How To Make A Food Delivery App Like Talabat?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 26, 2023

How To Make A Food Delivery App Like Talabat?

Using app development services, the food delivery sector is expanding dramatically. Over the past ten years, a number of on-demand apps have been created in the relevant niche. Clients are looking for a food delivery app development company that can help them create a mobile application similar to Talabat. This is a UAE-based online food delivery app. Such on-demand apps are motivating a lot of startups.

Typically, these kinds of food delivery app solutions offer delivery services around-the-clock to meet user needs whenever they arise. Applications like Talabat efficiently deliver food to any location in the city, whether it's for midnight cravings or evening snacks for parties.

A dynamic and responsive application can help you realize your innovative idea for starting an on-demand food delivery business, which can help you succeed in the market. To develop the application in accordance with the needs and priorities of your business, you need to hire the best professionals in the food delivery app development industry.

Read the blog post to learn more about food delivery apps like Talabat.

Overview Of Talabat

Talabat is among the most well-known online food delivery applications in the e-commerce industry. A Qatari business owns this widely praised food and grocery delivery app, and Abdulaziz Al Loughani is the founder. Around 2004, the application was created, and it quickly gained popularity. Its recognition over the years, which includes winning the Best E-Business Award in consecutive years in 2008 and 2009, makes it simple to demonstrate.

Talabat is an online food ordering app solution that aims to give its users a lot of choices. The company's name is Arabic in origin, and the English translation of the word is "Orders." Talabat is pleased that it now offers food and grocery delivery services in seven nations, including Kuwait. More than 4,300 different cuisines are intended to be available to customers on the online platform.

Why Should You Develop A Talabat-Like App For Food Delivery?

Consider the benefits of entering the market before devoting time and resources to developing an on-demand food delivery app. In other words, it is better to understand why you are entering this industry and the advantages of creating a platform for food delivery similar to Talabat.

Market Expansion Is Very Promising

The number of customers and revenue the delivery company brings in is still astounding. The market for this industry is anticipated to reach $320 billion by 2029, as was already mentioned. But it's not the end yet. The time is now to start your own meal delivery service.

Find And Stay In Touch With Your Target Audience

An on-demand delivery app is a great way to interact with your target audience, connect with them, and get their feedback. The key to business success is connecting with as many potential customers as possible. If you develop a Talabat-like app that appeals to many users simultaneously, you'll see a rise in repeat business.

Openness And Convenience For Owners And Clients

The advantage to consumers is obvious. They receive better services and more options. The owners will benefit if they expand their sphere of influence, acquire dominance, and engage with customers as quickly as possible to respond to market demands.

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Applications From Food Delivery App Like Talabat

You need to be familiar with how the food delivery app runs and how it carries out various tasks to create an app similar to Talabat. When we refer to the Talabat App, we don't just mean the client app. To make ordering and delivery of food simple and efficient, Talabat offers three different apps for various user groups. These are the three different apps:

Merchant/Seller App

Restaurant owners can easily manage numerous operations via a mobile phone with the merchant app. Restaurant owners can use a single account to manage a chain of restaurants or multiple independent eateries. Additionally, the app offers merchants hassle-free food delivery operations through features like sales analysis, restaurant & delivery management, and payment tracking.

Customer App

Customers can find all the restaurants and their offerings on the buyer or customer app. The app enables users to register for an account, look up restaurants and menu items, browse the restaurants' complete menus, choose food items, place orders, pay for them, track order delivery, and review the restaurants—all through their smartphones.

Delivery Personnel App

On the app, delivery requests are received by the delivery person, who can accept or reject them depending on availability. Additionally, the app enables delivery staff to track orders for pick-up and customers' delivery addresses to improve operational convenience.

Amazing Features We Offer In Talabat Like App Panels

Real-time Tracking: Users can check the status of their orders online using the real-time tracking system.

Push Notifications: With the help of this feature, restaurants, and delivery personnel can communicate with one another via push notifications when an order is placed.

CRM Integration: This feature guarantees high levels of client satisfaction.

Integrating a content management system (CMS) will guarantee that the content posted on the website and the app is current, accurate, and user-friendly.

Loyalty Programs: Restaurants and some delivery apps have loyalty programs where they occasionally surprise their patrons with special offers, gifts, coupons, etc.

