Careem Clone | White Label Careem Like App Solution

By Hyperlocal Cloud

March 26, 2024

Careem Clone | White Label Careem Like App Solution

Want to excel and take an extra advantage in your transportation business? It's time to shift gears and take the online route. Connect with our team at Hyperlocal, be a part of the flourishing on-demand business, and gain a distinctive edge against your competitors.

With the Uber app gaining popularity worldwide, many entrepreneurs have shown great interest in building taxi applications. Developing such platforms is also a great pleasure for entrepreneurs who have traditional businesses and want to upscale them.

Careem apps have gained significant popularity in the Middle East and various South Asian parts. This ride-hailing app schedules pickups for passengers in various vehicle types, be they luxury, economy, or business. It is operationalized in 14+ countries and caters to over 33M customers. It is a super app that not only books rides but also offers groceries and food items. Witnessing this demand has compelled entrepreneurs to venture into this phenomenal opportunity and build apps like Careem to drive maximum sales.

How does the Careem clone app work?

The Careem clone app is a quintessential on-demand solution that meets businesses' requirements. We have a white label solution for taxi app businesses that is absolutely bug-free, feature-rich, and has a user-friendly interface at cost-effective prices.

Our Careem clone app starts by setting up the account and creating profiles for both passengers and drivers. After successful profile creation, passengers can book their ride by entering their pick-up and drop-off locations. They can even choose the vehicles of their choice and, after that, request a ride. After submitting the request, the Careem app matches the user with a nearby available driver.

In the driver app, the nearest driver to the location is assigned the task. The passenger can see everything from the driver’s name to the vehicle number, along with their arrival time. Real-time tracking is possible, where the driver’s location is updated constantly.

Hyperlocal Cloud has empowered businesses to streamline their operations and generate high ROI. We have experience in developing ride-sharing apps with high-class features and unmatched user experience. It’s time to elevate your digital presence and conceptualize your dreams into reality.

Exceptional Features Of Our Careem Clone App

The purpose behind integrating the features in any app is to uplift the user experience and offer an extensive solution. For an app like Careem, we have developed three different apps, i.e., admin, driver, and passenger. Let’s get to know about them in detail;

Admin Panel

Our admin app includes features to oversee multiple aspects of the ride-hailing app, maintaining seamless operations and top-quality services.

Intuitive Dashboard

It shows all app details, such as active users, sales, revenue generation, popular routes, total rides, etc., and generates reports that help in future decision-making.

User Management

Allows great handling of driver and passenger accounts, such as managing the latest registrations, adding/deleting profiles after reviewing, etc.

Transaction Management

It helps monitor and effectively manage every financial transaction coming from different channels, such as booking fees, commissions, refunds, commissions, incentives, etc.

Fare Management

It helps to fine-tune the fare rates depending on demand and current market trends, which is fair for drivers and passengers.

Promotional Offers

Swiftly creates and manages promotional campaigns and sets referral programs, campaigns, and discount offers to lure users.

Customer Support Tools

This feature handles all the queries and issues related to the app, including feedback and complaints.

Driver App

Driver app provides drivers with amazing functionalities that help them in the hassle-free alignment of rides without hampering the ride experience.

Accept/Reject requests

Helps drivers accept and reject ride requests depending upon their preference, availability, or time constraints.


Provide accurate routing details to the drivers, helping them reach their destination location on time without facing any obstruction.

Earnings Dashboard

Our Careem clone app enables drivers to keep track of their earnings while browsing their trip history and checking the bonuses and incentives.


With this feature, drivers can see the ratings, check the feedback from the passengers, and upgrade the services accordingly.

Flexible Schedule

Helps fix the time, adjust the slots according to availability, and plan breaks for a perfect work-life balance.

In-app Support

With our Careem clone app, drivers can receive guidance through this feature to resolve technical glitches during trips.

Passenger App

A Passenger app is built to offer a flawless and convenient ride experience for users irrespective of the platform, i.e., Android or iOS.

Ride Booking

It enables passengers to book rides quickly by entering their pickup and drop-off locations and scheduling rides in advance.

Fare Estimation

Offers passengers an accurate fare estimation before ride booking and helps them plan out their travel expenses.

Real-time Tracking

Helps passengers track the driver's real-time location while maintaining transparency and clarity.

Payment Options

Provides passengers with uninterrupted payment methods, including cash, wallets, and debit/credit cards.

Reviews and Ratings

Our Careem clone app allows passengers to give genuine feedback on their ride experience and rate them as per their quality standards.

