Stating Some Facts On Our Handyman App Development Services

Hyperlocal Cloud has been a pioneer in offering world-class solutions to clients for over a decade and has completed hundreds of projects to date.

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Top-Notch Handyman App Development Solutions

Launching a handyman app presents an attractive opportunity due to its ability to cater to the modern need for convenience and efficiency. A handyman app simplifies home maintenance tasks by connecting users with skilled handyman through a few taps on their smartphones. It is a great opportunity for skilled professionals to expand their client base and grow their businesses.

We at Hyperlocal Cloud offer cutting-edge handyman app development solutions packed with ultimate features such as advanced AI chatbots, push notifications, user-friendly interface and security measures. With 3+ years in the industry, we help you establish a profitable venture catering to the household needs of plumbing, babysitting, gardening, home shifting and more. Take your business to the zenith of success with your own handyman platform.

Customized Handyman App Development Solutions

Hyperlocal Cloud offers leading handyman app development solutions that can be customizable as per clients' needs, requirements and preferences. Get in touch with our experts now!

Types Of Handyman Mobile App Business Model

We create handyman apps that meet all of your business needs, whether for a specialty handyman business model, a part-time handyman model, or an all-in-one handyman services model.

Individual Service Aggregator
Individual Service Aggregator

With an easy-to-use and robust handyman app marketplace, start a babysitting, car wash, repair, or other service business and meet rising demand.

Entrepreneurial Model
Entrepreneurial Model

Start providing services to clients on demand. Give your clients the option to schedule services by putting them in touch with a qualified handyman.

Aggregator Business Model
Aggregator Business Model

Give independent and freelance handyman business owners and service providers a platform to advertise and provide their services online.

Multiple Offerings Of Our Handyman App Development Services

Our handyman app features separate apps for users, handyman and admin, facilitating convenience and seamless bookings and payments. Let us have a look at the advanced features we add to your platform.

User App

The user apps come with impeccable features that help provide convenient handyman service experiences.

  • Easy Registration

    Download the app, register, and log in using social network accounts, email addresses, or phone numbers.

  • Review and Rating

    The customer can rate the service provider and provide feedback about the services received.

  • Browse Services

    Look through a variety of services and select the most appropriate ones using filters like cost, rating, and more.

Learners Panel For E-Learning Marketplace
  • Handyman Listing

    Get a detailed description of handymen, service providers and their services to book the one that suits needs well.

  • Plan Appointments

    Allow consumers to easily make reservations for upcoming times and dates or set up appointments at their convenience.

  • Payment Options

    Our handyman app allows users to pay using their preferred payment method, such as debit/credit cards, digital wallets, etc.

Handyman App

With a dedicated application, service providers can handle bookings and requests with ease.

  • Easy Login & Registration

    Once the profile is approved, the service provider can quickly register and log in to the app and begin receiving service requests.

  • Edit Profile

    The service provider can edit his profile and add or remove features like contact information, specialty, and extra services.

  • Manage Availability

    Service providers can set up their availability and unavailability for any given service or time period.

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  • Service Demand

    A service provider can view the service requests from consumers and answer in accordance with the availability to offer the service.

  • Accept/Reject Request

    Depending on preference and availability for the requested service, the handyman can accept or refuse a request.

  • Internal Navigation

    Get end-to-end location guidance within the app to the client's location after accepting the service request.

Admin Panel

Manage handmans and users from a single dashboard. Get detailed analytics and make informed decisions for your business.

  • User Management

    Track and manage user retention, acquisition, and overall customer growth through a dedicated panel.

  • Manage Handyman

    Oversee and manage handyman service activities, requests, and listings and regulate their performance.

  • Control Payments

    Monitor any payment being made on the platform by users or service providers from a single dashboard.

Learners Panel For E-Learning Marketplace
  • Service Listing

    Create, manage and remove service listings and handyman availability to facilitate seamless service requests.

  • Detailed Analytics

    Obtain thorough insight into monthly analytics to uncover fresh growth prospects and develop unique marketing initiatives.

  • Ads Management

    Run and manage advertising on your app to highlight specific companies and aid in their increased client visibility.

