Hinge Clone | Pre-built And Customizable

By Hyperlocal Cloud

December 14, 2023

Hinge Clone | Pre-built And Customizable

The online dating segment is upsurging as youngsters choose the dating lifestyle. It needed some spark in the technology to build a sense of liking and long-term usage for such dating apps. No doubt, dating apps have turned the tables in the industry. Hinge is a superb example of developing apps as a highly profitable business.

You can get a similar platform and gain revenue the way it does. Using a Hinge clone will help your target audience spot people who are open to dating. The way Hinge is meant to make their first date your last date in terms of finding the right soulmate, its clone will act the same, helping you gain more app users.

Moreover, the app is secure and reliable, helping people date freely and leading to no fraudulent activities.

How Does Hinge App Work?

The app is available in the Play Store and App Store. It allows users of 18 or above to sign up through their registered mobile number or Facebook login and get started with the app. They start using the app once you set a profile by including their preferences and desired locations. Users can set and answer any three prompt questions besides uploading six videos or photos. It helps them come across profiles they can know better.

Interested in developing an app like Hinge? Look no further than connecting with our Hinge clone development wizards!

The app is a perfect matchmaker and is free to use. However, there are certainly paid packages for advanced features.

Top-notch Features of Hinge Clone

Our Hinge Clone app comes with extremely secure features, making it a top choice for people. Have a look:

Prompts- Easy Sign-Up

Prompts, a significant part of the sign-up process, are the personal questions the app asks users about their lives and interests. They must answer these questions to create an account. Also, those answers are displayed on the profile for visitors to learn more about them.

A clone app allows you to customize questions you want to include in your app, keeping your customers' preferences in mind. For instance, the prominent questions Hinge asks users are-

  • What is dating to me?
  • Why am I looking for someone to date?

Think of similar questions and help people make their profile interesting!

Liking and Rejecting- User-friendly App Experience

The app's algorithm efficiently sends potential matches to users they don't know but have similar interests and likes. This web of interrelation makes the app experience like they are dating with a community rather than a void.

Hinge shows one user at a time. Its clone app does the same. However, users can scroll through their prompts and pictures and decide whether to like or not to like them by tapping the heart icon or X icon.

Further, you can add the user-friendly feature of allowing users to like a specific picture or prompt instead of liking someone's entire people. Moreover, they don't need to wait for a match to begin chatting; they can start the conversation with just a like.

Standouts- Increase User's Chance of Matching

Hinge's standout feature is where account holders shine a light on their matching profiles that get the most attention based on mutual deals and recent activities. Like Hinge, you can offer different packages to them through its clone.

For instance, Hinge users can send Rose to interested matches when upgrading their profile. It bumps them on the top of the profiles they send roses to. Further, it exhibits their interest in those profiles.

The Hinge clone app offers one free Rose every Sunday. Prospects can buy more in packs of 3, 12, and 50.

Dating Intentions- Let People Upfront their Expectations

Hinge's "Dating Intentions" feature encourages users to be upfront about their expectations. They can choose a dating goal to display on their profile. You can provide them with options for dating goals, such as long-term, short-term, open to short-term, open to long-term, and trying to figure out.

Also, this feature includes the option of "Backstory." In it, you can ask users to add more context about their dating backstory.

In the Hinge clone, the Dating Intentions feature will allow people to focus on the right people and connect with those with similar welfare.

Self-Care Prompts- Ask Users to Tell More

Here comes the upgraded version of prompts- self-care prompts. This Hinge feature aims to inspire initial conversations between matches about self-care priorities. These prompts allow users to exhibit their personality instead of having a generic bio. Users can select up to 3 new self-care prompts to enlighten people about mental health awareness.

This feature adds voice prompts, which allow users to answer a prompt through a 30-second voice recording. Our skilled developers have inoculated this feature into Hinge's clone app, permitting you to personalize questions accordingly.

Additional Features You Must Add to Hinge Clone

Apart from what Hinge provides, Hyperlocal Cloud app development specialists leverage you to include prominent features in its clone. Here you go-

AI-Based Chats

AI-based chat helps users, especially introverts, break the ice. It can suggest to people the beginning lines to initiate a conversation. Also, the chatbot can suggest replies to a particular message. This feature is essential as what users say and how they say it greatly impacts interacting with a stranger.

