How to Build an App like Menulog?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 26, 2023

How to Build an App like Menulog?

We now have apps for our daily needs, deeply ingrained in our lives. Apps are a much better marketing platform than websites. The proliferation of apps over the past few years has shown that all businesses, regardless of size, are turning to app technology to boost sales and grow their operations.

Due to the sudden increase in app creation, there is now more competition in the market for on-demand food delivery services, with each business vying to create an app superior to the others. Additionally, this has raised awareness of the value of app development among other marketers. The fastest way to compete in the market and earn higher returns is through the food delivery industry. However, only the flexible app script that enables processing every operation online with cutting-edge technology makes it possible.

Leading food delivery app development company, Hyperlocal Cloud, has a wealth of experience in the food industry, from developing basic restaurant websites to fully functional web portals and mobile apps for managing food ordering and delivery. While working with us, you'll experience a distinct sense of comfort.

This blog will describe setting up and managing an upscale food delivery service. We will discuss everything, including the costs, features, benefits, and challenges.

About Menulog

The most popular online food delivery service in Australia, Menulog, has over 3 million users. Customers can browse almost every restaurant and cafe, covering 15,000 restaurants across Australia and New Zealand with more than 70 cuisines, from Pizzahut and KFC to fine-dining establishments.

One of the major players in the region, Menulog serves more than 92% of the addressable population in Australia and New Zealand. The business was founded in Sydney in 2006, and it is now a division of Just Eat, one of the top international websites for ordering takeout online.

On their official website, Menulog states that “they support restaurants and businesses of all shapes and sizes, from independent restaurants and cafes to some of the world's favorite brands, such as McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jack's, Subway, Oporto, and more."

The Menulog Clone App: What Is It?

A Menulog clone app is a flexible high-tech ordering system for restaurants that enable customers to place orders from a large selection of restaurants and receive parcel deliveries to their homes. Users can place orders on their smartphones, and within the anticipated delivery window, they will receive their orders at the desired locations.

It is not advisable for restaurants to possess technical expertise in building tech stacks. We offer pre-written code to help them create an app similar to Menulog and support them through its launch.

Challenges You'll Face For Online Food Delivery App Development

You should be aware of and prepare for the challenges you'll encounter when creating a food delivery app like Menulog.

Unreliable Customers

Keeping up with your app's users will be challenging because we're talking about mobile apps. Your customers will likely lose interest because numerous market options offer the same services as you do. If you don't focus on keeping your audience, you will suffer.

Erratic Delivery

The most difficult aspect of creating an on-demand food delivery app is inconsistent delivery. Customers won't use your app again if you deliver food that is cold or is delivered later than expected. Such problems will have a negative effect on both the restaurant owners and your clients.

Logistics Trustworthiness

Applications for ordering food online have had significant issues with logistics dependability. The most difficult part is keeping the food fresh during delivery, the areas you want to serve, and the number of vehicles you'll need.

Order Total

Making an on-demand delivery app is difficult due to managing the volume of orders. The best solutions are calculating demand and using data analytics to predict the market's expansion.

Deciding The Right Sets Of Alluring Elements

App Advertisements

In-app advertising is currently the most well-liked and cutting-edge feature and the best monetization technique. The in-app advertisements enable advertisers to reach customers with extreme precision with sophisticated data tracking and user targeting features.

To Place A Food Order, Ask Alexa

You know how useful Alexa is for managing window coverings, turning on and off appliances, and controlling music. Additionally, Alexa is proficient at placing food orders. You can speak to the Amazon voice assistant to place new orders for your favorite meals and beverages using Alexa skills.

Keep An Accounting Of Your Monthly Spending

Everyone desires to monitor their monthly spending. Customers are happy about it, especially when viewing their expenses in an infographic format. The online food delivery app solution suggests a method to reduce unnecessary spending. We'll give you the same ability to track expenses in the app thanks to the work of our mobile app developers.

E-Delivery Features 2023

Panels & Apps Redesign

Apps and panels that have been redesigned now have enhanced features and are easier to use.

Dark & Light Modes

You can choose between light and dark modes for the app and panel.

Dispatcher Option

An admin can use the dispatcher option in the admin panel to manually assign the delivery service to the providers.

Themes In Admin & Store Panels

Select a panel theme from the many choices in the admin and store panels.

Benefits Of Our Food Delivery App Like Menulog

We upgrade our mobile applications to the highest standards possible by integrating the best features available.

Create Any Custom You Want

An application that is exactly how you want it. We continue to customize until you believe your app is the best user option.

Updated Technology

We use the most advanced and cutting-edge technology. Our R&D team consistently gathers innovations and puts them to use.

Present-Day UI/UX

We uphold the best UI/UX design standards in the business. We want to give our customers a seamless user experience.

Superior Quality

At HyperLocal Cloud, quality will never be compromised when developing apps. The solution will be improved with continued testing and upgrading.

One-Time Price

Spend it once, and it will pay off in the long run. If given regular updates, mobile applications will run smoothly and efficiently.

Engaging Solutions

We'll make sure your app is vibrant and live. Because we all use apps these days, we know how to impress a user.

Possess Your Code

Once the HyperLocal team has completed the essentials, you own your source code. We never store anything you own with us without your consent.

