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Looking for a Ready Made Liquor Delivery App Development Company?

Get the high end service you deserve and integrate innovative features into your drizly clone app.

Alcohol Delivery App

What is a Drizly Clone?

Drizly is the technology company offering the fastest and most convenient way to buy alcohol for customers of the legal drinking age. The platform delivers liquor at their door. Drizly Clone retains the functionalities of the original Drizly app. But offers personalized services to your business and target audience requirements. We help you to design liquor delivery platforms in a unique way and also create a unique set of features that look entirely different from the original Drizly platform.

Understand The Remarkable Features Of Our Drizly Clone

With us, you have the best team at your disposal. We will find an innovative way to integrate advanced features into your Drizly app clone.

Liquor Delivery App Drizly
Wallet Integration

We integrate customized wallets that allow your users to make payments, earn rewards, and manage finances effectively from a single platform.

Liquor Delivery App Drizly
Theme Change

Get the opportunity to design themes the way you want and customize your platform. We paint the whole solution, theme color, and logo on your demand.

Liquor Delivery App Drizly
Add Target Demographics

Whether you want to stick to a particular place or serve beyond boundaries with different languages, we craft a solution to enjoy the wonders of technology!

Liquor Delivery App Drizly
Multiple Stores

There is no need to be jaded with a single product when you have the option to showcase, deliver and check reports of hundreds of items with drizzly clones.

Liquor Delivery App Drizly
Pickup Confirmation

Promising alcohol delivery is another name for the Drizly clone app. Our designed platform ensures the customer will and the admin will get pickup confirmation.

Liquor Delivery App Drizly
Manual Delivery Agent Assigning

Online business is all about speedy services at customers' doorstep, but for uncertain conditions, a business can assign delivery manually to the agent.

Are You Ready To Launch Your Liquor Delivery App? Reach Us Now

We have a ready-made solution with faster deployment!!

Customer App

Explore a simple and easy to navigate user interface for highest level of user experience.

Features Include:
  • Simple Ordering Process

    One-click ordering process enables users of every age to add items to their cart and pay instantly from their wallet.

  • Varieties Of Products

    Businesses can list as many products on the platform, and there is no way for customers to run out of choices.

  • Instant Alerts

    Push notifications allow customers to find what is new on the app, and GPS navigation and status updates engage them.

Ready Made Liquor Delivery App Development
Ready Made Liquor Delivery App Development

Driver App

Use the Driver app panel for the estimate time of arrival and track your order until delivery.

Features include:
  • Receive Multiple Orders

    Drivers can receive multiple orders to enable faster delivery in nearby locations. The pro-like option allows multiple deliveries.

  • Find the Shortest Delivery Route

    GPS allows drivers to find the least traffic and shortest route to their destination for the quickest and on-time delivery.

  • Quick Notifications

    When the order arrives, drivers can instantly know and respond to the same. A delivery agent can stay in touch with customers too.

Admin Panel

Organize, manage and monitor every process within the app and enhance profits with the data.

Features Include:
  • Manage Orders

    A robust platform ensures easy management of orders, deliveries, and other business operations.

  • Analyze Data

    From keeping track of various delivery agents, the admin can create sales reports and create predictive analyses for the next financial year. Admin can analyze location-wise data and create different strategies to boost sales.

  • Create Promotions

    Admin can also manage a business promotion to the delivery area.

Ready Made Liquor Delivery App Development

Leading Drizly Clone App Development: A Glimpse Of Our Work Through Our Stats

HyperLocal Cloud has been a pioneer in the food delivery app business solutions for a decade with hundreds of successfully launched projects to date.

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Top-Notch Features of Ready Made Liquor Delivery App Development

Avail the advanced features of our liquor delivery app and experience a scalable and high performing drizly clone app.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    User App Account Set Up

    Enable customers to register on the platform with one tap using their social media account, mobile number, email address, and more.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    Schedule Delivery

    Users can schedule delivery as per their availability. Drizly clone app shows users various times with add-on changes to be applicable at specific times.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    Advance Search Filter

    Advanced search filters enable finding the last product in microseconds. It saves time and effort by selecting the filters for a personalized search.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    Cost Calculation

    Users can calculate the cost of their items in the cart before ordering. A separate column helps them find the total instantly.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    Real-Time Tracking

    Users can track their order while packing or during transit before starting a party. They can also call a delivery agent for missing routes.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    Social Sharing

    A platform integrated with social media allows users to share their order details on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    Add Multiple Address

    Customers can add multiple addresses to parties anywhere and get the liquor anytime. Drizly clone apps keep every piece of information safe.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    Profile Creation

    New drivers can register on the app from social media accounts or mobile numbers. Whereas old can manage it with picture uploads and enter other details.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    In-App Chat

    In-app chat features to build a connection with the customer and driver. It helps drivers to find users' locations if something goes missing.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    Business Info Management

    The feature enables your liquor delivery app to manage essential information such as revenue, customer details, and others.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    Menu Management

    When the store runs out of items, the option to remove items can help users to place orders and businesses manage the menu.

