How to Build An App Like Porch?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 12, 2023

How to Build An App Like Porch?

Porch is a platform that caters to home improvements needs of property owners and connects them with home improvement contractors or service providers. This Seattle-based data-driven platform was started in the year 2013 and has photos of home improvement with their costs for an efficient home service. One can easily pick the home service personnel and start the service.

Are you looking for a pathway to start a home improvement business by connecting home service personnel to their customers? Then, Hyperlocal Cloud is the perfect place for you to be.

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To understand this idea of a home service app development like Porch better, let us simply start from the basics.

What Exactly Is Porch?

The founders of this home service app say that they started this app as a home service marketplace to attain a space in the $500B home improvement market. Back in 2016, Porch came up with a new vertical that focused on SaaS-based services and provided CRM solutions to companies and enhanced their overall customer experience. With a strong workforce of more than ten thousand servicemen, Porch is loaded with home inspectors, real estate agencies, utility companies, and much more.

Following the growth of this home service app, home improvement business owners should not miss a chance to start an app like Porch at all costs.

Strategies To Implement In-Home Service App Development like Porch:

When a home improvement business owner gets ready to build an app like Porch, he/she is ready to explore what modern technology will bring to the tables of old businesses, and it is nothing but doubled ROIs.

Understanding Customer Needs

One cannot start an on-demand home service app development without actually analyzing the market and understanding the specific needs of the audience. The best way to understand what a customer actually wants is by exploring and studying the market keenly. Such vital stats and information will help to paint a real picture of the customer's demands.

Competitor Analysis

The best part about a top-notch app development company like Hyperlocal Cloud is the fact that we closely monitor your competitors. We work with strategies poles apart from them, which will make you stand out in the crowd.

Concentrating On Work Efficiency

The most important part of these businesses is the fact that the client values time along with us. One of the major aspects of starting an app to boost business is to calculate the time and work efficiency accordingly. We will work in sync with customers and the app to boost your overall sales.

Analyze Customer Remarks:

There is a lot of competition in the on-demand app development industry and it is growing at a very high rate. To survive this growing market, one has to be loaded with a robust app like porch to survive the home improvement market. To understand where your app truly stands will demand an option to add reviews and remarks.

Effective Push Notifications:

Constant notifications by apps can get annoying for the customers and completely kill the user engagement. The home improvement app that Hyperlocal Cloud will develop will have a true algorithm that will send notification that resonates well with the customers.

Trusting The Product

Before actually diving into app marketing, concentrate on trusting the app first with zero errors and bugs. An app like Porch will have the right service to uplift your business from the ground to the skies. What matters the most is trusting the process and sticking by our app developers, who work their magic.

How does Home Improvement Service App Like Porch work?

Before starting to work on the modes to build an app like Porch, concentrate on understanding the app workflow, business models, and project requirements. The app will be self-sufficient to predict the prices of the services on its own based on the demands.

The next step comes up when the home service personnel matches up with the customer based on the requirement. The customer will hire the service personnel and then manifest the contact information precisely.

An app like Porch will have a service model for everyone, contractors can also sign up and provide their services in high-demand zip codes, and they can also advertise themselves.

Build An App Like Porch And Reach The Competitive Edge

Understanding The Features

An app like Porch will have multiple features to uplift business owners with top-notch app development. With rapid log-in features and multiple benefits that follow them, features of an app like Porch will definitely take you ahead of the competition.

The User App Features

Easy Login

The user app of an app development like Porch will have the facility to log in through social media linking or simply phone numbers.

Real-Time Tracking

Get ready to track all the service requests in real-time with an app development like Porch made by us and get notified right from the start to the end of the journey.

Schedule Services

Get the feature of scheduling services at a specific date and time and get notified instantly when the service personnel arrives at your door.

Advanced Filters

Leverage the options of advanced features and choose the services that can be listed in the feature option and search for your specific home improvement needs.

