Lyft Clone | Lyft Clone App Script

By Hyperlocal Cloud

February 15, 2024

Lyft Clone |  Lyft Clone App Script

By undertaking the demand for the rising ride-hailing business, we provide a Lyft clone for businesses to help them boost their sales, earn income, and engage with a number of customers. Our Lyft-like app helps your target audience match them with local drivers and enjoy their rides comfortably; it increases the likelihood of adhering to this app.

The Lyft app is a ride-sharing platform that connects customers with drivers and also provides on-demand rides based on customers' needs. It comes with top-notch features, and that’s why users are more after such applications. Founded in 2012, people still find their comfort and convenience by using such applications.

In this scenario, having a Lyft clone shows quite lucrativeness in business. So this page provides you extensive knowledge on an app like Lyft, its functioning, benefits, pricing, features, and many more.

Investment In Ride-Sharing Apps

Let’s take a look at some stats about the ride-sharing business and know future revenue. Check the list below:

  • The financial growth in the ride-sharing business is expected to be at $165.60 billion before 2024.
  • The CAGR is 6.83%, which is reflected between 2024 and 2028.
  • The ARPU is going to be $94.80, which shows high growth of having a Lyft clone.
  • By the end of 2028, the revenue growth will be hiked to $215.70 billion.

Workflow Of Our Lyft Clone

We have developed the application to match the needs of customers, drivers, and admins. Here is the workflow of our Lyft-like app.


  • Open an app like Lyft, enter our pickup and drop-off locations, select a car type, and confirm the request.
  • See driver profiles, ratings, and estimated arrival time.
  • Follow the driver's progress on the map in real time.
  • Pay through the app, no cash is needed.
  • Provide feedback on the driver and experience.


  • Open the Lyft clone and set their availability.
  • Drivers are alerted to ride requests and can choose to accept or decline based on distance, destination, etc.
  • Navigate to the pickup location using the app's map.
  • Complete the ride and follow the app's navigation to the drop-off point.
  • Lyft automatically deposits earnings into the driver's account.
  • Positive ratings are crucial for securing future rides.


  • Admins can manage employee travel expenses and track ridership data.
  • Book individual rides or set up recurring rides for employees.
  • Assign budgets, track and receive invoices, and control spending limits.
  • Connect the Lyft clone app with expense management software for streamlined reporting.

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Types Of Booking Can Be Done In Our Lyft Clone

We provide every type of booking that is also done on the existing Lyft app. Check the list below:

Car Ride

This allows riders to book a four-wheeler ride in advance of 30 days. Riders can easily choose regular, XL, or Lux rides provided by Lyft. A standard ride can adjust for up to 4 people, whereas an XL ride can be accessible for up to 6 people.


Users can rent a single-seater bike easily, which allows them to cover a medium distance range. Riders have to scan the QR code printed on the bike at the station to start the journey. After a successful ride, they have to park the bike at the docking station and pay the fare.


Our Lyft clone allows users to book a variety of scooters, including compact scooters, for a single joy ride. The scooters are limited to a speed of 15 MPH. Users can find nearby scooter stations using the app and start their ride.

This is not just the end; businesses can demand to have a custom booking option apart from the ones mentioned above to match their needs.

Advantages Of A Lyft Clone

Our Lyft-like app comes with lots of business benefits for our clients. Here is the list:

Brand Awareness

With the help of an app like Lyft, businesses can dominate competitors and set a benchmark in the ride-hailing market. Entrepreneurs can build recognizable brand names, have a brand story, engaging call-to-action, create shareable content, and many more.

Boost Audience Reach

By offering extensive ride-sharing services, it is obvious to attract a number of users. People love to check on new things and get attached to new offers. So timely updates and new services can bring new customers effectively.

Increase Revenue

Businesses can experiment with different revenue models to increase revenue. Our Lyft clone can be easily incorporated with different money-making models to generate high income. Thus, businesses can gain high ROI with a Lyft-like app.

100% Customization

Our Lyft-like app is fully customizable to match your every business need. Entrepreneurs can customize our solutions with name, color, brand logo, font, custom features, business model, and many more.

Our app offers several promising business benefits to entrepreneurs, as mentioned above. Other benefits may vary depending on business strategy and model.

Compulsory Features In A Lyft Clone

We have researched and embedded essential features in our Lyft-like app. We create features for admins, riders, and drivers.

User App

Easy Sign-up/Login

Users can easily log in and sign up in the app. Our Lyft clone incorporates social media platforms that let users login and sign up using their Facebook and Gmail accounts.

Vehicle Categories

Riders can browse vehicle categories after inputting their pickup and drop-off locations. It also allows them to customize their seating easily.

Schedule Pickup

This feature allows riders to schedule their pickup option by giving their convenient time and date. It helps them manage time and enjoy the right whenever they are free.

In-App Chat & Call

An app like Lyft lets users chat, call, and communicate with the driver. It helps them resolve their queries and ask the driver to change pickup in real time.

Live Tracking

We implant an in-built map in the Lyft clone so that users can get the live status of the driver, ETAs, minutes of arrivals, and many more.


This feature allows users to easily rent a car for hours. It helps them cover multiple destinations by entering multiple stops while booking the retinal ride.

Multiple Payment Gateways

After successfully completing a ride, users can pay in different payment modes like PayPal, integrated eWallet, credit/debit card, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and pay using cash.

