How to Create an E-Scooter Sharing App Like Lime?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 24, 2023

How to Create an E-Scooter Sharing App Like Lime?

Since pollution levels have recently exceeded safe thresholds, it is urgent to find alternatives that are both environmentally friendly and less responsible for pollution. The majority of pollution, studies show, comes from manufacturing chemicals and vehicles. We can't stop global warming, but we can help by switching to more environmentally friendly, convenient, and affordable modes of transportation like cars.

Hyperlocal Cloud is helping companies who are looking for two-way benefits. The first is a step toward saving the environment and wanting to generate revenue from the E-scooter sharing apps like Lime. We are providing a free consultation service for building an app like Lime.

What Is An E-Scooter Sharing App?

Lime and similar e-scooter sharing apps make it easier for people to get around together. Users can rent scooters for short periods of time to use on local trips. For shorter excursions, e-scooters are more convenient and affordable than other kinds of online transportation services like taxis, rental cars, and bike sharing. It helps people avoid problems like high gas prices and a lack of parking spots.

The widespread availability of electric scooters is contributing to their rising popularity. To save money, simplify traffic issues, and reduce carbon emissions, businesses are increasingly investing in scooter-sharing app development services rather than taxi-sharing apps or bike-sharing apps.

Benefits Of An E-Scooter Application

Apart from being environmentally friendly, here are some of the other features that will benefit the users and you in building an e-scooter app like Lime.

Cost Effective

Creating an app for reserving an e-scooter doesn't cost more for companies than creating an app for booking a car or cab. Lessening the risk and lowering the initial investment required to launch an electric scooter sharing business. It's because there's no time or money needed to teach new riders how to use the scooter, and there's no special monitoring or battery equipment required.

No More Parking Issues

It's no secret that motorists find parking a major source of frustration. It can be challenging and expensive to find secure parking for your car. However, this is not an issue with e-scooters because they can be left almost anywhere. Please park it safely and in accordance with all applicable regulations.

Easy To Maintain

Scooters have a simplistic construction. Thanks to it, fixing electric cars is a breeze. It's not hard to maintain the scooter by cleaning it, inspecting the fasteners, and fixing it if necessary. Extend the life of your scooter by charging it often and keeping it out of the rain.

Save Fuel

Fuel is expensive and detrimental to the environment. The price of gasoline is often affected by political events. Automobile owners' bank accounts are vulnerable to energy emergencies, which occur frequently. On the other hand, E-vehicles can be charged from an electrical outlet; thus, owning or carpooling with one could save money for the user and will be a revenue generation model for the owner.

Features Of An E-Scooter App Like Lime

You should absolutely check out what Lime has to offer before you build your own scooter-sharing app. On top of that, we've covered several extras you should think about:

User Panel Features

Map Integration

Obviously, you need to incorporate Google Maps with your app. You can keep tabs on all the scooters with the use of Google Maps. Customers can use the map to locate safe spaces to leave their scooters.


The next important thing is the feature of registration for the user. In order to rent its electric scooters, you must first create an account in the app. You'll need to sign up with either Google or Facebook to get started. You can also attempt to integrate with other well-known platforms, such as Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

After that, you'll need to provide proof of identity and age by uploading your driver's license. You'll need to add a credit card for hassle-free, instantaneous payments.

Payment Mode

Users of the app should be able to choose their preferred method of payment for e-scooter rides. Payment options, including debit and credit cards, online banking, and others, need to be included. Users need to feel confident in the payment method's safety, usability, and dependability.

Real-Time Updates

Push notifications are the most effective method of keeping users up to date on all relevant information. This function paves the way for staying in touch with travelers both before, during, and after their trips. Promo codes, discounts, e-scooter details, and other app-related information can be shared with users in this way.

Admin Panel Features

Ride Management

The administration of rides comprises numerous factors, such as a record of all rides taken by users, the routes and destinations traveled, the most often used vehicle, the average speed of rides, and whether or not riders are abiding by all regulations.


The payment manager will monitor all in-app purchases made by users. This function includes everything from determining the most popular payment method to generating reporting on those payments.

Offer/Coupon Management

As an administrator, you can choose which customers receive discounts and promotions. It is the best and most widely used strategy used by companies to keep their customers coming back. They can expand their app's user base with this method as well.

Central Control System

You must get the feature of the central control system, with which you can handle complete control of the e-scooters. The control system will help you to manage full control in case of any emergency or illegal activities.

Push Notification

If you want your app's offers and promotions to reach your users, push notifications must be activated. As a result, people will use your e-scooters more often and keep returning for more.

To get a reliable and high-end e-scooter sharing app and hire Hyperlocal Cloud’s dedicated developers. We have a team of 150+ developers with the experience of more than a decade in the app development sector.

How To Develop An E-Scooter Sharing App Like Lime?

Here are the essential steps that you should consider for the development of an app like Lime:


Understanding the current state of the app industry is essential before beginning the development. You can use this information to determine if the current market conditions are favorable for your business plan. You can also learn from your rivals' successes and avoid their failures by examining their business practices. Your research will inform your decisions about the scope and nature of the app, as well as the cost of creating an e-scooter app.


If you want an interactive user interface (UI) design for your e-scooter sharing app, make sure the business you hire has experienced app designers. An app's success hinges on how well it is designed for its users. Here, companies would do well to prioritize clean, uncluttered designs in soothing colors. Approval of the app's prototyping and wireframing should always come first in the app design process, followed by front-end development.


Be sure you design the e-scooter app's user interface with the goal of attracting as many potential customers as possible. Additionally, the app itself should be simple to use. Coding and programming, as well as the incorporation of other services like GPS, payment gateways, etc., are all part of the back-end development process. Therefore, businesses need to work with an app development firm that can devote special care to the process of making apps for e-scooters.


The product will soon be available for download from the respective app stores, iOS or Android. If the app is cross-platform, it can serve a much wider audience by being released on both Android and iOS. After entering the market, the app still requires maintenance and Hyperlocal Cloud will also help you with that.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An E-Scooter Sharing App?

The development cost depends on multiple factors if you are building an app like Lime from scratch. Here are some of the factors that impact the development cost of an app like Lime:

Designing Cost05K To 15K
Outsource Software Cost$25K To 35K
Deployment Cost$12K
Integration Cost$ 10 K
Maintenance Cost$1500 To $4000
Project Manager Hourly Cost$25/ Hour(Min.)- $50/Hour(Max.)
Quality Assurance Team And Testers$5000-$10,000

The development costs mentioned above are the approximate cost to build an app like Lime; you can also choose the option to get the white label e-scooter sharing app like Lime, which will cost you quite less than the fully customized application.

In the white label application, the chances of customization become lesser than in the app from scratch.

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