Airtasker Clone | Build an App Like Airtasker

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 30, 2023

Airtasker Clone | Build an App Like Airtasker

Due to the popularity of apps like Airtasker, it has become hard to find a replica of Airtasker that is under budget. But you will be very curious to know that you are on the right page, which is very helpful for you in getting an app like Airtasker.

We at Hyperlocal Cloud allow our clients to avail of an Airtasker clone with custom features, various revenue models, and many more from a single source. To know more about our white label Airtasker platform, continue reading the page:

Focal Points Of Airtasker Clone

Our business-ready Airtasker Clone, allows users to outsource daily tasks within a unique budget. Our Airtasker clone is completely customizable and offers a wide range of services, such as plumbing, gardening, furniture assembly, TV mounting, home cleaning, and more. As it is a home service marketplace, here are some futuristic stats:

  • The home service marketplace businesses are rising at a CAGR of 14.8%.
  • An AI-powered home service marketplace can improve efficiency in dealing with services.
  • The foremost way to generate money from such applications is commission-based and service-booking fees.

Collaborate with Hyperlocal Cloud to get an Airtasker clone for your business and customize it to all your business needs.

Top Features Of An Airtasker Clone

Wondering what should be the top features of an app like Airtasker? Check out the list:

Sign-Up / Login

Users can sign up/log in as a customer, and service providers can sign up/log in by choosing the services they offer.

Task Broadcasting

Our AirTask clone app lets members post their requirements by inputting every important detail, pricing, and location.

Professional Dashboard

With this feature, admins can keep an eye on the overall business operations and resolve any occurring issues.

In-App Chat

Once a handyman is assigned, Users can connect with their service provider anytime and ask about their doubts.

Push Notification

The push notification feature gives updates on the status of the upcoming service, any cancellations, payment status, and any updates from the service provider.

Schedule A Task

The schedule a task feature lets users schedule a task by providing the time & date to claim the service.

Geo-Location Scan

In order to check the availability of a service, users can enable an in-build geolocation scan that gathers the registered handyman’s data and shows it over the application.

Automated Payment

Customers can use the inbuilt wallet to set an autopay in return for service. It can be done by just clicking at once.

24/7 Customer Support

Customers and service providers can connect with the support team anytime in case of an error or query.

The features mentioned above are the common ones to have in an Airtasker clone. Stay on the page to learn more about some exclusive features.

Advanced Features Of Our Airtasker Clone

Here are the advanced and exclusive features to have in an Airtasker clone, which can also be customized. Checkout the list:

Multi-Language Support

In order to expand your business beyond the boundaries, it is important to have multi-language support to let customers from different regions use the application in their preferred language.

Pre-Booking Attribute

It can be considered as a premium feature for the Airtasker clone, which lets customers set their time & date to get done their various tasks.

Accept/Reject Tasks

This feature lets service providers and vendors accept and reject an incoming request to provide services.

Top Badges Feature

Badge icons are given to well-performed taskers. Any service provider can earn the badge by giving quality service. A customer generally entitles the badge.

Loyalty Programs

Business owners can create vouchers and discounts for loyal customers to appreciate their presence on the platform

Task Bidding

Taskers can negotiate on the price given by the customer and adjust a fare rate to do the job.

Fascinating features, right? Businesses can decide whom to choose for extra customization to fit their business needs.

Business Benefits Of Having An Airtasker Clone

Having an Airtasker clone comes with lots of business benefits. Let’s roll over some of them:

Brand Awareness

By offering top features, quality services, and having an appealing UI/UX rich white label Airtasker Clone, businesses can reach a vast audience and generate a high number of sales. It also requires a creative business strategy that can give cut-throat competition to rivals. Airtasker clone is a perfect example of such an application.

Customer Retention

A cutting-edge white label Airtasker clone platform from Hyperlocal Cloud can help users to find, schedule, and request a handyman service easily. Thus, it increases the likelihood for customers to use your platform every time.


With our Airtasker clone filled with exclusive features and appealing graphics, it has a higher tendency to be used by the customers and the tasker. It creates an opportunity for taskers to earn income and customers to get their things resolved properly. Thus, every individual has a higher chance of adhering to this application.

100% Customization

Our white label Airtasker platform is fully customizable. Our skilled developers accept every customization request from our clients. Our Airtasker clone can be customized with color, brand name, logos, features, designs, and more.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Airtasker Clone?

An Airtasker clone is a profitable business app in the upcoming future. That’s why by considering every opportunity and challenge, Hyperlocal Cloud can help you avail white label Airtasker platform under budget, feature-rich, and business-ready. Here are a few reasons to choose us:

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Our team creates affordable applications, equipped with innovative features and user-friendly interfaces.

Bug-Free Solution

Our quality analysts test the application multiple times to eliminate any bugs and improve its performance.

On-Time Output

Our team is able to consistently complete projects within the designated timeline due to our effective project management strategies.


Our team on board is proficient in speaking multiple languages, which helps to eliminate any language barriers. We ensure effective communication with our clients by utilizing our diverse language skills.

Skilled Manpower

Our development team comprises experienced developers proficient in creating highly scalable and robust applications.

Round-The-Clock Services

Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to help clients with any questions or issues they may have. We are dedicated to resolving any inquiries in a timely and efficient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Cost To Get An Airtasker Clone?

The approximate cost to build an Airtasker clone is $10,000 - $30,000. The price is uncertain because of factors like the app’s complexity, platform, UI/UX, custom features & designs, etc.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get An Airtasker Clone?

The approximate time to get a fully customized Airtasker clone ranges between 10 - 15 days. Remember, the reflected number can increase because of other factors like complex features, availability of resources, workforce, 3rd party integration, etc.

How Your Airtasker Clone Is Unique Than Others?

Our professional team has developed a user-friendly Airtasker-like app that is updated with mid-market exchange rates, responsive with other devices, has large numbers of pay-in options, and much more.

What Type Of Services Does Your Airtasker Clone Offers?

With the help of our Airtasker clone, users can avail services like home cleaning, transportation, electronics, fitness & wellness, beauty, pet care, etc. This is also helpful for businesses thinking to reach a wider audience.

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