How to Make An App Like Postmates?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 19, 2023

How to Make An App Like Postmates?

Due to the advent of food delivery services like Postmates, the on-demand delivery market has significantly changed. Through an app, customers can order food from nearby shops and have it delivered right to their door using the delivery service. An entrepreneur's top choice to contribute to and participate in the food delivery industry is an app like Postmates.

Since 2011, Postmates, a major delivery company in the USA, has experienced tremendous growth. Although it provides services other than food delivery, it is well known for its quick service. Additionally, it provides its clients with a few special plans that do not require delivery fees. 

Entrepreneurs will probably have one important question after having their own on-demand delivery apps like Postmates and other successful apps: How much does it cost to build a delivery app like Postmates?

If you are one of those business owners, we do have something that will be useful to you.

But first, let's learn more about Postmates.

How Does The App Like Postmates Work?

Postmates app helps users to order food and groceries from nearby stores without moving out. The user browses for the items, navigates through the available selections, chooses the desired item, and finally makes the payment.

Postmates stands out from its competitors because of its ability to quickly pair orders with nearby couriers. They pick up the items and deliver them to the user. Users get the delivery in real time, pay through the app, and give feedback at the end of the experience. Such a convenient application creates a steady relationship between the customer and business that helps deliver orders everywhere in the shortest time.

Alluring Features Of An App Like Postmates

User App

The user app has all the functionalities that make the customer experience smooth and easy.

In-App Call

Users of the in-app call feature can connect with the delivery partner to get a real-time update or to hasten their arrival at the destination.


This feature is a must-have for an app like postmates, where users will save their favorite dishes/items.


Users can pay for delivery or choose the "order takeaway" option as it is less expensive. However, the app allows users to place orders and receive pertinent updates.

Order Record

Users can access the complete history of past orders, including the name of the restaurant or store, the ordered items, the invoice information, etc.

Delivery Schedule

End users can schedule deliveries according to their preferences for time and date. This necessitates selecting a date using the in-app clock and calendar features.

Push Notifications

It delivers instant alerts to customers about all the latest updates regarding discounts, delivery requests, discounts, etc.

Delivery App

A delivery app helps the drivers to handle customer requests and reach their destination in time.

Profile Management

Helps users to manage accounts, monitor profiles, and save delivery addresses and payment information.

Browse and Search

This feature allows the power user to navigate through the categories, whether menus, products, prices, or ratings, for particular merchants and search for specific items.

Accept/Reject Orders

Enables drivers to make decisions regarding order requests depending on their availability.

Real-time Tracking

Enables delivery agents to track their couriers in real-time and take necessary action in case of any hurdle.

In-app chat

Allows smooth communication with the customers and vendors through text messages to convey important information.

Admin App

An admin panel has all the control over the app, managing everything seamlessly.

Dashboard and Analytics

An intuitive dashboard lets the admin monitor each order and delivery in real-time and check the payments and user activities.

Order Management

Allows admins to execute orders, view order details simultaneously, and resolve relevant disputes.

Courier Management:

Permits managers to employ and verify couriers, dispatch deliveries, and monitor courier result index.

Merchant Management:

Provides features like onboarding, managing, reviewing merchant performance, and handling possible merchant questions.

Promotions and Marketing:

Allows admins to create, distribute, organize, and monitor promotions, discounts, and marketing campaigns to bring in customers.

Merchant App

The merchant app helps the store owners take note of the items to avoid overstock/understock situations.
Merchant Onboarding

Enables the merchants to set up accounts, personalize pages, and enhance business profile information, menus, and prices.

Order Management

Allows retailers to process orders in real-time, including receiving, accepting, preparing, and updating the order status.

Inventory Management

Enables merchants to control their inventory, availability, and prices by providing software tools without any hassle.

Quick Alerts

Pushes out new order notifications, updates, alerts, and transaction results and manages locality admins, delivery couriers, and complaints operations.

Intuitive Dashboard

It serves as a platform for sales and customer feedback data, insights, and performance metrics.

Challenges Online Food Delivery Apps Like Postmates Face

Food delivery apps like Postmates App are becoming increasingly well-liked with the increase in new users. This offers numerous opportunities and a steady market base. There is a lot of competition in the market, making it difficult for businesses to launch new stands.

Insufficient Customer Base

Many customers in the food delivery industry hesitate to order the same food brand repeatedly. They use all other brands to place food orders. Customers are pleased with almost every brand delivery service's offerings. It's because they have so many options in this cutthroat world. This is the cause of the lack of a strong customer base. In today's world, corporate loyalty is impossible to find. Many marketing techniques and strategies should be created for a loyal customer base.

