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Create a Very Effective Just Eat Clone for Food Aggregators & Restaurants

With our White label Just Eat Clone app, you can easily track day-to-day operations while serving your customers at their doorstep.

Just Eat Clone App

Grow Your Food Delivery Business With Our Just Eat Clone App

The Just Eat clone app was created as a business-to-business online food ordering system for local deliveries. Our exciting platform, the Just Eat clone app, offers a convenient experience with an impressive feature set. Our sophisticated Just Eat clone app typically comes in a pre-built form and is a fully customizable solution to turn the food delivery industry into a successful one.

In recent years, the online delivery industry has experienced tremendous growth. Customers can order their preferred food from various outlets at the scheduled time using the Just Eat Clone app. With the most recent features integrated into their Just Eat Clone, we ensure our customers have a comfortable ordering experience. With doubled ROIs, our app will assist you in launching your food delivery business.

Prime Deliverables Of Our Just Eat Clone App

We ensure to make an app similar to Just Eat and include features that distinguish your application from others. These are the fundamental components that we would incorporate into your application.

Consumer App For Just Eat Clone

Launch the best online food delivery solution with a Just Eat clone app for your target market.

Features Include:
  • Social Login

    Customers can easily sign up for social media accounts on sites like Facebook and Google.

  • Push Notifications

    Customers receive notifications within the app about order status, new offers, and discounts.

  • General Billing

    The customer can view the invoice with order information and charges while placing the food order.

Consumer App For Just Eat Clone
Delivery Person App For Just Eat Clone

Delivery Person App

In our Just Eat clone app, delivery drivers can sign up with their vehicles, make a profile, and get hired to deliver food to customers' doorsteps.

Features include:
  • Delivery Status Updates

    The customer's digital signature is required before the agent can update the order.

  • Rating System

    The customer reviews and comments can be easily checked by the delivery agents.

  • Account Creation

    The delivery agent can change his or her name, email, number, and other details.

Restaurant App For Just Eat Clone

Restaurant owners can receive orders and add, update, or modify menu items using the merchant app.

Features Include:
  • Advertising & Offers

    To build a loyal customer base, restaurants can introduce offers, promo codes, and coupons.

  • Chatbots

    Chatbot integration provides quick and easy answers to customer and delivery boy inquiries.

  • Order Control

    Communication between chefs and delivery men makes better productivity and management possible.

Restaurant App For Just Eat Clone
Just Eat Clone's Admin Panel

Just Eat Clone's Admin Panel

Utilize the advanced admin panel to manage your company remotely. Here are some examples of the features it has that are growth-oriented.

Features include:
  • Delivery Person Management

    The admin can view the driver dashboard and assess the orders placed and their completed and pending statuses.

  • Commissions

    The commission is deducted from the restaurant owners' and the delivery drivers' payments for each completed order.

  • Fleet Management

    The delivery drivers can be completely tracked with the rights and set of features during order collection and delivery.

Release Your Just Eat Like App At Affordable Prices

You can better serve your loyal customers with a comprehensive online food app. Building an app similar to Just Eat might be the best move for boosting your company.

Strengthening Our Food Ordering Solution With These Notable Features

The Just Eat Clone's features guaranteed support for boosting delivery service efficiency and demonstrating business acumen.

  • Manage Coupons & Offers icon
    Manage Coupons & Offers

    The restaurant manager can decide what discounts and coupon codes are available to the public.

  • Order Status icon
    Order Status

    It enables the manager to update the customer order status using Order management app.

  • Order Cancellation icon
    Manage Order Cancellations

    The restaurant can manage the cancelled orders by stating the reason for the cancellation.

Just Eat Clone Food Ordering Solution
  • Menu Creation icon
    Menu Creation

    Our Clone app includes the ingredients information for each food to make ordering easier than before.

  • Order Revision icon
    Order Revision

    Until an order is picked up, the manager can make changes to the order at the customer's request.

  • Report Module  icon
    Report Module

    Administrators can access reports on restaurants, delivery services, sales, customers, commissions, etc.

Customized Food Delivery Solution For All Business Levels

Our upscale food delivery app solutions offer impeccable services that always guarantee a positive customer experience.

Startups icon

Our pre-made solutions fit the prevailing restaurant trends, simplifying dining and speeding delivery. We'll jam-pack it with all the newest features to make your restaurant app more interactive, engaging, and scalable.

Chain Restaurant clone
Chain Restaurants

By creating a user-friendly app, we, as a top provider of food delivery solutions, assist in bridging the gap between eateries and foodies. Our fast-to-market solutions are available to anyone who manages a chain of restaurants.

Aggregator app

Get our most dependable Just Eat like app to dominate the food delivery industry. Development of similar apps to Just Eat can be fully customized, made to order, and scaled up to meet different business requirements.

Get A Just Eat Clone To Provide Effective Food Delivery Services

Enjoy the benefits of earning from authorized food retailers, delivery services, and management facilities that have been promised.

Workflow Of Just Eat Clone App

HyperLocal Cloud offer modern user experience by implementing updated framework.

  • 1

    Market Research & Strategy

    The first step in development is to examine the client's business requirements.

  • 2

    App Designing

    Wireframes, flows, prototypes, and mockups are all incorporated while designing.

  • 3


    The development phase includes the application architecture, coding, API, and DB designs.

  • 4


    In the app testing phase, we conduct thorough testing, reporting, and bug removal.

  • 5


    The application is published on the market after the release strategy has been created.

  • 6

    Support & Upkeep

    With ongoing updates, we offer support and maintenance services after completion.

Revenue Model Of Just Eat Clone App

We help create market-leading products that are focused on increasing the revenue streams of customers with skyscraping heights.

Revenue Model Of Just Eat Clone App
  • Connection Charges icon

    Connection Charges

    Business owners can charge restaurants that want to use the food delivery app's services a hefty sum in connection fees.

  • Transaction Fees icon

    Transaction Fees

    Every purchase made through the online food delivery solution is credited to the business owners' accounts as sales.

  • Advertisement icon


    Giving Google Ads and other third-party ads access to advertising space like banners can guarantee a steady income stream.

Why Choose HyperLocal Cloud For Creating Just Eat Clone App?

Our excellent team of developers ensures that our clients have the best possible food delivery app solution. Look at the reasons why you should hire us!

Support icon
Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team of designers, developers, and analysts is lead by a support manager.

Software/Brand icon
Your Software | Your Brand (OEM)

Get the white label app solution for your business with your logo and company name.

Customize App icon
Customize App As You Need

You can customize the online food delivery app as per your own business requirements.

Ready-to-launch icon
Ready-to-launch Solutions

Launch your food delivery business app today with our readymade software solutions.

Product icon
Top-Notch Products

We help you launch a safe, world-class product today to disrupt the food delivery market.

Pricing icon
Less Time & Cheap Pricing

We have advanced clone solutions to cater to your needs within less time at an affordable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much it cost to develop Just Eat clone app?

    The final development cost depends on the customization extent, tech stack, functionality and feature-set, and other remaining development details.

    Will you support after project submission?

    Yes ofcourse! We offer post-development services for any issues regarding the development process. We offer various support packages on the service legal agreements.

  • What are the benefits of using Just Eat clone app?

    The main perks of using our Just Eat clone app is that is saves your time and other resources on development cost.

    Can I use personal Logo or Brand name in Just Eat Clone?

    Yes! You can customize the Just Eat app and can add your logo and brand name.

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