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Reach The Smarter Edge With Our Whitelabel Gojek Clone App

Hyperlocal Cloud has been in the app development field for more than a decade with numerous successful apps and our gojek clone app will surely raise your revenue numbers.

gojek clone app development

Introducing Our Gojek Clone Software

The Gojek Clone is a script based on an on-demand service that can fit multiple services like grocery delivery, medicine delivery, food delivery, and much more through a single platform. This super app clone script provides numerous services as per the customer's requirements. The Gojek clone app development will make your business a brand and help you leverage a boosted customer loyalty and engagement. Get all the services straight at one place through our reliable clone script crafted by top-level gojek developers.

Our Whitelabel Gojek Clone App Development Services

Innovation is everything that we do at Hyperlocal Cloud, and our gojek clone app development is no exception. We offer a wide range of services through our esteemed gojek clone.


Our Gojek clone will provide multiple ride sharing services for taxi rides, bike renting, boat booking and much more. Manage ride sharing services through our Gojek clone and book rides instantly at the tap of a button.

  • Taxi Booking

    Taxi Booking

  • Bike


  • E-Vehicle


  • Bicycle


  • Limo



Leverage top-tier delivery services through our Gojek clone. Deliver food, groceries, alcohol, medicines and much more instantly to your customers. Our delivery services will always be on or before time.

  • Food


  • Grocery


  • Medicine


  • Alcohol


  • Flower



Our Gojek Clone will also provide repair, babysitting, and cleaning services to your users. Leverage multiple services straight from salon services to carwash through our A-grade Gojek clone app development.

  • Car Repair

    Car Repair

  • Babysitting


  • House Cleaning

    House Cleaning

  • Plumber


  • Babysitting


Appointment Bookings

Book instant appointments through our Gojek clone app. Your customers can get in touch with tutors, doctors, consultants, lawyers, fitness experts, stylists and much more. They can schedule services as per their wish.

  • Tutoring


  • Doctor


  • Consultation


  • Lawyers


  • Salon & Beauty

    Salon & Beauty

Must-Have Features Of The Gojek Clone

The Gojek clone has all the major features to help businesses reach the competitive edge. Here are some of the important features of the Gojek Clone:

Fix Preferences
Fix Preferences

Users can set their preferences while using our gojek clone and get additional services like extra accessories and driving with extra luggage in their taxis.

Multiple Payment Gateways
Multiple Payment Gateways

Our gojek clone software is integrated with the option of multiple payment methods like Paystack, Paypal and Stripe to support transactions beyond borders.

Live Status Tracking
Live Status Tracking

Track your orders in our gojek clone software with the live status of your order, along with an option to chat with our merchants till the order is delivered.

Multiple Currency Support
Multiple Currency Support

Our gojek clone app development supports numerous currencies so that our international customers can pay with their currencies which are converted later.

Integrated Maps<
Integrated Maps

Our efficient gojek developers are aware of the perks of an inbuilt map in your app, which is available for all panels so that partners are tracked throughout.

Multi-Country Support
Multi-Country Support

The gojek clone app can be leveraged in multiple countries, and businesses can manage their workflow with multiple locations within the platform itself.

Unique Offerings Of Our Gojek Clone

At Hyperlocal Cloud, clone app solutions are loaded with multiple panels and features to help businesses reach a competitive edge. Here are our offerings:

Gojek Customer App

Our gojek developers are aware of the technicalities of a super app, and the user app panel is made with an easy-to-use interface that is compatible with any device.

Features Include:
  • Choose Service Category

    While using our gojek app clone, customer can get their desired services straight from the search bar option.

  • Schedule A Request

    After selecting the category of service required, the customer can choose to place instant delivery requests.

  • Track Service/Delivery

    The users can track their delivery through the inbuilt map and can connect with their delivery partners.

gojek like app development
gojek like app development

Gojek Merchant App

The merchant stores are the ones who provide the delivery products to the customers in a whitelabel gojek clone app.

Features include:
  • Accept/Reject Orders

    The merchants listed in our gojek clone can accept/reject orders as per the availability of the products and deliverymen.

  • Assigning Orders

    The merchant partners assign the delivery to the delivery personnel after checking about the product availability.

  • Analyze Feedback

    The merchant stores in our gojek clone app can analyze customer feedback and update the merchant partners in real time.

Gojek Delivery Partner App

Partner App Panel in our while label gojek clone app development will support deliveries, services, and settle payments.

Features Include:
  • Set Availability

    Partners in our gojek clone application have the option to pre-set availabilities as per the days of the week.

  • Submit Invoice

    After the service is completed through our top-tier gojek clone, the delivery person has to submit the invoice for confirmation.

  • Earnings

    Partners in our gojek like app development can monitor the task history and configure their monthly analysis.

gojek developer
gojek developer

Gojek Admin Panel

This is a single-window centralized panel for the business owner where you will have the complete control over all the other panels.

Features include:
  • Manage Orders

    With the help of the admin panel, you can manage the order timing, locate a nearby partner and distribute work equally.

