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Innovate, Connect, And Inspire With The Best Multi Vendor App

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we ensure that the app development process is carried out with utmost care and concern to get flooding revenues for our clients.

Multi Vendor Marketplace App Development

Drive Your Business With Multi Vendor Marketplace App Development Services

Multi vendor marketplaces are the most reliable and efficient business models in the e-commerce sector, and building a multi vendor app can become challenging at times. Hyperlocal Cloud has the right technological experts who will develop the multi vendor app right as per the requirements of the client. We allow SMBs to flourish in the ecommerce industry with our solutions that fit every business need and budget.

Hyperlocal Cloud will create the right marketplace business model for you to attain consistent business growth. Now is the right time to get started with a trustable marketplace business model that takes you ahead in the competition.

Mobile Application Development Typologies For Various Platforms

Our mobile app developers are trained enough to create a variety of mobile apps that can help build the business identity and expansion of our clients.

  • native mobile app development icon
    Native Mobile App Development

    Our mobile app developers can build high-end native apps both for IOS and Android that are perfectly aligned with the client's needs and security standards.

  • hybrid mobile app development icon
    Hybrid Mobile App Development

    We at Hyperlocal Cloud also make cross-platform apps that can work in multiple environments through the unique blend of web and native app technologies.

  • progressive web app development icon
    Progressive Web App Development

    Hyperlocal Cloud also excels in making progressive web app developments with native fixations while reaching anywhere and anyone with a single codebase.

  • wearables and embedded software icon
    Wearables And Embedded Software

    We also ace the development of wearables and embedded softwares through our top-tier mobile app developers who help in integrating proprietary peripherals.

Industries We Serve Through Our Multi Vendor Marketplace App

Hyperlocal Cloud serves a custom-made multi vendor marketplace platform for both small and large-scale enterprises to drive business growth across different domains.

multi vendor marketplace shopping and fashion

Shopping And Fashion

Build a multi vendor ecommerce platform to begin your fashion marketplace journey straight from scratch.

multi vendor marketplace travel And hospitality

Travel And Hospitality

We aim to create a multi-channel user experience with a multi vendor app for all of your travelling needs.

multi vendor marketplace healthcare sector

Healthcare Sector

Multi vendor apps in the health sector will enhance medical and patient care in one place through enhanced dynamics.

multi vendor marketplace education sector

Education Sector

Reshape the education industry through our multi vendor marketplace where learning can also be a remote experience.

multi vendor marketplace supply chain and logistics industry

Supply Chain And Logistics

Leverage high-performance multi vendor app solutions for logistics and transportation, improving productivity.

multi vendor marketplace banking and finance industry

Banking And Finance

Our banking solutions in a multi vendor app help you reach the top by employing unique designs and deploying solutions.

multi vendor marketplace food industry

Food And Drink

A multi vendor app will enable customers to search for food and drink items from different outlets on a single platform.

multi vendor marketplace real estate industry

Real Estate Industry

Multi vendor apps will enable users to list, sell, and purchase multiple properties around the globe in one place.

multi vendor marketplace fitness industry

Fitness Industry

Your multi vendor app will also include on-demand services like fitness via fitness streaming platforms at their homes.

Unique Features Of A Multi Vendor Marketplace App

Our multi vendor marketplace will be a one-stop ecommerce marketplace to support all your online needs with the latest features.

  • featured products icon
    Featured Products

    Get to know the top featured products daily on your multi vendor app and purchase them instantly through a click.

  • cancel order icon
    Cancel/Return An Order

    Enable your customers to return or cancel orders with the aid of multiple tools in your multi vendor app.

  • Support And Maintenance icon
    Support And Maintenance

    Handle customer queries 24*7 with customer support systems, and that too instantly through our multi vendor marketplace app.

Multi Vendor Marketplace Feature App
  • Product Reviews And Ratings icon
    Product Reviews And Ratings

    Help customers make better buying decisions and also provide them with an option to rate products and services instantly.

  • Easy Sign-In/Registration icon
    Easy Sign-In/Registration

    Allow your customers to leverage a seamless sign-in process through their email or phone numbers in your multi vendor app.

  • Promotional Product Banners icon
    Promotional Product Banners

    Get the best offers and deals on products and highlight them through the use of promotional banners in your app.

Bring Your Multi Vendor App Ideas To Life With Us

Hyperlocal Cloud has been in the app development business for years now, with multiple market-leading apps launched successfully to date.

What Do We Have In Our Bag To Offer?

We focus on building high-performance apps with the latest UI/UX for an enhanced customer experience.

Multi Vendor Mobile App Customer Features

The multi vendor customer app will be having multiple features to keep the audience engaged.

Features Include:
  • Wishlist Your Items

    Customers in your multi vendor app will have the option of wishlisting their favourite items.

  • Social Media Login

    Customers can add their social media accounts in the multi vendor app to establish connections.

  • iOS And Android Support

    The multi vendor marketplace app will function smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms.