Inconsistent Market Price

You frequently have to deviate from the fixed price because the marketing prices are unpredictable. Particularly in the food industry, there is a lack of experience in maintaining accurate delivery prices for food items. Competition in the market constantly introduces new pricing strategies, sometimes with inflation and other times with low prices for food delivery. The difficulty of maintaining the constant cost of food delivery has an immediate impact on revenue growth.

The Risk Of More Powerful Players

Every startup in the food delivery sector aims to gain client loyalty and a significant market share. However, long-standing players in the market have built up sizable customer bases, making it difficult for newcomers to compete. And market capitalization is the result of this.

Excess Demand

Almost all businesses want to expand, boost their earnings, and steady their customer base. The demand must be met by maintaining the supply for the market to expand quickly. Failure on the business side will occur if the company cannot meet the customers' needs. For customers to receive their food on time, there is a critical need to bridge the gap between the restaurant and the delivery executive.

What Are The Business Perks Associated With An App Like Postmates?

Catering customers' needs and generating profits are among the top business benefits. Check out the other advantages as under;

Flexible Operations

Businesses can manage and adjust their delivery operations as required by monitoring orders, stock, and business needs and providing appropriate delivery services economically.

Partnership Opportunities

An app like Postmates lets vendors establish listings as featured products, provide discounts, and collaborate. Such entrepreneurs manage to attract more customers than usual and increase their sales.

Customer Satisfaction

Businesses can make customers more satisfied by widening their scope and increasing their sales by organizing delivery services for people who prefer having stuff brought to their doorsteps.

Marketing and Exposure

Public appearances can be greatly amplified on the platform, which can lead to increased footfall and a general upsurge in brand awareness.

Customer Retention

Services offered with this app would help customers enhance their loyalty and satisfaction due to the convenience and reliability of delivery options that build repeat purchases and develop long-term relationships with customers.

Data and Insights

The app offers businesses valuable data and insights on customer preferences, ordering trends, and sales patterns. This helps them make informed choices about their offerings to customers, prices, consumer marketing campaigns, and how to optimize their business tactics to generate more revenues.

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How To Make Money App Like Postmates

Developing an on-demand application like Postmates creates an opportunity for businesses to generate money from various other sources; check out popular ones as below.

Delivery Fees

The platform charges the customer a delivery fee for the orders they place on the platform. There is no unified fee structure, and the fee level can fluctuate due to factors such as distance, demand, supply, and other circumstances.

Service Fees

Apps like postmates add a delivery fee to the total amount customers pay and a service charge that covers the cost of operating and maintaining the platform.


Partnering with evolving brands or businesses to run ads and campaign promotions on their platform is a great way to monetize the website. This can be done in numerous ways, like sponsored articles, displaying featured listings, or adding special offers to generate more income.

How much does it cost to develop a delivery app?

The project scope, the technology stacks you select, the location of your development team, and the complexity of the features you want to include can all affect the cost of developing a Postmates food delivery app. On average, a food delivery app can cost anywhere from $35,000 to $200,000 or more to develop.

Several elements can influence how much it costs to make a food delivery app, including the following:

Where The Development Team Is Located

The development team's location can significantly impact the development cost. If you decide to work as a team in a nation with a lower cost of living, you can lower the development cost.

Technology Stack

The technologies you select may impact development costs. For instance, it might be less expensive to use a proven platform like React Native rather than create a unique solution from scratch.

The Degree Of Feature Complexity

The cost of developing your app will increase as the complexity of the features you want to include increases. For instance, a basic app may be less expensive than one with more sophisticated features like real-time tracking and dynamic pricing.

Developing Period

The cost of the app will also depend on its development time. A shorter development cycle might require more resources and be more expensive.

Additional fees for advertising, hosting, and maintaining the app and running costs like delivery fees and commissions for the delivery personnel.

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How to Make An App Like Postmates?

Every company has a different approach to creating mobile apps for on-demand services. The fundamentals of which, however, never change. The key development steps involved in developing an app like postmates are illustrated as follows;

Market Research

Do thorough market research and take note of what your rivals are offering. Write down the specifications for your application based on the study.


It is recommended that a prototype be tested before releasing a finished product. A prototype verifies the application's flawless navigation and determines whether the placement of features makes sense.

UI/UX Designing

Creating a unique UI/UX for your on-demand food delivery app is essential. Hire UI/UX designers eager to create a unique user experience.

App Development

Once you have decided what you want to build and how it is time to carry out the most important step of the journey. Choose a trustworthy on-demand delivery app development company with sufficient experience in the on-demand industry.

Product Launch

When your product features are prepared, test them at every stage before launching them. By doing this, a bug-free product will be released onto the market.

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