  • Managing Commission

    Your revenue generation model will largely depend on commission, and with the admin panel, you can manage properly.

  • Maintain Quality

    Being a platform provider, you must keep the service standards, and admin panel will help you to keep things centralized.

Smart And Affordable Gojek Clone App Development By Us

Our gojek developers are seasoned enough to work as per your guidelines and create an exceptional clone app, ready to skyrocket your revenue charts.

Additional Features Embedded By Us In Gojek Clone

Hyperlocal Cloud ensures that all the latest features are embedded in the gojek clone app development to help you in pushing your business to new heights.

  • gojek clone software
    Call Masking
  • gojek clone software
    Stock Alerts
  • gojek clone software
    Kiosk App
  • gojek clone software
    In-App Chat Support
  • gojek clone software
    E-Wallet Integration
  • gojek clone software
    Promo Codes
  • gojek clone software
    Estimated Travel Time
  • gojek clone software
    Schedule Booking
  • gojek clone software
    Instant Notifications
  • gojek clone software
    Store Web Panel
  • gojek clone software
    SMS/Email Alerts
  • gojek clone software
    One-Click Emergency
gojek clone software

The Process Followed By Us For Gojek Clone App Development

Hyperlocal Cloud has launched 100+ apps that are leading the market, and all the processes of the Gojek Clone contribute to making it an exceptional product.

  • 1

    Research And Analysis Phase

    After the meeting is scheduled with our experts, we ensure to understand your business requirements and provide you with the best business solutions after heavy research.

  • 2

    Design And Development

    After locking your deal, we focus on the design and development of your product on priority through the assignment of a seperate team with project leads and managers.

  • 3

    Marketing Services

    Our 360-degree solutions come in handy for both small and large scaled businesses. While creating your gojek clone, we keenly focus on providing the best marketing services.

  • 4

    Multi-Level Testing

    We remove any possible room for errors before the final launch of your product through our multiple testings of your gojek clone app. The product is then set to launch.

  • 5


    After a set of serious testings and checks of your gojek clone app, we provide the green signal to release your app in the market and start your actual sucess journey.

  • 6

    App Support And Maintenance

    Even after your gojek clone is launched successfully in the market, we assure you to provide additional support and maintenance services along with constant updates.

Additional Benefits Of Gojek Clone App

Here are some of the additional benefits that you will get with the Gojek Clone app; with the help of these, you will have more chances to grow on the global stage.

gojek clone
  • gojek clone
    Payment Gateways

    The Gojek clone solution enables for the inclusion of other payment gateways as addon services to provide secure and simple transactions on which consumers can trust.

  • gojek clone
    Multi-Language Integration

    Admin has the ability to enable several languages to merchants, which further leverages those possibilities for consumers to reduce language disparities and engage seamlessly.

  • gojek clone
    Native Nature of the Apps

    The applications created are native to Android and iOS and run without hiccups, making them more engaging with all of the essential feature sets for the platforms' respective audiences.

  • gojek clone
    Automated Analytics

    The platform produces business analytics for both merchants and administrators, lowering the strain of manual work and preventing errors from occurring.

Get The Best Gojek Clone App Solutions For Your Business

We at Hyperlocal Cloud create market leading gojek clone software solutions for your business.

Reasons To Choose HyperLocal Cloud For Gojek Clone App Development

Here is the reason why we are the leading Gojek clone application development company.

gojek like app development

Experienced Gojek Developers

Hyperlocal Cloud has a team of 150+ developers with the experience of 3+ years in application development.

gojek like app development

79+ Gojek Like App Delivered

We have delivered more than 79 Gojek clone apps to our global clients with high-end features and 100% reliability.

gojek like app development

On-Time Project Delivery

We completely understand & value your time and money. We make sure to deliver the project on time with perfection.

gojek like app development

Personalized Clone Service

Our service is completely white-labeled, branded, and personalized. The final result will be yours or your company's.

gojek like app development

24*7 Available For You

Our team of experts is always available to attend to your queries and suggest the best possible solution accordingly.

gojek like app development

User-Friendly Features

We make sure to provide you with not only the best but also a user-friendly Gojek app to gain maximum users.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time does it take to develop Gojek clone software?

    The approximate time to develop a Gojek clone software takes about a week or two, but it also depends on the features and panels of the platform you want in the application.

    What is the approximate Gojek-like app development cost?

    The development cost depends on the features you want on your platform, panels, detailing & other factors as well. But the white-label Gojek clone app costs much lesser than building an app from scratch.

  • Why should you choose the Gojek clone app?

    Gojek is the one-stop solution for delivering multiple products. This will help you to be the big bull of the ecommerce industry.

    How can you contact the best Gojek clone app development company?

    All you have to do is just fill out our form, and our executive will get in touch with you as soon as possible. And you can have your project within no time.

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Hyperlocal Cloud has been in the IT development industry for the last 3+ years, we have made some notable connections throughout these years. Here are some of them:

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