Boost Business Growth With Our Handyman App Development Services

Our pool of developers excel at creating handyman apps with exceptional functionalities and captivating features that guarantee huge ROIs and empower business growth. Contact our experts at Hyperlocal Cloud and take your business to the next level.

Advanced Features Of Our On-Demand Handyman App Development Services

Our pool of developers adds innovative features to your platform to make your app stand out from others. Explore what we bring to the table when it comes to developing robust and scalable handyman apps.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Browse handyman platforms in native languages and select the service providers more conveniently.



Let handymen select and decide the radius to deliver their house cleaning, washing and other services to users.

Attractive App Design

Attractive App Design

We build apps with visually appealing designs, 3D graphics and high-quality content to boost app functionality.

Search Filters

Search Filters

With multiple search filters, quickly search and view service listings, appointments, schedule service requests and more.

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Simple, easy-to-use interface for easy bookings, service listings, scheduling appointments and more.

Chat Support

Chat Support

24/7 available chat support to get answered queries related to the app features and functionalities.

Handyman App Development: Revenue Models

There are many ways to monetize your handyman platform and earn profits in millions. Let’s look at some revenue models to earn massive income from such platforms.

  • Service Fee
    Service Fee

    Charge a percentage or flat fee on each transaction made within the platform by users or service providers.

  • Subscription Plans
    Subscription Plans

    Offer premium subscription plans that provide access to additional features, higher visibility or reduced transaction fees.

  • Booking Fees
    Booking Fees

    Charge users a small fee for each booking. This can be a flat rate or a percentage of the total service cost.

  • In-App Advertising
    In-App Advertising

    Incorporate advertisements from related businesses or third-party advertisers and charge based on impressions, clicks, or conversions.

  • Featured Listings
    Featured Listings

    Allow service providers to pay for enhanced visibility on the platform. Featured listings or promoted profiles attract more audience.

  • Premium Features
    Premium Features

    Offer advanced features or tools within the app that users can access by paying a one-time fee or subscribing to a premium version.

Technology Stack We Use To Build Handyman App

We use a set of dynamic technology stacks for handyman app development. Some of them are:

  • HTML icon


  • CSS icon


  • Node Js icon

    Node Js

  • MySQL Icon


  • Angular Js icon

    Angular Js

  • MongoDB icon


  • Laravel icon


  • PHP icon


  • Apache icon


  • Oracle icon


  • Ruby icon


  • Python icon


Hire The Best On-Demand Handyman App Development Company

Hyperlocal Cloud is a top-rated handyman app development company with experience in developing apps with ultimate features. Our developers are ready to build apps with multiple revenue generation streams and models.

Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Handyman App Development

Hyperlocal Cloud is a leading on-demand app development company with expertise in developing high-end apps by leveraging the latest tools, technologies and frameworks. Explore why we are the perfect technology partner for your next project.

Interactive Design
Interactive Design

As the finest handyman app development company, we make sure that your app is created with the most up-to-date design set as the finest handyman app development company.

On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery

Based on client demands for alterations at the last minute, we design our handyman apps promptly.


As a premier developer of handyman apps, we make sure that app originality is preserved at all costs.


You will have complete control over whether or not to sign an NDA; doing so will protect your company's reputation.

Project Updates On Time
Project Updates On Time

We offer regular project updates provided by our project managers, and team leads so that you will gain broader insights.

Experienced App Developers
Experienced App Developers

Because of our skilled app developers, our services for developing on-demand apps are highly known in the marketplaces.

FAQs On Handyman App Development Services

  • How much does it cost to build a handyman app?

    The overall cost of handyman app development varies between $14,000- $65,000 depending on the project complexity, features added and other functionalities. To know the exact costs, contact our experts at Hyperlocal Cloud today.

    How much time will it take for handyman app development?

    It takes around two weeks to build a handyman app development. Depending on the project's complexity, the time can be less and more.

  • What is a handyman app?

    Handyman apps are apps that connect professionals with users for household work such as washing, cleaning, babysitting, vehicle repair and more.

    How can I earn profits from handyman app development?

    There are many ways you can make huge profits from handyman apps, including premium models, in-app advertising, transaction fees, booking fees or featured listings.