Multi Vendor Mobile App Customer Features
Multi Vendor Mobile App Vendor Features

Multi Vendor Mobile App Vendor Features

The Vendor app in your multi vendor marketplace will have a committed dashboard with trendy features.

Features include:
  • Dedicated Vendor Dashboard

    The multi vendor app will have a dedicated dashboard to ensure that all the customers are satisfied.

  • Vendor Catalog Management

    Manage and maintain a catalog listing all the in stock and out of stock products for your customers.

  • Rating And Reviews

    The vendor app in your multi vendor marketplace app will have the option of recording buyer’s review.

Multi Vendor Mobile App Admin Features

The admin panel will help you monitor the vendor and customers individually, all at one place.

Features Include:
  • Manage Vendors Individually

    Manage each vendor separately in your multi vendor marketplace with our admin panel.

  • Monitor Product Approvals

    Record and monitor products both in stock and out of stock in your multi vendor app.

  • Ratings And Reviews

    Overview the ratings and reviews of the customers to understand the app progress.

Multi Vendor Mobile App Admin Features

Technologies Used For Multi Vendor Marketplace App Development

We ensure that the right tech stack is used for your multi vendor app development for you to leverage a market-leading product.

  • html 5 icon


  • CSS3 icon


  • JavaScript icon


  • TypeScript icon


  • AngularJS icon


  • ReactJS icon


  • Next.js icon


  • Gatsby icon


  • PHP icon


  • MySQL icon


  • Python icon


  • Vue.js icon


Smart, Fast, And Affordable Multi Vendor Marketplace App

Our app developers are well aware of the market trends and will develop a leading app for our clients with the latest tech stack.

Development Process Of A Multi Vendor App Marketplace

Hyperlocal Cloud follows a considerate workflow, and the app is equipped with all the necessary features and an efficient payment process.

  • 1

    App Strategy

    The first step in creating a multi vendor app is defining the strategic goals and identifying the app requirements, while creating a product roadmap.

  • 2

    Planning Stage

    The next step is the planning stage where our trained experts plan to monitor the roadmap and prepare for the execution of your multi vendor marketplace app.

  • 3

    Product Design

    The second step is creating a seamless user experience through a unique and user-friendly interface before the development.

  • 4

    App Development Phase

    The next step is the app development phase with back-end, front-end, and API integrations for your app to function smoothly.

  • 5

    Testing & Deployment Phase

    Your multi vendor app is then tested to assure its quality, and then the app is finally launched on iOS and Android platforms.

  • 6

    Support And Maintenance Phase

    The last step is the support and maintenance phase, with performance upgradation to ensure that the app is performing well.

Multiple Integration Partners

With 100+ payment gateways, Hyperlocal Cloud has fully hosted bandwidth with enhanced customization options.

  • Pay With CJ Wallet icon
    Pay With CJ Wallet
  • Pay With Card icon
    Pay With Card
  • Payoneer icon
  • Wire Transfer icon
    Wire Transfer
  • WeChat pay icon
    WeChat Pay
  • Boleto icon
  • iDEAL icon
  • PayPal Checkout icon
    PayPal Checkout
  • Sofort icon
  • Diners Club icon
    Diners Club

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Your Multi Vendor App Development?

Hyperlocal Cloud has successfully developed several apps that have proven their excellence in the markets by leading them.

Scalability icon

We concentrate on streamlining and automating businesses with the best tech stack.

Numerous Business Models icon
Numerous Business Models

Get multiple business models in your multi vendor app that suit your business requirements and double ROIs.

Integrations icon
Powerful Integrations

Provide your customers with end-to-end solutions and powerful integrations in the multi vendor marketplace app.

Support icon
Continuous Support Services

Get 24*7 support services and ensure that all your customer queries are solved in time.

On-Time Product Delivery icon
On-Time Product Delivery

We ensure that all our products are delivered on time to our clients after testing.

Seasoned App Developers icon
Seasoned App Developers

Our app developers use the latest latest tech stack and features in app development.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to launch a multivendor marketplace?

    Developing a multivendor store from inception can cost between $10,000 and $30,000, depending on the features and functionalities required.

    How can multivendor store holders increase their profits?

    People who operate multi-seller websites and accommodate vendors have numerous options for monetization. Here are some examples:

    • Commission On Each Item Sold
    • Instore Advertising
    • Exclusive Vendor Fee
    • Listing Premier Products
  • What is an online multivendor store?

    A multi-vendor store is a website that allows multiple vendors to sell their products on a single platform itself, generating several unique benefits for store owners, vendors, as well as consumers.

    What is the difference between multi-tenant and multi-vendor ecommerce?

    Multiple eCommerce sellers can manage their inventory, orders, and products simultaneously. Only the Seller has complete control over their products, and orders, in Multi-Tenant eCommerce. Similarly, distributing your product through Multi-tenant is analogous to renting a space to establish a business.

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We have a huge client base of over a thousand clients scattered worldwide.

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