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Feature-rich Grab Solution at Your Fingertips

Get Grab clone solution with top-notch features and enhance your competitive edge with Hyperlocal Cloud's wizards.

Multi-Delivery Grab Clone App

Multi-Delivery Grab Clone App

All-in-solutions: One Click, Multiple Services

Grab Clone is a powerful blend of two working and market-relevant on-demand taxi booking, on-demand parcel delivery apps, and store-based delivery apps.

Want a similar app? Our Grab clone allows users to book rides, order food and groceries, and make transactions more straightforward. Its user-friendly interface features easy navigation. With a diverse fleet of delivery partners and drivers, we follow a clone script known for its prompt development services.

Safety is the first discussion topic for every business. It is our utmost priority. We follow all guidelines to maintain privacy. Embark on an exceptional journey with Grab Clone and discover a new level of transportation, financial, and delivery experience. Our app development maestros are ready to offer you clone solutions.

Multiple Services Offered By On-Demand Grab Clone Script

Building an app like Grab offers several categories to serve its users. Look at the comprehensive modules that come with the Grab clone app.

  • Transportation Services
    Transportation Services

    This includes taxi booking and motorcycle services. The app allows users to book rides for immediate or scheduled pickups and choose from two or four-wheelers.

  • Grocery Delivery
    Grocery Delivery

    The app provides instant access to various nearby grocery stores. Users can order groceries through the app, which will deliver them to their doorstep.

  • Food Delivery
    Food Delivery

    Users can order food from restaurants. They can get delivered to their doorstep. The app is a hub of several restaurants that users can explore online and order from the comfort of their homes.

  • Parcel Delivery
    Parcel Delivery

    What's more enticing than getting a parcel picked up from users' doorsteps? This service allows users to send and receive packages or documents through a courier service.

  • Pharmacy Delivery
    Pharmacy Delivery

    The app is helpful for those who cannot physically reach pharmacies to buy medicines. They can order prescription medications from pharmacies and have them delivered.

  • Alcohol Delivery
    Alcohol Delivery

    Enhance your Grab clone with alcohol delivery services! Users can enjoy the convenience of ordering their favorite drinks along with their rides or meals, all within the same app experience.

Avail of Our Sperior Grab Clone Offerings

Uber Clone Customer App

User App

Check Out the User App

Service Selection

The app has categories for different services for easy navigation. It helps customers choose from various services such as ride-hailing, food delivery, parcel delivery, etc.

Real-time Tracking

Implement a map interface that shows the service provider's location (e.g., driver or delivery person). It provides transparency and helps customers track their service's progress.

Scheduled Services

The app features innovative ride-hailing services where customers can book a ride for a specific date and time. It enables customers to schedule services in advance.

Price Estimation

Customers get the estimated costs of rides and products before the purchase. The app is convenient to use and helps them plan and budget accordingly.

Order History

Maintain a record of all past orders made by the customer. This feature lets customers easily reorder previous services and track their usage history.


The app sends push notifications to users and informs them about their order status, estimated arrival times, promotional offers, etc. It enhances the overall user experience, gaining more footfall.

Uber Clone Driver App

Driver App

Check Out the Driver App.

Order Acceptance

Drivers are notified about incoming ride requests and have some basic information about the trip (pickup location, drop-off location, etc.). They can either accept or reject the request.

Order Details

After accepting a ride request, the drivers can view details of the order, including the user's name, contact information, and instructions given by a customer about the pickup and drop-off points.

Route Optimization

This feature should help offer the drivers the shortest route to the pickup point and the destination to avoid any delays. They navigate routes for easy reach.

Track Income

Drivers can manage their finances and check their earnings in real time. This map shows the overall trip completion, monetization per trip, allowances, commissions, etc.


The drivers can manage their availability from the app and whether they are willing to be taken for rides. They can work according to their convenience and.

Ratings and Feedback

Both the driver and the passengers can give feedback and rate each other after the trip. It motivates drivers and customers to behave professionally and politely towards each other.

Uber Clone Admin Panel

Store Owner App

Check Out the Store App.

Product Management

Store owners can easily manage the products. It involves creating new products, modifying existing items, determining prices, adding descriptions, and including product images.

Orders Management

Store owners can approve or decline orders, assign them to delivery persons, change an order's status, and monitor the status of each order from order placement to delivery.

Order Status Updates

Store owners stay informed about order status. It consists of alerts for order reception, preparation, dispatch (by the delivery person), and delivery.

In-app Communication

The app has a basic messaging or chat feature to reach out to store owners, delivery personnel, and customers. It persuades hassle-free communication.

In-App Wallet

By integrating an in-app wallet payment feature, store owners can receive payment through the application and manage their money within the application.

Payment and Settlement

Store owners can access a dashboard to receive payments, view transaction history, manage withdrawals from received payments, and transfer payments to their bank accounts.

Uber Clone Admin Panel

Admin Pannel

Check Out the Admin Panel Features.

Dashboard Overview

A comprehensive dashboard overviews critical metrics and statistics, including the number of active users, ongoing orders, revenue generated, ratings and reviews, etc.

Order Tracking

This order management system allows admins to track orders in real-time. It includes viewing the order status, assigning orders to providers, resolving issues, and more.

Service Management

Admins can manage the services offered on the platform, including adding new services, updating existing service listings, setting service areas and pricing, and more.

Revenue Management

Tools for managing revenue generated through the platform include tracking earnings from various services, monitoring transaction fees or commissions, etc.

Analysis and Reports

Admins can get reports on key metrics such as user engagement, order volume, revenue trends, and customer feedback. It analyzes platform performance and user behavior.

