Privacy Policy

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we are committed to preserving the confidential data of our clients. We are respectful towards every single individual who pays a visit to our website. Our privacy policy includes the kind of information gathered and how that personal details will be used.

Hyperlocal cloud has a clean and transparent track record when it comes to protecting sensitive details. We are respectful towards our clients as we don't disclose anything without their permission. Moreover, we timely update the privacy page and would like you to keep a tab on it.

Personal Information

We don't hoard the personal details of the user unless and until they willingly provide information by filling out the form on the company's website. Whatever information is shared, we don't share it with any third party.

Note: We refrain from saving any type of payment details, including credit card, debit card, or other bank account details while processing any payment.

General Information

The other form of collected information such as IP address, browser type, links via which the user landed on the site, cookies, etc. is stored. We collect these details to make enhancements to our services, observe ads, and make massive improvements in our marketing strategies.

Cookies Policy

Hyperlocal Cloud collects information from every user through first and third-party cookies. Cookies on our site are free from viruses and are not able to access programs. We use third-party service providers that aid in ads optimization. We completely keep personal information separate from general one, exhibiting the best we can offer to our users in terms of security and privacy.

Acceptance Policy To Our Terms & Conditions

While browsing our website, you will have to show your acceptance through the privacy policy that comprises certain terms and conditions. Every time the policies are upgraded, you are liable to show acceptance towards those modifications. In case you don’t comply with these changes, then kindly withhold yourself from using the website.

Contact Us

Users can contact us with their queries through;
Email At: [email protected]
Phone No: +1 (973) 755-9045