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Connecting People With Technology Through Our Grocery Delivery App

Get ready for the future of grocery delivery with an instacart like app development by Hyperlocal Cloud's seasoned app developers.

What Do Our On Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Services Include?

Being one of the best grocery delivery app development companies in the world, we offer separate apps for customers, vendors, and drivers and an advanced admin panel to help the business owner manage the app revenue and earnings significantly. Let us have a look at their features below:

grocery delivery customer app development

Customer App

The customer app panel in the grocery delivery app will have all the features to guarantee an exceptional customer experience. Have a look at some of them below:

Features include:
  • Easy Registration

    The customers can easily register in the app through phone numbers or social media accounts.

  • Re-Order

    This feature allows your users to save a lot of time by repeating the last orders from their profile.

  • Alerts And Notifications

    Customers will get notified about the recent updates in the apps through timely alerts.

  • Driver Profile

    Customers in on demand grocery apps developed by us can view driver profiles and ratings.

  • Schedule Delivery

    Users can schedule their deliveries on a specific day/time and receive their orders in that slot.

Driver App

Hyperlocal Cloud has been developing apps for the last 3+ years. We build robust driver dashboards in your app loaded with numerous trendy features.

Features Include:
  • Delivery Person Profile

    Get updates on the delivery status and one-click customer calls straight from the driver dashboard through our esteemed grocery delivery app development services.

  • Push Notifications

    Your delivery personnel's dashboard will have a delivery assignment page that sends notifications in real-time. Check payment status via alerts.

  • GPS Navigation

    Our seasoned app developers will create a driver dashboard that will have the feature of in-built maps and real-time delivery status.

  • Wallet Management

    In our grocery delivery app, drivers can manage the payment proceedings through in-app wallets and even unlock virtual credits for themselves.

  • Multilingual Support

    For the comfort of the delivery personnel, we have provided a multilingual support feature to allow them to navigate through multiple languages.

  • Grocery Vendor App

    Our instacart like app development services will let you manage your vendors by helping them with an app to manage deliveries.

grocery delivery app development
grocery delivery app development company

Vendor Dashboard

Our Vendor app dashboard is loaded with features like inventory management and revenue management. Our seamless grocery delivery app development services ensure that the vendors are updated in real-time about their deliveries.

Features include:
  • Cancellations & Refunds

    Being a leading grocery delivery app development company, we ensure that the vendors can cancel user orders and send refunds to customers.

  • Inventory Management

    Manage your inventories through our vendor app panel and update your customers as soon as their preferred item is back in stock.

  • Store Locator

    Your customers can locate your specific store and choose the grocery items that they wish to get delivered to their doorstep.

  • Store Pickup

    Customers on the app can also pick up their ordered items from the grocery store itself rather than ordering them online.

Admin Panel

Our Grocery delivery app development uses an integrated admin dashboard to let you manage vendors, stores, and delivery personnel.

Features Include:
  • Reports And Insights

    We are the best grocery delivery app development company in the market, and we ensure that our admin panel has all the reports and insights in a graphical manner.

  • Pay And Commission Management

    Keep track of payments and commissions through our endless stream of grocery delivery app development services and take your business to the next level of success.

  • Email And SMS Promotions

    We also ensure that the admin app is loaded with features like promotions via emails and SMS. Our referral programs can help your business to spread digitally.

  • Track Orders

    Track all orders on your dashboard and find the order details and progress. Our on demand grocery app development company provides you with details on each and every order.

  • Manage Feedback

    The admin can manage the entire set of feedback and reviews submitted by customers and monitor the progress of the best grocery shops with the best and lowest reviews.

on demand grocery delivery app development

How Will Our On Demand Grocery Delivery App Work For Your Users?

We lead the grocery delivery app development game through our numerous grocery delivery apps launched in the market. Check out how our on demand grocery delivery app work below:

  • 1

    Quick Login

    Your users can seamlessly sign up on our app through their social media or phone numbers.

  • 2

    Advanced Search

    Users can navigate the search bar and look for advanced searches to make a grocery purchase.

  • 3


    Users can add their chosen items to their wishlists or simply to the cart before payment.

  • 4


    Multiple payment modes, like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more, can be used.

  • 5

    Track Order

    Allow users to track orders in real-time while getting notified through alerts and notifications.

  • 6

    Order Delivery

    Order is finally delivered to the doorstep of your customers through delivery personnel.

  • 7

    Ratings And Reviews

    Allow customers to rate their food experience via the feedback options on your delivery app.

