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Smart And Reliable Multi-Service App Development Solution

Hyperlocal Cloud has been an app development company for a decade now, with multiple market-leading products launched to date. We will carve your multiservice app dreams into a full-fledged reality.

Services Of A Top-Notch On-Demand Multi-Service App Solution

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we cater numerous services to our clients as per their business requirements. We have a list of services specially catered towards fulfilling the needs of a multi-service app.

  • On-Demand Taxi Rides App

    Taxi Rides

  • On-Demand Bicycle Sharing App

    Bicycle Sharing

  • On-Demand Car Rental App

    Car Rental

  • On-Demand Bike Rental App

    Bike Rental

  • On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App

    Alcohol Delivery

  • On-Demand Food Delivery App

    Food Delivery

  • On-Demand Flower Delivery App

    Flower Delivery

  • On-Demand Water Delivery App

    Water Delivery

  • On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

    Medicine Delivery

  • On-Demand Stationery Delivery App

    Stationery Delivery

  • On-Demand Courier Delivery App

    Courier Delivery

  • On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

    Grocery Delivery

  • On-Demand Meat Delivery App

    Meat Delivery

  • On-Demand Milk Delivery App

    Milk Delivery

  • On-Demand Doctor Consultations App

    Doctor Consultations

  • On-Demand Tutoring Services App

    Tutoring Services

  • On-Demand Salon Services App

    Salon Services

  • On-Demand Plumber Services App

    Plumber Services

  • On-Demand Electrician Services App

    Electrician Services

  • On-Demand Babysitting Services App

    Babysitting Services

  • On-Demand Fitness Consultation App

    Fitness Consultation

  • On-Demand Pet Care Services App

    Pet Care Services

  • On-Demand Mechanic Services App

    Mechanic Services

  • On-Demand Car Wash Service App

    Car Wash Service

  • On-Demand House Cleaning Services App

    House Cleaning Services

  • On-Demand Snow Plowing Services App

    Snow Plowing Services

  • On-Demand Vehicle Towing And Maintenance App

    Vehicle Towing And Maintenance

  • On-Demand Computer Repair Service< App

    Computer Repair Service

  • On-Demand Pest Control Service App

    Pest Control

Best On-Demand Multi-Service App Solutions At Your Fingertips

Hyperlocal Cloud has been a leading multi-service app development company for the last 3+ years. With our expertise, your multi-service app will lead the markets.

Must-Have Features Of Our Multi-Service App Development Solutions

Hyperlocal Cloud tends to include all the necessary features in the multi-service app to ensure the success of its clients. With more than 150+ app developers from all corners of the globe, we are here to help businesses become the next success story.

  • Easy Login icon
    Easy Login

    Through our multi-service app development services, users can log in through their social media accounts or phone numbers.

  • Book Services icon
    Book Services

    Your users can simply book their preferred services from a few taps of their smart screens, including salon, taxi-ride, etc.

  • Schedule Date/Time icon
    Schedule Date/Time

    Users also have the option of scheduling the service as per their needs, date and time availablity.

Multi-Service App
  • In-App Wallet icon
    In-App Wallet

    The on-demand multi-service app solution will have an in-built wallet to facilitate faster and smoother payments.

  • Bill Generation icon
    Bill Generation

    As leading multi-service app development company we ensures that the bill is generated with all details after booking.

  • Real-Time Tracking icon
    Real-Time Tracking

    Our on-demand multi-service app solution will also have real-time tracking features that can track orders

Unique Offerings Of Our On-Demand Multi-Service App

Hyperlocal Cloud's multi-service app development services cater separately to the requirements of customers, service providers, and administrators. The following are some features of each app and the admin panel:

On-Demand Multi-Service Customer App

The customer app that we, a leading multi-service app development company, will provide will include a number of intriguing features, including:

Features Include:
  • Profile Administration

    This app's dedicated option enables users to easily configure details such as name, email address, contact information, image, etc.

  • Referral Management

    This option allows users to send the invite code to potential new app users. With this suggested option, the user base is ramped up.

  • Emergency Contacts

    This SOS contact feature in the on-demand multi-service app solution will help the users to contact their favorite contacts during emergencies.

On-Demand Multi-Service Customer App
On-Demand Multi-Service Service Provider App

On-Demand Multi-Service Service Provider App

The service provider app in our multi-service app development services will leverage numerous features like:

Features include:
  • Heat Map

    Get access to know the service locations with a maximum number of orders and cater their needs first.

  • Performance Tracker

    The drivers or service providers can track their performance based on their reviews through a tracker.

  • Smart Navigation

    The multi-service app development solution will have an in-built map for the service provider/driver.

