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Get Ahead In The Grocery Business Game With Our Instacart Clone

With more than hundred clone apps launched till date, Hyperlocal Cloud is set to revamp the grocery industry with its Instacart clone.

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Why To Invest In The Instacart Clone?

As per the latest market studies, the grocery delivery services market valued at $286B in the year 2021 and will cross the $2000B mark by the year 2030.

Hyperlocal Cloud offers the best white label app development services like Instacart Clone to improve sales and growth of local supermarket stores. Since the pandemic, people are relying on online deliveries to save time and money. Our Instacart Clone will serve as an efficient supermarket software to deliver groceries and increase brand awareness and growth. Grocery store owners can utilize the Instacart Clone and take their revenue charts to new heights.

Business Models Of Our Instacart Clone App

Our Instacart clone app will have multiple business models to ensure the revenue expansion for our esteemed clients. Let us have a look at some of them:

Single Store Instacart Business Model
Single Store Business Model

Get the best delivery services through the Instacart Clone for single store grocery owners and let customers order from the shop itself.

Multiple Store Instacart Business Model
Multiple Store Business Model

Multiple store business model in our white label Instacart app can help your budding grocery business to operate through multiple sellers.

Aggregator Instacart Business Model
Aggregator Business Model

White label Instacart Clone helps collaborate with supermarkets and local stores, customers can select their stores and place orders.

What Does The Instacart Clone App Offer?

Hyperlocal Cloud will provide a lot of business centric offerings and panels to its clients. Here are some of them.

Instacart Clone Customer App

Instacart Clone Customer App

The customer app will have all the necessary features required to satisfy your customers. Here are some of them:

Notable Feature include:
  • Favorite Address

    Our Instacart clone app solution will allow users to add multiple addresses as delivery location to select from.

  • Schedule Orders

    The White Label Instacart clone will enable customers to schedule their orders on specific date and time.

  • Tip For Delivery

    Our white label Instacart app will provide users an option to tip the delivery man via in-app wallets or cash.

Instacart Clone Delivery Personnel App

The white label Instacart app will ensure the safety of its delivery personnel through the latest features. Here are some of them:

Features Include:
  • In-Built Maps

    Leverage in-built maps in the white label Instacart application for timely deliveries. Get traffic details and ETA.

  • Voice Prompts & Chat

    Contact customers for address instructions in the form of voice notes along with the in-app chat feature.

  • Rate Customers

    Using our Instacart clone solution, delivery personnel can rate customers based on their cooperation.

Instacart Clone Delivery Personnel App
Instacart Grocery Store Owner App

Instacart Grocery Store Owner App

The Instacart clone solution will have a separate app for the grocery store owners. The features are:

Features include:
  • Store Registration

    The Instacart clone app will have multiple registered stores with access to send groceries to customers.

  • In-Stock Availability

    The store owners registered on the Instacart clone can update the availability of stock to notify customers.

  • Modify Orders

    Store owners can modify the order based on the availability and suggest similar items as per the customer searches.

Instacart Clone Admin Panel

The white-label Instacart app will have a separate panel designed solely for the admin to manage the business effectively. Here are some of the features:

Features Include:
  • Reports And Insights

    The admin of the Instacart clone app can get valuable insights about the business to know exactly where the business stands.

  • Add/Remove Store Owners

    The admin can select or remove registered owners as per his/her wish based on the business requirements of the Instacart clone.

  • Commission Management

    Admin of the white label Instacart app can manage and monitor the commission share of the third parties based on the rush hours.

Instacart Clone Admin Panel

Get Future-Ready Business Solutions Through Instacart Clone

The white-label Instacart app will provide excellent delivery solutions and take your business to new heights of success.

Must Have Features Of The Instacart Clone

Instacart clone developed by Hyperlocal Cloud will have all the essential features as per the latest market trends to help businesses obtain a constant revenue flow.

Real Time Tracking icon
Real Time Tracking

Track the orders in real-time till the final delivery through the white label delivery app like Instacart Clone.

Easy Sign Up icon
Easy Sign Up

Leverage an easy sign up process through email, phone numbers or simply a social media account.

Wishlist icon
Wishlists And Favorites

Your customers can add favorite items in the wishlist to buy them later through our Instacart clone app solution.

Verification icon
Authenticity Verification

The customers can verify their delivery personnel through a scannable barcode to ensure a safe delivery.

Order icon
Custom Ordering

Customers using the Instacart clone can wishlist items and order them at a specific date and date.

Payment icon
Multiple Payment Modes

Your customers will have the option of paying via multiple modes to ensure a smooth delivery experience.

How Does The Instacart Clone App Make Money?

The white label Instacart app that Hyperlocal Cloud develops will have several revenue models to help the business owners upscale their grocery business. Some revenue models integrated into the Instacart clone app include:

  • Delivery Fees icon
    Delivery Fee

    The white-label Instacart app made by Hyperlocal Cloud will charge a delivery fee on every order.

  • Commissions icon

    The stores listed on Instacart clone will be charged a registration fee and commission fee for orders.

  • Subscription Fee icon
    Subscription Fee

    The Instacart clone solution will offer premium services to the users who want weekly staples delivered.

  • Advertisements icon

    Other brands can place their ads on your Instacart clone app and you can easily charge money for that.

Revamp Your Grocery Business With Our Instacart Clone

Hyperlocal Cloud will reform your grocery business through its Instacart clone. Start your journey with us!

Why Choose Our Instacart Clone To Upscale Your Grocery Business?

Hyperlocal Cloud has been in the app development industry for a decade and has worked with thousands of global clients. Our Instacart Clone app solution will surely take your ROIs to the next level. Here’s how:

Product icon

High End Products

Our entire offering is white label, branded, and individualized. The completed product will belong to you or your company.

Customizable Solution icon

Customizable Solutions

Our Instacart clone app will have brand-new, cutting-edge capabilities. It will be fully customizable as per client requirements.

App Interface icon

User-Friendly App Interface

The panels of the Instacart Clone app solution are user-friendly, and we guarantee that your app's users will not encounter any issues.

Cost Efficiency icon

High Cost Efficiency

Our preset delivery marketplace solution will allow you to save up to 60 percent, fully- maximizing the efficiency of your business.

Product Delivery icon

On Time Product Deliveries

We always believe in our team. Therefore, we guarantee and deliver the completed project within a few days of receiving your approval.

Support icon

24*7 Support And Maintenance

Hyperlocal Cloud offers a full time support to its clients and even offers additional maintenance services after the product launch.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why should you choose our Instacart clone delivery application?

    The Instacart clone app does not require a large upfront investment and has all the features necessary to dominate the grocery delivery market.

    What distinguishes the Instacart clone app from others?

    The demand for Instacart clone apps is high, and more people are aware of the potential of application development. Other than that, it is simple to use.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Instacart?

    WhiteLabel Instacart clone development expenses will commence at $8000. It may be greater or lesser depending on the evolution of the features.

    How long will it take for WhiteLabel Instacart to be developed?

    The utmost time required to develop an Instacart clone app is three to four days, but this can vary depending on the features you require.

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