Safety Features

The app comes with an SOS button in case of emergencies and offers security for the passengers.

The integration of such magnificent features in our Careem clone app improves usability, and magnifies efficiency, flexibility, and scalability, which impact customer satisfaction. These specifications help garner immense success and induce competitiveness for businesses in the ride-hailing service market.

If you wish to make your business successful, it’s the best time to consult our team. We will guide you in the right direction regarding the project ideas and the implementation.

Business Benefits Offered By Our Careem Clone App

As a business that works towards gaining phenomenal advantages, developing a digital app proves to be noteworthy. With our Careem clone app, you can create a successful transportation business by fetching valuable insights from different sources.

Increased Revenue Growth

An app like Careem provides a multitude of services, such as carpooling, ride-hailing, etc, that entice maximum users. Moreover, with the implementation of alluring features, it is possible to increase booking rates, which leads to boosted revenue. It also positively impacts operational efficiency through streamlined operations, reduced idle time, and optimized various other processes. All these factors set the stage for the enhanced revenue growth.

Improved User Experience

Another great business perk provided by the Careem clone app development is the optimized user experience. It is possible through smooth booking procedures, in-app chat options, solid payment methods, push notifications, etc. Also, offering personalized loyalty programs and creating promotional campaigns is bound to create a delightful experience.

Competitive Advantage

Careem clone apps help gain brand recognition due to their quick market entry. As they replicate the original app, it becomes easier for the business to capture its potential customers. The app is also open for customization, which is another big reason for giving a competitive advantage.

Boosted Sales

App development exhibits 24/7 availability, curates in-app content, and offers suggestions, rewards, discounts, and mind-blowing attributes to increase sales. Additionally, acquiring meaningful insights and continuously getting customer feedback exponentially amplifies sales to the top-notch level.

Enhanced Scalability

The app's digital platform facilitates scalability, enabling effortless service expansion to new cities and regions as demand rises. This scalability empowers the Careem clone app to access a broader customer demographic and progressively enhance its market footprint.

Revenue Model Of Our Careem Clone App

The primary objective behind developing an app like Careem is to capitalize on lucrative opportunities that help generate extensive leads. Harness the potential of our Careem clone app to propel your business to unprecedented heights.

Commission Earnings

The app owner stands to gain a substantial commission fee from the services listed on the Careem clone app.

In-App Advertising

Advertisements featured on the app like Careem, contribute to increased revenue and facilitate substantial income generation.

Subscription Charges

The availability of premium features charges additional charges from the users monthly or yearly.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Integrating sponsored content into your Careem clone app helps unlock remarkable revenue benefits.

Promotional Space

Allocate space for promotions on your Careem clone app, monetizing it by charging fees in exchange.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Careem?

Our Careem clone app costs between 10k and 14k. These prices tend to change depending on the personalization level. Take a look at some of the parameters affecting cost.

  • Latest tech stacks
  • Integrated features
  • App complexity
  • Location of the developers
  • UI/UX design
  • Size of the development firm
  • Development process

Hire Hyperlocal As Your App Development Partner!

Hyperlocal Cloud is an esteemed on-demand app development company renowned for assisting numerous global businesses in creating clone apps for various industries. With over 3 years of demonstrated expertise in the IT sector, we have built flawless apps equipped with top-notch functionalities.

Still uncertain? Consider the following distinguishing factors that set us apart from our competitors:

  • Complete Customization
  • Seasoned Professionals
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Timely Project Delivery
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Don’t hesitate any longer; reach out to our team and launch your business endeavors without any delay!

FAQs Related To Careem Clone App

How long does it take to develop a Careem clone app?

It takes around 10 days to develop a Careem clone app, depending on project complexity, customization, requirements, integration, and platform type.

How are Careem clone apps advantageous for businesses?

Careem clone app exhibits numerous business perks, like generating massive revenue, getting increased customer attention, a wider customer base, high ROI, etc.

Which features are included in an app like Careem?

There are different features embedded in the Careem clone apps, i.e., admin, driver, and customer panel. Some of the features include live tracking, vehicle management, navigation, trip history, interactive dashboard, reports & analytics, etc.

Which tech stacks are included in the Careem clone apps?

The popular tech stacks include programming languages- Node.js, Python, and Java; Cloud services- AWS and Microsoft Azure; Frameworks-React.js, Angular, Vue.js; Payment Gateways-PayPal, Adyen, etc.

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