Nearby Events and Meet-Ups

Integrating this exceptional feature can help people explore nearby events that suit their interests. Attending events can be the first step in their relationships. Being the owner of the Hinge clone app, you can customize event categories, such as romantic people, long-drive enthusiasts, animal lovers, fitness fanatics, and more.

Profile Performance Checker

A profile must be impressive as every user checks it before hitting the "Send a Friend Request" button. Only some people know how to create a profile that draws eyeballs. A feature of the profile performance checker can help users, especially first-time daters, analyze their profiles and find the partners they expect.


This feature is a good option to enhance user engagement. Gamifying a dating app can augment the user base and make your app entertaining. It allows users to participate in competitions and earn scores or points to unlock some powerful benefits in the app.

Compliment Segment

Complimenting someone may increase the chance of being interested in each other. This feature allows users to compliment their favorite profiles before starting a chat. Integrating it into your clone app can attract users and increase their date search experience.

Hinge Clone App Development: Key Steps

Creating Hinge clone app development is a quick solution and needs appropriate time. Below is a brief list of key steps for developing a Hinge clone:-

Develop an app architecture

The unique identity of the app makes it outstanding in the market. Our developers choose the right name, look, and logo for the app with wise discussions.

Understand Target Audience

Our developers undergo market research to learn about businesses looking to grow with Hinge-like apps. Further, they research your audience, belonging to distinct backgrounds and having different dating preferences.

Analyze Market Competition

Any new business needs in-depth R&D of the market before launching. Our app developers do it by creating Hinge clone solutions so you can get an app instantly.

Hinge Clone App Design

Our reputed designers work on the interface in this phase, creating user maps, wireframes, flow and journey, and UI/UX design. They brainstormed the color finalization before reaching the outcome.

Tech Stack and Development

Our proficient Hinge clone app developers decide on the technology stack per the requirement. For the Hinge clone, everything is the same as the original. For instance, we have used the programming languages in the Hinge clone, including Swift, Kotlin, Java, Flutter, and React Native.

Quality Analysis & Testing

Completing clone app development includes testing and quality analysis. A super-qualified team of app testers and quality analysts monitors the app development process and flow to verify its functioning.

App Deployment & Maintenance

This last stage includes deploying the clone app and checking out its operation. It includes spotting app performance lag or bugs that need improvisation on time and update.

Cost to Develop a Dating App Like Hinge

Developing a dating app like Hinge costs around $20,000 – $40,000. It depends on various factors, including app size, features, location, devices, structure, etc.

The cost includes how much the clone app development company charges. The specialists at Hyperlocal Cloud have the best resources to uplift your project and build the most mesmerizing Hinge clone app, helping you personalize without needing any technical knowledge.

Planning to earn as Hinge does? Request a quote to get your Hinge clone cost estimation today!

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud As A Hinge Clone App Development Ally?

Hyperlocal Cloud has marked its footprints across the IT industry with its impeccable app development and clone services. It can be your next technological ally to transform your dating app business into a powerful setup with a Hinge clone.

Below are the top six reasons why you must choose us-

Skilled App Developers

With more than 150 seasoned app developers in our workforce, we help businesses aiming to develop their apps from scratch or get clone solutions for instant launch.

Timely Project Delivery

We follow punctuality, so your plans work flawlessly. We ensure our clients get their projects with quality and that all amendments are made on time.

NDA Agreement

With the client's consent, we agree to sign an NDA agreement to maintain the project, keeping the details intact.


The cost of developing a Hinge clone app development doesn't come with a fixed price. It varies. That is why we develop a secure and customized application for our clients at cost-efficient prices.

24/7 Availability

Our tech minds are ready to assist clients anytime. They take accountability to solve their queries and issues, informing them about further changes.

Multi-lingual Approach

Our team is expert in speaking the language of clients' tongue. It helps prevent communication barriers and maintain hassle-free interaction.

Launched 50+ Clone Apps

We have launched over 50+ apps fully loaded clone solutions with the latest features and according to the original apps.

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