White Label Video Subscription Platform

By Hyperlocal Cloud

February 22, 2024

White Label Video Subscription Platform

Video subscription websites like HBO Max, Hulu, and Netflix have attracted attention. Many households cut the cord on cable and continue online streaming for unlimited entertainment. Owning such a video subscription platform can help you generate revenue in different industries: education, entertainment, fitness, sports, etc.

If you have an extraordinary idea to execute, the Hyperlocal Cloud development team is ready to turn it into reality! They carry a white label video subscription platform that is hassle-free and helps you launch it in no time.

Learn more about our expertise in the whitelabel video subscription marketplace.

Key Statistics of Video Subscription Platform

  • Video streaming technology will go a long way. It is projected to reach $115 billion by 2026. Content producers and musicians increasingly use whitelabel video subscription platforms to engage with their audience.
  • Digital and media content subscription revenues are predicted to grow by over 13.5 percent between 2021 and 2025.
  • Media revenue from OTT is expected to surpass $210 billion by 2026, doubling the revenue in 2020, which was $106 billion.
  • Global revenues from streamed movies and TV will hit $159 billion in 2024.
  • The top streaming platforms in the US with the highest percentage of views are Netflix(73%), Amazon (67%), Hulu (52%), Disney+ (42%), and Max (39%).

Benefits of the Whitelabel Video Subscription Platform

Whitelabel's solution not only puts the power in your hands but also brings many benefits. It enables your content creators and publishers to take control of their video ad revenue and monetization and foster a sense of independence and authority, enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

Our developers craft the perfect solution specifically for OTT service providers, marketing firms, and other businesses that rely heavily on video content. It's a video hosting and monetization platform that you can trust for its reliability and cost-effectiveness, instilling a sense of trust and assurance in your business operations.

A whitelabel solution includes every feature that allows businesses to broadcast content online without extensive development.

Seize the unique opportunity to make our white-Label solution truly yours. By purchasing it, you can easily rebrand it as your own by gaining exclusive access to all the built-in features and asserting ownership.

What's more, you can explore the whitelabel video subscription platform. Learn from its below-mentioned benefits.

Brand Consistency:

Customizable themes, logos, and color schemes ensure the platform aligns with the company's branding, fostering recognition and trust among viewers.

Customer Loyalty: The platform is engaging as it reflects the company's identity, strengthening the bond between the brand and its audience. It enhances customer loyalty.

Revenue Generation:

The Whitelabel video subscription platform allows businesses to produce revenues through subscription models, pay-per-view, or advertising. A branded platform allows companies to set the pricing, offer promotions, and make control monetization strategies according to their business goals.

Customizable Features:

Whitelabel solutions provide a range of customizable features, such as user interfaces, navigation menus, content categorization, and recommendation algorithms. Businesses can tailor the platform to meet their preferences and expectations.


As businesses grow, white label video subscription platforms easily scale to accommodate increased demand. This scalability ensures a seamless user experience, whether a few hundred or thousands of subscribers are accessing the content simultaneously.

Power Up Your Streaming Business With All-in-one White Label Video Subscription Solution

Features of White Label Video Streaming Platforms

White label video streaming platforms have unique features that make them a good business option.

User Profile:

The platform allows altering and customizing user profiles. It can help obtain relevant statistics- user's subscribers and count, saved videos, watched videos, replayed number of times, video genres, and more.

Search Functionality:

The search feature comes into play when your users wish to watch a specific video but need help finding it. Businesses can inoculate this search feature to allow their users to search the entire database for a particular video to play.

High Usability UX:

A whitelabel video subscription platform must include a high-quality UI design fused with the player to look smooth while playing the movie in half or full-screen mode. Our offerings include monitoring volume, brightness, or contrast increases or decreases.

Content Library:

A video streaming platform includes extensive content libraries. It has different TV shows, movies, series, and user-generated content catering to different demographics and interests.

Secure Payment Integration:

The platform supports multiple payment methods, such as wallets, credit/debit cards, and net banking). Further, it provides promotional offers, such as discounts, free trials, and bundled subscriptions to entice users.

Subscription Tiers:

Business owners and entrepreneurs can offer numerous subscription tiers with different pricing and content access for users to avail of default and premium features accordingly. Further, whitelabel video streaming platforms help you earn from pay-per-view, ads, and paid features.

Parental Controls:

Our platforms include parental control features to ensure a family-friendly viewing experience. Parents can restrict access to specific content based on genres, certain titles, or ratings, delivering a safer viewing environment for kids.

Social Sharing and Reviews:

Streaming platforms offer sharing features to make users share their favorite content with their pals on social media portals. Further, users can provide reviews and feedback about the content they watch on streaming platforms and their browsing experience.

Offline Viewing:

Some streaming platforms feature a downloading option for offline viewing. It is helpful for users who prefer to watch videos during commutes, on flights, or in areas with a low internet connection.