Payment Gateway Integration

Admins can manage payment processing, monitor transaction status, resolve payment-related issues, and ensure compliance with relevant financial regulations.

Expand Your Business Today with Grab Clone

Learn how Hyperlocal Cloud's experts turn your vision into reality and enhance customer experiences.

Why Opt For A Grab Clone App?

Run multiple businesses on a single platform and engage more audience!

Choosing a Grab clone app solution offers several benefits, especially if you want to launch a ride-hailing or on-demand service app similar to Grab. Here is why you must go with it-

  • Lifetime Extended License for Brand Domain

    Lifetime Extended License for Brand Domain

    You will have the legal right to use your brand's software indefinitely without concern about licensing issues.

  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    A pre-built privacy policy saves you time and effort to ensure data protection regulations compliance.

  • Source Code Delivery

    Source Code Delivery

    Access to the source code allows you to customize and alter the app according to your specific requirements.

  • White-labeling


    Rebrand the app with your logo, colors, and branding elements, providing a unique identity.

  • Multi-currency


    Support multiple currencies, enabling users from different regions to use your app in their preferred currency.

  • Multi-languages


    The app in multiple languages expands your potential user base by catering to diverse linguistic preferences.

  • Free Bug Support for 365 Days

    Free Bug Support for 365 Days

    Free bug support for a year ensures that any technical issues will be addressed.

  • Free Upgradation

    Free Upgradation

    The free upgrade provides access to the advanced features and refinements without additional costs.

  • Free Installation on Your Apps

    Free Installation on Your Apps

    Professional installation services save you time and effort and ensure your apps are correctly configured.

Our Lucrative Grab Clone

How Can You Earn Money with Grab Clone?

Banner Ads
Banner Ads

Advertisers can be charged based on impressions (CPM), clicks (CPC), or conversions (CPA) for their banner ads.

Sponsored Promotions
Sponsored Promotions

You can earn money by charging businesses a fee for featuring their promotions on your app or as highlighted offers.

Ride Commissions
Ride Commissions

Earn a percentage commission from each ride booked through the platform. Moreover, you can earn from the cancelled fees, too.

Multiple Revenue Streams
Multiple Revenue Streams

Diversify revenue sources by integrating additional services such as food delivery, parcel delivery, and grocery shopping.

Data-Driven Revenue Insights
Data-Driven Revenue Insights

Offer businesses access to anonymized data for market research or use insights to optimize ad placements and promotional strategies.

Subscription Plans
Subscription Plans

Charge a recurring fee to access premium features such as priority bookings, reduced commissions, and exclusive promotions.

Enter the Market Earlier with Grab Clone Development

Our Hyperlocal Cloud's app development experts are ready to deliver you Grab clone timely. Be ready to land in the competitive market soon!

Why Hire Hyperlocal Cloud for Your Grab Clone App Development

We are highly proficient in developing a Grab clone with adequate features that turn vision into reality.


Our development wizards provide exhaustive whitelabel solutions, allowing you to customize the platform to match your brand identity. These solutions include color schemes, custom logos, and design elements.

Expert Team

With expertise in app development, UI/UX design, and project management, our experienced professionals ensure that the app's aspects are meticulously designed to meet industry standards and user expectations.

Best Tech Stack

Utilizing the latest and most robust technologies, such as frameworks and languages like React Native for cross-platform compatibility and Node.js for a scalable backend, Hypelocal Cloud ensures your app is built on a solid foundation.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

Our Grab clone supports the integration of multiple payment gateways. It ensures users make payments using various methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and online banking, enhancing the app's ease of use.

24x7 Availability

We offer round-the-clock support and monitor services and promptly address issues or downtimes. A service-based app like a Grab clone must maintain the app's reliability and availability. Thus, we have integrated every requirement into it.

Multi-Language Support

Understanding the need to cater to a global audience, our experts speak clients's language and provide multi-language support within the app. This feature allows users to switch to their preferred language, making the app user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to common questions that often strike your mind.

  • What is a Grab Clone App?

    A Grab clone is a customized application created to emulate the functionalities and features of the prominent Grab app. It provides services like food delivery, ride-hailing, package delivery, etc.

    What are the Benefits of Developing a Grab Clone App for My Business?

    Developing a Grab clone app can bring several benefits to your business. These include diverse revenue streams, scalability, customer convenience, brand recognition, competency, visibility, and more.

    Does the Development of A Grab Clone App Include Its Launch?

    Our development process includes app development, testing deployment, launching, and posy-launch support. Our experts ensure a bug-free app before the launch and improve it if required after the launch.

    What Features should be included in a Grab clone app?

    Key features include user registration and profile management, service selection, real-time tracking, payment Integration, multiple payment options, ratings and reviews, push notifications, and an admin panel.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Grab Clone App?

    The cost varies widely based on number of features, platform, design complexity, development team, post-launch support, ongoing maintenance, and updates. It starts from US $ 10K.

    What Technology Stack is Useful for Developing a Grab Clone App?

    A typical technology stack might include a Front End (React Native or Flutter for cross-platform development), a Back End (Node.js, Express.js, or Django), and a Database (MongoDB, MySQL, or PostgreSQL).

    Can I Customize the Grab Clone App?

    Yes, we offer customization options. You can tailor the app's features and functionalities according to your business needs and target audience and ask developers for additional features.

    How do I Market my Grab Clone App After Launch?

    Our effective marketing strategies include digital Marketing, app store Optimization (ASO), promotions and discounts, partnerships, and customer engagement. We improve your app to meet users' needs.