Reduce Costs & Time

Join us to develop the best, most cost-effective app. We create the best in the shortest amount of time.

Manage your Food Delivery Business Swiftly With Our Solutions!

Steps to Consider While Developing Food Delivery App Like Menulog

Keep An Eye Out For The Newest Trends

Recently, food delivery app solution like Menulog have seen tremendous growth. As a result, it is highly competent. Market research on the most recent trends in the food delivery sector is crucial to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Pick An Appropriate Business & Revenue Model

Selecting the appropriate revenue model will aid in market traction and allow for effective scalability. The commission-based revenue model is the most viable one for on-demand food delivery. Under this model, the admin will receive a specific commission percentage for each order placed on the app.

Target Market Research

You must understand your target market to create a great food delivery app. Once you know who will use the food delivery app, creating an app that perfectly satisfies the target audience's needs is simple. The target market may be specific, like raw gluten-free vegans, or general, like pizza lovers.

Monetize Your Food Delivery App

Startups that are unable to generate revenue perish. Therefore, carefully consider your monetization strategy. Let's revisit MenuLog as a wonderful illustration. The business uses three main techniques for monetizing apps:

  • Delivery Charge. Before 2018, Menulog's delivery fee was consistently $4.99. The business has since switched to a pricing calculator, which calculates delivery order costs based on the distance between customers and food locations.
  • Sharing of food industry profits. Each order placed using Menulog is subject to a charge from the platform.
  • Advertising. Restaurants are paid to appear more prominently in-app searches.

The Appropriate Technology Stack

You will gain many advantages if you choose the appropriate tech stack for building a food delivery app solution like Menulog. Flutter is the technology that works best for apps that deliver food. Using a single code, the open-source, cross-platform development tool Flutter enables the creation of scalable, superior mobile applications.

Select The Key Components

The following features should be taken into account when creating a mobile app like Uber for food delivery:

  • The app's login feature enables the use of an email address or social network profile.
  • Search offers meal, filter, and food category options. The process, a description of the meal, and images of the dishes should all be included in this section.
  • Meals can be added to the cart after the order placing.
  • The order total and all dishes chosen are shown at the order checkout.
  • Users can pay for their orders using the built-in payment gateway. We suggest incorporating several payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe, and MangoPay.
  • Users are notified via push notifications and SMS of the order status.

Start Developing A Food Delivery App

Once you've decided on the app requirements, it's time to implement them. Find a skilled food delivery app development company to assist you. Additionally, keep in mind the standard phases of app development:

  • Prototyping. An expert team develops application screens and user flow logic in accordance with your specifications.
  • Design of the UI/UX. This phase entails developing your app's user interface and integrating its functionalities.
  • Development. It is the procedure by which programmers assemble everything and construct the final product.
  • Publishing & Testing. Following development, the product needs to be reviewed and tested. The quality assurance team examines the fault-tolerances of the app's functionality. To ensure everything is operating perfectly, it is imperative to reach this stage.

Cost To Make An App Like Menulog

How much does it cost to develop an app for food delivery? It entirely depends on the business model you have in mind. But we'll go into more detail about this in this section. Let's examine the definition of cost variations now.

Unexpectedly, a variety of factors influence the cost of developing an app. And for your benefit, we'll go over each in turn.

App Platform

Where to launch the app will be the first thing to consider. Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems. Because creating an app for both platforms can be expensive and time-consuming, so choosing where to launch the app can be confusing. You can select "Cross-platform app development," enabling you to run apps on two platforms simultaneously.

Visuals & Design

Your app development services' design and visualization phases are the most crucial. Your app should not have loud colors, a poorly designed logo, or a depressing mood board. Investigate further to learn how to modify the best method for developing fantastic designs and elements for your app.

Hourly Rates

Numerous businesses specialize in creating mobile applications, and the hourly rates vary depending on the location. How many hours your app will require and the food delivery app development company you choose are entirely up to you.

Required Team

The requirements for the app development process vary depending on the client. For instance, some clients will only require an Android app developer, some will not require a project manager, and some may not even require developers (if they can code).

Technology Stack

If you want your online food delivery app solution to take off, you must incorporate cutting-edge technologies. Make your app distinctive and interactive to stand out from the crowd; technology can assist you in this.

Based on your preferences, choices, and customizations, developing an online food delivery app solution may cost between $15,000 and $50,000.

Consider Launching A Food Delivery App Like Menulog?

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud?

We are an on-demand app development company focusing on cutting-edge technologies and user experience design. We collaborate with large and small companies worldwide to develop, improve, and scale products across platforms using cutting-edge technologies in mobile, web, cloud, analytics, augmented reality, and low-power Internet of Things.

Inventive Engineering

By using industry-standard best practices from product conception to launch, we ensure our clients receive solutions and products that keep them one step ahead of the competition.


Agile approaches use incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback to help our teams adapt to improvement and unpredictability.


Developers and IT operations teams work together seamlessly for quicker, higher-quality deliverables.

Continuous Improvement

With our expertise in quick time to market, you can integrate code into a mainline code base more quickly and continuously deliver improvements to your feature apps.

Still have any queries? Get in touch with our professionals to bring your vision to life!

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