White Label Stocks Trading Platform

By Hyperlocal Cloud

December 04, 2023

White Label Stocks Trading Platform

Fortunately, buying and selling investments through online trading platforms is easier than ever- many even offer smartphone apps. Thanks to the trading platforms that draw enthusiastic investors to invest their hard-earned dollars into the stock market.

It delivers an incredible opportunity to make you run your stock trading business with the market's most affordable solution- a stock trading platform.

Supplement your trading solution with proprietary tools and complementary bundles and develop your business faster with a white-label stock trading platform.

Irrefutably, a white-label stock trading platform is an alternative for those wishing to offer their trading services but need more knowledge and resources to compete against many rivals.

Top Stock Trading Platforms

White-label solutions have many benefits and have become popular among Forex brokerage houses, not to mention other financial entities. The present white-label trading platforms have unique traits and features. Here are a few of them-


The cTrader terminal allows individuals to trade Forex currencies and CFD contracts manually and automatically. Users can exchange trading strategies, robots, and custom indicators within an ecosystem built by the platform's developers.

Many firms provide white-label solutions and have supported and integrated cTrader. These services include trading analytics, signals, independent verification of trading statistics, liquidity, and trust management services.


A pioneer in the online investing world, E-Trade is the beginning of online trade with CompuServe and America Online (AOL). The app lets users view investments or enter trades for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, etc.

Investing in stocks via E-Trade helps you grow your money. It allows investors to keep or reinvest when some stocks pay regular dividends, generally quarterly. Also, the app helps them monitor the right time to buy and sell and which company to invest in.


This stock trading app has become the best app of the present by offering free stock trades. Its feature revolves around stock tracking of investors, searching and trading them, etc.

The app's free version provides access to ETFs, stocks, and Bitcoin to enhance investors' interest in stock trading. Those wishing to invest in and out of mutual funds can get the paid version.

Robinhood provides great features in its free version, making it a classic reference point for those app development companies offering classic white-label stock trading platforms.


It is a renowned stock trading app for beginners who wish to make investment decisions by playing safe. They can invest as little as $5 while continuously enlightening them on how the investment world operates. Further, the app contains ample articles and tips to make the investment journey easier. Also, one can invest in fractional shares (pieces of stock) to any dollar amount without purchasing a whole share.

It offers a suite of automated self-directed investment options and investing tools to help you begin. Providing options of more than 3900 stocks and STRfs, Stash has helped more than 6 million people and created a secure financial future for themselves.

Why Choose Our White Label Stocks Trading Platform?

The white-label stock trading platform is helpful for financial institutions, brokers, and other companies looking to launch their trading services without developing a platform from scratch.

Here's why you must opt for our white-label stock trading solutions-

Instant Launch:

Our white-label solutions are ready to accustom and pre-built without spending resources and time developing a platform from scratch. It is imperative for businesses that want to enter the trading market quickly instead of waiting for several months to develop an app.

Low Development Cost:

App development from scratch requires significant costs, including hiring developers, designers, and other experts. White-label platform helps businesses avoid these costs as it is already built.

Better Customization Options:

White-label apps or software have customization options to meet businesses' specific requirements. It allows them to add their logos, branding, and other design elements to develop the platform to look and feel like their own. The customization option allows businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors and provide exceptional client trading services.

Enhanced User Experience:

White-label platforms provide traders with a user-friendly and seamless experience. It includes customization charts, intuitive navigation, and real-time market data. Selecting a white-label platform helps businesses provide clients with a high-quality trading experience that engages them for a long time.

Access to Trading Analytics:

Traders looking to improve informed trading decisions need real-time market data and trading analytics. White-label platforms include built-in analytical tools that provide businesses access to necessary market insights and data. Further, this access is imperative for businesses looking to offer high-quality trading experiences for their clients.

Key Facets of White Label Stocks Trading Platform

Smart Notifications

Notifications are a catalyst to engagement rates. A study disclosed that push notifications can boost retention by 190%. It also impacts stock trading apps, as they help users keep track of their orders. Trades aren't developed in real-time. The price fluctuates from the order placing time until executed.


As trading includes heavy research, traders look for a stock's past performance, management, financial standing, and other metrics to decide if it's worth investing. That is why our experts have integrated a newsfeed feature listing the relevant news that might affect stock performance. This feature saves users from switching to another website or app to get information. Newsfeed is more for users looking for trends in the trading world.

Access On Various Devices

Our white-label stock trading solutions have access to different devices. As timing is everything in trading, share prices change in minutes and can spell the difference between loss and profit. Thus, our white-label app has a cross-platform approach. It has web and app versions.

Tracking Real-time Market Data

What's more significant than checking the price of the stock? As price is a crucial factor that impacts decision-making, smart trading is where one will get the right price to sell or buy. No doubt, some stock prices fluctuate during the day. This feature, integrated with the right stock market API, shows real-time price data.

Multiple Payment Options

A trading account must provide multiple ways to transfer money into the app. Thus, our white-label platform has inoculated payment modes and provides API. It allows users to transfer money conveniently, while API helps them connect to hundreds of banks and financial institutions. Also, our platform has more options, such as online portals like PayPal and credit cards.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud for White Label Stocks Trading Platform?

Hyperlocal Cloud has been developing incredible stock trading solutions like Robinhood or E-trade for our global clients. There are reasons to opt for us, apart from helping 1250+ clients worldwide.

  • Stay updated on modern technologies
  • 24X7 Customer Assistance
  • No hidden costs
  • Customized white-label solutions
  • On-time delivery
  • Budget-friendly services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the total cost to develop a white-label stock trading platform?

Developing a white-label stock trading platform is $ 7,000-$20000. It all depends on the app or software you want to create, whether you want to acquire a Forex license, and your chosen technology provider.

How Long Does It Take To Customize A White Label Stocks Trading Platform?

Customizing a white-label stock trading platform takes around 7-14 days, depending on the modifications businesses require.

What makes Hyperlocal Cloud the finest white-label app development company?

Our developers and teams at Hyperlocal Cloud have over ten years of involvement expertise. We've merged our skills to build a one-of-a-kind method that sticks to our core values of a unique experience, honesty, openness, and reliability.

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