LimeBike Clone: Launch Your E-Scooter Sharing App

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July 27, 2023

LimeBike Clone: Launch Your E-Scooter Sharing App

Build your LimeBike Clone to beat traffic congestion, and reduce worldwide carbon footprint. Our electric scooter app development enables seamless business management through mobile devices and is available on Android and iOS platforms. Our solution offers a complete white-label package for your LimeBike enterprise.

LimeBike Clone App - Start Your Smart, Eco-Friendly Transportation Business

The e-vehicle industry has experienced a significant rise in recent years due to escalating fuel prices and increased ownership expenditures. The user may incorporate various types of electric vehicles such as e-cycles, e-bikes, e-mopeds, or any other preferred option. This compelling idea has the potential to captivate the younger demographic and foster brand loyalty.

The LimeBike app clone is a highly suitable system for initiating an electric scooter riding service that caters to any market. Entrepreneurs can leverage apps like LimeBike to capitalize on this current success trend.

Gain a competitive edge in the market with Lime App Clone, which provides robust capabilities, secure and error-free performance. Leverage our top-notch app development solutions to propel your business to unprecedented success. Let's Begin!

How Our On-Demand Electric Scooter App Works

Here we have outlined the working of our LimeBike app solutions:

Search for a bike via the app

The user can search for e-bikes within their proximity and select their preferred mode of transportation.

Scan the barcode on the e-scooter/e-bike

After selecting the LimeBike, users can scan the barcode displayed on the bike using the LimeBike Clone application to unlock the bike. 

Ride to your intended location

After unlocking the LimeBike, you can ride to your desired location.

Lock the scooter at the destination

Securely immobilize the scooter upon arrival at the designated location.

End the ride or service

Use the QR code to complete the ride and select 'End Ride.

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Powerful Features Of Our LimeBike Clone

Get your business to new height with our powerful features.

Appealing Design

The design of our product is innovative and user-friendly, which enhances its convenience. The application's user interface facilitates effortless navigation for users.

Multi-Payment Integration

Facilitate the payment process for users by allowing them to conveniently pay for services through credit/debit cards or other digital payment applications. This feature is customizable to meet your specific needs.


The platform offers a diverse range of languages, such as English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Italian, and more, to cater to a global audience.

GPS Integration

Implementing sophisticated GPS integration will enable the app to monitor and access navigation features, facilitating seamless and accurate pathfinding.

Latest Technology

Utilizing the latest MEAN stack technology ensures that all system components are current and optimized for optimal business expansion.

Platform Compatibility

The LimeBike-like application, fully compatible with all platforms, will operate seamlessly on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Social Media Integration

The integration of social media will facilitate the registration and login procedures for diverse users of the application.

Scheduled Booking

The application also provides a feature to prearrange the e-scooter ride, alleviating concerns about forthcoming hectic timetables.

Give Life to Your Ideas Today By Grabbing Our Electric Scooter App Development Solution

Revolutionize transportation with our LimeBike clone

LimeBike App Development Process We Follow

As a leading web and app development firm, we ensure that we follow industry standards regarding work quality, client requirements, and best advice. 

Analyze Customer Needs

Our team has ample experience comprehending client requirements, creating mockups and prototypes, and delivering top-notch solutions.

Result Oriented Approach

We deliver solutions that meet client specifications and align with current market trends, strongly emphasizing quality and results.

Professional Designing Services

Our professional team ensures the application features a user-friendly interface, guaranteeing a seamless user experience.

Idea Implementation

We use cutting-edge technology to develop applications with various advanced features to ensure a competitive edge in the market.


Our team possesses extensive expertise in crafting seamless cross-platform solutions, enabling us to build compatible applications.

Quality Control and Testing

Our solutions undergo rigorous testing to ensure both design and functionality are fully operational to provide optimal user experience.

Launch Your Idea

After on demand application development, it will be deployed across various widely-used platforms, including your organization's server.

What We Include In Our LimeBike App Clone?

Customer iOS and Android App

The LimeBike clone app offers customers comprehensive features, streamlining their tasks quickly and easily. From the initial level, the application provides users with a superior level of satisfaction that aligns with their desired experience from your enterprise. Upon successful authentication, users can choose a service that aligns with their requirements. The GPS feature enables users to navigate to their intended destination accurately and within a specified timeframe.

Provider iOS and Android App

The service provider shall receive all requests about specific requirements and subsequently inform the user about the availability of the desired electric vehicle. To become a provider, it is important to undergo document verification. This process is entirely online, requiring providers to upload their documents online for initial review and authentication. The provider can manage the earnings and electronic wallet, enhancing their authority over the earnings.