On-Demand Multi-Service Store App

The store will be responsible for dispatching the service provider/driver in the on-demand multi-service app solution provided by Hyperlocal Cloud. As a well-known multi-service app development company, we will provide multiple features for store owners.

Features Include:
  • Minimum Order Amount

    The store on the multi-service app can set a minimum order amount limit below, which will not accept order bookings.

  • ETA

    The store will also show the admin and the users the estimated time of order arrival based on GPS trackers during the delivery.

  • Accept/Reject Orders

    The store can also accept or reject orders based on stock availability and driver availability. Users will be notified instantly.

On-Demand Multi-Service Store App
On-Demand Multi-Service Admin Panel

On-Demand Multi-Service Admin Panel

The admin panel in the multi-service app will have all it takes to make the app a revenue-generating machine. Have a look at some of them below:

Features include:
  • Manage Bookings

    The admin of the multi-service app development can manage all bookings and the payment for the service right from the admin panel.

  • Insights And Analytics

    The admin panel designed by a renowned multi-service app development company will have all the insights depicting the revenue flows.

  • Manual Dispatches

    The admin monitoring the multi-service app development can induce manual dispatches as per his or her wish to process timely deliveries.

Workflow Of Our On-Demand Multi-Service App Solution

While creating our on-demand, multi-service application, we adhere to a streamlined workflow. Here are the crucial measures:

  • 1

    Collecting Requirements

    Prior to working on the on-demand multi-service app solution, we gather the essential requirements for developing the application.

  • 2

    Requirement Analysis

    Following the collection of vital information, the research and the process is thoroughly analyzed to enhance the business solution.

  • 3

    Development Phase

    We work progressively and leverage modern technology to develop the script in an efficient manner that is totally appropriate for the market.

  • 4

    Multiple Testings

    Before introducing the multiservice application to the market, we ensure that it is fully functional, error-free, and has an easy-to-use navigational structure.

  • 5

    Timely Deliveries

    We ensure on-time delivery of an unblemished script that has undergone multiple test sets and is ready to provide our business client with one of the leading solutions.

  • 6

    Support And Maintenance

    Even after your app is launched in the markets, Hyperlocal Cloud ensures that the app is working bug-free through its efficient maintenance and support services.

Double ROIs Through Our Multi-Service App Development Services

Hyperlocal Cloud has 150+ app developers who will carve the best-in-class app for your users.

Monetization Models For On Demand Multi-Service App Solutions

Hyperlocal Cloud’s revenue-building solutions are catered towards providing a constant income to business owners. Following are some monetization models for running a successful multi-service application:

  • Subscriptions icon


    As per their preferences, the user chooses a monthly/ annual subscription for the multi-service app.

  • Paid Commissions icon

    Paid Commissions

    Business owners may charge the providers a fee after completing a particular service.

  • Advertisement icon


    Business Owners can also generate a revenue stream through advertisements from the sponsors.

  • Freemium Model icon

    Freemium Model

    Lead your users to subscribe after they get basic services and then switch to premium subscription.

Why Is Hyperlocal Cloud The Best Multi-Service Application Development Company?

Here are a few reasons why we are the most reliable source for top-grade multi-service app development services:

Trained Developers icon
Trained Developers

With over 150 seasoned developers in our workforce, we can carve your dream app in a matter of days through their expertise in app development.

App Launched icon
Launched 50+ Multi-Service Apps

We have launched over 50 on-demand multi-service apps for our customers, which are loaded with the latest features as per the current market.

Project Delivery icon
On-Time Project Delivery

We are well known in the market for being time obedient. We ensure that our clients get their projects delivered on time with all the customizations.

Chat Support icon
Constant Chat Support

We provide constant chat support to our clients and hand them seperate teams for their project completion who provide timely updates to clients.

Availability icon
24*7 Availability

We are available 24*7 for our clients' aid. We will solve the smallest client queries and keep them informed about all the development steps.

Deployment icon
Deployment & Maintenance

Our deployment and maintenance services are also available even after the product is launched in the markets for a faultless app flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What technology is commonly used for the development of a multi-service app?

    We are experts in app development using Java, Swift, React Native, and Flutter as programming languages.

    How to ensure data security and privacy in an on-demand multi-service app solution?

    We ensure security by instituting robust encryption and access controls, utilizing reputable third-party services, and auditing and updating your security protocols on a regular basis.

  • How do you design a multi-service app development that is user-friendly?

    We attain a user-friendly design by placing a premium on simplicity and usability. This may involve employing clear and intuitive navigation, reducing the number of steps required to complete a task, and providing helpful prompts throughout the application.

    How long will it take to create the on-demand multi-service application?

    3-5 days based on the client's business requirements.

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