Bike Rental App Development- A Complete Guide For Entrepreneurs

By Hyperlocal Cloud

September 26, 2023

Bike Rental App Development- A Complete Guide For Entrepreneurs

Looking to tap into the booming bike rental market? A bike rental app could perfectly connect bike enthusiasts with affordable and convenient rental options. In this bike rental app development guide, we'll explore the key features and functionalities your app should have to ensure a smooth user experience. We'll cover everything from user registration and profile creation to real-time bike availability and reservation. We'll also discuss the importance of integrating secure payment gateways, GPS tracking, and in-app messaging to enhance user satisfaction and safety.

So, whether you're an entrepreneur or an existing bike rental business looking to expand your reach, this guide will provide valuable insights on developing a successful bike rental app. Get ready to revolutionize the way people rent bikes! Find out more in this article.

Future Of Bike Rental App

So, how profitable will a bike rental app be in the future? Read the stats below:

  • The projected revenue in the bike-sharing market can reach $8.44 billion before the start of 2024.
  • There can be a user penetration of 10.6% in 2023, which is expected to increase to 12.1% before 2027.
  • The demand for bike-sharing apps is growing at a CAGR of 10.71% each year.
  • The overall revenue for the bike-sharing business is monitored to reach $12.68 billion before 2027.

Workflow Of A Bike Rental App

Before starting with the development process, let’s take a look through the workflow of the app:

  • Riders download the application and register with the required information.
  • They search for bike rentals by entering their location.
  • The app helps users locate the nearest bike rental location, availability, and price.
  • The rider selects a bike and adds a schedule(date and time) to ride.
  • After successful payment for the ride, the rider receives a generated QR code and pin number as a key.
  • This key is used to unlock the bike by reaching the station.
  • Riders take the bike, and after taking it around to their desired destination, they park it at the location.

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Major Features To Have In A Bike Rental App

Features in an application increase its engagement, appeal, interactivity, and many more. So, let's see what some effective features to have in a bike rental app:

Registration & Login

It lets vendor users register themselves and log into the app. It is the primary feature that will come in a user's interaction.


With this feature, users can rent and book a bike online. They can also view their availability, pricing, and condition before renting.

Real-Time Tracking

This feature provides the live status of an active bike with essential information like covered distance, range from parking, and time left to park the bike to the station.

Report & Analytics

It helps admins generate daily/monthly/yearly reports and analyze business workflow from their screen.

Anti Theft System

It will guard the bicycle from being used illegally. A user has to pay to unlock the bike by inputting the generated QR code or pin number after a successful payment.

Multiple Payment Option

We integrate e-wallet and multiple payment options like debit/credit card, UPI, and net banking so that users can pay to avail of their ride.

Customized Booking

Users can book their fleet online from anywhere by providing a date and time to pick up the bike to take a ride.

Push Notification

The push notification feature helps you send promotional emails and notify users about every activity on their ride.

Live Chat & Support

Users can connect with customer service executives anytime regarding any query or question.

Revenue Making Models For Bike Rental App

Now, let’s go through some sources that can help you make money in your bike rental business app. Here is the list:

Subscription Model

You can offer different subscription plans to customers, allowing them to rent bikes for a particular time. For example, a basic plan could offer 10 hours of bike rental per month, while a premium plan could offer unlimited rentals. This model ensures recurring revenue and encourages customer loyalty.

Hourly/Daily Rental Model

Charge customers on an hourly or daily basis for bike rentals. Set competitive rates based on factors like location, type of bike, and demand. For example, you can charge $10 per hour or $30 per day for a standard bike rental and higher rates for premium or electric bikes.

Commission Model

Partner with local bike rental shops and earn a commission for each rental made through your app. This model eliminates the need for owning and maintaining a fleet of bikes, reducing costs and risks. The commission can be a percentage of the rental fee or a fixed amount per rental.

In-App Purchases/Upgrades

Offer additional services or upgrades within the app to generate revenue. For example, customers could pay extra to have a helmet and other safety gear to ride the bike safely. This provides convenience to customers and adds value to the rental experience.


Collaborate with local businesses, such as restaurants, tourist attractions, or hotels, to display their ads within your app. Charge them a fee for advertising space or enter into a revenue-sharing agreement based on the number of clicks or conversions generated. This can be a win-win situation for both parties, as customers can discover nearby places of interest while using your app.

