White Label Tutoring Platform | Build Private Tutoring Website

By Hyperlocal Cloud

September 25, 2023

White Label Tutoring Platform | Build Private Tutoring Website

Upscale your tutoring business with our white label tutoring platform that acts as a uniform place to offer awesome courses. Enter into the realm of the virtual tutoring business and earn massive revenue. We have assisted businesses in developing secure and reliable white label platforms that have resulted in billion-dollar businesses. Get ready to develop the best online tutoring platform by leveraging our white label tutoring platform solutions.

Collaborate with Hyperlocal Cloud, which will help you implement industry-leading technologies to build a highly intuitive and robust online tutoring platform. Connect with our experts and empower your business growth.

Key Highlights Of White Label Tutoring Platform

  • By 2027, the global online tutoring market is predicted to be around $188,256.02Mn and at a CAGR of 23.26%.
  • The market size of online tutoring platforms is estimated to reach $8.97BN in 2023, which is massive.
  • As per the US market, the virtual tutoring systems are increased by 19%/year(from 2022-2026)
  • Some popular tutoring services are Italki, Learner, Preply, Varsity, Smarthinking, and so on.

White Label Tutoring Platform-Ultimate Features

Build a successful white label tutoring platform with top-notch features associated with tutors and teachers, amplifying the whole user experience. Take a glimpse at some of them as follows;

Virtual Whiteboard Tools

Our white label tutoring platform has virtual whiteboard tools that help instructors visually explain ideas and actively involve them in learning.

Intuitive Interface

Our white label tutoring platform has a user-friendly interface, making it convenient for tutors and students to use the platform.

Dynamic Filters

Filter options like subject, level, price range, etc., save time and help users compress their choices.

Real-time Communication

With attributes like instant messaging and video conferencing, the tutors and students will communicate and ask questions in real time.

Search Option

The search feature helps students discover the best tutor and aide tutors to get connected with the pupils.

Payment Gateways

With a secure payment gateway, transactions are allowed to mitigate any chances of fraudulent activities.

Detailed Tutor Profiles

The tutor's qualifications, experience, teaching philosophy, and reviews are enlisted in our white label tutoring platform.

Review And Ratings

Through this feature, students are able to comment on teachers and their respective lessons with an integrated review and rating system.

Progress Tracking

Helps produce performance reports and monitor areas of growth and weakness and use them in customizing the teaching strategies

Platform Compatibility

White label tutoring platform is compatible with all the platforms so that it gets connected anytime, anywhere, aiding in user engagement.

White Label Tutoring Platform: Add-on features

Provide other benefits to your platform with our superb add-on features.

Multilingual Support

Our platform supports multiple languages so that users from around the world get connected with the platform.

Push Notifications

With this feature, several important alerts related to rewards, new features, and offers are provided to the users.

Profile Settings

Platform owners will configure the profile elements like business/ product descriptions, contact information, etc.


All the sales and profits reports with clear graphical representations are clearly mentioned in the dashboard.

Social Media Integration

Helps link the business profile seamlessly to social media to expand the brand’s popularity.

In-app chat

Allows seamless messaging with business counterparts and other users.

Promote Digital Excellence Through Our White Label Tutoring Platform

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we use ultra-modern technologies to deliver outstanding platforms. Hire our specialists who have technical expertise in all advanced tools and technologies.

White Label Tutoring Platform Development Process

Building an online tutoring platform with an interactive and engaging interface is not that simple. There are essential sequential steps that facilitate the whole development cycle.

Market Research

The first step of the development process is market research, where our researchers will analyze the competitors and current market trends to ensure what could be done to make your platform better than the existing ones.

Target Audience

For the white label tutoring platform, it's better to understand the target audience to see how many percentages of people will take advantage of the platform. According to that, it will help determine what functionalities to include, leading to massive revenue generation.

Design And Development

With the utilization of front-end and back-end technologies, a customer-friendly UI/UX interface is built. The use of coding helps enhance the platform's efficiency and boost performance.

Tech Stacks

The advanced programming languages and top frameworks, databases, cloud environment, and real-time analytics are key in developing a contemporary white label tutoring app.