Benefits Of Our On Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Services

There are multiple benefits of building a grocery delivery app through the help of a leading on demand grocery delivery app development company. From the start, we are focused on providing businesses with the right solutions to help them obtain a constant revenue stream. Let us have a look at some of the benefits below:

  • Upscaled Inventory Management

    Through our faultless on demand grocery delivery app development services, businesses can upgrade their inventory management through automation.

  • Guaranteed Convenience

    This is the most important benefit of a grocery delivery app, through which the customers won't face the hustle of standing in queues.

  • Ensuring Customer Loyalty

    Building a loyal customer base is not easy. Through our app, you can offer customer loyalty programs to retain more customers and lure new ones.

  • Cost And Time Efficiency

    Another benefit of on-demand apps is their cost and time efficiency as they are not built from scratch; less time and money are spent to make them.

Guaranteed ROIs Through Our Grocery App Business Models

Our on demand grocery app development comes with guaranteed ROIs and other business benefits for every scale enterprise.

  • Single Grocery Store
    Single Grocery Store

    We deliver an on-demand grocery app solution that increases engagement with customers, on-time delivery to customers using GPS, and top-tier features that can attract a number of users and boost sales.

  • Aggregator

    We help companies to expand their reach by collaborating with other brands. Our on demand grocery app development services have the potential to collaborate, market, and increase sales with effective products.

  • Grocery Chains
    Grocery Chains

    Manage your sales, products, and promote your business with our grocery delivery app. We can help attain an on-demand grocery delivery service with a CMS panel to update and maintain changes in your business.

Our Robust And Reliable Technology Stack For Grocery App Development

We use a variety of tech stacks for our apps based on the business requirements of our clients. We also rely on some third-party integrations to make our apps compact like never before. Some of the tech stacks our developers prefer are given below:

  • Kotlin icon


  • Java icon


  • Xcode icon


  • Objective C icon

    Objective C

  • Swift icon


  • Android SDK icon

    Android SDK

  • photoshop icon


  • illustrator icon


  • After Effect icon

    After Effect

  • Sketch icon


  • InVision icon


  • Flinto icon


  • AWS icon


  • GoogleAE icon


  • Firebase icon


  • PushWoosh icon


  • Heroku icon


  • Google-Pay icon

    Google Pay

  • Amazon-Pay icon

    Amazon Pay

  • Apple-Pay icon

    Apple Pay

  • PayPal icon


  • Stripe icon


  • Redis icon

    Redis Pay

  • Cassandra icon


  • ElasticSearch icon


  • PostgreSQL icon


  • Node.JS icon


Why Do Businesses Trust Our On Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Services?

An-on demand grocery app development service from us helps any business’s size to achieve a competitive edge. Here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • Decades Of Experience
    Decades Of Experience

    We have 3+ years of experience in developing on-demand apps, ride-hailing, and grocery delivery applications for worldwide clients.

  • Customized app
    Customized app

    We create custom applications with brand names, color patterns, custom features, and additional integrations according to the demands.

  • Appealing Design
    Appealing Design

    Our developers implement the latest UI, immersive visuals, animations, and graphics to help even a non-technical user access the app.

  • Bug-Free Performance
    Bug-Free Performance

    Our developed applications have a higher tendency to provide better performance even on slow networks. We develop bug-free apps for every device.

  • Security & Scalability
    Security & Scalability

    Our symmetric development procedure consists of layers that can’t be invaded by any sort of malware attack and offer scalability & sustainability.

  • Skilled Engineer
    Skilled Engineer

    We have 150+ seasoned developers on the floor who always strive to deliver any application with the latest tech stack that helps upscale businesses.

grocery delivery app development


  • Why Should I Opt For The Hyperlocal Cloud’s On-Demand Grocery Delivery App?

    We are a leading on demand grocery delivery app development company. We develop a grocery delivery app solution with the latest features, immersive visuals, animation, appealing UI, and enthralling content that can attract any user.

    Will Developing A Grocery Delivery App Benefit My Grocery Business?

    The demand for online grocery delivery apps is rising rapidly. So, it sustains the request for an on demand grocery delivery app service and has a bright future.

  • How Much Will It Cost To Develop A Grocery Delivery App?

    It can cost approximately $8,000 - $15,000 to get a complete grocery delivery app solution. The mentioned amount can rise higher and lower depending on different factors like customization, additional features, integrations, etc.

    How Long Will It Take To Deliver Through Our Grocery Delivery App?

    It can take around 6-12 days to get a full custom on demand grocery delivery app development solution. The development time for the app can increase and decrease according to the needs and size of the app.

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