  • Liquor Delivery App Drizly
    Order Alerts

    As soon as the store receives an order, a push notification on the manager app keeps the manager informed of the process.

Are You Ready To Launch Your Liquor Delivery App? Reach Us Now

We have a ready-made solution with faster deployment!!

Revenue Model of Drizly Clone

Utilize the efficiency monetization system to generate high revenue via our Drizzly clone app.

Alcohol Delivery App
  • Alcohol Delivery App

    A primary revenue-generating strategy for businesses is to earn commission income on every item sold. Businesses can charge fixed or flexible amounts for every order placed.

  • Alcohol Delivery App
    Featured Listing

    Attract business or liquor vendors on the features list who wish to pay additional money and be on the top of your platform. The strategy attracts maximum sales.

  • Alcohol Delivery App
    Ad Management

    Leverage the benefits of other business promotions on your platform. You can also attract new liquor vendors to offer exciting rewards to users at specific intervals.

  • Alcohol Delivery App
    eStore Enablement

    Become a leader of a global alcohol business and offer a variety of products through your app. Along with liquor, do not leave the opportunity to sell mugs, ice, mixer, soda, etc.

Our Drizly Clone App Development Process

Let’s walk you through the process of our drizly clone app development service.

  • 1


    We hear your business needs and gather essential details, unique features, integrations, and more add–on services that will best match your brief.

  • 2

    Project Mapping

    Our Business Analyst team scrutinizes your ideas and calculates the feasibility of the project in accordance with changing trends.

  • 3

    Design and Development

    Our development team starts functioning and builds an industry-leading project. We ensure perfection should not be missed.

  • 4


    Once the development phase is over, our testing team uses various tools and tactics to identify and remove bugs, glitches and any other vulnerabilities.

  • 5


    Once your app is tried and tested successfully, we ensure you deploy the platform on various play stores successfully.

  • 6


    Post deployment, we provide support to ensure the app delivers optimal performance and is in line with the latest updates.

Drizly App Clone

Cost to Build Alcohol Delivery App

The cost to build a liquor delivery app like Drizly is based on numerous factors like advanced attributes, characteristics, design, tech stacks, integration tools, libraries, frameworks, development teams, and more factors. The level of security also has a great contribution to development. But we offer amazing services at affordable prices, whether it is from idea creation or post-deployment services. We are one spot destination. Reach us today to turn your dreams into reality!!

Develop Your Drizly App With Our Experts

Access the best team for the best and most innovative drizly app development solutions. With us, you get the best features, such as-

Drizly Clone
Expert Team

We have market-proficient designers, developers, and a market analyst team offering services that help you to lead the market in less time.

Drizly Clone
100% Customized Solution

We offer tailor-made solutions for your alcohol delivery business to can handle various product categories and payment management options.

Drizly Clone
Free Consultation

Get free advice from our experts in case you are in a dilemma regarding features, functionalities, technology, cost, or other factors.

Drizly Clone
24*7 Customer Support

We help you to handle your queries as and when they arise. We are ready to serve around the clock and address your issues promptly.

Drizly Clone
Post Development Services

We help our reliable clients after development too. We keep you informed with recent updates, technology changes, users demand, and more factors.

Drizly Clone
Transparent Pricing

We discuss every aspect of the cost during the consultation. The development process is done transparently to keep you within the loop about development costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some of the best features which make our Drizly clone app the best?

    The Drizly clone app designed by our experts is the best in terms of features and functionality. Some of the app's best features include wallet integration, theme change options, pickup confirmation, and other exciting options.

    How does the Drizly clone app help to connect customers and liquor stores?

    With the help of the Drizly clone app, you can order your favorite liquor brand online at your home and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. The app has a user-friendly and easy to user interface.

  • What is the overall cost of developing a Drizly clone app?

    The overall cost of developing a Drizly clone app from scratch depends upon various factors, such as characteristics of the app, tech slack used, functionalities added, the framework of the app and the app's design.

    Which facilities does the app provide to the delivery partners?

    The app provides multiple features for the delivery partners associated with the liquor delivery task. These attractive and useful features include receiving multiple orders at a time, the shortest route options, Communication options, and quick notifications to keep them updated.

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