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Take Your Chauffeur Booking Business To The Next Level With Our White Label Chauffeur Booking Software

No matter your company size, with our chauffeur booking software, you can compete with large aggregators, ride-share companies, and intermediaries.

White Label Chauffeur Booking Software

Experience The Power Of White Label Chauffeur Booking Software

Nowadays, it's not just a luxury but a necessity to utilize digital technology to run your Chauffeur booking business. Luxury transportation service providers worldwide use software and apps similar to Uber's to improve customer service, driver experience, and management efficiency.

Our white label chauffeur booking software can help your business attract new customers and take advantage of digital tools like apps for luxury car booking, tracking, and chauffeur dispatch. With our solutions, you can easily move your business into the fast lane.

Services We Offer For White Label Chauffeur Booking Software

At Hyperlocal Cloud, our main goal is to ensure we offer all the necessary services to our clients. Our team of skilled app developers creates top-notch white label chauffeur booking software for our clients.

Hire Chauffeur On Demand

Hire Chauffeur On Demand

Reserve a luxury ride for a special event or any other occasion. Hire a chauffeur whenever you need one, and they will drive you to your destination.

Hire Chauffeur By Hour

Hire By Hour

Our software for chauffeur dispatch is ideal for people looking for a luxurious chauffeur-driven car for a day trip or a few hours.

Airport Pick And Drop Chauffeur Booking Software

Airport Pick And Drop

Ensure your customers take advantage of the luxury transportation service that provides pick-up and drop-off to and from the airport.

Main Characteristics Of White Label Chauffeur Booking Software

Our team of experts at Hyperlocal Cloud can assist you in developing a top-notch chauffeur dispatch system.

  • Corporate Partner Module icon
    Corporate Partner Module

    Various businesses can now utilize your custom chauffeur booking software solution to offer transportation services to their staff.

  • Hospitality Partner Module icon
    Hospitality Partner Module

    The hospitality partner module lets you integrate your transportation solution with a hotel, resort, or retreat to provide services for their guests.

  • Customer Fraud Management icon
    Customer Fraud Management Module

    This feature prevents customers from using the same discount code multiple times by creating fake accounts on the same device.

  • App Update icon
    App Updates

    Control settings for app updates for all users who’ve downloaded the customized chauffeur dispatch software.

  • Commission icon

    Adjust the commission rates easily according to different factors such as location, type of service, fare, & other similar aspects.

  • Payroll icon

    Easily manage cash and card earnings for each driver by having them directly deposited into drivers' bank accounts.

Are You Owning Or Managing A Chauffeur Business?

Stop losing customers and boost your chauffeur business today with Hyperlocal Cloud.

Tech Stack For Developing White Label Chauffeur Booking Software

Hyperlocal Cloud ensures that the car rental booking software is developed with all the latest tech stacks.

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  • django icon


  • elastic icon


  • mongo DB Icon

    mongo DB

  • redis icon


  • cassandra icon


  • Java icon


  • Swift icon


  • Flask icon


  • ISOMETRIK icon


  • RabbitMQ icon


  • Express icon


Key Features of White label Chauffeur Booking Software

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we develop softwares loaded with trendy features to keep businesses ahead of the competition. Here are some of them:

Passenger Panel of Chauffeur Booking Software

We help you create an ultra-luxurious and hassle-free solution for your passengers.

Features Include:
  • Real-Time Tracking

    Share & track your chauffeur booking in real time and communicate with the merchant and provider with VoIP & chat services.

  • Business Profile

    Companies can create a profile for their employees that separates their business travel expenses from their personal ones.

  • VOIP & Phone Masking

    Protect the privacy of the driver and the customer by hiding their phone numbers and providing free calling.

Passenger Panel of Chauffeur Booking Software
Driver Panel of Chauffeur Booking Software

Driver Panel of Chauffeur Booking Software

Let us have a look at some of the interesting driver panel features below:

Features include:
  • In-App Flight Tracking

    The driver can keep track of the customer's flight and know exactly when and where they will arrive.

  • Live-Tracking & Trip Status Updates

    Apps for scheduling chauffeurs can usually track trips in real-time using either Google Maps or Waze.

  • Ratings

    The personalized chauffeur dispatch system has a feature that allows drivers to rate and provide feedback on their passengers.

Admin Panel of Chauffeur Booking Software

Get a bird’s eye view to manage everything and anything without any hassle with our software.

Features Include:
  • Driver Management

    Manage drivers easily on your chauffeur booking software. Accept or reject drivers' requests who want to register on our platform.

  • Fare Setup

    Admin can set & manage rates for different booking requests depending on the city, vehicle type, hourly rates, surge pricing, and more.

  • Promotions & Referrals

    You can easily create and manage discount codes and referral programs with chauffeur booking software.

Admin Panel of Chauffeur Booking Software
Ready To Launch And Win New Clients?

Then what are you waiting for? Contact us and get a quote without delay!

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud's Whitelabel Chauffeur Booking Software?

The experts at Hyperlocal Cloud are passionate about technology and don't just talk about it; they take action. We have developed chauffeur booking software with advanced features to help your businesses grow by providing creative and feature-rich interfaces.

Brilliant Design icon

Brilliant Designs

Hyperlocal Cloud will provide a high-quality chauffeur booking solution that is thoroughly tested and designed to meet high standards.

Fast Delivery icon

Fast Delivery

We offer pre-built solutions that can be used as a foundation for your apps, which means we can complete your project in just 7 days.

Server Installations icon

Server Installations At No Cost

Our team of professionals will be available to address any inquiries and handle the completely free product installation.

Budget Friendly Solution icon

Budget Friendly Solution

Investing in advanced digital technology for your business is a rare opportunity, and we ensure it pays off.

Ongoing Support icon

Ongoing Support

No matter your situation, you can rely on us for help; we have plenty of resources available to assist you.

Accept Multiple Currencies icon

Accept Multiple Currencies

Chauffeur dispatch software solutions support all major international currencies, regardless of the user's language.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A White-Label Chauffeur App?

    A "white label" chauffeur app is a type of online service platform that ride-hailing companies can use to improve their service for their customers. You can own all the customer, driver, and business modules created, giving you access to automated procedures.

    How Much Does It Cost To Develop A White-Label Chauffeur App?

    The cost of developing a white-label app can vary between $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the number of included features. If you add more complicated features to the app and make it available on multiple platforms, the cost could increase to around $60,000-$70,000.

  • Which One Is Better: White Label Or Private Label?

    When you opt for private labeling, you have full control over the creative aspects of the end product. When a manufacturer is in charge of designing and producing a product, white labeling can be a cost-effective and time-saving option. Private labeling means that the product's design matches your brand completely, while white labeling only allows customized branding.

    What Are The Payment Options Available In The Software?

    We integrate different payment options specific to each country's needs. For example, Stripe is available in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. PayPal operates in markets across Africa, America, Asia, and Europe.

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