The Service Provider App Features

Task Notifications

Don’t let professionals miss appointments with notifications right on track in the app like Porch built by us.

Simple To Use

The app interface our developers will make will be user-friendly, loaded with the best UI/UX, and overall provide a speedy app process.

High Transparency

The notes and digital signatures can be added to the app, like Porch, for various verifications and to increase overall transparency.

Easy Navigation

The service provider app will have the option of in-built maps to help provide easy navigation.

The Admin App Features

High Productivity

The admin app will provide high productivity with graphical representations and interesting insights.

Simple to Manage

Keep everything under control and also arrange the business proceedings through our effective admin app.


In the analytics sections, the admin will get notified of all the detailed analytics to help run the app smoothly with a constant revenue flow.

Quick Notifications

Get quick notifications and receive requests in real time on our app, like Porch. Quick notifications will make the admin aware of all the bookings.

Lead The Home Service Market And Build An App Like Porch

How Much Would It Cost To Build Your Porch Like App?

An app like Porch will cost a certain amount depending on multiple factors like location, features, app design, and much more. Let us see the factors that will affect the cost of how to build an app like Porch.

The Location

The cost of the app development in a country which is possibly in Asia, will be relatively low when compared to the countries in the United States and Europe.

Number Of Features

The number of features will also determine the cost of app development considerably as per the customization the client wishes to make.


Another important factor that will affect the cost of an app like Porch will be the UI/UX design of the app.

Company/ Freelancer Hiring

The cost to build an app like Porch will depend on the choice of either hiring an app development company like Hyperlocal Cloud or hiring a freelancer. The fees fluctuate based on the size of the company and the experience of the freelancer.

The expense will thus depend on a number of factors, and as per heavy research conducted by us, the cost will range somewhere around 5000-10000 Dollars. We are committed to delivering your app successfully within the period of 10-20 days, loaded with all the customizations you wish to add.

How Building An App Like Porch Could Help Your Business?

App development like Porch will help directly connect the service provider to the customer in need without needing them to travel to real estate or renovation providers.

High Visibility

The most important aspect of an app development like Porch is the extremely high visibility that can show the old and new clients which will provide the exact overview of the app.

Increased Visibility

The mobile apps not only keep the customers hooked to the services, but they also are keen enough to scale your market and build the online base stronger. When an on-demand service app is built, its popularity depends on referrals and much more.

Marketing Opportunities

The digitalization of a past business is the right way to lead present-day’s modern businesses. An app built like Porch will serve as a way to impart general information, booking prices as well as search options. This also benefits the marketing agencies which include push alerts and promotions that later improve the overall revenue of a company.

Brand Identity

The businesses that invest in building an app like Porch are thereby concentrating on building up their brand, and Porch has already become a well-established brand.

Customer Relationship Management

The overall improved reliability of businesses depends on customer relationship management, and by making a home service app, one should be fully inclined towards the fact that a home service app will serve 24/7 assistance straight to your customers.

Thus, the home service app development industry is constantly rising at a high rate due to the above reasons and is reflecting a CAGR of 60.77% for the next three years.

If you wish to invest in this industry, now is the exact time to do so. The coming years will result in a narrow pathway, and the market will become more crowded.

Build An App Like Porch With The Help Of Hyperlocal Cloud 

Wrapping Up

Almost every industry is walking towards digitalization, and the home service industry is not lacking behind in this ordeal. How to build an app like Porch is not a big question if you are aware of the right app development company like Hyperlocal Cloud. Experience is something that reflects in the work we do. Our apps are always on top of the market competition and successfully deliver the best possible results to the clients.

With a global pool of more than a thousand clients, we are already clear in our jobs. Our team is highly diverse, with people from all around the globe; we ensure that the best services are provided to clients with guaranteed ROIs.

There are many big names already in the industry, like TaskRabbit and Porch, and before another future competitor arises, it is best to make an investment in the right place.

Give us a call or schedule a meeting with us to begin your journey of home improvement services and successfully build an app like Porch.

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