Bike Rental App Development: Step-By-Step Guide

In this development process, we will cover every app development aspect and learn about everything from design to launch. Let’s get roll with it:

Market Analysis

Start with a brainstorming idea for your bike rental app and define your target audience, strategies, and features. Review your competitor’s app and inspect how they play in the market. Try to read reviews and feedback on their services, discover a market gap, and fill it by creating a plan.

Design Your App

You must design your app with a user-friendly interface, interesting designs, graphics, simple-to-navigate elements, and more. The main goal is to make your app look appealing and easy to use.

Choose A Platform

Choosing a platform is also important for your bike rental app development. Generally, there are 3 platforms to consider: Android, iOS, and Hybrid. Let’s know about them:

  • Android

Developing an Android app allows it to run on every device that runs on the Android operating system. It allows you to upload the overall app to the Google Play Store for a one-time fee. Android app development is quick, cost-effective, customizable, and offers security. An Android app is limited to running on an Android operating system only.

  • iOS

An iOS-developed app is compatible with every Apple gadget. As the majority of individuals in the USA use Apple gadgets, it denotes developing an iOS app to gain mass user insights. An iOS comes with lots of security, helps increase customer trust, and takes 30%-40% less time to create an app than Android.

  • Hybrid

A Hybrid style app has a faster development process, decreases the need for labor, improves quality & durability, etc. Hybrid apps can run both on iOS and Android. As it comes with the combined benefits of Android & iOS, it can be beneficial if you target a broad audience.

Find An App Development Company

It is important to find an on demand- app development company that can build you an app that caters to your business needs, is feature-rich, and performs every essential ability. Hyperlocal Cloud, a top-notch on-demand app development company that deals in every kind of app development from scratch, white label, and clone app. We provide our clients with tailor-made applications that help them transform their traditional businesses into digital platforms.


It is the stage where developers use their coding skills to develop the application based on design and specifications. It is vital to use a dynamic stack to increase the durability of your bike rental app. Typically, it includes front end and back end development processes:

  • Front End Development

The front-end development is where buttons, animations, photos, and content are integrated into the UI with the help of programming languages. It is technically easier than back-end development but also requires creative designing skills to complete a job.

  • Back End Development

The back-end development is a server-side app rendering process that manages payment gateways, security enhancement, API management, etc. This phase doesn’t get interacted with by the users but is quite effective in running an application smoothly.


The testing phase for your bike rental app development is a critical part of the software development process. The testing phase consists of planning, test analysis, defect testing, environment setup for testing, and many more. It helps in spotting bugs & errors and eliminating them instantly. A professional Q&A team acts here to make an application run smoother.


The final step for your bike rental app is to deploy across various platforms. We offer our clients free deployment on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. We also provide 3-month post-deployment support for free. It makes your application available to use for your targeted audience.

Benefits Of Bike Rental App Development

Investment in bike rental apps comes with several benefits. Here is the list of benefits you need to know:

Cost Effective

One of the major benefits of a bike rental app is that it eliminates the need for a physical store or location. Business owners can create an app where customers can browse and book bikes directly from their smartphones. This saves on overhead costs and provides a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for customers.

Brand Awareness

Another benefit of bike rental app development is that it allows business owners to reach a wider audience. With the increasing popularity of biking as a mode of transportation and leisure activity, more and more people are looking for convenient ways to rent bikes.

Business Control

Bike rental apps provide business owners with valuable data and analytics that can help them make informed decisions and improve their services. With the app, business owners can track the number of rentals, popular bike models, peak times, and other relevant information. This data can be used to optimize inventory management, marketing strategies, and pricing.


It provides a convenient and efficient way for customers to rent bikes, expands the business's reach to a wider audience, and provides valuable data for decision-making. By analyzing these insights, business owners can ensure that they are meeting customer demands effectively and maximizing their profits.

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How Much Does It Cost For Bike Rental App Development?

It can cost around $8,000 - $15,000 to have a well-designed and functioning bike rental app. You can avail your app within a few days. The mentioned amount depends on several parameters and can increase and decrease accordingly. We maintain transparency during your bike rental app development. Here are some components which can affect the cost:

  • Additional features
  • Platform (Android, iOS and Hybrid)
  • Company’s location
  • App’s complexity
  • Modern tech stack
  • Number of active workforce

A few additional elements can affect the cost, but the components mentioned above are highly reactive toward the cost of developing a bike rental app.

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