Simple Ways to Choose the Right Whitelabel Video Streaming Platform

When evaluating your options for a whitelabel video streaming marketplace, it's crucial to consider what sets each platform apart. Our platform stands out with its unique features that cater to your needs. Here are the top key considerations-

User Experience:

The platform should be easy to navigate and user-friendly for administrators and viewers. It must include responsive design, intuitive controls, and streamlined workflows.

Customization Options:

A platform must offer a high degree of design, branding, and functionality customization. Also, you must fully customize the platform to match your specific preferences and needs.

Video Monetization:

Ensure the platform offers robust monetization tools to generate revenue from your video content. The tools may include options for pay-per-view or subscription-based access, in-video purchases, and advertising.

Reporting and Analytics:

Access to detailed reporting and analytics tools is crucial for measuring the success of your video streaming efforts. Our platform offers in-depth metrics on traffic sources, viewer engagement, and other key performance indicators, helping you make data-driven decisions to optimize your content and reach your goals.

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Different Categories in White label Subscription Platforms

Two categories of white label video subscription platforms are video-on-demand and live streaming. Below is the range of streaming varieties infused into the white label platforms for excellent outcomes.

White label OTT Platform

It subsidizes the superior OTT platform delivery approach to streaming video content with the nuances of a white label video player. OTT is a media distribution that enables live and on-demand video streaming. It distinguishes itself from traditional video distributions as it stays above in streaming with the latest technologies in OTT TV apps.

White Label Live Streaming Platforms

An online video channel with specific attributes for live-streaming content hosts different areas, including remote audiences, connecting with viewers, virtual events, and more. Live streaming gives a more authentic experience than any VOD app and helps grab viewers' attention. Further, organizations and businesses have access to the advantages of having the best online video portals for HQ streaming, enhanced security, etc.

White Label VOD Platform

A product created under a white label means it was built and sold by another company and does not bear the original producer's name. A white-label VOD platform capitalizes on the OTT platform delivery approach to stream video content with the tools broadcasters require to host & deliver on-demand video content.

Real-life Examples of Video Subscription Platforms

Video subscription platforms have become integral to the entertainment landscape. They offer diverse content that caters to varying tastes and preferences. Below are some real-life examples of prominent real-time subscription platforms.


One of the pioneers in the streaming industry, Netflix has revolutionized how people consume content. Boasting stand-up specials and documentaries, Netflix invests heavily in original programming, producing acclaimed films and series.


It is known for its unique model that combines on-demand streaming with access to TV episodes shortly after they air. Subscribers can enjoy a wide range of content, including popular TV shows.

Amazon Prime Video:

Prime Video offers many TV shows, movies, and original content. Emphasizing user convenience, it seamlessly integrates with other Amazon devices and services.


The platform has quickly become a powerhouse in the streaming world, featuring an extensive catalog of content from Pixar, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic. From the latest Marvel blockbusters to animated classics, the Disney+ platform is for all ages.

HBO Max:

The platform combines the premium content of HBO with an expansive library of additional series, movies, and original programming. With iconic shows, HBO Max caters to those seeking high-quality, premium entertainment.

Apple TV:

Apple entered the streaming arena with Apple TV+, offering a platform for original documentaries, movies, and TV shows. With a focus on quality over quantity, the platform has umpteen series viewers love to subscribe to.


Launched by NBC Universal, Peacock offers a diverse content mix, including current shows from NBC, classic series, and a growing library of original programming. It provides several subscription tiers to cater to users' preferences.


Initially known as CBS All Access, Paramount+ provides content different from CBS. It includes current shows and a vast library of classics. The platform has expanded to include exclusive original series and a wide selection of movies.

Planning to run similar subscription platforms and make revenues? Our whitelabel video subscription platform is what your business needs!

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For White label Video Subscription App?

Hyperlocal Cloud has been leading the IT industry for more than a decade. Our white label solutions include the standard features that allow you to begin the business quickly. They offer solutions that help businesses enhance their customer base, growth, and revenue.

We've covered it for you; below are the top reasons to avail of our services.

Timely Delivery:

When you opt for a white label video subscription marketplace, our development team starts with reliable solutions to reduce development time. It helps you enter the market as fast as possible.


Our app development specialists use clone scripts to build apps quickly and cost you less, saving money and resources. It suits your budget.

Quality Assurance:

Before reaching the final phase, our quality analysts perform testing to ensure you get a reliable solution.

Quick Launch:

You will get the app quickly as developers have already gone through market planning, research, design, and more. Our developers have a whitelabel platform and help you launch it quickly.

Smooth Communication:

We speak our clients' tongues, making them comfortable sharing their projects' requirements.

24/7 Customer Assistance:

We can take your project anytime and help you resolve your queries according to your availability.

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