White Label OTT Solutions-All in One OTT Platform

By Hyperlocal Cloud

September 29, 2023

White Label OTT Solutions-All in One OTT Platform

As per statistics, the global OTT platform market size is expected to reach $2057.47 billion by 2032, and over 3 billion people use OTT platforms for entertainment purposes. These numbers clearly show the market of OTT platforms is rich and diverse. Developing an OTT platform can be a lucrative business opportunity with guaranteed ROIs and revenue generation streams.

Develop a high-end, feature-rich, and scalable OTT platform with our white label OTT solutions. Instead of building a platform from scratch, save time and resources with our white label OTT platform development solutions. Our solutions are packed with captivating features like live streaming, video hosting, device compatibility, multiple payment gateways, screencasting, smart search, watchlist, and more. Launch a top-notch OTT platform with our experts at Hyperlocal Cloud today!

Stating Some OTT Platform Statistics

The revenue from OTT video subscriptions is expected to reach $64.12 billion by the end of 2026.

Over 2 billion people use subscription OTT services.

Netflix is the industry OTT platform leader, with over 231 million paid subscribers all over the world.

Amazon Prime, Disney+. Hulu and HBO Max are some of the popular OTT platforms.

White Label OTT Platform Development Solutions

Establish a unique online streaming presence without the extensive development process. Through our white labelling OTT solution, businesses can apply their logos, designs, and branding elements to pre-built platforms. With captivating features like content management, monetization tools (e.g., subscription models, pay-per-view), user analytics, and scalability to accommodate audience growth, our solutions are perfect for starting an OTT platform.

The key advantages include cost-effectiveness, quicker time-to-market, and the ability to focus on content and user experience rather than intricate technical development. Our white label OTT platform development streamlines the process of launching a fully functional, branded streaming service, making it an attractive option for businesses entering the competitive world of online content delivery. Get in touch with our experts at Hyperlocal Cloud and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Customizations White Label OTT Solutions

Design, develop, and deploy high-end OTT platforms as per your needs and requirements. 

White Label OTT Platform: Features And Functionalities

At Hyperlocal Cloud, our team of experts adds exciting, intuitive, and interactive features to your OTT platform to make it stand out from others in the market.

Sign up/Sign in

Effortlessly welcome users with a seamless sign-up and login experience, fostering a personalized platform where preferences guide content suggestions, enhancing user engagement.

Payment Gateway

Ensure smooth transactions with a secure payment gateway, unlocking revenue through paid subscriptions or transactions, providing a frictionless experience for users investing in premium content.

Watch List

Empower users with content curation through a watch list, promoting personalized viewing experiences and encouraging return visits by reminding them of their favorite saved content.


Enable easy sharing of favorite content on larger screens such as laptops, desktops, and television and communal viewing experiences, amplifying the platform's appeal.

User-friendly Interface

Prioritize a positive user experience with an intuitive design across various devices, ensuring accessibility and creating an engaging environment for users to navigate seamlessly.

Push Notifications

Keep users engaged and informed with timely updates on new releases, personalized recommendations, and live events, utilizing targeted push notifications to boost user retention.

Multilingual Support

Extend global reach by offering content in multiple languages, adapting the platform to different cultural preferences and regions, and promoting inclusivity and diversity in the user base.

Smart Search

A smart search function ensures efficient content discovery and visibility, contributing to a more engaging and user-friendly experience.

Multi-platform Compatibility

Optimize the platform for various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, providing flexibility and broadening the audience reach across different technological preferences.

Social Sharing

Leverage social media integration to maximize platform visibility and encourage users to connect and share their favorite content.

Live Streaming

Provide real-time interactive experiences with live streaming, covering events and creating a sense of immediacy, enriching the platform with dynamic and engaging content.

Perks Of Choosing Our White Label OTT Solution

Choose our white label OTT solutions and leverage the following benefits.


Tailor the platform to align with your brand identity, ensuring a unique and recognizable presence in the competitive market.

Faster Time to Market

Swift development and deployment for a timely market entry, gaining a competitive edge, and capturing market share early.

Multiple Monetization Opportunities

Diversify revenue streams through subscriptions, ads, and transactions, creating a sustainable business model with resilience to market changes.

Affordable Solutions

Launch an OTT platform with some customization and features and maximize returns by reducing development costs, achieving a balance between affordability and performance.

Security Features

We implement robust measures to protect intellectual property and user data, building trust and ensuring the platform's long-term success.

Customer Base

Foster engagement through interactive features, retaining a loyal customer base through continuous improvements and updates to captivate the audience.

Gain Massive Profits With White Label OTT Platform Development

Develop an OTT app and gain a competitive edge in the market with guaranteed ROIs and revenue generation streams. 

White Label OTT Platform: Revenue Models

OTT platform development opens up great revenue generation opportunities for platform owners. Make massive profits by developing a top-notch OTT platform with us.

AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand)

AVOD operates on an ad-supported model where users access content for free, with revenue generated through advertisements. This model maximizes audience reach by eliminating upfront costs, making it an attractive option for users seeking no-cost content consumption. Some of the popular examples of AVOD models are YouTube, FilmOnX, Vimeo, etc.

SVOD ( Subscription Video On Demand)

SVOD involves users paying a recurring subscription fee and gaining unlimited access to a vast library of premium content. This model ensures a steady revenue flow, fostering customer loyalty through continuous and uninterrupted content access. Users appreciate the value of a subscription offering a diverse range of content genres, often leading to long-term engagement.

Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD)

TVOD involves users paying for individual pieces of content on a pay-per-view basis. This model is particularly effective for premium or exclusive content, allowing viewers the flexibility to purchase and watch specific items of interest.

Hybrid Model

Hybrid models integrate multiple revenue streams, combining elements of SVOD with additional transactional or ad-supported options. Hybrid models involve revenue generation while offering users a range of choices in how they access and pay for content.

Our White Label OTT Platform Development Services

At Hyperlocal Cloud, our experts excel at developing OTT apps for various devices and functionalities. Have a look at our exceptional development services.

OTT TV App Development

For platforms like Apple TV, Android TV, and others, our OTT developers have the knowledge and experience necessary to create live-streaming applications.

Web/Mobile Streaming OTT Apps

Use our cutting-edge music and video streaming services to develop a platform that has a feature-rich user interface and high-definition graphics. Our professionals guarantee you will receive an app that is visually appealing, simple to use, and equipped with useful navigational tools.

Decentralized App Development

We are specialists in developing permission-based, open-source, decentralized video streaming platforms.

App for Conferencing

We provide specially designed live streaming and real-time video conference app development for running events, meetings, programs, and much more. With its user-friendly features, the live streaming software encourages interaction and enhances the user experience.

Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For White Label OTT Solutions

Hyperlocal Cloud is a leading white label OTT platform development company with years of expertise in developing mind-blowing apps with captivating features.

Expert Developers

Our team consists of more than 150 exceptional designers with backgrounds in creating high-end applications.


We are completely transparent with clients throughout the entire process of developing an app.

Client Retention Rate

Since we began our adventure in 2013, we have maintained an excellent client retention rate of more than 80%.

Full-Time Support

All of our clients will receive prompt assistance from our knowledgeable support staff.

Punctual delivery

With prompt deliveries, we are the top white label OTT platform development company in the United States.

Regular Updates

To provide our clients with regular information, we allocate distinct teams with project leads and managers.

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