Expedia Clone | Launch Your Business App Like Expedia

By Hyperlocal Cloud

February 19, 2024

Expedia Clone | Launch Your Business App Like Expedia

The travel industry has witnessed a significant transformation with the advent of technology. That’s why we provide support for Expedia clone app development, which revolutionized how people book travel arrangements. An Expedia clone app is a customizable application replicating the functionalities of Expedia's popular travel booking platform.

With an Expedia clone app, users can seamlessly browse, compare, and book flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel services from the comfort of their smartphones. The app provides a user-friendly interface and a seamless booking experience, making it an essential tool for travelers seeking convenience and efficiency.

Stats About The Travel Industry

It is important to know the future to ensure the safety of the investment. Take a look at some promising futures for the travel industry.

  • The financial volume in the travel industry is anticipated to grow to $927.30 billion before the end session of 2024.
  • It is expected to show a compound annual growth rate of 3.47% between 2024-2028.
  • The economy is estimated to reach $1,063 billion before 2028 with an Expedia clone.
  • The user penetration in the travel business will be around 25.9% in 2024.

Bookings In Our Expedia Clone App

An Expedia-like application must adhere to every type of booking done in the existing app. Here is the list:


We developed an Expedia clone that connects with every type of hotel to let users choose their preferred stays according to their luxury type.

Car Rental

People who have multiple cars can list their car details on the Expedia-like app, and users can browse and rent cars easily.


With an Expedia clone app, users can book flights with ease in just a matter of clicks. The app provides seamless booking support by connecting with every airline.

Tour Packages

Such bookings let users plan their trip, including travel mode, stays, number of days to stay, and many more.


This lets users search, select, and book a cruise trip using a cruise booking system. This comes with an accurate seat map and layout of the cruise type.

Property Leasing

Property leasing in an Expedia clone is a convenient way for tenants to connect with property owners looking to lease their apartments or rooms. This platform allows owners to easily upload their apartment or room credentials and start the leasing process.

An Expedia clone app development must go under deep research and fill these services mentioned above. Still, businesses can ask to have any desired service section depending on their business model.

Identify The Main Benefits Of Expedia Clone App Development

Developing an Expedia clone app offers numerous benefits for businesses operating in the travel industry.

Brand Awareness

With an Expedia clone, businesses can tap into the growing market of mobile-savvy travelers who prefer the convenience of booking their travel arrangements through apps. By providing a user-friendly and feature-rich app, businesses can attract a wider customer base and increase their revenue.

Business Automation

An app like Expedia enables businesses to streamline their operations and automate various processes. The app can integrate with multiple travel service providers, allowing users to access a wide range of options. This integration saves time and resources by eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors for both the business and customers.

Immense Revenue Growth

An Expedia clone app provides businesses with valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors. Through data analytics, businesses can gather information on popular destinations, booking trends, and customer feedback. This data can be leveraged to enhance the app's functionality, personalize offers, and earn better ROI.

Fully Customization

We developed an app like Expedia that comes with complete ownership and 100% customization according to the client's demands. It can be customized using brand name, logo, color, business model, custom features, font style, number of screens, and so forth. Thus, business owners can get a custom solution from us.

So, having an Expedia-like app can provide several business benefits for owners and help them uplift their travel & tourism business.

Expedia Clone App Development Process

Developing an Expedia clone app involves several crucial steps. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Market Research

Conduct thorough market research to identify the target audience, analyze competitor apps, and gather insights into the latest trends in the travel industry.

Define App Requirements

Clearly define the features, functionalities, and user experience you want to offer through your Expedia clone app. This will serve as the foundation for the app development process.

Design And Prototyping

Create an intuitive and visually appealing design to create an Expedia clone app. Develop wireframes and prototypes to test the user interface and make necessary improvements. It consists of two parts:

Back end development builds the server-side infrastructure that powers the app, including the integration with travel service providers, payment gateways, and other essential APIs. Front-end development develops the user interface and implements the desired features and functionalities based on the app requirements defined earlier.

Testing And Quality Assurance

Conduct rigorous testing to ensure the app is free from bugs, glitches, and security vulnerabilities. Test the app on different devices and operating systems to ensure compatibility.

Deployment And Launch

Once the Expedia clone app is thoroughly tested, deploy it to the respective app stores, such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Promote the app through various marketing channels to maximize visibility and downloads.

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Sublime Features In An Expedia Clone

An app like an Expedia clone must adhere to every necessary feature to provide support to travelers and admins. Here is the list:

Traveler (User) Panel

Comprehensive Search

Ability to search for flights, hotels, activities, vacation packages, and car rentals across various providers. Filters for price, dates, airlines, amenities, etc.

