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Do You Want An Effective White Label Online Learning Platform Built for You?

Develop a stimulated white label e-learning platform with us and get the most out of embedded analytics.

white label e learning platform

Develop Extremely Interactive E-Learning Portals That Produce Excellent Results

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we build a white label elearning platform based on your business needs. Our application meets the market trends and requirements. By developing a multilingual portal to communicate with students in their native language, you can expand the audience of your white label online course platform. Together, let's build a cutting-edge and user-friendly e-learning portal.

Types Of White Label Learning Platform We Build

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we assist you in launching white label elearning platform serving various marketplaces with minimum to no hassle.

Video-Based Learning Platform

Video-Based Learning Platform

The video-based learning platform assists learners with efficient and effective ways to enhance learning.

One-on-One Learning Platform

One-On-One Learning Platform

One-on-one learning platforms eliminate distractions and help learners focus on a specific topic or subject.

Teacher’s E-learning Platform

Online Group Learning

Learners can benefit from each other's knowledge, expertise, and insights by learning in an online group.

Collaborative Learning

Employee Training

Training platform helps employees cope with industry advancements to improve their knowledge.

Employee Training

Massive Open Online Courses

In MOOCs, students can enroll at any time, learn & complete courses at their own pace without deadlines.

Online Consulting

Teacher’s E-Learning Platform

Teachers can contribute their knowledge & upload resources on this platform to support fellow educators.

Revenue Model Of White Label eLearning Platform

The first step before settling on a strategy for development is to choose a business model. Your elearning platform's business model determines how it makes money.

  • Subscriptions icon

    Subscription-Based Model

    Users can opt for subscription & access unlimited content published on white label online course platform.

  • Paid Commissions icon

    Affiliate Model

    You can incorporate affiliate links into your course materials which people can use to spread the word about your white label eLearning platform.

  • Advertisement icon

    Paid Certificates

    Learners or students can easily apply for verified certificates after completing the course by paying a small amount of money.

  • Freemium Model icon

    Corporate Partnership

    Organizations collaborate with businesses to design and deliver bespoke training for a fee in business-to-business (B2B) collaboration.

Features Of Our White Label Online Course Platform

We provide white label LMS platform with cutting-edge features and functionalities to deliver real-time experiences and meet the demands of the current educational system.

Learners Panel

Students can easily access learning management systems with these simple features.

Features Include:
  • Course Discussions

    Our e-learning solution provides a regular meeting place where instructors and students can discuss course-related issues.

  • Course Certification

    Students can select between free and paid courses; after each course, they will receive certificates.

  • Course Reminders

    Through email notifications in the e-learning platform, users will be reminded when new and old courses are available.

Learners Panel For E-Learning Marketplace
Instructor App For E-Learning Marketplace

Instructor Panel

This panel allows teachers and instructors to add and update online courses and retrieve student performance data.

Features include:
  • Create/Update Courses

    According to demand, platform instructors can easily update or develop new courses for employees and students.

  • Manage Reports

    Teachers can easily manage the performance reports and update the score of the students/learners.

  • Video Conferencing

    The instructors can instruct several students simultaneously with the video conferencing feature.

Admin Panel

Admin can track and manage all activities, streamlining the workflow as necessary.

Features include:
  • Course Management

    The administrator can remotely create new courses, enroll students, check their progress, and perform various other tasks.

  • Purchase Tracking

    The application administrator can track or manage every course a user purchases through the e-learning marketplace platform.

  • Discounts & Offers

    The platform owners can offer discounts & deals on the courses to attract more users.

Admin Dashboard For E-Learning Marketplace

Talk to Our Experts About Your White Label eLearning Project

A long-term partnership is something we consider. You get a trustworthy partner for all your white label e-learning platform needs.

Advanced Features We Offer In Our White Label Learning Management System

We offer features required for a successful eLearning platform and simple to use.

  • Complete Course icon
    Advanced Search

    Students can quickly find a suitable subject or instructor by filtering their search results according to various criteria, including but not limited to subjects, availability, language, price range, accent, and more.