Multi-lingual Support

Our Lyft-like app breaks the language barrier by letting the application work in different languages. Users can change their language by going into the settings of the application.

OTP For Ride Confirmation

In order to maintain transparency between riders and drivers, a unique PIN is generated when a driver accepts a booking. The rider is required to provide this PIN in order to start the ride.

Rating & Reviews

Riders can drop star ratings and write reviews based on their experience of the ride. This helps report rash driving and improve business operations.

Driver App

Driver Registration

Drivers can register with their information, such as name, location, contact number, bank account, email ID, etc., to get started.

Add/Update Vehicle Information

Drivers can easily add their fleet information like type of vehicle, registration number, size, etc., whereas the existing drivers can update the same information.

Activate Online/Offline

This feature allows drivers to show their activeness when they are ready to take rides. It helps them manage their time and allows them to work whenever they are free.

Accept/Decline Incoming Request

Drivers have full control of incoming ride requests. They can easily accept or decline a ride request by analyzing the ride info.

Fare Details

This feature shows the complete cost of a ride before applying an action on an incoming order. Additionally, this also includes some top details like destination, number of patients,

Map & Navigation

We have embedded Google Maps and navigation APIs that help drivers know the customer’s location, distance to destination, ETAs, off-roads, traffic, etc.

Priority Mode

Priority Mode increases ride opportunities for drivers, keeping them busy during slow periods. Drivers operating in priority mode have a weekly quota of hours, ensuring consistent income for the business.

Receive Payment

After a ride is complete, drivers can receive the total fare through various methods such as eWallet, net banking, or cash.

In-App Call & Chat

Whenever a driver wishes to connect with a customer, they can easily connect with them effectively using call, chat, and other modes.

Admin Panel

User Management

Admins can manage every user registered in a Lyft-like app. They can easily add, delete, and modify a user.

Trip Management

It allows admins to manage an ongoing trip and know every relevant detail like customer name, driver name, destination, cost, etc.

Invoice Generation

Business owners can generate complete invoices on sales, generated revenue, active users, active drivers, and many more.

Report & Analytics

This feature helps business owners visualize the live happenings and activities on sale. Analytics lets admins view the key performance indicators of a specific user.


In case of cancellation of a ride, admins can initiate the refund and send money to the beneficiary’s bank account after deducting the cancellation charges.

Professional Dashboard

Our Lyft clone has a professional dashboard that shows the live data of business insights in the form of charts, animations, stats, infographics, etc.

Document Validation

Admins can validate the uploaded document by the driver. They can further process to register the driver after successfully validating their documents.


This feature helps admins connect with active users, or riders can connect with admin support via call and chat.

Fare Modification

It is a control feature on fare that lets admins increase and decrease service charges depending on different circumstances.

Subscription Management

Admins can manage subscription-holder users and remove & renew their subscriptions based on the payment status.

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Money Making Strategies In Our Lyft Clone

Businesses can generate revenue through an app like Lyft in several ways:

Commission On Rides

A Lyft clone can earn revenue by taking a percentage of the fare from each ride booked through the platform. Businesses can customize the percentage of the amount to be taken from the overall ride booking cost.

Subscription Fees

Businesses can offer premium subscription plans to frequent users, providing benefits such as discounted rides or exclusive perks and ensuring recurring payments.


Partnering with businesses to display targeted ads and promotions in the app, generating ad revenue and promotional fees.

Service Fees

Implementing service fees for additional features such as scheduling rides, access to premium vehicles, or priority booking.

Cancellation Charges

Businesses can charge a cancellation fee when a user cancels a pre-booked ride. Some amount of the cancellation charges are compensated to the drivers.

Surge Charges

It is the model of increase in dynamic pricing based on the customer's demand, weather conditions, and many more. It is a common money-making strategy used in ride-hailing businesses.

By leveraging these revenue streams, businesses can effectively monetize a Lyft clone while providing users with a convenient and reliable transportation service.

Reasons To Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Lyft Clone

Hyperlocal Cloud is a reputable firm that specializes in developing clone apps. Their expertise has enabled numerous entrepreneurs to achieve significant growth in various industries. With over 3 years of experience in the IT sector, they have built remarkable software, websites, and applications tailored to meet their clients' needs.

Below are some of the factors that set them apart from their competitors.

  • Quick Launch
  • 100% Customization
  • Result-Oriented Approach
  • Expert Professionals
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • No Language Barrier
  • Pocket-Friendly Prices
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Agile Methodologies


What Is The Complete Cost To Get A Lyft Clone?

The complete cost of having a Lyft clone depends on a number of factors like active team strength, 3rd party integrations, complexity of the app, and many more. Contact us and get a budget-friendly cost overview.

How Much Time Does It Take To Build An App Like Lyft?

The development time for a Lyft-like app depends on numerous elements like supporting platform, UI/UX, custom features, team expertise, testing, reviewing and launching, etc. Businesses can connect with us to get accurate details over time.

What Language Does The App Support?

Our Lyft clone is built in different languages with the help of Google Translate support. It converts all the content automatically into different languages that let businesses reach beyond boundaries.

Will I Be Getting Full Ownership Of The Source Code Of Lyft Clone?

Yes, you will be adhering to the complete ownership of the license-based source code.

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