Competitive Pricing

This shows clear displays of prices and fees, comparison tools, and deals or promotions. It helps users to plan their trips effectively.

Detailed Listings

Expedia clone app offers extensive information about properties, photos, reviews, ratings, and virtual tours. It helps them plan their stays and places to travel.

Flexible Booking Options

With this feature, users can access the secure booking process, the ability to modify or cancel reservations easily, and clear cancellation policies.

Personalized Recommendations

This feature provides suggestions based on travel preferences, past searches, and user data. It retains customers and compels them to use the app.


It is an in-app file format that lets users store and exchange calendaring and scheduling information. It includes to-dos, journal entries, etc.

Offline Access

Ability to access booked trips and essential information without an internet connection. It saves the booking details into the app's local storage for offline access.

Multiple Payment Options

This feature is the support for different currencies and secure payment methods. It lets users pay in different modes like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, credit/debit card, and so forth.

Customer Care

Travelers can connect with the customer support team 24/7 via phone, email, or chat for assistance with bookings or issues.


Secure Payment Processing

This lets booking agencies receive payment and create receipts on transactions with encryption.

Booking Confirmation System

Booking agencies can confirm an incoming booking request based on the availability. They can also be active or inactive in an availability status.

Detailed Listing Information

Businesses can list their service info and list if there are any new arrivals of services; they can easily list them to let users avail of them.

Review & Rating

Agencies can reply to customer’s feedback and reviews received on the application. It also helps them improve their services.


This feature helps agencies give personalized recommendations using email and SMS based on user preferences and past bookings.

Multi-Language Support

With this feature, international booking agencies can also start spreading their services among users without any language barrier.

Loyalty Program

Agencies can create loyalty programs like gift coupons, vouchers, cards, etc., for frequent customers.


Admin Login

Admins can log into the application using a unique PIN or inputting their username and password.

User Management

Every registered person in the Expedia clone is controlled by the admin. They can easily add, modify, and replace a booking agency or a user.

Payment Management

This feature gives full control over payments and transactions. Admins can check and verify a payment status online by entering the booking ID.

Subscription Control

Admins can add, remove, and renew a subscription membership easily. It also lets admins change the subscription model, and it’s an interval.


Businesses can easily check on refund requests and initiate a request for a user. Admins can also connect with the beneficiary to verify details.

CRM Panel

In our Expedia clone app development process, we provide a CRM panel that lets businesses maintain changes without any requirement of technical knowledge.

Invoice Generation

Admins can easily generate invoices on sales, active users, active bookings, etc., on the basis of monthly and annually. It helps maintain transparency and streamline operations.

Professional Dashboard

A dashboard lets admins monitor what is happening in their business in real time in the format of charts, infographics, animation, stats, etc.

Tips To Make Money With An Expedia Clone

While developing an Expedia clone app opens up opportunities to generate revenue, it is essential to have a strategic approach. Here are some tips for making money with your Expedia clone app:

Earn Commission

Partner with hotels, airlines, and other travel service providers and earn a commission for each booking made through your app.

In-App Advertisements

Display targeted advertisements within the app to generate advertising revenue. Ensure the ads are relevant to the travel industry to maximize user engagement.

Premium Features And Subscriptions

Offer additional premium features or subscription plans to users who are willing to pay for enhanced functionality or exclusive benefits.

Affiliate Marketing

Collaborate with travel-related websites and earn a commission for each referral made through the Expedia-like app.

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Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Expedia Clone App Development?

Our team has over 3 years of experience working with emerging technologies and has successfully executed several on-demand projects. Our developers possess expert-level knowledge in advanced programming languages, and are equipped to integrate cutting-edge features that enhance the overall performance of the platform.

The following are some of the parameters that distinguish us from our competitors.

  • Tech Expertise
  • Timely Project Delivery
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Transparent Pricing Policies
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Seasoned Developers
  • Cost-Effective Prices


What Is The Complete Cost To Get An Expedia Clone?

The development cost for such an application depends on numerous factors like custom features, UI/UX, app security, app size, maintenance & update, and many more. You can connect with our team to get an accurate evaluation of the cost.

How Much Time Does It Take To Build An App Like Expedia?

The complete time to get an Expedia clone is uncertain as it is impacted by elements like personalization, third-party integration, app maintenance, testing, designing, etc. Connect with our expert today and get started.

Which Platform Does Your Expedia Clone App Development Support?

Our professional developers can build such a platform on iOS and Android.

Do You Provide Post-Launch Maintenance Support?

Yes, we can help you to update and maintain changes in the app even after deployment.

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