icon


  • Vue.js icon


Why Choose Us As Your Alcohol Delivery App Development Company?

Our alcohol delivery app development will surely help you get flooding revenues in a matter of months. Here’s how;

Seasoned Developer icon
Seasoned Developers

We have a team of 50+ excellent designers who hold experience in developing high-end applications.

Assured Transparency icon
Assured Transparency

We provide complete transparency to clients from start to the end of the app development journey.

Client Retention Rate icon
Client Retention Rate

We have had a great client retention rate of over 80% since we started our journey in 2013.

Full-Time Assistance icon
Full-Time Assistance

We guarantee timely assistance to all our clients through our well-trained support team.

On-Time Delivery icon
On-Time Delivery

We are the best alcohol delivery app development company in the States with timely deliveries.

Team Assignment icon
Team Assignment

We assign separate teams with project leads and managers to help our clients with timely updates.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can alcohol be delivered in the USA?

    Yes, Drizly is a leading example delivering alcohol in the USA.

    How long does it take to develop an alcohol delivery app?

    The alcohol delivery app will take 10-20 days to get developed.

  • How much will it cost to develop the alcohol delivery app?

    The cost will start from $5000 and depend upon other factors as per your needs.

    Will you offer us additional app assistance?

    Yes, we will. Get in touch with us to begin your online alcohol delivery app.

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