With the implementation of various testing techniques, the bugs and errors present in the platform are successfully removed to improve performance.

Launch And Maintenance

Finally, the platform is launched in the dedicated server, and in any case, if the system crashes, then the post-maintenance services are provided by our team.

Revenue Model Of White Label Tutoring Platform

Several revenue model types facilitate massive money-making, which is the ultimate goal of the businesses; check out popular ones below;

Commission Fees

For every teacher's lesson reservation, the students pay a certain amount known as commission fees, which is decided in advance by the teacher and administrator, proving to be the direct source of income.


The admin provides students with monthly and yearly subscriptions to access all the lessons available in the market. The admin determines the cost of the packages and money distribution among the tutors

Premium Listings

For a nominal cost, the admin offers to list the professor's name and information on the prominent section of the app. Premium listing in the highlighted section tends to increase visibility and fetch greater course bookings.


The best way to generate income is through advertisements. On the white label tutoring platform, the admin charges significant fees for the display of advertisements.

Subscription Model

To get access to more advanced features and exclusive study content/material, the admin charges extra money from the users on a monthly and yearly basis.

White Label Tutoring Platform- Business Benefits

The best online tutoring platform provides unlimited benefits to businesses right, from building a stronger brand image to generating massive profits. The main motto of the businesses is to establish their name globally and expand their market share. Specifically, the online tutoring platform is a great initiative to connect tutors and students from around the world, resulting in stronger student and teacher engagement.

Stronger Brand Value

Building applications for your business creates a unique business identity. The customers get enticed by the mesmerizing features and the top-tier functionalities, making it acquire a strong brand value.

Seamless Customer Connection

Compared to the conventional form of promoting business, online business promotion connects more users. There is an instant customer connection that results in massive leads and conversions.

Amplified Customer Loyalty

With the inclusion of referral programs, rewards, coupons, discounts, etc., more users get attracted to the platform. Moreover, these added attributes help retain existing customers and gain new ones, thereby improving customer loyalty.

Boost Profits

Online platforms are built with the pretext of generating huge amounts of money. Improved customer engagement and advanced interactions are the prime reasons for elevated profits and revenue generation.

Want To Develop A White Label Tutoring Platform For Your Business?

Leverage the potential of our development services and build a reliable tutoring platform. Hyperlocal Cloud helps businesses reach their potential goal through our expertise. Schedule a free consultation and get answers to your queries.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A White Label Tutoring Platform?

White label tutoring platform development cost ranges between $7,000 and $30,000. This is just an estimation, meaning the cost will increase or decrease depending on the level of customization. There are multiple factors that affect the development cost; here we have mentioned some of them;

  • Platform complexity
  • UI/UX design and integrated features
  • Size of Development firm(startups, midsized, large firms)
  • Development Approach
  • Developer’s experience and expertise
  • Geolocation of the development company
  • Security standard protocols
  • Development process including consulting
  • Marketing And Maintenance Costs
  • Personalization
  • Third-party APIs
  • Platform design

The time taken to build a white label tutoring platform is usually 1-2 weeks, depending upon the level of customization. Still in doubt? Well, connect with our experts, and they will guide you regarding how to start an online tutoring business.

Why Choose Hyperlocal For White Label Tutoring Platform?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a leading on-demand app development company that helps businesses develop intuitive platforms that are robust and easily scalable. Check out some of the reasons why we are among our adversaries.

UI/UX Design

Our top designers use the latest software's to develop the UI/UX interface, making the whole experience user-friendly.

24*7 Technical Support

Our tech assistants are available at all times of the way to solve the issues related to the platform.

Transparent Pricing Policy

We quote the budget beforehand, and after the completion of the project, the prices remain the same, maintaining a transparent pricing policy.

Agile Methodologies

We divide the project into several phases, such as planning, execution, and evaluation, that aid in successful project completion

On-Time Project Delivery

Our project management team delivers the project on time without compromising quality.

Skilled Professionals

Our development team has skilled professionals with expertise in top tools and technologies, which is beneficial for app development.

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