White Label P2P Transfer App

By Hyperlocal Cloud

December 01, 2023

White Label P2P Transfer App

A P2P money transfer app has a significant role play when safely transferring money between two bank accounts without needing an intermediary. By considering this thought, we have a readymade P2P transfer application for every business size.

Our P2P money transfer application is effective in swift transactions to any country and currency. Businesses struggling with transaction failures using traditional methods must opt for our white-label P2P transfer application. To know more, let’s explore in-depth:

Use Cases Of A White Label P2P Transfer App

Here are some use cases of our readymade P2P transfer app, which is helpful in revolutionizing the finance sector:


By integrating our P2P money transfer application, businesses can neglect BaaS lock-in and communicate better pricing. It is also helpful in making selections between the providers.


Any business size can open a new income stream with our P2P transfer app. It lets customers access 24/7 mobile wallet support to complete various tasks.


Businesses using telecom subscriptions can now switch to our white label P2P transfer application easily to engage with new revenue generation opportunities.

Quick Remittance Procedure

Our white label P2P transfer app is built with dynamic technologies that let customers transfer money quickly and keep a detailed transaction history. It built transparency between the sender and the receiver.

Specialty Of Our White Label P2P Transfer App

Wondering how our P2P Transfer app is unique? Read these factors below:

100% Customizable

We offer businesses a personalized experience with our white label P2P transfer app. We deliver the complete application as early as possible. Businesses can customize brand names, in-app pages, fonts, and workflow and ask to add any custom feature.

Modern UI/UX

We research and create extraordinary and appealing UI/UX in our P2P transfer app that attracts many users. It also improves customer interaction by making the app more accessible.

Personalized Business Consulting

Our expert team of consultants and developers lets our clients discuss their business goals to customize and maintain changes accordingly. It lets our clients adhere to a business-friendly P2P money transfer application.

Unique Backend Core

We have a highly experienced development team with symmetrical and secure wireframes at the back end of our white-label P2P transfer app. It helps them make safer and secure transactions.

Hence, we are the best white label P2P transfer app provider in the market of the on-demand industry.

Core Features Of Our White Label P2P Transfer App

We provide cutting-edge features in our white label P2P transfer app to give businesses a competitive edge:

Biometric Authentication

Users can register on the application using biometrics like thumb impressions, fingerprints, voice recognition, and face recognition. It helps them log in securely later.

Integrated E-Wallet

We provide integrated e-wallet support for users to manage their expenses and add/transfer money directly.

Online KYC Onboarding

To start sending/receiving money, users have to go through a KYC check-up that can be done for free with our application.

Multi-Currency Converter

Our P2P money transfer application is capable of converting any currency into the native capital of the user. It lets applications be used broadly and adhered to by many people.

Multi-Lingual Support

Along with currency conversion, our application is equipped with language converter support, which lets any regional user access the app in their native language.

Push Notification

We use the latest technologies to develop push notification features that take less than seconds to advise any activity on the application.

Live Chat

Users can connect with the chat support team anytime to resolve their queries. It solves their queries instantly and helps in maintaining transparency.

QR Payments

In order to pay a merchant or for shopping, our white label P2P transfer app is effective in making payments to any QR code.

Invoice Generation

It lets customers generate invoices of recent history and current savings balances in a single click. Users can also download it in PDF format.

Abilities Of Our White Label P2P Transfer App

Our white label P2P money transfer app is capable of performing every type of transaction that a user can think of. Check the list below:

Bill Payment

Our white label P2P app for money transfer can also be used for prepaid mobile recharge, initiating merchant payment, transport booking, and many more.

Track Expenses

Our white label P2P money transfer app records every transaction made on the platform. It includes data on sent and received money and every transaction detail since registration.

3DS Payment

3DS stands for 3D Secure payment, a security protocol that adds an extra layer of safety while transacting between a credit/debit card.

Money Request

Customers can request money from another recipient using our white label P2P transfer app, and recipients can approve and send money instantly upon approval.

Split Bills

While traveling or on vacation with friends, users can split a specific amount among other users.

Send Cash Gifts

Our white label P2P transfer app connects with popular brands and creates online cash vouchers that can be sent to another user. This voucher can be redeemed at the store of the brand easily.

Benefits Of Our White Label P2P Transfer App

Using our white label P2P money transfer app has various business benefits. Let’s explore some of them:

Brand Awareness

Our readymade P2P transfer app lets businesses reach beyond their boundaries. With top features like currency and language conversion, it is accessible to every sort of person from anywhere.

Strict Security

Our application has every essential security measure to protect a transcoding payment. Our app is invulnerable to other phishing attacks, malware, and the intervention of mediators.

Easily Accessible

With appealing graphics and animation, our P2P transfer app is accessible to any type of customer and doesn’t require any technical expertise.

Domestic/International Transfer

Our readymade P2P transfer app can easily transfer and receive domestic and international payments with accurate conversion rates between two capitals.

Direct Bank Transfer

It is also known as a wire transfer, which initiates payment between two different bank accounts and gets done in a few minutes.

Bypass Brokers

We provide a P2P money transfer app with a lower conversion rate that eliminates the need for brokers.

Money Making Model Of Our White Label P2P Transfer App

There are various ways for businesses to generate revenue through their application. These include in-app advertisements, subscription plans, commission-based revenue, and sponsorship.

In-App Advertisement

allows business owners to collaborate with other organizations and businesses to display their ads. The business owner gets paid by the advertiser for this service. There are four types of ads that can be displayed: video ads, native ads, playable ads, and interstitial ads.

Subscription Plans

It can be offered by admins to both service providers and users. This allows them to access premium features, customer priority, and other benefits in exchange for an amount. It is an excellent way to maintain recurring payments.


With commission-based revenue, business owners charge a small percentage for every successful sale. The business owner independently decides the percentage amount of the cut.


Lastly, businesses can opt for sponsorship by contacting celebrities, influencers, or organizations with a large user base. They can promote the application on their social media handles in exchange for payment, which can be used to provide free premium features.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For White Label P2P Transfer App?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a leading IT company that provides top on-demand app development solutions. Here are some reasons to choose us:

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Transparent Pricing

We do not charge any hidden fees other than the negotiated price. We commit to a determined amount before starting the project development.

Unique UI/UX

We create seamless and meaningful UI/UX that is easily navigable, understandable, and accessible for users.

On-Time Delivery

We respect time constraints and commit to delivering any complex project before the deadline.

Talented Staff

We have over 150 skilled developers who are ready to take on any development challenge. We provide custom white label solutions to match every business's needs.

Agile Methodologies

We focus on requirement discovery and solution improvement by applying creative ideas for development tasks.

Top Features

Our creative developers embed top features and find solutions to problems that help businesses thrive among their competitors.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose P2P Money Transfer App Over Traditional Banking Method?

There are 4 elements that prove that a P2P banking solution is more effective than traditional banking are; speed, security, low currency conversion rate, and greater accessibility.

What Is The Cost To Get A White Label P2P Transfer App?

The approximate cost to get a fully customized white label P2P banking solution is $25,000. The price is uncertain and can be caused by several factors.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get A White Label P2P Transfer App?

It can take about 1 - 3 weeks to get the full app customized and launched. Remember, time can increase due to the availability of resources, custom features & designs, integration of paid API, and many more.

What Industries Does Your White Label P2P Transfer App Support?

Our white label P2P money transfer app can be used by different industries namely healthcare, education, on-demand, manufacturing, and more.

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