White Label Wise Clone

By Hyperlocal Cloud

December 06, 2023

White Label Wise Clone

Unlock the power of seamless financial transactions with Wise clone. In today's fast-paced digital era, money transfers are becoming integral to our lives. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a well-established business owner looking to send money abroad, having a reliable and efficient platform is crucial. That's where our Wise clone comes in.

This innovative solution offers a range of use cases, advanced features, and business benefits that can revolutionize the way you handle your finances. Get ready to explore the world of hassle-free cross-border transactions with this cutting-edge technology!

Let’s know more:

Use Cases Of Wise Clone

The White Label Wise clone is a versatile solution that caters to various use cases, making it an ideal choice for individuals and businesses alike. Let's take a closer look at some of its key applications.

Peer-to-Peer Payments

The Wise clone enables seamless money transfers between friends, family members, or colleagues across different countries. Whether you're splitting bills with your travel buddies or sending financial support to loved ones overseas, this platform ensures quick and secure transactions.

E-Commerce Transactions

Online sellers can integrate the Wise clone with their marketplaces to offer customers convenient cross-border payment options. With this feature, buyers can make purchases in their local currency while sellers receive payments in their preferred currency without the hassle of conversion fees.

Freelancers And Remote Workers

For freelancers and remote workers who earn income from clients around the world, the Wise clone simplifies receiving payments. It allows them to create virtual bank accounts in multiple currencies, enabling faster fund withdrawals with lower fees compared to traditional banking systems.

International Business Expansion

Businesses expanding globally can benefit from using the Wise clone by streamlining international payments for suppliers, partners, or employees based in different regions. This eliminates complex wire transfer processes and saves both time and money on transaction fees.

Travel Expenses Management

Whether you're planning a vacation abroad or traveling for business purposes, accessing the White Label Wise clone can help manage your travel expenses efficiently. You'll be able to convert currencies at competitive rates without worrying about hidden charges typically associated with traditional banks or exchange services.

Receiving International Payments

With a Wise account, users can send payments in 80+ countries as it supports 50+ currencies. It gives international currency conversion access to all travelers without any hassle of extra paperwork. There are no ongoing fees; users pay only for the service they claim.

Advanced Features Of Wise Clone

We offer top features in our Wise-like app that ease the transaction flow. Explore them all:

Multi-Currency Support

The Wise clone comes equipped with advanced multi-currency support, allowing users to send and receive money in various currencies hassle-free. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses operating globally or individuals living abroad who frequently need to make international transactions.

Automated Transfer Notifications

With the wise clone, users can stay updated on their transfer status through automated notifications sent via email or SMS. This feature ensures that users are informed about every step of the transaction process, providing them with peace of mind and transparency.

Integration With Banking Systems

The wise clone seamlessly integrates with various banking systems, enabling users to link their bank accounts directly within the platform. This integration simplifies the transfer process by eliminating the need for manual input of bank details and streamlining transactions.

Secure Encryption

Security is a top priority when it comes to financial transactions, and the wise clone understands this well. It employs robust encryption protocols to ensure that user data and transactions remain secure at all times.

Business Account

Our Wise clone offers business accounts to businesses of every size, allowing them to add members to their registered accounts. It helps them create a community to solve users’ payment problems and manage every expense at once.

Transparent Fees Structure

One of the standout features of the Wise clone is its transparent fee structure. Users can easily view and understand any applicable fees before initiating a transfer, ensuring full clarity regarding costs associated with their transactions.

Mobile App Compatibility

The wise clone is designed to be mobile-friendly, offering compatibility across both iOS and Android platforms through dedicated mobile applications. This allows users to conveniently access their accounts from anywhere at any time using their smartphones or tablets.

Collaborations & API Integration Opportunities

Businesses can take advantage of collaboration opportunities offered by Wise clones, such as integrating APIs into existing systems like CRM software or e-commerce platforms.

Customer Support

Our white label Wise platform enables 24/7 customer support to resolve any customer-related query by connecting them with a custom care executive.

These features enable seamless integration between different business functions, saving time and sending/receiving money anywhere.

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Business Benefits Of White Label Wise Clone

We developed an app like Wise, which lets businesses claim various profits. Implementing a white label Wise clone solution for your business can bring numerous benefits. Let's explore some of the key advantages:

Brand Consistency

With our Wise clone, you can maintain brand consistency across all customer touchpoints. The platform allows you to customize the interface and incorporate your branding elements, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Cost Savings

Developing a money transfer platform from scratch can be expensive and time-consuming. By opting for a white label solution like Wise clone, you can save significantly on development costs and deployment time.

Time Efficiency

White labeling eliminates the need to spend months or even years building and testing your own money transfer service. Instead, with an existing product like Wise clone, you can launch your platform quickly and enter the market faster than your competitors.

Increased Revenue Streams

Adding cross-border money transfer services to your existing business model opens up new revenue streams for growth and expansion. With a white label solution, you have the opportunity to tap into this lucrative market without going through extensive development processes.

Enhanced Customer Trust

Utilizing a trusted brand like Wise helps build credibility with customers who are already familiar with its reputation in the industry. This trust translates into increased confidence among users when making international transactions on your platform.


As your business grows, it's crucial to have flexible solutions that can accommodate increasing transaction volumes seamlessly. A wise clone offers scalability options so that as demand rises, you will be able to handle higher transaction volumes effortlessly.

Improved Customer Experience

A user-friendly interface coupled with advanced features such as instant transfers, multi-currency support, and real-time exchange rates ensures an exceptional customer experience on your white label Wise clone platform.

Money-Making Strategies For Wise Clone

With the help of our Wise app, businesses can earn high income by incorporating these revenue models:

In-App Advertisement

This revenue model lets business owners collaborate with other organizations and businesses to post their ads and get paid by the advertiser. There are typically 4 types of ads: video ads, native ads, playable ads, and interstitial ads.

Subscription Plan

Admins can offer subscription plans for service providers and users, including premium features and customer priority, in return for an amount. It is one of the best approaches to maintaining recurring payments.

Commission Based

With this revenue model, business owners charge a tiny amount for every successful sale. The business owner independently decides the percentage amount of availing the cut.


Businesses can contact celebrities and influencers and ask them to promote the application on their social media handles. Not just celebrities, but this practice can be successful with other organizations and companies that have a huge user base. In return, businesses have to pay money for free premium features.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For White Label Wise Clone?

As a top provider of Wise clone, Hyperlocal Cloud has been creating strong solutions for financial sectors for our global clients. We have helped 1250+ clients worldwide, and here are some reasons to work with us:

  • Awareness of modern technologies
  • 24*7 customer support
  • No-hidden cost policies
  • Customized Wise clone solution
  • On-time Delivery
  • Budget-friendly service

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Complete Cost To Get A White Label Wise Clone?

The estimated time to get a complete Wise clone ranges between $10,000 - $15,000. Remember, the reflected amount is not certain, as it can increase depending on various factors.

How Much Time Does It Take To Customize A Wise Clone?

It can take about 5 - 10 days to avail the complete solution. Remember, the time can increase due to source available, active workforce, third-party integrations, custom features and many more.

What Platform Does Your Wise Clone Support?

We have a hybrid Wise clone that can be accessed on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Can I Take A Look At The Demo Of Your White Label Wise Clone?

Yes, we provide customized demos of our Wise clone in a minimum of 3 days.

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