Admin Panel

Acquire an electric scooter application solution that can be displayed on a single screen to manage your business operations effectively. The business proprietor can handle the majority of tasks utilizing primarily binary controls. The administrator can incorporate various currency, language, city, and country alternatives. Each feature serves a distinct purpose. The administrator can oversee all users and modify the application's configurations according to their specifications. The administrator reserves the right to incorporate, modify, or delete any functionality. The responsibility of granting approval to providers and verifying documents lies with the administrator.

Looking For More Exquisite Features For Your Electric Scooter App Development?

We have a team of LimeBike-like app developers to provide you with a custom-built app solution.

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Must Have Features Of LimeBike Like App for Separate Panels

The highly robust electric scooter ride application will provide all essential functionalities for end-users, service providers, and administrators.

Customer App Features

The customer app will be having multiple features to keep the audience engaged.

Schedule Ride

Users can schedule rides for a future time, and automated notifications will be dispatched to the corresponding service providers.


For every ride booked on the app, all customers will receive a verification code through text message and email.

Review and Rating Methods

After every ride is completed, users can evaluate and assign ratings to their drivers and provide feedback.

Different Payment Methods

The Stripe Payment Gateway facilitates immediate payment processing for end-users through credit or debit card.

Customer Support Chat

The platform offers customer support services, wherein customers can engage in real-time chat sessions for assistance.

SOS and Panic Button

The device has an SoS Panic button that enables users to alert their family members in case of an emergency.

Right Pricing

To avoid any hidden costs and additional charges, the app shows the right pricing to users for every ride.

Request for Trip Cancellation

Customers can select a valid reason from the available options and can cancel their trip without any difficulty.

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Admin App Features

Admin app will help you monitor the vendor and customers individually, all at one place.


Admin can incorporate numerous countries into the system and serve accordingly.

Multiple Service Types

Admin can add various e-scooter types and manage their business for each type.

Complete Statistical Analysis Report

Get statistical data on trip history, including canceled trips, presented in graphical format.

Map View

Track the drivers assigned to a scheduled trip on a map, along with their real-time status.

Manage Reviews

Admin can manage reviews and rider feedback using this functionality in the panel.

Payment Reports

Admin can view payment reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency.

Promo Code

End-users can distribute unique promo codes while utilizing transportation services.


Configure mass SMS and emails to alert drivers and customers of new promotional offers.

Technologies Used to Build LimeBike App Clone

  • Node.js
  • Socket
  • PHP
  • Angular JS (Admin Panel)
  • Native apps
  • Ubuntu
  • Mysql
  • SSH Access
  • Firebase

What We Offer

Cost Effective Solution

We offer cost-effective solutions for all your web and mobile application development requirements. Our pricing structure is designed to provide optimal cost efficiency for your needs. Our organization offers cost-effective Web and App Development solutions that are of high quality.

Endless Support

Our team has extensive experience creating web and mobile applications for diverse industries and clients worldwide, having collaborated with various sectors over the years. Our organization consistently offers comprehensive support and maintenance services without any limitations.

Result Driven Solutions

Our team consistently adheres to client requirements and project specifications. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients and are designed to be user-friendly. We strive to provide industry-leading solutions that align with our client's business needs.

Dynamic Functionality

Our team of experts offers dynamic solutions for each application we develop. Each application is easily manageable through an admin panel, where the admin can control all aspects of the application using the backend panel. The administrator can update all data independently.

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Why Choose Us for LimeBike App Clone Development?

Our company specializes in developing high-quality clone apps to provide your business with the most effective and robust applications. Our team develops comprehensive applications that align with your organization's requirements. Our fully customizable clone application solutions will enable you to achieve success rapidly. Contact us for a successful strategy to help you overcome your opponents and rise to the top.

Launch your business idea; upon completing the application development process, it will be deployed across various popular platforms, including your company's server. Our package will comprise a client iOS and Android application, an advanced application designed for iOS and Android platforms, catering to global clients easily. 


Can this application be customized?

Indeed, our LimeBike app clone is fully customizable, featuring advanced capabilities.

Who will own the source code?

The complete ownership of the source code of the application will be transferred to you. The application will be deployed on the server owned by your organization.

Will Hyperlocal Cloud offer app enhancement support post-launch?

We are pleased to inform you that we will assist with your application's enhancement requirements per the terms of the agreement.

Will Hyperlocal Cloud keep me in the loop during app development?

Our development team will communicate regularly with you throughout the app development process, from the initial phase to the final launch. The feedback provided by the user is considered a valuable contribution to the development process.

Is there a user limit for the application?

The application will be developed to accommodate an unlimited number of users. However, it can be easily restricted according to your specific requirements.

Can users get in touch with us via the app?

Integrating an in-app messaging feature is feasible for users to establish communication with your customer service representative. The system is fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

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