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Leverage A Constant Revenue Stream With Car Sharing Apps Like Turo

Hyperlocal Cloud provides an ace Turo clone app to transform transportation startups or enterprises to reach the next level of success.

Car Sharing Apps Like Turo

Redefining Car Sharing Apps Like Turo

The car rental business has grown over the recent years with convenient taxi booking services straight from a tap of your smartphone.

The car-renting business is projected to rise by a massive sum of $135B by 2027. This is indeed the right time for transportation businesses to invest in the Turo clone app. This peer-to-peer car renting platform will avail renting from a fleet of cars through a single dashboard. Our Turo car-sharing clone app will manage hundreds of ride requests through its versatile platform and help you run your business in different cities.

What Will The Turo Clone Apps Offer?

Enlisted below are some of the offerings of a Turo car-sharing clone app. The Turo clone will provide the power of automation through a rider app, driver app and admin panel.

Turo Clone Renter App

The renter app of the Turo clone app will have all the top-level features that will provide a smooth passenger ride to your users. Here are some of the features:

Features Include:
  • Choose Your Vehicle

    Users can select their ideal choice of car from our massive fleet of cars.

  • Emergency Contact

    Your users can contact their friends or family in any case of an emergency.

  • Rate Hosts

    Users may rate the hosts and the overall ride experience on the Turo clone.

Turo Clone Renter App
Turo Clone Host App

Turo Clone Host App

The Turo car-sharing clone app will have multiple features for the hosts to provide a superior ride experience to their renters. Let us have a look at some of the features below:

Features include:
  • Renter Verification

    Hosts can verify their renters through document verification, like a licence to assign them their unique IDs.

  • Track Routes

    Hosts on the Turo clone will have in-built GPS and maps with the ideal track routes to finish their ride in time.

  • Payment History

    Hosts can also view all their previous renters and track their previous payments on the Turo clone app.

Turo Clone Admin Panel

The admin panel in the Turo car-sharing clone app will have all it takes to manage a car-sharing business like Turo clone.

Features Include:
  • Promo Codes And Discounts

    The admin of the Turo clone can create promo codes for both passengers and drivers through their dashboard.

  • Filters Drivers And Map View

    The admin can select the map view option and watch all the drivers in a particular area through the map.

  • Booking Calendar

    This feature will help the admin to monitor all the bookings based on the dates for efficient fleet management.

Turo Clone Admin Panel

Major Features of the Turo Car Sharing Clone App

There will be certain must-have features of the Turo clone app to provide an impeccable travel experience to users and help the business owner reach a constant revenue stream.

  • Turo Clone App Simple Registration icon
    Simple Registration

    Register easily on the Turo clone app just by a social media account or phone number.

  • Turo Clone App Invoice Details icon
    Invoice Details

    The invoice details of each ride can be traced directly from the Turo car sharing clone app.

  • Turo Clone App Car Preferences icon
    Car Preferences

    Your users can select the car to share as per the number of passengers and destination.

Turo Clone App
  • Turo Clone In-App Chat icon
    In-App Chat

    The rider and the driver can have conversations in real-time on the Turo clone app.

  • Turo Clone App Multiple Payment Gateway icon
    Multiple Payment Gateways

    The passengers can pay for their preferred car share through a variety of payment modes.

  • Turo Clone App Real-Time Tracker icon
    Real-Time Tracker

    Track vehicles in real-time and get feedback from passengers on car sharing apps like Turo.

Why Invest In Car Sharing Apps Like Turo?

Turo clone app will help riders find exotic deals on all kinds of drives ranging from the everyday simple ride to an extraordinary supercar experience.

Car Sharing Deals

Deals Of All Kinds

Deals of all kinds are available on the Turo clone app, and users can get vehicles based on their budget.

Car Sharing Simpler Delivery Options

Simpler Delivery Options

Your users will get their vehicles delivered directly to their doorstep for a hassle-free road journey.

Car Sharing Damage Protection

Damage Protection

All the cars listed on the Turo Clone app will have additional damage control installations for safety.

Car Sharing Liability Insurances

Liability Insurances

The riders can ensure their rides through a compulsory insurance plan to help manage emergencies.

Car Sharing 24/7 Support

24/7 Support

The Turo clone app will have a 24/7 chat support option for your users for feedback and emergencies.

Car Sharing Zero Cancellation Charges

Zero Cancellation Charges

In case the rider cancels the ride, the Turo car sharing clone app will not charge a cancellation fee.

Provide A Comfortable Car Sharing Experience Through The Turo Clone App

At Hyperlocal Cloud, the app developers are well-trained to create a market-leading clone for car sharing apps like Turo.

Allow Users To Browse By Experience On The Turo Clone

The passengers on your Turo car sharing clone app can browse for their preferred vehicle on the basis of multiple factors like:

Electric Vehicles icon
Electric Vehicles

Riders on the Turo clone app can select electric vehicles to travel in for an environment-friendly ride experience.

Diesel/Petrol Vehicles icon
Diesel/Petrol Vehicles

Diesel or petrol cars, based on the number of passengers, are also available on the Turo car sharing clone app for riders.

Super Deluxe Vehicles icon
Super Deluxe Vehicles

Supercars can also be shared with riders for an outstanding travel experience at affordable prices only on the Turo clone app.

Pet-Friendly Vehicles icon
Pet-Friendly Vehicles

Riders can travel with their pets through car sharing apps like Turo and enjoy their ride with their beloved family pets.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Turo Clone App Development?

At Hyperlocal Cloud, the app developers are trained enough to provide top-notch app development services. Our expertise in making car sharing apps like Turo will help businesses reach a competitive edge as we provide the following:

App Developer icon
Seasoned App Developers

Our team has 150+ seasoned app developers who are trained well to meet the client’s expectations, delivering exceptional services.

Client Retention Rate icon
High Client Retention Rate

We have an 80% client retention rate that proves the trust that our clients have in us. Our clients keep coming back to us for more.

Project Delivery icon
On-Time Project Delivery

We are well known in the market for delivering our projects on or before time. Our trained developers will create an ace clone app.

Support And Maintenance icon
Constant Support And Maintenance

Hyperlocal Cloud offers additional maintenance and support services to the clients even after the project is delivered in the markets.

Personalized Clone Services icon
Personalized Clone Services

We create clone apps that are the exact reflection of the app and can also be personalized as per the user's preference and choice.

Round-The-Clock Services icon
Round-The-Clock Services

Hyperlocal Cloud is available 24*7 for its clients. Our customer support team is available 24*7 to solve the smallest client query.

FAQs On The Turo Clone App

  • How much time will it take to develop a Turo Clone app?

    One to two weeks.

    What will be the starting cost of car sharing apps like Turo?

    The starting price will be $10,000.

  • What are the major tech stacks for Turo clone app development?

    The major tech stacks of the Turo clone app are React Native, Python, JavaScript, Nginx, PostgreSQL and more.

    How does Hyperlocal Cloud guarantee app quality?

    Yes, we are well known for the extraordinary Turo clone app development solutions

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