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We are in the app development industry for more than three years and with our esteemed pool of services, we can upscale your business to the next-level.

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Our Ideas, Solutions Will Help Your Ridesharing Business Reach A Competitive Edge

Hyperlocal Cloud has been in the IT game for a decade and specializes in cab booking solutions. Through our expert guidance, you can be ahead of your competitors.

Why To Build And Launch Your Own Ridesharing App

Why To Build And Launch Your Own Ridesharing App?

In 2023, it is estimated that about 27.1% of the worldwide population will use shared rides, and upto 2027, the value will rise upto 29.8%. The revenue of the ridesharing business in 2023 is predicted to be around $436.80bn, and by 2027, the total number of users will be around 2365M. In the upcoming times, the popularity of ridesharing apps will only increase, and looking at the convenience and affordability, it is much cheaper than conventional taxi rides.

Want to develop a ride sharing & carpooling app? Get in touch with our ride sharing app developers and start your journey right Now!

Our Custom-Fit Ride Sharing & Carpooling App Development Solutions

Meet your business objectives with our custom-fit ride sharing and carpooling app development solutions.

  • Taxi Aggregator
    Taxi Aggregator

    The taxi aggregator model provides a uniform medium between taxi owners and passengers. It offers cost-effective solutions and saves time & money for businesses.

  • Private Taxi Company
    Private Taxi Company

    Businesses already running private taxis/buses/luxury rental cars require a car rental mobile & software company to optimize their business sales and growth.

  • Carpooling Company
    Carpooling Company

    With a fully customized carpooling app, elevate your customer reach and generate high ROI with coherent ridesharing and carpooling app services.

Passenger App
  • Real-time Tracking
    Real-time Tracking

    With this feature, the passengers will track the location of their cab/taxi in real time.

  • Advanced Search
    Advanced Search

    An advanced search option allows users to search for the desired locations at affordable prices.

  • Payment Methods
    Payment Methods

    Users will perform smooth transactions through wallets, payment apps, cash/debit cards.

  • Reviews & Ratings
    Reviews & Ratings

    Allows passengers to give genuine opinions on their ride journey via reviews & ratings.

  • Authenticated Profiles
    Authenticated Profiles

    Allows the proper verification of the users so that the travelling becomes safe with strangers.

  • Swift Bookings
    Swift Bookings

    Passengers will get the fastest cab bookings without any interruption in just a few seconds.

Uber Clone Driver App
  • Admin Dashboard
    Admin Dashboard

    An intuitive dashboard provides information on all the business metrics, such as sales, ROI, revenue, performance, etc.

  • Fleet Management
    Fleet Management

    Manages the listed vehicles through our A-level cab booking app development solutions and monitors fuel card transactions along with present/past rides.

  • Reports And Analytics
    Reports And Analytics

    As a carpooling app development company, we help you make smarter business decisions by using data insights and analytics.

  • Alerts

    Updates the passengers through notifications and alerts regarding driver arrival/departure time, request status, vehicle details, and more.

  • Handle Referrals And Promos
    Handle Referrals And Promos

    Helps handle and manage the referrals and promo codes to further share them among their family and friends.

  • Detailed Ride Information
    Detailed Ride Information

    As a leading carpooling app development company, get all the information related to the rides through this attribute.

Uber Clone Admin Solution Driver App
  • Separate Driver Dashboard
    Separate Driver Dashboard

    As a top-grade ride sharing app development company, we ensure that the drivers get their separate dashboards to track the passengers.

  • Request/Cancel Rides
    Request/Cancel Rides

    Through this feature, drivers will request and cancel the rides for the trips depending on the availability.

  • Trip Details
    Trip Details

    Drivers will be provided with all the essential details related to the trip so that pickups/drops are convenient.

  • All-In-One Tracker
    All-In-One Tracker

    Drivers are able to track their payments, forthcoming trips, and feedback via this tracking feature.

  • Sequential Ride Navigation
    Sequential Ride Navigation

    Drivers can leverage our top-class cab booking app solutions, aiding drivers to derive an advantage through Google Maps to reach their destination on time.

  • Rideshare Availability
    Rideshare Availability

    Drivers will turn on/off their driver app feature to match their fellow passengers on a given route to start their ride with our high-end cab booking app development solutions.

Get A Caring Eye For Your Business With Our Cab Booking App Solutions

As we are the leading rideshare app development company, we will help you think outside the box and take your taxi business to the height it deserves.

Ride Sharing App Development Services We Offer

Our ride sharing app development services apply to multiple domains, check out some of them below:

Reach The Competitive Edge Of Your Ride Sharing Business With Us

Hyperlocal Cloud is the leading ride sharing app development company globally, with 150+ seasoned app developers inclined to scale your business to the next level of success.

Your Next Gen Ridesharing App Will Look Like This

Here’s a quick look at what your ride sharing app will look like.

Faster, Simpler, And Smarter Custom Ride-Sharing App Solution To Kick-Start Your Business

Get the best cab booking app solutions for carpooling with our cutting-edge technological solutions inclined toward your business growth and sustainability.

Our Carpooling App Development Tech Stacks

Our seasoned team of rideshare app developers, business analysts, system engineers, software programmers, and testers use advanced tech stacks in developing websites and mobile applications.

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Allow Your Users To Unleash The Potential Of Our Ride-Sharing App

Get the best cab booking app solutions through our help at Hyperlocal Cloud and take your cab business to the next level of success.

Choose Hyperlocal Cloud As Your Ride Sharing App Development Partner

Hyperlocal Cloud is a popular ride sharing and carpooling app development company with decades of experience building highly scalable and robust applications.

Choose Hyperlocal Cloud As Your Ride Sharing App Development Partner
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    24*7 Customer Support

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    Latest Tools And Technologies

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    Cost Effective Solutions

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    100% Customization

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    Agile Methodologies

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    Affordable Prices


  • How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Ridesharing App?

    A ridesharing app usually costs between $10,000 to $80,000, depending upon the project's complexities.

    What Are The Top Features Of The Carpooling App?

    Our carpooling app includes features like in-app chat, live tracking, fare estimation, manage rides, payment options, etc.

  • Which Is The Best Ride Sharing App Development Company?

    Hyperlocal Cloud is the best Ride Sharing app development company with over a decade of experience developing mobile/web apps for businesses worldwide.

    What Are The Business Benefits Of Ride Sharing App Development?

    Enhanced ROI, improved sales, reduced parking costs, increased customer engagement, etc., are a few business benefits of a ride sharing app.

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