Personalization Of The App: This clever feature allows you to monitor user activity on the mobile app.

Easy-to-use App: Talabat, a mobile app, is very simple to use and designed to be intuitive. Even the website is simple to understand.

24*7 Customer Support: Talabat is accessible at all times and offers round-the-clock customer service. The Talabat app offers a wide variety of options for obtaining satisfaction.

Drone Delivery: Talabat is the most technologically advanced city for drone delivery. Drones will be used to deliver the food. This is Talabat's main selling point.

Security Assurance: Because food orders are delivered to customer's homes, the security of those people is always guaranteed by choosing delivery people only after thorough verification.

Options For Payment: This feature gives customers various payment methods, including cash on delivery, debit or credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and more.

Reviews & Feedback: This is the primary feature added to every mobile app. Only to advance their business and learn about customer experiences is added.

Reporting: Restaurants use this feature technique to manage the orders on dashboards.

Cloud environment: It is fantastic for storing many website and app data conveniently and securely.

Social Sharing: Customers appreciate this feature because it enables them to sign up via social networking sites or even create a new account.

Talabat Like App Revenue Model

Talabat generates revenue through commissions, delivery fees, and advertising, like most food delivery apps. Let's examine each of these factors now:


Talabat has a variable commission structure. The total is increased by a percentage of the food bill, usually between 15% and 25%. Contrarily, Talabat places a strong emphasis on originality and privacy. For restaurants that exclusively use Talabat, commission rates are lowered by 5–10%.

Deliveries Fees

There is a fixed delivery fee for each Talabat order. The delivery fee varies based on the distance to the restaurant and the local weather. The prices will rise in the event of a storm, overnight delivery, or high demand. The minimum order amount required by Talabat to receive free shipping.

Cost Of Advertising

Talabat offers featured listings and banner ads as its two options for restaurant advertising. The priority listing idea allows the restaurant to buy a spot near the top of the list of available dining options.

Renowned Food Delivery App Development Company

Building a Talabat-Like Food Delivery App Solution: The Process

You must remember the ideal procedure to create an app akin to Talabat. You can build the food ordering app solution more quickly, more cheaply, and with the proper process. What you must do is as follows:

Market Analysis

To create a food delivery app solution similar to Talabat, you must research the state of the market. Every successful mobile application has particular features that cater to user demand. It implies that you must address its intended audience. Your app-building project can get started immediately if you can satisfy the needs of the same audience.

Plan Your Business

Your objective is to make money. Thinking about how your app might help you with this is important. So, give the objectives of your business plan enough thought. Establish your marketing and monetization strategies and the market you want to target. What tactics will you use to keep current clients and entice new ones? When will the app start making money? How likely are you to succeed in the future?

Establish A Revenue Plan

Make a revenue strategy to profit from the food delivery app. In general, the top online food delivery app development company offers four main revenue-generating channels:

  • Charging Price Per Purchase
  • Ads
  • Promotions for the on-site restaurants
  • Membership Cost

Calculate The Cost

The challenging part is now coming. For a start-up business, the cost of developing a food ordering app solution like Talabat can be difficult because it requires numerous customizations and personalizations. It implies that the designers must implement a moderately complex design. You can initially start with a basic design and the relevant app elements.

Create An MVP

You need to focus your thoughts more. Make sure to distinguish the necessary features from the additional ones required to set your delivery app apart from the competition. Then begin creating your MVP. As the user interface is what the user will ultimately see, ensure your brand developers, strategists, and designers are given the necessary consideration and perspective.

Choose A Reliable Food Delivery App Development Company

Contact a reputable food delivery app development company once you've determined how much you will spend on your app-building project. The business will present you with its terms based on the scope and cost of your project. The businesses also haggle over particular projects and client demands.

How Can Hyperlocal Cloud Help Create A Profitable Food Ordering App Solution?

HyperLocal Cloud should be the resource you turn to when considering developing a unique food delivery app solution. We can offer you a fair and knowledgeable food delivery application business based on our previous clientele and the services we provided to them.

Without a doubt, we'll be there for you from the start of the procedure until the outcomes are apparent. Send us a message if you're thinking about how to make an app like Talabat.

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