Introducing A White Label GPS Tracking System

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 08, 2023

Introducing A White Label GPS Tracking System

White Label GPS tracking has recently gained a lot of momentum in the US market with a massive revenue of US $1.14B collected alone in the year 2022. The revenue growth is already expecting to grow at a high rate of 10.54%. And the number of downloads in a GPS white label software was expected to reach around 0.68B in the year 2022 as per Statista.

Are you looking for a pathway to launch your very own white label tracking software but lack the guidance on how to do so? Hyperlocal Cloud has been in this industry for almost a decade and can develop the perfect GPS white label software for you. Contact us now to begin your journey.

To understand the basics of a white label GPS tracking system let us dive deep into this blog.

What Will A White Label Tracking Software Exactly Do For You?

A white label tracking software is sort of a fleet management system which will use a GPS tracker software widely personalized to track vehicles. A white label GPS tracker will allow you to know the exact location of vehicles for better fleet management. The tracker will also save on a large amount of time and money and minimize the daily heavy exercises for your company. You can get to know what exactly happens to every single vehicle in your fleet.

Smart, Affordable White Label GPS Tracking Software Solutions

Benefits Of A White Label GPS Tracking Software

To understand better, let us go through some important benefits of a White Label GPS Tracking Software and the reasons behind its mass adoptions by several budding businesses.

Cost Effectiveness

Business owners are highly inclined towards cost cutting and saving on time as well while conducting their businesses. After the services are provided under one's own brand, the percentage of income is increased when compared to the one generated through multiple partners or franchises. The white label GPS tracking software created by Hyperlocal Cloud will have a high scale of flexibility on various aspects like pricing and discounts for customers as the vendor interference will be limited as per your choice.

Efficient Brand Management

Through a top-tier white label tracking software developed by expert software at Hyperlocal Cloud, you can easily create your own brand in the market. The products we create can easily be customized as per your needs and requirements and reflect your visions which will establish a better connection with the users at all costs.

Business Safety

Many vendors in the sales business easily shift their interest in partnering to carrying out direct sales and thereby totally damaging the business which relies on them. Through an efficient white label tracking software development, the vendors won't be able to conduct their separate business as you will be working under your own brand and logo.

Versatility Of Products

Gain access to a wide range of GPS hardware through third-party systems and also customize your customer experience by letting them own versatile products that can easily satisfy their technical needs. Along with that, their business objectives will also be met through our efficient white label GPS tracking software.

Unleash The Power Of The Best GPS Tracking Software

Unique Features Of A White Label GPS Tracking Software

The white label GPS tracking software will come up customized with respect to the latest industry standards and have a bunch of new and exciting features for the users. Let us discuss some of them:

Live Tracking

Monitor vehicles through our efficient white label GPS tracking platform which is loaded with the real time tracking feature. Also get live location updates from almost anywhere around the globe.

Timely Reports

Our white label GPS tracking software will have the feature of providing reports which represent your platform's transparency and platform movements.

Safety Concerns

GPS Gateway Tracking Management System will help to identify any suspicious behaviours of the drivers and take passenger safety to the next level.

View History

A white label GPS tracking software developed by us will also provide you with the option to view history through a completely friendly graphical interface.

Advanced Geo-Fencing

This feature is completely location based and will enable the creators to use GPS/WIFI/Cellular Data to automatically trigger messages in the form of Emails and SMS.

Enhanced Video Telematics:

Insightful video analytics provided by us will help you enhance your fleet safety at all costs. Through the help of advanced video graphics you will be updated your fleet management just via a few taps of your smart devices.

Advanced E-Lock:

Our White label GPS Tracking software system will come with an advanced e-lock facility so that you can manage your fleet with complete control and privacy.

Enterprise/Transporter ERP:

Get ready to successfully streamline operations through a highly advanced tailored solution for fleet management or both enterprises and transporters.

Two Best White Label GPS Tracking Softwares Of 2023

For the better understanding of a GPS tracking software let us go through some of the popular GPS Tracking softwares of 2023:


This company is based in Sweden and offers a platform for effective GPS tracking with multiple modular functionalities which is best suited for businesses of every size and stature. They offer Windows based software for efficient fleet management capabilities. This company has received the ISO 27001 certification with respect to the commitment for safeguarding user data.


This company has its headquarters in the UK with multiple branches in the US and EU. This software has gained mass popularity through its effective prices and easy to use interface. This software is widely used by multiple service providers and caters to many consumers and small companies. This company also successfully ships GPS hardware through its online shop, thus, offering a choice of vehicle and asset trackers from multiple manufacturers.

Why Rely On The White Label GPS Tracker Built By Hyperlocal Cloud?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a leading software development company from the last thirteen years with multiple softwares launched to date that are leading the markets. With our top-notch GPS tracking software development, users can easily manage their fleet with the latest features and tech stack we work with.

Best Application Design

We at Hyperlocal Cloud ensure that the best set of features are added to your platform as well as the best designs are used to create an overall exceptional product. This beautiful application design will lure more and more customers.

Easy To Use Interface

We ensure that the GPS tracking software is completely easy to use so that the customers can use it well. With a user friendly application, admin can connect well with each driver of the fleet.

Super Fast Loading

The softwares we create has a super fast loading time due to the multiple maintenance checks and bug fixings. We also ensure that the platform is updated from time to time to provide an exceptional experience to your customers.

Best Graphical Interface

Our high end designers ensure that the latest graphics are used in the software for a better understanding of the business owner as well as his/her customers. With an advanced graphical interface, the software features can be understood more easily.

On-Time Delivery

We also ensure that our valuable clients are content at all stages. With on-time delivery of the project to our clients and also before the scheduled time, we focus on multiple testings so that the app is released well in the market without any major flaws.

Reach The Competitive Edge Through Our GPS Tracking Software 


There are multiple white label GPS tracking softwares in the market today with multiple ones to especially consider presently like Wialon, GPSWOX and Trackzee. Every single of these platforms have their own features that enable them to be a reliable support for management of industries like transportation and waste management.

If you are really wishing to start your GPS services under your own brand, then better evaluate the market trends before making an investment. There has to be a visual customization for multiple web interfaces including connectivity options and multiple payment methods. This is the right time for you to make an investment and start your GPS tracking journey while managing your business in a controlled and centralized way.

Start your fleet management through our expert guidance at Hyperlocal Cloud, we build the best platforms for our clients which make them reach a highly competitive edge .Contact us and schedule a meeting with our diverse team of software developers.

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