  • Up-To-Date Exam icon
    Multiple Payment Options

    We integrate multiple payment methods on your online learning platform, such as credit/debit cards, eWallet, and others, to make it convenient for users to make purchases and increase your conversion rate.

  • Learning Analytics icon
    Learning Analytics & Leaderboard

    Users can monitor & manage their progress, objectives, and sessions through the dashboard. It provides a comprehensive evaluation & status report on all activities.

  • Online Test icon
    Communication Tools

    We implement communication tools such as text chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, discussion forums, flashcards, and more to provide a truly interactive and collaborative learning experience.

  • Question Cruise icon
    Complete Course Material

    With minimal effort, instructors can upload the entire selection of e-learning study materials, creating fantastic courses. Users can master each chapter with an interactive series, resulting in ongoing learning.

  • Video & Notes Learning icon
    Video-Based Content

    Video-based content helps users to learn effectively. They can watch or listen to previously recorded lectures whenever convenient. Therefore, including this in the final product is essential for eLearning apps.

Create An Amazing White Label LMS Platform With An Experienced Team!

Make education accessible and convenient for everyone with our white label teaching platform equipped with the latest technologies.

Pre-Integrated APIs To Reach A Competitive Edge

Our white label elearning platform collaborates with multiple payment partners to offer multiple payment options for customers.

  • Pay With CJ Wallet icon
    Pay With CJ Wallet
  • Pay With Card icon
    Pay With Card
  • Payoneer icon
  • Wire Transfer icon
    Wire Transfer
  • WeChat pay icon
    WeChat Pay
  • Boleto icon
  • iDEAL icon
  • PayPal Checkout icon
    PayPal Checkout
  • Sofort icon
  • Diners Club icon
    Diners Club

Technology Stack We Focus For White Label Online Learning Platform

We use a set of dynamic technology stacks to create an online elearning platform. Some of them are:

  • Dot Net icon

    Dot Net

  • PHP icon


  • Python icon


  • Java icon


  • Vue.js icon


  • Angular icon


  • Flutter icon


  • React icon


  • MySQL icon


  • Django icon


  • BigQuery icon


  • Ruby icon


Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For White Label Online Course Platform?

As a leading on-demand app development company, we provide white label elearning platform solutions on time, within budget, and aligned with clients' goals in a quality-driven, project-managed environment.

Innovative Designs icon
Innovative Designs

Our highly skilled UI/UX designers develop solutions for immersive, appealing, and interesting e-learning marketplace solutions.

Effective Communication icon
Effective Communication

We designate a dedicated project manager who communicates all e-learning marketplace solution project updates.

On-Time Delivery icon
On-Time Delivery

Our expert team knows how critical it is to adhere to deadlines, complete the project on time and within your budget.

Creativity icon

Our talented developers create impressive and creative white label elearning platform solutions that grab users' attention.

Flexible Hiring Model icon
Flexible Hiring Models

To meet the needs of our customer's businesses and their financial constraints, we provide a variety of hiring models.

NDA icon

We know how important it is for you to keep your idea safe & unique. That's why we sign NDA & keep all project information safe.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much time does it take to create a white label e-learning app?

    The UI/UX design level and the platform you need (web or desktop, Android, iOS) will determine how long it takes to develop an e-learning app. The time will also depend on the set of features and infrastructures necessary for a specific app since we customize it based on the needs of our clients.

    What is the cost of creating a white label e-learning app?

    The time required to implement your requirements and the developer's fees will determine the cost of developing an educational app. You can contact us to receive a precise quote for your project.

  • Why should you choose a white label learning platform?

    Schools, students, and teachers now use the internet and mobile apps to communicate, turn in work, and work together. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can now study anything while sitting anywhere in the world with e-learning platforms.

    Why ought I to collaborate with you?

    We are a valuable partner who can assist you in producing products quickly, adhering to deadlines, upholding positive working relationships, and assisting you in achieving your goals.

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